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Cord Blood Banking Cost Find Out If The Costs Are Worth Your Child's Life - Best Cord Blood Bank _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jack Michale -

How much does cord blood banking cost? That is an excellent question, and it's not exactly a very common one either. Why? Because most people don't even know that they can. But besides the fact that you can, how much is it going to cost you to keep this blood safe.This is not exactly like a normal blood bank, they only keep 1 type of blood here, and that is the blood from the umbilical cord. Because that cord has the best source of stem cells anywhere else.But, unfortunately not everyone can afford it, because the costs can sometimes be pretty high, and with a lot of misinformation out there, even some doctors do not know if it is worth it.

What Is Best Cord Blood Bank

But is the cost of this storage to much to potentially save your child's life? I am sure the answer is no, because you will do whatever it takes to make sure your child is safe and healthy for its whole life.I don't think it is, lots of people have life insurance, car insurance, and things like that. This is basically all that this is. This is a type of insurance that can be called upon if your child gets ill, and has a life threatening disease. These stem cells have the potential to save their life.

Well, it all depends on which bank you go for. However, the fees from bank to bank are pretty similar across the board. And sometimes can give you a discount if you store more than 1 child's blood.Registration Fee: $125 average (this usually includes registration, sending you the collection kit, usually non-refundableProcessing Fee: $550 average ( usually a double processing, which can yield a higher stem cell count)Testing: $130 average (this is a maternal test, checks for viral markers, including things like West Nile )Cord Blood Testing: $45 average ( this usually includes ABO, Rhesus, and microbio culture.

So, this is a run down of the average cord blood banking cost, but, like I said, it might be different in your are, so it is always best to double check. Remember, this is just like your life insurance, it is used in case something were to happen to your child. So, do you think that your child is worth this cost? I would sure hope so, think of it as an investment into your child's future health.

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Cord blood banking in India targets parents' desires for a heathy future for their child, but it is important to distinguish the claims from...

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