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Friday 10th August 2018

Issue no.31

R eview

Tieta: The Tr ail by Hettie Metcalfe

“I didn’t hate being a boy; I just knew I wasn’t one”.


wenty-six years after being forced to leave his rural town, Antonio returns as Tieta, a woman

and millionaire who promises to transform the town’s fortunes; but there is a condition attached to her charity: justice.

At first read, this stonecrabs production

(based on the Brazilian novel ‘Tieta do Agreste’ by Jorge Amado) seems like a pretty downbeat way to spend a Friday night at the Fringe. But you’d be mistaken. The one-woman show is performed with confidence and comedy throughout the hour. Inês Sampaio swiftly changes her posture, voice and

struggle of a village that has to choose between

attitude to transform into a completely different

their obedience to religious beliefs or the financial

character within a matter of seconds.

prosperity that Tieta offers them.

There is equally obvious talent in the

It’s up to the audience to decide who

way she handles the musical side of the production,

really cares for Tieta, who really only cares about

controlling the loop pedal with ease throughout the

themselves, and ultimately, the final outcome. Does


the village accept Tieta’s offer? Or do they forgive

There is a deeper meaning not so hidden

and walk away from the money?

behind this comedy. Tieta struggles to forgive her

father’s interference in her past, whilst he struggles

challenges attitudes and responses to gender,

to forgive her present life as a woman, a daughter

“Tieta: the trial” will be performed at the other

he never really seemed to want. Then there is the

place, on Friday 10th August from 8:00-9:00 pm.

A thought-provoking performance that

R ev i ew

R ev i ew

Tir esias

Kit & Caboodle by Iris Little & Rollo Little

by Matt Hitt


The Little Reporters have been out and about and getting

ince I was a small, nerdy child I have been

stuck into the Fringe. Keep an eye out for their Instagram

interested in mythology (mainly Greek, but

takeover later today. oday we saw another play, Kit and Caboodle,

delighted to see that there is a show this year that


a puppet show about refugees telling several

interactive with the crowd. When the props like the

caters for the larger, possibly nerdier adult I am

charming tales of where people have come from,

butterflies came on, everyone wanted to join in, and


and examines the long journeys they take to find

were encouraged to get involved.

a better life.

Even though it was only 30 minutes long, it went

the eponymous prophet telling tales of fate and

It was very complex and got everyone in

over a lot of things and made you think more as the

fortune. Recounting tales of Oedipus, Zeus and Hera

the audience thinking. Can you believe these moving

show went on about people’s lives and how they can

interwoven with Tiresias ‘ own story, the one-man

stories, in the past, present and future, are told by


play takes a fairly physical approach which acts as

just two people?

The show’s stars are Kathy and Andrew Kim from

a showcase for the strong lead. Each character is

The show started off well with the

Thingumajig Theatre Company. I was impressed by

denoted by somewhat comical accents, including and

characters coming on to the stage on a fake horse,

this unique performance and I would suggest it for

then they sang some songs with were pleasantly

the whole family!

R ev i ew

25 square meter floor space was filled with people. A

I’ll take a bit of Norse if you’re offering), so was

Tiresias, by Heady Conduct Theatre sees

Oedipus from Belfast and Sean Bean doing a turn as

performance meant that none of the story was lost.

the King of the Gods himself. At first this was a little

jarring but by the time Hera appeared I was totally

interesting concept and one performed with skill

on board as the comic nature balanced out the fairly

and passion that was evident from the outset. All too

tragic things going on for the unfortunate Tiresias.

often, single handed plays can feel like an endurance

Throughout, there is a shift between the comic and

test for the actor and audience alike however this

tragic and for my taste this could have actually

wasn’t the case here; I could have happily have

been pushed even further as the lead obviously has

watched a longer show featuring even more myths,

experience in physical theatre and comedy.

especially as Tiresias stuck his nose in to a lot that

was going on in the ancient world, but maybe that’s


in the setting of Trinity Church; a space with a

the myth nerd talking.

choice, unless you want to start the day with a

another time. The Soundwave Vintage store was

resonant acoustic that showed off the skill and

smashed coffee cup.

a perfect setting for this garage-punk sound. It

musicality of the performer beautifully. Sadly, this

known part of the Greek canon but that doesn’t

I was quite surprised that this onslaught

wasn’t just how I imagined a 70s pop-up record-

booming hall also gave my only negative about the

make it any less interesting and I’d fully recommend

of noise didn’t shatter the windows of the small

store gig, it was actually stepping through a sepia

show in that occasionally the dialogue was lost to

heading along to one of the remining performances

record store, ironic really, given the name of the

filter and four decades into the past. Check out more

the echo. However, the strong physical and engaging

on Friday and Saturday at 5pm.

shop; Soundwaves. Despite this, the (no more than)

of their music on Facebook @MackWhitwood.

Set to live music, the show worked well

Instagram: @vfringereview

Overall, the show was based on an

Tiresias is admittedly not the most well

Mack Whitwood by Catriona Macaulay

woman came past me bellowing that she was ‘quite deaf’ and wondered if I’d mind letting her closer to the band. Whether she walked through the doors with comprehensive hearing and the sheer exposure to this sound - for a just few moments - had broken

f you want something to wake you up in the

her ear drums… We’ll never know.

morning Mack Whitwood wouldn’t be my first

Twitter: @vfringereview

I kid, this show had me transported to


Fringe Review

Issue no.31

Fringe Fashionista by Laura Clare Reid


ood day to you all. How are we? I am very well as I stayed in last night,oh yes! I’m as shocked

as you! I declined many,many, many offers of social outings, deciding to don my paisley housecoat and leopard print leggings and sip a fine Malbec instead.








revalitised (to a certain extent, concealer below the eye is still very much the order of the day) and ready to get serious about style.

I n t e r v i ew

Old Sole Theatr e

This is yoga mistress and ceramics wizard

Damaris Booth, a lady who has been a personal fashion icon of mine for almost 20 years, let me introduce you… What do you love about the Ventnor Fringe Hiya! What are you wearing today?


probably know all too well. It uses theatre to be

This is a dress from Lowie, a massive bargain pop

It is the perfect setting for such a fantastic event. I

abrasive and shocking, to pull people away from

up store in Peckham. My shoes are JuJu Jellies, the

love discovering new acts and dancing my heart out

a brilliant approach to theatre and theatre

the ‘that’s not me’ and ‘I understand this already’

same ones I wore on my wedding day! I now wish

at Harbourside.

making, to quote you back to yourselves “we create

attitude and to make them look at an extreme

I was wearing my pink leather belt from my mum,

work with speed and energy, reflecting the pace of

version of some qualities that they may see in

and a necklace but I was being lazy...I wish I had

the modern world”. Can you give us a bit more of

themselves or others around them.


way, check out Damaris’s slow flow yoga classes -

a description of your work for those who haven’t

come across you yet?

audiences together and allows us to tackle sensitive

Describe your look in three words.

her ceramic creations! Find Damaris on Instagram

We work in many different fields both in and out

subjects in a more direct way, where people may

A bit crap.

as @MrsMothMakes.

of theatre, all of which fuels the work that we want

back away in day to day life. It’s a form that engages

by Jack Whitewood


ello Old Sole Theatre company! You have such

to create. Not only that, we aim to make work that is socially and politically conscious, to move and you simply MUST see

Theatre is an incredible form that brings

Oh my giddy aunt, is it Friday already?

all kinds of people and opens up conversation

Who is your style icon and why?

There will be no staying in for me tonight, no sir.

amongst the most unlikely people.

Matt Hitt (Ventnor Darling and Ventnor Fringe media

I will be getting my glad rags on and heading to

team legend), he is sleek, snazzy and sophisticated.

Harbourisde for the VTown Northern Soul Train DJs.

with society and to test the boundaries of today’s beliefs and ideas. Misfire came out of conversations

Thanks babes! If you live South London

There’s a pair of yellow slacks in my wardrobe that

We have to ask – what does “anti-stand up” mean? ‘Anti-stand up’ is normally a way of using a

What Fashion advice would you give others?

need an airing on the dance floor and tonight is the

purposefully bad joke for humour. We’ve put our

Bargain hunt!

night! I shall see you there.

around gender, activism and privilege. We felt it is a conversation that needs to be held and to be created amongst a diverse, imaginative team who follow our

own spin on that though, we’re using ‘anti-stand


up’ as a way of shocking audiences – a comedian who is purposefully bad to make audiences question

What has the process been like for Misfire?

the ideas addressed. It’s a hard device to sum up,

Misfire has been a sharp learning curve. We’ve been

so we recommend coming to the show to find out

lucky to have developed and shared this form of it

exactly what it is ;)

in London, Cardiff and now, the best of them all, Ventnor!

You just got Arts Council England funding! Our director, Nerida, who is involved in

Congratulations! It’s a difficult climate out there at

remarkable projects in South Wales in theatre and

the minute. What difference has this made for you

in the LGBTQIA+ community, has been a driving

and do you have any advice for other companies

force behind the development. We created a version

creating work at the minute?

that was tailored to our venue (the wonderful and

We did! Thank you! It’s made all the difference to

supportive AJs Coffee House in Cardiff, check them

this project and, most importantly, it has allowed

out!) and we look forward to doing the same for

us to pay artists properly for the work that they do.


Our team has had the time to try out new ideas and

It’s important for us to say that Misfire, so far, has

make the best work they possibly can, without being

definitely been a process, and that this is not the

restricted (too much) by funds.

final product. There are more places we want to go

with it and more boundaries we want to push, but

continue to create work with people that respect and

it’s important for us to share the piece amongst

inspire, no matter what. Create work from nothing,


R ev i ew

My Brother's Drug by Caty Macaulay

Our advice for other companies is to

while I’ve seen many plays about drug abuse and

t’s Political: My Brother’s Drug, written by Rachel

its effects I think this duo have done it justice.

Meryis and performed by Elysia Wilson, tells

Having said this, I’m not sure that I’d come out to

with nothing. Create the work that YOU want to

the tale of a brothers addiction to drugs and the

my parents as a drug dealer’s prostitute over a drug

create. Try things that you may never have thought

devastating effects it has on their family. These two

abuser... I feel like the former is far worse.

of before. Fundraising can be a nightmare, but don’t

drama student have adapted a truly harrowing tale

Misfire deals with some big and current topics –

give up and don’t be afraid to ask for help – we’re

to re-humanise the condition of addiction.

brother. The vexing cries of a brother desperate for

as you so aptly put it we are in a “post-Weinstein

all here to support each other.

diverse audiences along the way so it forms for an audience.

stage”. The whole MeToo campaign was global,

Playing not only her sister, but mother and

sanctuary after a drug deal gone awry and a mothers “The criminalisation of addiction and how much of

denial, carried upon the shoulders of a young girl.

why is it important to keep these conversations

You’re performing with us for three nights, is there

it is to do with the individual actually needing help

Whose only wish is that she might one day see her

going? And what’s the significance of using theatre

anything else you’re hoping to catch during your

and support and when that’s not actually given

“ice cream eating creative little brother”.

what happens.” – Rachel Meryis.

There are three props in this story, one

to do so?

time on the island?

It’s important to keep these conversations going

It’s going to be tricky to fit more shows in but

because the issues that MeToo deals with have

there are a few we’re hoping to catch. Our producer

This show is a must see and it’s completely free.

and more as the character she remembers as her

not yet been resolved. They may not ever be fully

trained with StoneCrabs Theatre Company, so we’re

A beguiling performance by Elysia. Through the art

brother disappears, and two chairs that I imagined to be the building blocks of life.

being an oversized grey hoody that distorts more

looking forward to their shows ‘Some Kind of Love

of spoken word, dance and performance, she draws

issue to be spoken about – for it to be tackled and

Story’ and ‘Tieta, The Trial’. We would also like

the audience into the life of a concerned sister. Her

torn apart.

to catch ‘Boxman’, which we’ve heard some really

brother has gone so far down the drug warren that

exciting things about!

she doesn’t know if she’ll ever get him back.

resolved in our lifetimes, but we NEED this global

Misfire is messy, difficult, funny, deeply

sad and features a character who our audiences

if you’re an emotional sort of human being, crying. I had a real tear rolling down my cheek at the end.

A Beautiful Fringe Map Head on over to and check out an awesome interactive map where you’ll be able to see all that’s happening at the Fringe.

Instagram: @vfringereview

brother.” – Rachel Meryis.

This is a difficult story to pull-off, and The show highlights how many people in society

R ev i ew

I n t e r act i v e

“It’s done in the sense of a girl’s love for her

Day, Forever

You think it’s descending into madness,

until you realise that it’s humanity’s collective insanity that’s pulling you, and indeed the plane you’re sitting in, inexorably toward heaven – or Australia to be precise.

Based on a book called ‘Survivor’ by

of modern cults, evangelism, exploitation and, of

he most emotional and enjoyable performance

course, air travel.

I’ve seen in forever.

Oh and it’s on at Trinity Theatre between

This one man play is a mile high,

8pm and 9pm this evening (Friday). Don’t forget to

supercharged, riveting and totally unpredictable

fasten your seatbelts, because this ride is a bumpy

ride that will have you laughing, thinking a lot and,

one. But you will enjoy it. Highly Recommended.

deemed socially unacceptable; the homeless, drug addicts, people that suffer from severe depression etc.

We’ve all seen it, a person in need, you

have two simple choices, ignore or help. Which would you choose? You can catch this show at 4pm today and 4pm in Trinity Church.

Chuck Palahniuk, which sadly for its author came out at around about the time of 9/11, this is a tale

by Jo Macaulay


are pushed aside and become invisible when they’re

Twitter: @vfringereview

A big thank you to Ventnor Town Council for their support and printing this years Fringe Review.


Ventnor Fringe Review 2018 - Issue 31  

Read the issue no. 31 of the Ventnor Fringe Review - Friday 10th August 2018.

Ventnor Fringe Review 2018 - Issue 31  

Read the issue no. 31 of the Ventnor Fringe Review - Friday 10th August 2018.