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The Action Post on the Lake January/February 2017 • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2093 • Orlando, Florida

Follow the Bouncing Ball We asked him why he enjoys it so much and he said, “I like to be involved with what’s going on. I like to be a showman. Doing karaoke is not just getting up and singing. You’re actually part of what’s going on and people want to be involved.”

In the 1960’s, Mitch Miller instructed his television audience to sing along with his chorale. He said, “Just follow the bouncing ball” referring to a superimposed dot on the television screen that bounced above the words of the song that the chorale was singing. Modern day karaoke, although it originated in Japan, may have been fueled to popularity because of the memory of the bouncing ball. After all, Americans love nostalgia! We, at Post 2093, are lucky enough to have our own “Mitch Miller” in the form of Martin Andrews. Martin has been running karaoke night in the Canteen for about four years now. We had an opportunity to sit down with Martin and talk to him for a while. As a 10-year-old British citizen, Martin found himself in a brand new country – the USA. Singing has always been a passion of Martin’s, but – believe it or not – he was a bit on the shy side. To conquer that, he began singing karaoke. Singing ultimately led him to become a karaoke host. Martin started hosting karaoke 15 years ago at the American

Martin “The Karaoke Guy”

Legion on Wednesday nights and he never looked back. At first he had the assistance of his late wife who handled the behind-the-scenes work. She created the song books and numerical sequences. She entered the songs into the computer and cataloged the CDs. Martin was always the front man and he has remained in that role through the years. He enjoys handling the equipment, working the crowd and interacting with the singers.

By day, Martin is a cook at iHOP. He knows his way around a kitchen and has even catered a few meals here at the VFW over the years. But when night falls on a Friday, the apron is off and the shirt and vest go on! Martin takes great pride in his karaoke shows, whether here at the VFW or at a private event. He only uses CDs and not digital karaoke files because he’d rather have the one-on-one interaction with the crowd. He goes around the greets everyone, collects the singers’ CDs and song choices and generally makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Martin feels that a lot of karaoke hosts who use digital files, don’t have the opportunity to interact with the audience or sing duets when asked because they’re too busy Cont. on page 6

Happy New Year! Russell Carpenter Go Army!

Chaplain’s Corner Thought for the day! Knowledge is the life of the Mind! A praise once again as we have had no members to go to their heavenly home since the last newsletter. Prayers for our police and firefighters as they go out to protect and help their communities daily. May they be kept safe and from harm’s way. Continued prayers for our service men and women as they serve miles away from their families and friends protecting our country. Godspeed them safely home soon. Pray for our country as new leaders will be taking over in January. May the decisions that are reached be for the good and to help make our country better. 2

Continue to pray for our Post and the leaders that serve us. Step up to volunteer and help make it a better place to come to. Remember we are “The Action Post on the Lake." Let’s get it back to that status. If we all work together, we can. A happy holiday to all and a very Happy New Year. If you know of any member that is either in the hospital or has gone to their heavenly home, please let me know. My home number is 407-629-5808 or you can call the canteen at 407-296-2502 they will notify me. Sam Ramsey Post 2093 Chaplain and Lifetime Member

From the Auxiliary President’s Desk Hello Everyone, What a year 2016 has been. We set our goals to better serve our veterans and we reached those and set more. Thanks to each and every one that has volunteered their time and services to make this happen. I look forward to 2017, working together again for our main reason, our veterans. Our annual Kids Christmas Party was a huge success and I want to thank Linda Atwell and Debbie Rowell for chairing this event along with their helpers Chrissy , Debbie N. and Kelly. The kids all had a great time. Each child got a gift, had lunch and did activities to take home. Good memories were made. Thank you Leon for the train rides for the kids. That’s always a special treat. A big thank you to Roland and Cecilia Bernier who played Santa and Mrs. Claus. This was probably one of our best kids parties in a long time. Thank you for stepping up to do this wonderful event. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank You to our newsletter team Doris Birkinbine and Paula Barnett. They have worked very hard on making this newsletter what it is and it is greatly appreciated, however they are turning it over to a new person that will take over first of the year. I wish Doris and Paula the best. Keep the new person informed of things going on around the post so they can continue keep you the members aware of the events and news. Welcome Wendy Carpenter ! I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday. I wish all a Happy New Year. Keep smiling! Respectfully submitted, Jani Ramsey Lifetime Member Proudly Serving as your Post 2093 Auxiliary President

The Newsletter is a monthly publication issued 12 times per year by VFW Post 2093, 4444 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Florida 32804. Subscription is paid automatically as part of annual membership dues. Standard Postage paid at Orlando Florida, permit # 2010. Submissions may be sent via email to 3

Sunday, Jan. 1

New Years Day. Happy New Year to All!

Sunday, Jan. 8

Meat Bingo. 2:30 PM

Thursday, Jan. 12

House Committee Meeting. 7:00 PM

Tuesday, Jan. 17

Post & Auxiliary Meetings. 7:00 PM.

LOOKING AHEAD February 3, 2017

The Band “Steele”. 7:00 PM

February 12, 2017

District 18 Meeting. 3rd Quarter, Post 2093 – Orlando

February 25, 2017

USO Show.

March 3, 2017

The Band “In Motion”. 7:00 PM

May 6, 2017

District 18 Meeting. 4th Quarter, Post 4287 – Orlando

To All VFW Post and Auxiliary Members, THANK YOU for the opportunity to be your newsletter editors. It has been a great experience for both of us. Aside from making the Newsletter more informative and improving the look, one of our initial goals was to obtain as many email addresses as possible to cut down on the cost of mailing the Newsletter. We brought the number of Newsletters mailed down by 25% which translates to a savings of over $400 since we started. Not bad! For Doris collecting email addresses gave her the perfect opportunity to talk to everyone who walked in that she did not recognize – and even some she did. What a pleasure it was for her to talk to each person. For those who were determined to receive their newsletter by mail, Doris was just happy that the club could continue to provide that service. For those who had issues with one thing or another, she had fun helping to resolve the matter and then double checking to make sure it was indeed corrected. She loves to see your smile of appreciation. Doris’ role was to gather information, note event dates, and generally keep a watchful eye out for things that are important to the 4

members. She did her best to make sure all the events were listed in the calendar so that you could plan your time at the Club. Doris also proofread every word every month. Paula’s main role was layout and design. She took all the information Doris gave her along with information submitted by Russell, Jani, Sam, Kathy, Gary, and others from time to time, and organized it (much like a puzzle) into a final eight-page publication each month. Paula was also responsible for the mailing list, list of Boosters and Memorials, emailing, printing, and handling our postage account with the post office. The time has come for us to pass the baton to your next Newsletter Editor. Please welcome Wendy Carpenter. We know she will do a great job for each member. We sincerely appreciate support you’ve given. See you all around the Club! With Much Love, Doris & Paula 

RECURRING EAT, EVENTS DRINK & BE MERRY Karaoke With Martin Every Friday at 7:00 p.m., except the 1st Friday of each month, plus the 1st and 3rd Saturday at 6 PM

Queen of Hearts* Every Friday at 7:15 PM *Becomes Ace of Spades if a winner is drawn within the first four cards. VFW Members Only

Bar Bingo Every Saturday, at 1:00 PM in the Canteen, by the Auxiliary. Food is available.

Meat Bingo The Second Sunday of Every Month at 2:30 PM in the Canteen, by the Post. Food is available (aside from the food you can win!)

Car Races

Hall Rental Available— Accommodates up to 200 people—Contact the Canteen for Information

Happy Hour Monday through Friday, 4:00 to 6:00 PM, 25¢ off each drink

Bloody Mary Special $1.00 Bloody Marys every

Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Wing Wednesday Every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. Join us for the best chicken wings in town

Friday Night Specials Stop by and try a different dinner special each Friday night beginning at 5:30. The full kitchen menu will also be available.

Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM in the Canteen

MONTHLY MEETING SCHEDULE Auxiliary: 3rd Tuesday, 7:00 PM (Please note that the Canteen will close between 7:00 and 8:00 PM to allow for attendance.) Band Practice: 1st, 2nd & 4th Tuesday, 7:00 PM Events Committee: 2nd Thursday, 6:30 PM Honor Guard: 3rd Saturday, 10:00 AM House Committee: 2nd Thursday, 7:00 PM (All are welcome.) Post: 3rd Tuesday, 7:00 PM (All are welcome.) VFW Riders: 2nd Saturday , 10:00 AM

If you play a musical instrument and would like to be a part of the VFW Post 2093 Community Band, call Mr. Smith at (407) 6717447 or (407) 497-9765. Rehearsals are at the Post, 7 PM on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. 5

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searching for songs on their computer. Martin likes to have a little showmanship and he always dresses the part. One of Martin’s greatest attributes is his desire to give back. Martin frequently donates karaoke shows to the VFW in order to bring people in on what would otherwise be an “off” night. He also comes in on alternating Wednesdays to run the Car Races and occasionally stays afterwards to host karaoke, again for no compensation. His generosity is commendable and appreciated. If you haven’t experienced Martin’s karaoke show, make it a point to do that. Martin boasts a collection of approximately 16,000 tracks to choose from. Some are the song books and other are by request since he no longer has the ability to add new CDs to the books (he’s working on rectifying this). Chances are, if you want to sing it, he has it. Even if you’re not a singer and you just want to listen and applaud, that’s perfectly fine. You can even get a giant plastic hand clapper for that purpose! Come on out and follow that bouncing ball with this crowd. You’ll be glad you did!

2016/2017 Officers Post Commander: Russell Carpenter Senior Vice Commander: Leon Jones

Reminder - Pay Your Dues! Please check your membership card expiration date. Your dues must be paid by that date. Our dues are $40.00 a year. There are a couple of different ways to pay. Pick the one that works for you. 

If you received a reminder from the National VFW, you can fill that out and send it back to them with payment or you can create an account and pay online at Mail or bring a check to the Post. If you have any questions, please contact Gary Godard 407-271-9265.

Junior Vice/Judge Advocate: Glenn Jackson Quartermaster/Adjutant: Gary Godard Chaplain/Surgeon: Samuel Ramsey 1 Year Trustee: James Pope 2 Year Trustee: George “Sarge” Piliogios 3 Year Trustee: Lee Wozniak Service Officer: Charlie First

Auxiliary President: Jani Ramsey Sr. Vice: Kathy Godard Jr. Vice: Cindy Stull Secretary: Roxy Sands Treasurer: Kathy Swoger Conductress: Lori Loftis Guard: Mark Campbell Chaplain: Shirley Colburn Patriotic Instructor: Josh Mendonca 1 Year Trustee: Susie Schiebel 2 year Trustee: Chrissy Campbell 3 year Trustee: Sharon Mabie


Get your Post T-Shirt today!! Support the Post by purchasing a custom-made T-shirt. These quality shirts are printed front and back with the iconic picture of our flagpole on the back and the POW*MIA flag design on the front upper chest area. You can personalize your shirt with your branch as well (U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, USMC, USAF, USCG, or Auxiliary). See the bartender for an order form and get yours today. Pricing is as follows: Sizes x-small through x-Large: $25 2X through 5X: $30.00 Long sleeved: $35.00

Memorials Jay H. Albrecht

Clyde & Jean Ray From Cindy Clement

Raymond Hooker

Sgt. Jam. Alexander Robinson, USMC Retired

From Mary Albrecht

From Loving wife Carrie & Family

Richard Archer

Richard “Curly” Hoskins WWII

From Priscilla Robinson

From Joe Velkavrh

From Loving Wife Joy and Family

Jerry Bowton

Bert Johnson

Sally Salamy-Life Member From Maurice Salamy, With Love

From American Payroll Inst.

From Jim Altensee

Wesley B. Budenski

Evelyn Leonard

From Daughter Barbara Calvert & Ed

From Michael Budenski

From The Leonard Family

Philip Coppersmith

John Leonard

From Mary Ann Coppersmith, missing you

From Donna & Rick Harper

Norman Crosby

Raymond (Jack) Miller

Shirley Soule

Albert “Al” Sousa From Alice M. Sousa

Julius J. Thomas From Sally Florsek

With Love From Ginny Johnston

From Jack Swarm, Life Member

Edward S. Gaythwaite

Sandi Miniard

From Barbara Keller

Zack A. Plemmons and Frank Edwards

“I love you” From Harry Wright

From LynDea Drury

John Warren Gray, Jr. From Charlie & Cheryl Gray

From Jani, Kathy & Susan

From Betty & Patty Plemmons

Stephen Wawnzenski Dora Wright

Harry Wright

From Kathy Douglas

Boosters Linda Atwell

Patricia Golis

John Wayne Massaro

Glenn Bailey Pricilla Bailey

Donna & Rick Harper Genny Harvey

Haward May Raymond Morefield

Paula Barnett

Bryan & Donna Hewitt

Lawrence W. Murphy

Doris Birkinbine Loretta & George Blumenauer Deloris Budenski Barbara Calvert Ed Calvert Mary Cooper Smith Philip Coppersmith R. P. Derwinis Ruth Donenfeld GW Dunn & JC Dunn Susan & Lorin Dupree Mary Gaythwaite

Vicki Hewitt Joy Hoskins Richard “Curly” Hoskins, WWII Betty & Lee Jipp Bob & Doris Johnson Virginia Johnston Leon Jones Barbara Keller Bob & Rita Leahy Chad Lennon Lewis E. Maddox Mike & Janet Mankins

Betty H. Plemmons Joseph & Betty Portoghese Jani &Sam Ramsey Kathy Ross JD Rowell John Rutcho Maurice & Sally Salamy Theressa Seitzer Anna Marie Smith Alice M. Sousa Mary Soyer Martin & Shelley 7

VFW Post 2093 4444 Edgewater Drive Orlando, Florida 32804

The Action Post on the Lake

Office (407) 296-2553 Canteen (407) 296-2502

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Forwarding Service Requested

Booster/Memorial Donations Join Today! Boosters voluntarily contribute $10.00 per name per year and Memorials are $20.00 per name per year. Your donation goes toward the cost of printing and mailing this Newsletter. Please complete the form below and either mail it, along with your donation, to the Post or hand it to any bartender on duty. Thank you to all of our current contributors. We appreciate your financial support. Booster Your name:_______________________________________________________________________________________

Email:_______________________________________________ Phone_______________________________________

Memorial In Memory of:______________________________________ From:__________________________________________


VFW Post 2093 - January 2017  
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