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Whole Foods K i t c h e n E s s e n t i al s

At VGM, we believe in creating high quality kitchenware tools & gadgets that encourage a healthy & wholesome diet. With our whole foods range you don’t need to be a professional chef to create delicious, yet healthy dishes chopping, spiralising, fermenting, measuring & sprouting have never been so easy!

Sometimes, all it takes, are the right tools...

Niche Brands, Quality Products

the Whole Foods t rend is ty continu ing to gain populari whole food groups consist of foods that are non-processed & unrefined, or processed & refined as little as possible before being consumed. Examples of whole foods include unpolished grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, & animal products, including meats & non-homogenized dairy products.... and of course these all need to be prepared in a fun, quick & creative way! We’ve put together a selection of VGM products, all focused on RAW, healthy eating & wholefood preparation.

If you haven’t yet tried zucchini spaghetti... what are you waiting for?!

gefu slicer rosli Want to impress your friends with fruit & veg decorations? The rosli is a must! GEF-12940A RRP: $14.95

gefu spirelli

VGM Catalogue pg: 173



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gefu spirelli

VGM Catalogue pg: 173


GET MORE OUT OF YOUR VEGGIE WITH THE SPIRELLI 2.0! Includes lockable push-in vegetable holder & finger guard - reducing waste & protecting fingers from the blades. GEF-13780A RRP: $39.95

(CDU OF 12)

VGM Catalogue pg: 171

Limited colour edition. Get yours quick! GEF-89261A RRP: $29.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 172

NO. 1 GEFU BESTSELLER THE ULTIMATE RAW GADGET Four spiral variations GEF-13410A RRP: $69.95


VGM Catalogue pg: 172

gefu spiralfix

h food trends healt & the t o p ing pi

GEF-13460A RRP: $29.95

lised vegggies ar a r i es sp ! til s e lt l o od


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Makes zucchini spaghetti in seconds!

gefu spirelli xl + peeler gift set Spiralise even thicker vegetables such as radishes, beetroots or potatoes. GEF-00092A RRP: $120.00 New Supplement

pe e sl i c lurch spirali vegetable slicer

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savannah ceramic knives


These knives stay sharper for longer, help prevent oxidisation of fruit & veg, and are made from super tough ceramic - no metallic taste!


With 3 super sharp blades to make your favourite vegetable spaghetti! LUR-10203 RRP: $59.95

VGM Catalogue pg: 22

9cm ceramic utility

New Supplement

(CDU OF 20)

SAV-0401 RRP: $15.95

Lurch Veggie Twister Get creative with stuffed veggies and fruit and make endless combination of unique combos!


LUR-220295 RRP: $49.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 186



13cm ceramic prep SAV-0402 (Red), SAV-0405 (Black) RRP: $24.95

savannah speed slicers Cut down on your slicing time by half with these two-way-slicers! SAV-1020 RRP: $29.95 (Dual Thickness Slicer) SAV-1021 RRP: $29.95 (Julienne Speed Slicer) VGM Catalogue pg: 16

17cm ceramic chef SAV-0403 (Red), SAV-0404 (Black) RRP: 34.95

savannah japanese blade peelers PEELING , SHREDDING, JULIENNING! Whatever the fruit or veg, these super sharp peelers make the job speedy!

VGM Catalogue pg: 17

SAV-0501, SAV-0504 RRP: $12.95 (Speed Peelers)

SAV-0507 RRP: $14.95 (Super-wide Peeler)

SAV-0502 RRP: $12.95 (Smooth Skin Peeler)

SAV-0503 RRP: $12.95 (Julienne Peeler)

SAV-0506 RRP: $12.95 (Super-fine Shredder)

zeal Handy Citrus Juicer (CDU OF 9) Cut through with some fresh citrus! Fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. ZMA-L85D RRP: $13.95 New Supplement

kilo herb shears (CDU OF 12) Add that perfect sprinkle of freshly cut herbs in a flash with these 5-bladed shears! ZWK-JC45D RRP: $15.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 142

seas o n i t




savannah smart mills

savannah mini chopper

THE TOUGHEST & SMARTEST MILLS ON THE MARKET They can even do Himalayan rock salt, which has amazing health benefits! SAV-8420 (STAINLESS AUTO MILL) RRP: $39.95 SAV-8401 (WHITE SMART MILL) RRP: $39.95 SAV-8400 (STAINLESS SMART MILL) RRP: $49.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 34

HERBS, SPICES, NUTS & MORE... Add some flavour to your raw dishes with this handy chopper. SAV-0040 RRP: $19.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 18

savannah avo shark (CDU OF 12 OR SINGLE UNIT)



AWARD WINNING DESIGN Cut, de-pip, scoop, slice & mash with one tool! Over 100k sold worldwide!! SAV-1001 (CDU OF 12) SAV-1001-SINGLE RRP: $14.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 12

smash th ose s uperfoods

superfood: Avocado claims to fame: high nutrient value including 20 different vitamins & minerals. High in fibre. avocados Contain More Potassium Than Bananas & are Loaded With Heart-Healthy Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acids. they Can Lower Cholesterol & Triglyceride Levels & contain Powerful Antioxidants That Can Protect The Eyes. avocados May Help Prevent Cancer.

gefu sprouting jar Grow your own raw organic Super-Sprouts at home! Perfect for preserving sprouts as well as growing them. For sprouting seeds, such as alfalfa, mung beans, radishes, chickpeas, wheat, lentils and more. GEF-18910A RRP: $59.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 174 superfood: sprouts. claims to fame: unusually high number of enzymes, so they improve the digestive process & boost the metabolism. They also boost the immune system, help with weight loss, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, prevent neural tube defects in infants, protect against cancer, boost skin health, improve vision, improve blood circulation, help to reduce risk of heart ailments & more!

superfood hall of fame

schmitt fermentation crocks Make super-healthy sauerkraut, kimchi & other fermented vegetables at home! Made in Germany White 5L: SCH-3206-W Brown 5L: SCH-3205-B RRP: $149.00

savannah smart flax seed mill The smartest way to eat flax seeds & reap the numerous health benefits! SAV-8451 RRP: $44.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 32

White 3L: SCH-3203-W RRP: $129.00 VGM Catalogue pg: 184-5

superfood: fermented foods claims to fame: Fermented foods help promote balance in the digestive system & act as a natural probiotic. the numerous health benefits include: boosted energy, stronger immunity & better digestion.

superfood: flax seeds (also known as linseeds) claims to fame: contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, phytochemicals, lignans & fibre, all of which combine to provide help with high cholesterol and Reduce Your Risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke & diabetes...


savannah salad spinner Not just for salad, this robust spinner is ideal for washing and spinning veggies and berries too! SAV-0050 RRP: $34.95

savannah smart grater GRATE TWO INGREDIENTS AT ONCE... We all know nuts are loaded with health benefits, but did you know that dark chocolate is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet? SAV-8440 RRP: $39.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 33

gefu lorenzo coffee grinder GOOD NEWS! COFFEE IS FULL OF ANTIOXIDANTS & IT CAN ACTUALLY MAKE YOU SMARTER!!! Grind your own local, organic & ethically sourced coffee beans for every coffee method with eleven grind settings! GEF-16330A RRP: $99.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 176

gra te i t, g ri n di t min ce i t, s pin

VGM Catalogue pg: 18

it gefu transforma mincer CREATE YOUR OWN QUALITY ORGANIC MINCE & SAUSAGES You get to choose exactly what ingredients go in no hormones, no fillers! GEF-19090A RRP: $199.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 175

savannah prodigy scales DO YOUR KITCHEN SCALES COUNT CALORIES? These awesomely accurate scales do! Instant calorie conversion for butter, sugar, flour, eggs & chocolate! SAV-0062 Pure White , SAV-0060 Avocado RRP: $59.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 30

m ake i t f r om s c r atch

savannah professional Kitchen scales HEAVY DUTY, HUGE 5KG CAPACITY SCALES WITH UNIQUE ROTATING DIAL TARE FUNCTION. Great for baking large batches of whole food treats to freeze for when you’re on the go! SAV-0063 Red SAV-0064 White RRP: $79.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 31

gefu adjustable frames Great for raw or baked flans, cakes & desserts... fully adjustable too GEF-14308 RRP: $39.95 Round: 16-32cm x 8cm GEF-14315 RRP: $59.95 Rectangular: 20x24cm - 38x46cm VGM Catalogue pg: 180

Why Glass? TASTE: Glass provides the purest taste. You taste only what you put in — no residual taste or flavour. SAFETY: Glass is the safest, most trusted material for everyday use. No transfer from plastics or metals. Naturally biphenol-free and phthalate-free. EASY TO CLEAN: You can see inside and know your bottle is clean. Designed to be dishwasher safe — no narrow openings. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Glass is made from abundant natural ingredients (primarily sand) and can last a lifetime. Easily recycled if necessary.

lifefactory range DESIGNED FOR LIFE A CLEAR CHOICE FOR HEALTHY LIVING NO TRANSFER FROM PLASTICS OR METALS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Products designed to last, adapt & evolve 100% MADE IN USA & FRANCE : Virgin glass (no impurities) from France. Medical-grade silicone from the U.S. VGM Catalogue pg: 148 - 161

Silicone The protective silicone sleeves are made from BPA/ BPS-free, medical-grade silicone from the U.S. They provide a non-slip gripping surface and help prevent breakage.

lifefactory hydration WE ALL KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF STAYING HYDRATED. PERFECT FOR PURE TASTING WATER ON-THE-GO. Available in 350ml, 475ml & 650ml Flip caps, straw caps or classic caps. RRP: $44.95 - $59.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 154-155

responsible choi

ces for t your b ody & the environmen

lifefactory cafe

lifefactory baby

lifefactory bake & take




Designed by a pediatric feeding specialist No harmful chemicals & plastics

Safe, odourless food storage solution plus on-the-go lunchboxes, oven-safe baking dishes & attractive serving dishes

Australians use approximately 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. While they are made from paper, they also contain plastics which don’t break down, and are the second-largest contributor to litter waste after plastic bottles. RRP: $59.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 156

Bottles are designed to adapt & evolve as baby grows. RRP: $34.95 - $59.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 158 - 161

RRP: $34.95 - $49.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 157

euroscrubby (CDU OF 12) THE MOST ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY SCRUBBY ON THE MARKET The euroScrubby is made of 100% cotton, with a patent coating that is safe for the environment. No harmful chemicals are used in the making of the scrubby, and because of its scrubbing ability, no chemicals are required during its use. Safe for use on most surfaces - even for scrubbing your vegetables! Outlasts synthetic scrubbers by up to 10 times (reducing landfill). UZ-005 RRP: $5.95 VGM Catalogue pg: 169

clean with a conscience

euroscrubby - Extra Large

euroscrubby 2pc scrubby & Sponge

(PACK OF 10)

(PACK OF 25)


YOUR FAVOURITE SCRUBBY, WITH A FRIEND! An essential cleaning set.

UZ-008 RRP: $9.95

UZ-007 RRP: $9.95

VGM Catalogue pg: 169

VGM Catalogue pg: 169

VGM International Whole Foods Supplement  

At VGM, We believe in creating high quality kitchenware tools & gadgets that encourage a healthy & wholesome diet.

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