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Tuesday 9th August 2016

Issue no.15

Let’s Get Launch-y by Hollie Hayes

hat’s the time, Mr Wolf? It’s bloody Ventnor Fringe time! A whole year has passed since we last saw you all. Did you miss us? Have you been keeping well? Fantastic. The Ventnor Fringe team have been busy little bees this past year assembling the best Fringe to date. This year’s festival will be jam packed with EVEN MORE theatre and dance. Even more than last year? You ask. Yes! Even more theatre and dance! Additionally there will be a side portion of local outdoor screenings and a healthy dollop of returning artists – all packed into one delectable, mouth-watering week. But wait, there’s more! The VFringe team even have a cheeky treat for you this year: The Ventnor International Festival. This whole section is dedicated to the International phenomenon’s of the Pokémon age; giving you peachy lot an even bigger and better experience. The Ventnor International Festival will play host to regular faces, Toby Thompson, Dizraeli and Bane (Probably not the notorious Batman villain but we don’t know how he spends his weekends). Don’t they treat us so well?


Ventnor International by Catriona Macaulay he Ventnor International Festival has been in the works for a number of months now, so no; it wasn’t in retaliation to Brexit. There are many uncertainties after the events of June 23rd, but Fringers can be safe in the knowledge that whatever happens with Article 50, it will make little difference to the Ventnor Fringe. The team are more determined than ever to maintain partnerships overseas, all be it Europe, the USA or anywhere else in the world. One of the biggest features of the International Fringe will be the ‘Portrait of a Town’ exhibition. The origins of the piece go back to French street artist, JR and his project ‘Inside Out’. This was a huge venture that captured portraits of local people in towns across the world. I suppose you could say that Ventnor is adding to JR’s collection. Julian Winslow and Alice Armfield have spent weeks taking and editing the photographs and having already seen a number of the final snaps, I can confirm that they are flattering yet maintain a real and raw photographic spin.


Instagram: @ventnorexchange

Photo by Lucy Boynton

Sadly the Woodland Bar won’t be returning to Fringe this year. It’s for the best, really. We wanted different things, we’re on two different paths and quite frankly we just need some space. I kid, I kid. The guys just thought it was time for a change. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a spectacular new venue; The Parkside & Outdoor Cinema located on Park Avenue. “It’s been a brilliant way to meet new people and give us the chance to talk to those whose faces we recognise day to day around the town - and what an amazing collection of faces we have!” – Jack Whitewood. The piece will be two hundred A1 photographs of various Ventnor characters plastered across the floor of the Plaza, in a very Mary Poppins’ Bert-the- street-screever style. You can watch this masterpiece set-up from 12pm on the seafront today. Photographs will be plastered to the floor with a mixture of sugar, warm water and corn flour. So eco-warriors please don’t worry, it’s all biodegradable. This International Festival has its very first poet in residence in the form of familiar face; Toby Thompson. Toby has been returning to Ventnor Fringe most years since his debut in 2011. In 2013 and 2014 Toby came back for our Library Lock In; performing alongside names such as Dizraeli, JJ Bola, Akala, Kate Tempest and Reeps One. You can catch a snippet of Toby in The Parkside today @ 2pm. Last but by no means least, the premier of Berlioz: Glydebourne (Film) in the Ventnor Arts Club at 6pm. For those not familiar with the operetta, it’s a unique account of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing by Laurent Pelly.

Make sure you head on down to The Fringe Launch Party and welcome talk this evening at 7pm at the Observatory Bar. In previous years this event has commenced with a few words from festival director, Jack Whitewood followed by music and merriment. Various performances will be executed around Ventnor throughout the rest of the evening spanning from The Tempest at Ventnor Botanic Gardens to The Chalkpit

No Tea No shade by Matt Hitt

here’s a strong theatre game at this year’s Fringe. Alongside more established companies, there are a number of newer ventures showcasing their work. I sat down for a chat with Lewis and Amelia from Phystheatre whose new show, Shady Margaret and Her Wardrobe Malfunctions, will be debuting this week.


So, is this your first time at the Fringe? This isn’t the first time performing at Fringe, but this is the first show we’ve created and shown. Where has the show come from? It’s a development of Lewis’ previous work that started out all over the place, and now distilled into a ‘proper cabaret act’. What can the audience expect? Variety. There’s elements of all sorts of things, it’s nice to show such a wide variety of things – Dancing, spoken word, singing, comedy. There are elements of normal burlesque, but deeper stories coming through the individual pieces. We wanted to make a show that

Rubble Club at this year’s secret venue –pause for dramatic effect... Last, but certainly not least, the evening will be drawn to a close by wonderful Parkside Comedy at, you guessed it folks, our brand spanking new Parkside venue. So much to do yet so little time! Don’t forget to pick up a copy of our free programme for you, your neighbour, your dog; whoever! P.s. The Observatory is a Poké-Gym entertains but makes an audience think. Why should I come and see it? Because it’s brilliant! The company are obviously very proud of what they’ve done, and so they should be– creating a brand new show is no easy task and I for one am really looking forward to seeing the result of their creative minds. Or, if you’re after something more traditional, perhaps an outdoor production of Shakespeare’s Tempest might entice you. Hopefully Prospero won’t have an effect on the local climate! Also, returning to the Fringe this year are Bonchurch Theatre Group with their recent sell out production Faltering Steps by local play write John Goodwin. Recently described as ‘A triumph...gripping, thought provoking work’ it’s going to be a great show. Whichever you choose (why not all three?), grab your tickets now to avoid disappointment. Shady Margaret: Tues/Wed - 9pm @ Victoria Street Studio The Tempest: Tuesday, 7pm @ The Botanic Gardens Faltering Steps: Tues/ Thurs - 8pm @ Pier Street Playhouse.

Virgo Horoscope: It is your sleepy month, but it is time to wake up! A Leo in your life has not been listening to you, but they soon will. So just sit back and relax. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the new eye-candy about town and try not to shy away when Leo approaches; listen and be heard. Baffling Bubbles top tip for Virgo: There are 2 well stocked pharmacies in the town.

Twitter: @vfringe


Fringe Review

Issue no.15

Chalk-Pit Records by Catriona Macaulay

his week’s first sell out performance is the Chalk-Pit Rubble Club; for those that don’t have tickets, Chalk-Pit have let it be known that they’ve got some tricks up their sleeve for the near future. To the lucky number that managed to snap their tickets up, here is some background information on Chalk-Pit Records with Silas Gregory. What and who is in Chalk-Pit Records? “Chalkpit Records was founded by me. I was frustrated by the lack of opportunities & guidance for young talented musicians outside the music college on the island. Chalkpit Record aims to offer band management, Marketing & Promotion, PR, Distribution, Event & Tour Management and Merchandise solutions while hosting live music events throughout the year.” When did you start up? “Chalkpit Records was born in May 2015 with little understanding of what to do next. All I knew was I was free to do whatever I wanted. Which I loved! No one was telling me I had to do this or that, I was able to create my own rules. That’s the beauty of the

T Photo by The Events Co.

Bangers about mash by Catriona Macaulay o food, it’s pretty good. Keeps you ticking, well The Events Co. want to keep you ticking this year with their newly renovated Bangers and Mash van. This isn’t any ordinary Bangers and mash van, here you can tailor your meal to your tastes. They offer Pork and Apple, Pork and Garlic and for vegetarians and gluten free peeps there are Red Onion and Rosemary sausages. Then you can add either Proper Mash made from IOW potatoes or a Veggie Mash which consists of swede and carrot combined with garlic and mustard seasoning. This bit deserves a paragraph of its own because it’s the best bit, sauces. Choose from a Proper Gravy, Veggie Gravy or the delicious Curry Sauce, then you can add cheese or onions for that bit extra. I, for one am very excited to sink my teeth into the Red Onion and Rosemary sausages with Veggie Mash and Curry Sauce. What flavour pairing will you choose? Go and grab yours down at the Parkside today!


Family Time! or those travelling families making the pilgrimage to Ventnor this year, Tuesday offers Quantum Theatre’s Once Upon A Time There Were Four Little Rabbits. A theatre adaptation of the very famous Beatrix Potter story; The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Despite its family orientation, those without children wanting to relive their childhood with this nostalgic classic shouldn’t miss out. Get your tickets from the Ventnor Exchange. The performance will be showing at the Botanic Gardens at 2.30pm today.


Parkside Comedy by Laura Clare Reid

isten! Can you hear that? Choo choo. Choo choo. Tonight and tomorrow evening the mirth train is coming into town! So grab your tickets, wave goodbye to Dullsville and climb aboard! Choo choo…. Okay, train analogy over. For now. The Events Co. are proud to present two evenings of merriment at Ventnor Fringe’s new venue, Parkside, combining some of the very best the UK comedy circuit has to offer with quality,home grown Island talent.


Lonely Hearts Club “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes”. Yes darlings, Marti is right, love is all around us at VFringe 2016. And on this love, you can depend. Today’s eminently eligible bachelorette is Miss M and she’s a corker. Miss M describes herself as 5’10, a black slip on a rail of white dresses, she likes red wine when it’s raining and cider when it’s warm. She is

music business I suppose.” How did you choose the name? “The name Chalkpit Records came from a very vivid childhood memory of being young and hanging out with friends in Freshwater Bay for most of our summers. We used to throw outdoor parties up at Freshwater Chalkpits. We were all underage & probably shouldn’t have been doing it but we always had the best nights.” What artists have you already produced/ worked with? “We have been working with two bands for around 6 months now, Nakamarra and Ecsess. Both are writing new material which we will be releasing later this year. So it’s all very exciting. We are always on the look out for new artists so if you are writing music send us a demo.” Do you have any events planned after Fringe? “We have a couple already lined up which we are really excited about, but you’re going to have to wait to find out more about them. So it’s best to follow our Facebook page.” You can read the rest of this interview on our website @ http://ventnorexchange.

You will be guffawing, giggling and snorting through all sorts of weirdness, magic and music from JT Hanbury, Dave Thompson and The Ventnor Darlings, hosted in turns by the charmingly anarchic Benny Curtis and Bobbin Dixon. Khia Janzen, the mastermind behind this year’s Parkside Comedy extravaganza, says; “If you haven’t already, get your ticket for Parkside Comedy now! I think Ventnor Fringe 2016 is going to be the best yet”. This reporter is in total agreement, so I’ll be seeing you on the laughter locomotive darlings, choo choo.

looking for an artsy/musician man to sweep her off her feet with egotistical nonsense. If you feel you can impress Miss M and enjoy talking about serial killers, then send your best chat up lines to media@vfringe., or drop a nice postcard into the Ventnor Exchange Press Office aka The Fun Room. Darlings, to quote that handsome highlander Marti Pellow again, “you know I love you, I always will”. Yours, Miss Reid xxx

Photo by Matt Hitt

Fringe Fashionista started my walk around the town in search of my first Dapper Dan or Groovy Greta, when walking down the hill I noticed a dress that caught my eye. Bright flashes of orange and white flowers blowing in the sea breeze. Summer! Wearing the dress was Lorna, who come all the way from Wroxall. I stopped her and we spoke. What are you wearing? It’s delightful “Clothes of sorts. A black, white and orange floral summer dress, which I have no recollection of where it’s from, and some pink and beige brogues. A black cardigan and jewelry sourced from charity shops, and an owl bag- again of mysterious origin.” What’s your style motto? “I don’t really have one – whatever I find in the wardrobe that sort of goes together.” Fashion Faux Pas? “‘Blue and Green should never be seen’. Not that I have anything against fairy queens, but basically because I’m colour blind and can’t tell the difference! I once spent a day entirely dressed in burgundy without realizing it. Give me three words to describe your style. “Changeable, Colourful, Comfortable.” I let Lorna go about her business and she drifted into town humming a wistful summery tune.


Fringe Crossword


Please return completed crosswords to the Ventnor Exchange with your phone number. The winner of a special surprise will be announced on Saturday via Facebook and phone confirmation.

2). Race around, inadequately clothed (6)

1). Many varieties of this beverage can be found at the Ventnor Exchange (4)

3). Ill Omen (7) 4). Frequently (5) Photo by Becky Boucherat

Across 7). A fashionable hairstyle originating from a southern town on the Isle of Wight (7,6)

5). Achieve this condition at Parkside Yoga sessions (6)

8). Verdant variety of neckwear (5,3)

6). Underwent great mental anguish through worrying about something (8)

9). Joe Bone’s hit-man alter-ego (4)

11). Sense of Self (8)

10). This author spent some time in Bonchurch. The name rhymes with Poultry (7)

13). Characteristic of several Ventnor roads (3,4) 15). Genus of new world Snake (6)

12). This ain’t poetry (5)

17). Attention seeking (2,3)

14). Purple Moon ***** found on Ventnor high Street (5)

21). Welsh vegetable considered undesirable at sea (4)

16). Refrain from wearing your toupee in the sun or you may suffer from this affliction (7) Kindly printed by

19). One of 100 linking upper Bonchurch to the pond (4)


20). Rapper and multi-instrumentalist performing for the second time at Ventnor Fringe (8) 22). Ovine Rustling (8,5)

Instagram: @ventnorexchange

12 High Street, Ventnor. 01983 757202 Compiled by CrossPatch

Twitter: @vfringe


Ventnor Fringe Review 2016 - Issue 15  

Tuesday 9th August 2016

Ventnor Fringe Review 2016 - Issue 15  

Tuesday 9th August 2016