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Sell Out! Huge queues were spotted outside of Ventnor Arts Club for Unseen Ventnor Yesterday. Because of its popularity, the film will be showing once more on Friday @ 1pm.

@guycollyer Awesome town and fantastic arts festival #ventnorfringe


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Thursday 11th August 2016

Issue no.17

O v i ne Ru stling Ventnor

International by Matt Hitt here’s a polar bear on the loose! Don’t be alarmed though, he’s the most genial, lovable polar bear you could ever hope to meet. He’s back in town starring in an original play created by the Ventnor Exchange, Good Night, Little Bear. This is a great show for the young, or the young at heart. It’s a beautiful story of a little girl and her polar bear. With a mixture of puppets, animation and childlike wonder, you’ll be left in a state of pure joy. Tickets are selling fast so get down to the Exchange and get yours. Today sees the Arts Club hosting the first of two international showcases of short film. Expect narratives, animations, illustrative pieces, music based film, and motion graphics. Each day session will be different screenings between 14 – 18 short films. Later in the day the Arts Club will be showing two feature films, Fire at Sea, a poignant and moving documentary, and Little Men, a critical yet empathetic look at the dangers of gentrification. Or if you like your film al fresco, head over to Parkside for the Island premier of High Rise, Ben Wheatley’s clever adaptation of JG Ballard’s ‘unfilmable’ book offers a creepy, future-retro vision of a society riven by wealth.

T by Matt Hitt tealing Sheep are bringing colour into a sometimes magnolia musical scene. Hailing from far away, across the Solent. The band are making the hopefully not too arduous trek to the Isle of Wight from Liverpool to play what promises to be an electrifying gig at the Fringe’s Secret Venue. The release of their second album last year has seen a definite development in the band’s style and confidence, moving into more experimental pop territory, but keeping the Wicker Man undertones of their psychefolk debut, Into The Diamond Sun (2012). The trio is made up of Rebecca, Emily and Lucy, who all cite disparate influences such as krautrock, folk, and electronica


among them. These wide ranging influences go towards creating a dreamlike feel, but not always a nice dream – like one of those lucid dreams that you don’t want to wake up from because you’re having far too much fun solving the Lovecraftian monster mystery (or am I the only one who has those dreams?) The sound is beautiful yet somehow sinister at times. Expect lush and cunning harmonies, unusual sounds, and unexpected musical twists all happening in a unique and exciting secret venue. Support will come from the excellent Ever; beguiling, as she is brilliant. Find them in the Secret Venue on Thursday at 8pm.

Overheard: *Holding a vinyl record* “I can’t eat this!”

Dracula:Pt1 by Catriona Macaulay

o, I, like many others read Dracula at school (I lie, I read it at University), and even those that didn’t read the story, know the narrative to some extent. But to clear up any blurred lines, here is a quick recap. Right, Dracula is the classic novel by Bram Stoker, the chronicle is made up of diary entries by Johnathan and Mina Harker with spouts of prose. The tale begins with a journal entry by Johnathan on his travels to Transylvania; where he is to complete a real-estate transaction with a Count by the name of Dracula, ergo; Count Dracula.


Instagram: @ventnorexchange

Do we see where the story is going so far? When our British solicitor arrives in Transylvania the locals in a near by town warn Johnathan that the Count is an ungodly and dangerous man. But, of course our hero doesn’t pay any mind to the ramblings of the poor. You can guess as much that Dracula is not all that he seems and things get very weird. That’s My Cue Productions have come to tell this very dark tale, and I for one am very excited. Okay, it might not sound like the warm and fuzzy stories we’re used to in modern vampirism tales but this is THE ultimate dark literature classic. A truly captivating story. If you’re a fan of any supernatural

Good Night Little Bear: Victoria Street Playhouse: Thurs/Fri @ 3pm and Sat/Sun @ 11am & 3pm Short Film Showcase: Ventnor Arts Club: Thurs/Fri @ 2:30pm Fire at Sea: Ventnor Arts Club: Thurs @ 4pm Little Men: Ventnor Arts Club: Thurs @ 7pm High Rise: Parkside: Thurs @ 9pm stories or god forbid, Twilight. And, if you are a fan of Twilight I have a message for you: Cut it out right now. Either way, all these stories lead back to Stoker’s definitive tale. There have been many less adequate representations of Dracula over the years, but don’t worry this will not, I repeat, will not, be a recount of Francis Ford Coppola’s film starring Keanu Reeves and Wynonna Ryder. Will this be the resurrection of the demon himself? Find out tonight. Catch Dracula Pt 1: Johnathan Harker’s Journal @ 8pm in The Old Church tonight!

Twitter: @vfringe


Tim Arnold by Laura Clare Reid ondon singer-songwriter, composer and producer Tim Arnold, is heading to St. Catherine’s Church for an evening of intimate acoustic music, presented by Luke Joynes and Fret Buzz Magasine. Tim will be coming to Ventnor following successful shows supporting Wet Wet Wet and performing on the Hard Rock Stage at the Isle Of Wight Festival. Tim was recently compared by THE Iggy Pop to the legendary late musician David Bowie. This peaked my interest to no end, so I began doing some research. I was firstly delighted to discover that Tim was once a part of Britpop outfit, Jocasta. This pleased me. Then I read up on Tim’s impressive and diverse musical CV whilst listening to a selection of his tracks. He has been the Master of Music at Shakespeare’s Globe. He has been a songwriter for Universal Records. But wait, there’s more; He is also the founder of Save Soho, campaigning to save music venues in the London district, alongside Stephen Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch. His singing will move you, it is full of emotion and conveys the power of his lyrics beautifully. The songs are passionately delivered and at times anthemic. In the unique setting of the late Georgian St Catherine’s Church, this will truly be a memorable evening. He will be joined on the night by two other fantastic acoustic musicians, Kyle Chapman and Anna Rice. This show is in aid of WellChild UK; a national charity working to ensure the best possible care for children with long term or complex health conditions. Tickets are only £6 for beautiful music in a beautiful venue. Atmosphere guaranteed.


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Wendy's Wendy’s is our local emporium of just about everything, from child’s toys to their fantastic printing services. Highly recommended for illuminated carnival glitter supplies. 12 High Street, Ventnor. 01983 757202


Playing Hooky With Olly Fry By Laura Clare Reid Tell us about your show, where does it come from? My show came out of a wet and windy few weeks spent in a tent at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival doing a play I hated. I decided to make sure this never happened again. I Hooky, I feel, had to be made because personally I feel that today there is a wide social expectation for people to grow up fast and, as we all grow and develop differently, this can lead to people to feeling that they missed something as a kid. So my own experiences of childhood can be felt by the audience too.

Lonely Hearts Club “I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump n’ grind”. Nor do I Mr Kelly, nor do I. And neither does today’s fine piece of local totty, Miss T. What can I say about Miss T? Buxom, beautiful, brunette and opposed to Brexit, she is to be found around some proper good bangers at Parkside. If you also hated the new

Fringe Review

What should the audience expect? The audience should expect to see pirates, mermaids, tribes people and one very lost boy. Why should I come to your show? It’s a show that balances the quirky and personal, as well as giving the audience a chance to meet their inner child. What is your history with the Ventnor Fringe Festival? I came two years ago to the fringe, but last year was the first time I performed a rough version of this. Since then, I have toured the show to Cardiff and Bath. It’s great to finally bring it back home to where it began. What’s next for Olly Fry? I’m started a new project at the Quay Arts Centre in Newport, Isle of Wight. And, I’m just about to finish writing a BBC submission. Anything else Olly? Hey, who doesn’t like pirates?

Fringe Fashionista

for details. We’ll be performing wearing full 40’s dress, which can be really hot. But you look great, so it’s worth being uncomfortable! Where did your outfit today come from? The top came from a charity shop in Ventnor. It was £2! And the shorts are second hand from my cousin. And is that a Tatty Devine necklace I spot? Yes, I love Tatty! It was a present from my mum.

Independence Day movie and are, preferably, a strapping blonde male who likes a pun, email or perhaps you’ll meet eyes with the gorgeous Miss T over a sausage…. “My mind is telling me no, but my body, my body is telling me yes”. Mr Kelly, I can only assume is referring to that extra portion of mash potatoes and gravy . Darlings, yours affectionately,

Miss Reid.


The Fictitious Weather Forecast: We’ve heard on very good authority that it’s going to be raining glitter today.

How do you put your outfits together? It sounds weird but each day I try and go for a different era. I don’t really have anything modern – which I guess is an era in itself. Mostly 60’s and 70’s so very vintage and retro inspired.

While relaxing in The Observatory bar enjoying the sites and sounds I spy my next Fashionista. Wearing an eye catching zig-zag shirt was, Harriet, one quarter of Company B, the Andrew’s Sisters inspired vocal group. First year at Fringe? I was here last year too. We’re playing on Friday and Saturday, and busking around town at other points. I can’t remember exactly where, but check the free fringe programme

Let Your Emotions Flow by Tobias Penner

On your marks… Get set… Austerity! by Hollie Hayes he Austerity Games is an elaborately comical spin on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The performance is set in 1940s Britain after the spoils of war and the implementation of the NHS, following a pessimistic Mrs Britt (played by Emma Sian Cooper, writer) during the 1948 London Olympic games, who perfectly depicts the reluctance to change into a post-wartime widower. A resentful Mrs B is beckoned by her nephew to celebrate the Olympic games to which she bitterly declines. Between reenactments of governmental propaganda, Mrs Britt is visited by three influential spirits –the spirits of Olympic past, present and future (Taresh Solanki, Director) - who attempt to install enthusiasm back into the sceptic widow by means of favourable memories and Olympic highlights.


Instagram: @ventnorexchange

This award winning comedy drama is expressive, extrovert and downright entertaining. Throughout the show is persistent audience participation and witticism which accentuates the underlying themes of austerity in a country that has felt the strains of war. Though this is Tell Tale’s first play from 2012, the act presents many similarities to a scrouge-like Margaret Thatcher. Having said this, I don’t know that she was ever met with three ghosts, nor do I believe she ever truely repented her polital wrongdoings. HeyHo! I can only describe the show as mockingly brilliant, this is a definite must see at Ventnor Fringe. The Austerity Games will be shown at Pier Street Playhouse Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm.

Issue no.17

I have a confession Miss H: I have been cheating on my partner… with theatre. I spend countless evenings waiting until he falls asleep, sneak into the pantry and watch Ibsen and Chekov. I fear for my dirty secret to be discovered, what can I do? I assume your partner is a Tory. Theatre is the commodity of life’s whimsical twists and turns; without theatre, what is life? More importantly, without theatre what is Ventnor Fringe? Your predicament is not uncommon, I hear of countless women in peril hiding their saucy addiction behind the safety of panoptical pantry. It’s time to take the centre stage of life, have you rehearsed your lines? You have two options, really: vindicate your social leprosy, hoping for the best response, or continue to sneak behind your lover’s back. If they are reluctant to accept your indispensable love of theatre then they’re simply not worth it, darling. You need the Anthony to your Cleopatra or maybe the Juliet to your Juliet? As it happens, I have a spare ticket for Dracula Pt. 1: Johnathan Harker’s Journal this evening at The Old Church, care to join me?

Twitter: @vfringe

What would you never wear? Green hoodies with fluff that all the girls wear. I’m not entirely sure what they are; I’m imagining some sort of cardigan-cross -parka hybrid. Describe your style in three words. Cheap. Vintage. Mish-Mash. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your week and good luck with all the singing.

What Can V e g a n s Even Eat? by Hollie Hayes he Keep Smiling Vegan Café is a mystery machine of happiness at this year’s Ventnor Fringe. Their unmissable van, decorated bright blue with a large sun painted on the front, will be situated in front of The Observatory Bar. I myself, have recently turned vegan and personally find it tremendously difficult to pick up a filling meal that hits the spot. But fear not! The Keep Smiling Vegan Café will be providing an extensive menu of handmade vegan yummies, ranging from an all-day vegan breakfast to mouth-watering chilli nachos with fresh tomato and lime salsa; all served with a warm smile. A variety of their scrumptious goodies are handmade, adding that secret ingredient of TLC. Their menu boasts a comprehensive assortment of homemade food, including carrot cakes with lemon and walnut toppings, bliss balls and a personal favourite of mine, sweet and crunchy syrup and apricot flapjacks. The van’s popularity is evident as their stock is already flying off the shelves (not due to the tremendous winds we’ve been having recently). Whether you are a diehard vegan or simply a health enthusiast, I would strongly recommend heading over to The Observatory to enjoy the blissful weather we’re having for this year’s Ventnor Fringe 2016!



Ventnor Fringe Review 2016 - Issue 17  

Thursday 11th August 2016

Ventnor Fringe Review 2016 - Issue 17  

Thursday 11th August 2016