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Saturday 11th August 2018

Issue no.32

Until we meet again by Catriona Macaulay


ND NOW FOR A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR... It’s not over yet, but unfortunately this will be

the last Fringe Review Paper this year. That doesn’t mean we’re disappearing off the face of the earth, no...

We’ll be scattered far and wide across

the Fringe sites, documenting on Facebook and Instagram today and tomorrow. We might even have time for the odd filming of a parody. If you haven’t already, get over to our Facebook and Instagram @ vfringereview to see what everyone’s been up to.

I’d like to personally thank all the

members of the Fringe Review as without them this wouldn’t be possible, writers, videographers, photographers






They’re all worth their weight in gold; Matt Hitt, Laura Clare Reid, Daniel Trevena, Caroline Barlow and luke Bridgeman, and contributors; Hettie Metcalfe, Joanna Macaulay, Iris and Rollo Little.

This is the fifth year of the Fringe I’ll leave you with my top picks for the weekend…

Review, along the way we’ve met some phenomenal characters, from the cool, Motown-funk-edelic bell-bottom wearing Childhood to the weirdly

Boxman by Fugelman Productions on Sunday @

wonderful SESKA.

1-2pm, The other Place.

Misfire by the Old Sole Theatre Company on

This year we’ve had the paper, podcasts,

audiograms, videos, photography, Instagram and

Saturday @ 7pm, Parkside Tent.

Facebook, and we’re already planning something

Contemporary Art Exhibition on Saturday and

big for next year. It’s gonna’ be good. If you’d like

Sunday @ 11am- 5pm, 35 Madeira Road.

to get involved with the Fringe Review, tell us how

The Sound of the Bees DJ Set on Sunday @ 8-12am,

good you are via


R ev i ew

Ms Samantha Mann by Hattie Metcalfe All dilemmas addressed, no results guaranteed


R ev i ew

in need of one to write to herself.

Spot the Differ ence

by Iris Little & Rollo Little

quite a while. It would seem that this agony aunt is Samantha’s ‘advice’ is, for the most

ith over 17,000 views on her advice YouTube

part, brutally honest; “personally I don’t believe

channel, and an award-winning performer,

in allergies, you know, pull yourself together and

just to be made a fool of (I won’t say who because I xpectations were high when we saw our last

will be embarrassed…..) He really knew how to get

show of the Fringe, Spot the Difference by Seska

the crowd roaring with laughter!

Ms Samantha Mann returned to Ventnor on Friday

try a little bit harder!” But, as a whole, Adrian/


night for the first of two shows to share her wisdom,

Samantha’s performance is well worth a watch;

and it’s got to be one of the funniest shows we have

anecdotes and attitudes to life.

be sure to come with any dilemmas, as there’s the

ever seen! With hilarious on-going jokes and puns it

to be interviewed. Please go to the Fringe Facebook

After the show Seska was nice, and willing

opportunity to pose your questions anonymously to

was such a good family friendly show.

page to watch our interview!

character of Samantha Mann completely. Walking

your agony aunt for the night.

onto the stage of her sold-out show with white

countdown to when Seska came on, and when he did

again, and if you haven’t, you’d better get your

lace gloves and black leather handbag under arm;

Saturday night, you can catch Ms Samantha

everyone was on their feet dancing straightaway.

tickets now because if not you’ll be missing

she addresses the audience about her life… and you

Mann’s final show at the fringe in the Ventnor Arts

Throughout the show he continuously interacted

something truly special!

can expect the show to continue in that fashion for

Club from 7:00-8:00 pm.

with the crowd and got lots of people off their seats

The Little Reporters, over and out.

Charles Adrian embodies the comedic

Instagram: @vfringereview

If you fancy a bit of comedy with your

At the start of the show there was a

Twitter: @vfringereview

I would definitely go and see the show


Fringe Review

Issue no.32

R ev i ew

Ventnor Art Collective by Matt Hitt


rom figurative pastels and decorative jewellery to sound installation and a man in a cage armed

with a hole punch, the current exhibition at the pop up gallery is definitely an eclectic affair.

The exhibition features works by artists

from around the Ventnor area and is running 11– 5 each day. The exhibition is fairly traditional in its lay out allowing for the viewer to peruse the collection at leisure. Various art works are for sale, alongside more personal pieces that are there to be experienced rather than purchased, with something to suit the majority of tastes the works range from the observational to the highly personal and moving.

The central space of the gallery is taken up

with more esoteric installation pieces, for example

I n t e r v i ew

local poet and aspiring clown, John Armstrong, a man sat in a cage cocooning himself in ephemera. The piece has been developing each day with the artist inside not knowing what the resulting visual

Photo by Julian Winslow

will be. John will caged from 11 to 3 each day .

Also in the centre of the hall is an

6pm he will be performing an intensive movement

Boxman / Flugelman Productions

intriguing sound-scape installation piece from Gali

piece which is an extension of the installation.

Kaner. Originally hailing from Israel now based

in London, Gali has been visiting Ventnor for the

for me are Fran Noctor’s sculpture series and Milly

last 10 years where he has been fascinated by and

Stevens mixed media painting whose abstract work

collected images and ideas provoked by the mystical

I’ve always been a fan of. Entry is free throughout

Hello! Fringe week is nearly upon us and we can’t

because of having had the chance to partner with

natural environment of the Island. This evening at

the week.

wait to see Boxman. The play was written by

refugee organisations Refugee Council, Young Roots

Australian playwright Daniel Keene, how did you

and Refugee Action. We’ve been really privileged to

Fringe Fashionista

come across it?

have had them in to see the show and at the Blue

I came across the play in 2017 when I was looking for

Elephant Theatre we held a Q&A to discuss the

a one man show to direct as part of the StoneCrabs

impact of stories like Boxman and their impact on

Young Directors programme. Being from Australia,

raising awareness for refugee issues.

I was keen to showcase the work of an Australian

writer, and to direct a play with challenging themes

informed by stories about Sierra Leonean refugees

that spoke about contemporary issues. I have been

by Laura Clare Reid

who fled following the civil war there. We were

passionate about refugee issues from a young

lucky to have spoken with Sierra Leonean refugee

age, having grown up under a very conservative

Issa Thullah, who left as a young boy and now lives



in the U.S. He was very open with his story and

unacceptable and inhumane stance on refugee, one

helped us to flesh out the picture we were painting.

which is policy driven rather than focussed on an

His encouragement gave us great courage.


Other standout works in the collection

ear readers. To paraphrase Madonna, because we are living in a material world...I AM A MATERIAL

GIRL! Yes Fashionista Fans, for the final edition of the Fringe Review I have decided to be completely jumped up vulgarian (definition - an unrefined person, especially one with newly acquired power or *insert drum roll* ME *insert maniacal laughter*. So, let’s get this exercise in self indulgence underway shall we? Oh, hi babes! Could you tell me what are you wearing today? It would be a pleasure babes. Today I am wearing an 80s Jacques Vert bright yellow blazer that just screams success. What advice would you give other aspiring It really does.


I know babes, I know. You may have also noticed

Whatever you wear, wear it with conviction. Do

my tee shirt, a lovingly gifted Birthday pressie from

not pigeon hole yourself into conforming to what

my dearest Tobias Penner (of Mack Whitwood). It

is current/trendy etc. It’s all about good material,

is Louis Theroux’s beautiful visage surrounded by

a good fit and a good attitude. If the most current

roses. It is one of my favorite physical objects in the

style of trouser in *insert overpriced high street

world. I am also sporting a pair of pink converse

women’s clothing chain* looks bad on you it does

I found in the Diabetes Research charity shop (big

not mean you look bad. The trouser is evil. Find a

shout out to that treasure trove), only £2!

kind, loving trouser and form a relationship with all your clothes. Let them cheer you, comfort you

All hail the charity shops of Ventnor.

and make sure you share that cheer and comfort

Indeed. The jeans are acid wash black from a H and

with others. If you are enjoying what someone is

M sale ages ago. I like that they are stretchy and I can

wearing, tell them and take compliments graciously

lunge in them. Fashion is not just about aesthetics,

when they come your way. If clothes don’t fit you

it is also about practicalities, like lunging. All my

anymore, thank them and let them go. And if in

jewelry is fake gold apart from my ring. My nanny

doubt, colour block.




that it shows the human face of an issue that is so

One man plays are becoming very popular, what

often reduced to numbers.

has it been like working with/in such a small cast?

Can you tell us a little about how Boxman came to

by a man, but directed by a woman. How has that

be and the journey you have taken with it so far?


I was lucky enough to cast the brilliant performer

Its been a very intense but inspiring process. Reice

Reice Weathers in the original scratch version at the

and I have worked closely as a team and developed

StoneCrabs festival last year. We enjoyed working on

an understanding of the text together - with

the project so much and felt that we were telling an

diagrams that defy everyone else’s understanding!

important story, so we decided to pursue it further.

Sometimes its felt like we were cracking a complex

This year we have been lucky enough to perform

code, just breaking open and understanding the

at Brighton Fringe, Exeter Phoenix and the Blue

character which Daniel Keene has written in such a

Elephant Theatre in London. Our trip to Ventnor will

poetic and detailed way.

be the end of our tour this summer. In one sentence sum up why we should book to see You







Book tickets to see Boxman to see a riveting

How has it been working on such a topic, especially

performance of a story that needs to be heard, a

with this June being the 20th anniversary of

story that gives a human face and voice to so many

Refugee week and with the ongoing refugee crisis?

voiceless people in our society today.

R ev i ew

me to come to Ventnor Fringe as he has connections

Panicky Tack by Iris Little

I spoke to Talal, who said: “Luc persuaded

with the Island, and I’m glad I did. Ventnor is one of the most beautiful and prettiest places I have ever played, it is lovely. And the people here are so happy, friendly and warm, they are always smiling, and they love their music. It has been great, and

oday, Friday, I watched Panicky Tack. The music

best things we have ever done. You can follow us at

show was due to be held on the book bus outside”

I didn’t ask for a bloody essay, but okay.


You asked.

St Catherine’s Church but due to the large number

of people wanting to see them, the performance was

busking around Ventnor, and if you get the chance

moved into the church itself!

to see them you are in for a treat!

That’s nice. So, describe your style in three words. Alright,






Ventnor Fringe mean to you? It means home.

Panicky Tack have also been doing some

Panicky Tack is a music duo who claim

they have learnt every song in the world. It is a show

Thanks babes.

with a real difference – they ask the audience to Oh babes. It does. It really does.

shout out words and ideas for songs that they then

Who is your fashion icon?

So until next year my darlings, stay stylish. It has

make up on the spot! It was very clever, very funny,

I am inspired by many people, Cyndi Lauper, Prince,

been an honour and a privilege to write for the

and very entertaining!

my mum, but mainly I am inspired by human beings

Ventnor Fringe Review and much love and respect to

in general. I get so much joy from seeing people

everyone involved in the Ventnor Fringe Festival. I

Valvona. They are now based in London, but Luc has

comfortable in their individual looks.

am so proud of you all. Okay, love you, BYE!!!!

family on the island.

Instagram: @vfringereview

the show on Sunday 12th August.

displacement and this idea of ‘home’ in the show.

playing in the launderette yesterday was one of the

got it for me when I turned 16. I don’t take it off.

Nice alliteration babes.


During our rehearsal process we were

We love how the show is written and performed

wealth). For the final Fringe Fashionista of 2018 is

Matronly. Multifarious. Mashup.


Its been a really fascinating experience, especially

individual’s plight. Boxman is inspiring in the way

self serving, a complete narcissist and an overall

The skin underneath is a bit weird as a consequence.

by Jack Whitewood

The two men are Talal Karkouti and Luc

Twitter: @vfringereview

A big thank you to Ventnor Town Council for their support and printing this years Fringe Review.


Ventnor Fringe Review 2018 - Issue 32  

Read the issue no. 32 of the Ventnor Fringe Review - Saturday 11th August 2018.

Ventnor Fringe Review 2018 - Issue 32  

Read the issue no. 32 of the Ventnor Fringe Review - Saturday 11th August 2018.