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#vfringe18 “That’s the guy that climbed over our fence and ate our strawberries”

• Died Blondes by Joan Ellis

Wednesday 8th August 2018

Issue no.29

Gimme a "C", gimme an "A"... by Matt Hitt


me slightly, but very happy that it helped to lead to

ust off those glowing light sabres and air out

what we have today.

your best fancy dress, it’s carnival time again!

Somewhat showing off pagan roots, in

The Isle of Wight as a whole has a strong

1911 the practice started of selecting one girl from

carnival tradition, allegedly boasting the most

the community to become Hygeia for the day. If

carnivals per capita in the country with eighteen

you didn’t know Hygeia is our adopted local Greek

processions taking place across the island during

goddess, and you may have seen pictures of her

July and August. For a little island, we obviously like

around the town looking fetching in a green robe

to party!

and holding a snake. The practice of voting a girl

This year sees a special project taking

to become the embodiment of a Greek deity and

place in collaboration between Ventnor Carnival

parading her round the streets certainly sounds

Association, Ventnor Town Council and the New

a little Wicker Man-esque but obviously with a

Carnival Company that explores the history of the

slightly happier ending.

Island through local myth and legend. Funded by

Arts Council England there have been a number of

history of Ventnor head over to Ventnor Heritage

community arts workshops taking place around

Centre and have a look around, it’s a great asset

Ventnor giving local people the opportunity to work

for your community. They also offer the service

with artists and carnival professionals to create

of researching anything you’d be curious about, if

costumes and a performance for this years parade.

it’s a particular event or place in the town, they’ve

The theme of this performance is the

more than likely got information about it. At 22,

little-known Island legend of the ‘Snaak Stang’.

Eloise is a relatively young volunteer for the Centre,

‘The what?!’ I hear you exclaim. It’s a story of the

but they can always do with more help. They are

creation of dragonflies, battling kings and wizards,

undertaking a large project to digitise their archive

and some rather fetching costumes.

to make it more widely available to the public.

If you’d like to find out more about the

Places like the Heritage Centre and events like the

Once upon a time the Island was actually

two smaller islands, each with its own king and

and after spending a good while being distracted by

a new book focusing on the history and culture of

Carnival are crucial to nurture, intrinsically linked

resident wizard. For some reason (I won’t go into

dogs wearing bandanas, my cold heart melting just

Ventnor carnival. It’s been amazing to look back

to the community’s identity, we need to keep these

detail here) the kings sent their wizards to battle

a little, I stumbled across Eloise who is a member of

through the Heritage Centre’s archives looking at all

things alive and encourage future generations to get

each other. To find out the rest of the story you may

Ventnor Carnival Association. As it turns out she’s

the old pictures and seeing how much things have

involved and keep the Wicker Man burning (so to

just have to watch the performance… Think Game of

been carrying out some research as a volunteer

changed, and how much has stayed the same. From


Thrones but with a lot more willow, papier-mâché

at the local heritage centre into the history of the

children decorating they’re hoops and sticks with

The performance of the ‘snaak stang’ will take place

and glitzy fabric. What’s not to love about that?!

carnival for a new book.

ribbons, to the introduction of the carnival queens.”

at Parkside directly after the procession tonight so

follow the route up to the park and watch the battle

In the spirit of carnival, I wandered

along to catch the end of the dog show yesterday

“As we started out in 1889 we’re turning

130 next year as part of the celebration I’m writing

I have to mention here that the idea of a

hoop and stick passing as entertainment still baffles


Wonder ful Wednesday Musical Tr eats to lose myself in his gorgeous songwriting and

by Laura Clare Reid


soundscapes. I’ll see you there.

he Ventnor Fringe has always had a marvellous mixture of musical offerings to suit all tastes,






Inspired Sounds at Harbourside

jazz, folk, contemporary rock,

8pm - Midnight £3 A Classical Afternoon with Earl Grey & Juke Box at


Holy Trinity Church

something that takes your fancy, then head on down








1pm - 3pm £5

to Harbourside every night this week for some sweet

Two musical marvels invite you to enjoy an

grooving music, expertly spun by some of the finest



DJ’s you will ever have the pleasure of dancing to.

occasionally challenging pieces arranged for clarinet

After you have enjoyed Ventnor Carnival, pop along

and piano. They will be playing a repertoire carefully

to Harbourside and let Eternal I and Kaftan take you

selected to appeal to all ears. The dynamic duo will

on a sonic journey through time and space. Don’t

be performing gorgeously arranged

worry, you are in very safe hands.





pieces by

Debussy, Bartok, Gershwin, Poulenc, Frank Bridge and Faure. Don’t miss it.

Carnival Cabaret with Cat Skellington at Parkside 9pm - 11pm £5 (proceeds go to Ventnor Carnival)

Photo by Julian Winslow

Instagram: @vfringereview

“Authentic”, Nick Tann & Band at Ventnor Arts

It’s hip swinging gipsy jazz! What’s not to like?!


Cat Skellington are a well established, slick Island

6pm - 7pm £5

band that look darn good in braces and slacks.

At the time of writing this, dear readers, there are

Influenced mostly by the great French gypsy guitar

only a handful of tickets left for this performance.

player Django Reinhardt, the music they play is

Also, at the time of writing this, I am singing along to

largely from the swing era of the 1920s – 40s, so let

Nick Tann’s musical offerings, trying not to irritate

them transport you to a time of speakeasies, lindy

my fellow media teamers, but really struggling not

hopping and no internet.

Twitter: @vfringereview


Fringe Review

Issue no.29

Fringe Fashionista by Laura Clare Reid As the ever effervescent, gladioli swinging Morrissey once sung “I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear”. I feel for him, I really do. Poor Morrissey. But hey, I need a Charming Man who has all the stitches and knows how to wear them! So let me introduce you to Jack! Hello, hello! So, tell me what you are wearing today. Hey! Today i’m wearing a pair of Dickies dungarees, The Smiths “Meat is Murder” T-shirt and some Air Max 98’s.

In te rv i ew

Who is your style icon? I can’t pinpoint anyone exactly, my fashion is basically a huge mash-up of every 1980’s / 90’s subculture mixed with a bit of my own flare. Describe your style in 3 words

Don’t be afraid to rock something out of the

Baggy, chunky, burberry.

ordinary! If you think you look good, go for it! Dress for yourself not other people!

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Fringe Festival?

I, for one, completely agree with you. It has been a

I’m really looking forward to a lot of performances

pleasure and thank you for the dungarees. Thank

this year, mainly ‘I Hope I Die Before I Start Voting


Conservative’, but mostly i’m looking forward to

meeting all the super talented people taking part

am already on the hunt, prowling around, following

this year.

my special style senses to find the next Ventnor

Well, another day, another fashionista! I

Fringe Review style icon. I can feel them. They are Is there any fashion advice you would like to give to

near. Come to me.

the youth of today?

Until tomorrow my darlings, love you, bye!

CAR PET TOWN Full Pelt T heatr e by Catriona Macaulay elcome! Full Pelt started off as a physical

Oh wow. How about... “Pretty damn bonkers”

theatre company, but we’re really excited to see

We’re really looking forward to having you here

Carpet Town and some physical comedy. Can you

in Ventnor! You’ve obviously done fringe festivals

tell us a bit more about the show?

before and are regulars at Plymouth festival, and

you’ve even been described as “perfect festival


Ultimately, it’s a sketch comedy show and

as we’ve developed it we’ve incorporated a slight


narrative to try and somehow link the characters together. It’s pretty bonkers, it’s set within the

What do you like about fringes and what makes a

world of a Carpet Town, one of those mats you used

good festival show for you? We’re really excited to

to play with as a kid that would have different roads

come to Ventnor!

and fire stations, that sort of thing, and we have

I think it’s the first time any of us have been to the

created this weird and wonderful town using some

Isle of Wight. Yeah we’ve been to the Plymouth Fringe

pretty insane characters. It’s the story of how the

3 years running now, every year since we graduated

people are trying to uncover what strange substance

and we went to Edinburgh for the first time in 2017.

is slowly taking over the town... and the rest you’ll

We trained on the Acting & Contemporary Theatre

to come and watch to find out...

course at East 15 and we were always encouraged to create and produce our own work and that’s what

What have been your inspirations as a company

Let's get real Tieta by Catriona Macaulay


his is the story of Tieta, played by Inês Sampaio,

made, her family and towns-folk plot to inherit her

a dark comic play. A transgender woman

fortune. But, little do they know that she’s on her

persecuted and chased away from her home-town

way home…

for being different. You’re thinking this may be a

little too deep for a Thursday outing, wrong! Not my

a Brazilian writer Jorge Amado published in 1977

any stretch of your imagination, this production is

and has been in development by StoneCrabs Theatre

filled with dark humour and mixture of storytelling,

Company since 2015. While many morals will be

music and song.

addressed in this captivating storyline, one ethical

conundrum will ring loudly, does money corrupt?

A young woman triumphs in the face of

The play is an adaptation of the novel by

adversity and becomes a millionaire. Tieta sends

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?

money to her family and the community in her small

hometown in Brazil with on one simple condition

plotline is that the audience get to choose the

attached to her charity; justice.

ending, which way with the story go? Will it go in

favour of revenge or justice?

One day the money stops, leaving the

great opportunity to showcase that work.

As a company we’re big fans of Frantic Assembly,

Gecko, DV8. They make such visually and physically

many different styles of show and everyone is really

impressive theatre that we always aspire to create

supportive of each other. A good festival show for us

as well. More recently we’ve been going down the

I think is a show that is clever, unique and adapts

physical comedy route and the material that we

to the venue they’re in. It’s great to see a play in a

write and devise together is predominantly comedy

shipping container and then they make you forget

scenes and that’s how we got onto the idea of Carpet

that entirely. That’s the beauty of fringe work!

grateful for the financial contribution Tieta has

at 8pm at The Other Place, Ventnor Winter Gardens.

Theres always such a variety and so


It original started off with the idea of the

Is there anything in particular you are looking

old Englishman, Irishman and Scottishman jokes

forward to here during Ventnor Fringe?

and how we could incorporate those into a show,

Rocket Fuel: Eddie Summers sounds right up our

as we played around more and more we started to

street! Looking forward to exploring, meeting other

create these scenes and characters that make up this

companies and finding some hidden gems. We can’t

crazy world.


Can you sum up Carpet town in three words to

Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun // 6-7pm // Pier St. Playhouse.

entice our festival goers?

The twist at the end of this subversive

townsfolk in an uproar. Instead of feeling truly

we love to do and fringe festivals provide such a

and with the development of the show?

Catch this show on Thursday and Friday


ou can help reduce plastic pollution by bringing your own refillable water bottle to Ventnor –

and getting it refilled at any of the local businesses who are part of the water #Refill scheme.

Find your nearest #Refill provider by

using the Refill app ( or look for the #Refill sticker in the window of participating businesses.

PLASTIC AWARE is rolling out the Isle of

Wight #Refill scheme whereby businesses pledge to offer free tap water to anyone regardless of whether they are customers.

Photo by Julian Winslow

#Refill location or who simply want to reduce their single use plastic consumption.

e’re all about getting people involved at Fringe, this applies to







plasticaware or email

our merry little paper too! Make sure you’re taking note of all

the funny anecdotes you hear around the festival for our overheard

A big thank you to Ventnor Town Council for their support and printing this years Fringe Review.

and are dressing your best for our Fringe Fashionista.

We would love to hear from any business

interested in finding out more about becoming a

Get Social! W

If there is anything you’d like to share with us then please

email us at, whether that is photographs, funny stories, poems, videos etc, we want to hear from you. Or, as we always say, tweet us @vfringe with #vfringe18.

Instagram: @vfringereview

Twitter: @vfringereview


Ventnor Fringe Review 2018 - Issue 29  

Read the issue no. 29 of the Ventnor Fringe Review - Wednesday 8th August 2018.

Ventnor Fringe Review 2018 - Issue 29  

Read the issue no. 29 of the Ventnor Fringe Review - Wednesday 8th August 2018.