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Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Tiaras - Society Weddings _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Hanely - A large percentage of brides choose to wear wedding tiaras because of the symbolism and images associated to this type of headpiece. Historically, only members of nobility wear wedding tiaras. As time passed, other sectors of society also wanted to wear a bridal tiara. However, the association between the tiara and higher social status never waned even with the passage of time.Wearing a tiara during the wedding day makes the bride feel like she is a princess for a day.

Learn More About Society Weddings With the increase in demand, a greater number of bridal tiaras became available, accommodating to different needs in terms of design, style and budget. Although tiaras have long been considered a common element in weddings, some brides choose not to wear a tiara.

There are numerous alternatives to what is considered to be the traditional tiara. Traditional bridal tiaras resemble a circlet as compared to any other type of bridal headpiece. Tiaras were conventionally worn by queens during public events as crowns were often too heavy. This distinguished them from other members of society. Wedding tiaras are worn horizontally, tilting the headpiece slightly forward.

During more recent times, it has become possible to find tiaras which are worn tilted on the side or designed asymmetrically.

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