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Victoria Gamero Freelance Assignment #2 For my second attempt at freelancing, I chose to submit a query letter to a women’s organization at my employer called LEAD. The group focuses on helping other women within Bank of America via mentoring opportunities, training, and networking. LEAD publishes a monthly newsletter containing many regular columns and feature articles. I submitted my query letter to the editor of the newsletter via work email. I found this experience to be much easier than placing a bid on elance. The problem I find with elance is that you have to write what others want you to write in most cases. I find query letters easier because I can choose what I want to write about and pitch it to people who might have an interest in it. I actually started out by looking on elance and other sites to see if I could find something I’d be interested in bidding on but could not find anything. Since being a freelancer is about being in control of what you write, I don’t think that elance is an ideal place for me to start. I have yet to hear back from Ms. Sims regarding my query. This is probably what I like the least about writing a query, the not knowing. Should I send a follow up email to ask her thoughts? I’m not exactly sure of the proper protocol in this situation so I’m not sure where to go from here. In the future, when looking for freelance work I’m pretty sure I’d rather submit a query letter rather than place a bid for work.

June 2, 2013

Ms. Sims,

The banking industry has always attracted women as an ideal employment opportunity due to what is commonly referred to as “bankers hours.” Due to the evolution of banking however, “bankers hours” in the traditional sense no longer exist and more often than not, women have been forced to find a balance in their personal lives while pursuing a successful career in our industry.

While your monthly newsletter features a column dedicated towards women in banking finding balance, I propose a feature article focusing on women in branches and how they find balance in their lives. I found that the majority of women showcased in your newsletter are women who work in office environments with “business” hours, your typical 9-5 job. For my column, I will interview a different woman every month that works either in a banking center or call center as these tend to have longer, non “family friendly” hours. I will discuss the obstacles these women overcome in order to maintain balance. I will not only focus on married women with children, I will interview all types of women in different positions and life stages. This column will be a short one page, interview style column asking women how they manage to find balance in their lives, and offering them the opportunity to share their best practices in their work and personal lives.

I am an excellent choice to write this column because I have first-hand experience in maintaining balance in my life as a single woman and now as a married woman with a child. I have worked with many women who have also struggled to find this elusive balance and I know that an article geared toward those of us in branches and call centers would appreciate an article written from our perspective by one of us.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to working with you.

Victoria Gamero Personal Banker

Arlington Branch Inland Empire Market

Finding the balance  
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