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Over hear d #vfringe18 “I just want to throw mint sauce all over his face”

Tuesday 7th August 2018

Issue no.27

Hey ho lets go by Catriona Macaulay

beautiful mantra. Originally from North Wales, now residing in Sheffield, Phlegm has been all over the world with his illustration-based art painting, across various urban spaces and factories, transforming the rundown to town-crowns. The world is a canvas, when the architecture of a building changes so does its surrounding area and it’s important to realise how quickly this happens. This style of street-art is significant to the landscaping of an area and this is the ethos that Phlegm stands by. Predominantly working with black and white, these murals have a very distinct style, which has inspired many other street artists throughout his career. His creations have asserted him as one of the world’s most admired street artists and illustrators and we’re lucky enough to have him here in Ventnor this week. This year at Fringe we have our own Fringe-mobile, an electronic bike, exciting, why yes. You may see some of the team cycling around on it, falling off it or narrowly missing parked cars with it. But yesterday it went out for its first spin… With a camera strapped to the handlebars I bravely embarked on a cycle from Ventnor Exchange to Phlegm’s stunning chef-d’oeuvre. Why? So that you wonderful people can see exactly how to get to the VFringe mural, so check it out, the video can be viewed on Facebook & Instagram (@vfringereview).

e’re back! So it’s the ninth year of Fringe. When most of us started this journey we were students at university barely scraping by on government loans. Now look at us, we’re fully functioning adults barely scraping by on minimum wage, I kid, I kid, or do I? But seriously, whether you’re organising, taking part, or soaking up the cultural haven that’s amassed here in Ventnor, every single person is a crucial member of this Fringe team. Without further ado, let’s get stuck into the first serious topic of the Fringe Review this year… Think of one of those words you can’t stand, moist, flannel, bulge or maybe phlegm? While I can’t help you overcome your distain for flannels coated in yesterday’s mascara, you may find yourself revaluating the word phlegm. Once known to you as one of the four bodily humours in ancient Greek medicine, or the yucky stuff you excreted from your face, it can now be revered as the striking mural of Ventnor. If you haven’t already noticed, as part of the art-ifying of Ventnor this year, world renowned street artist, Phlegm, has been hard at work on Ventnor’s largest canvas @ 99, High Street. This mysterious character, like many artists, likes his anonymity. There is one simple reason for this, to let art speak for itself, what a


A Portal Into The Unknown by Matt Hitt


f there was ever going to be a place where a magical portal opened up and lead you to a

strange, wonderful new world it would definitely be in Ventnor. The opening night of this years Fringe will see this magical world break through just for a little while. So catch it while it lasts.

Taking place in a new secret venue,

Ventnor Stellar Portal will be an evening of music, poetry and collaboration curated by Alessi’s Ark.

Having released her fourth album late

last year, Alessi has been down to the Island and created two music videos here. She seems to have a real affinity with the place and is one of a number of artists that have been coming here to create, film and record, and now she’s back to perform.

I caught up with Festival organiser Jack

from Ventnor Exchange to talk about the night.

“Alessi has been to Ventnor a few times

before but never for the festival and we’re really excited to invite her down to curate this special night for us, featuring some of her favourite musicians and spoken word artists from London.

Instagram: @vfringereview

We thought it would be lovely to invite an artist like that to come and create something specifically for Ventnor Fringe.”






composed music and a chance to see collaborations between some of the artists who’ll be performing, with spoken word artists Aaron Ross and Solomon Adam joining musician Charlotte Carpenter and Alessi herself. For those that remember the lock-ins at the library that happened at Fringes past the vibe

Dor is Dodo's Elegy Empor ium and Olbituary Office by Laura Clare Reid

will be similar.

“Where trees grow is where we are hidden, Ends are seen and endings are written”.

The use of the secret venue has become a

Fringe tradition and this year sees another mystery

Will you find this year’s Secret Venue?

space in Ventnor being transformed into part of the festival. I tried to get information from Jack, but he was cagey as ever about the venue. “It’s a space we’ve had our eye on for quite a while, a special space and it’s going to be great. There will be walking involved, and I always say to wear sensible shoes in Ventnor, just in case.”

The Stellar Portal is on Tuesday August 7

at 8pm. Advanced booking is essential or the secret venue will remain a secret.

performed live by Ms Dodo and her Elegy Emporium creatures, who are always very sorry (and eager) to deliver the sad news of your final conclusion.

But who are these creatures? Let me

introduce you… Doris’s nefarious niece, Lyssa, has secretly stowed away with the Olbituary Office

roprietor of the Elegy Emporium and affiliated

with the help of her nervous and slightly unstable

Olbituary Office, Doris Dodo stocks outstanding

brother, Bundy. She has infiltrated the office, but

obituaries for her ill-fated birds. Run by the illusive

can she remain hidden or will the curse of her past

Ms. Dodo and staffed by her collection of curious

resurface and give her away? What has Lyssa done to

characters, visiting the office is always a memorable

evoke the wrath of Miss. Dodo? And will her disguise

experience. Jilted at the altar, Doris Dodo has

fool Doris?

channeled her unrequited love into a collection of

deceased birds WHO WILL NEVER LEAVE HER.

apprentice of Doris, Bundy Applewhite was the page Continued overleaf


Your very own personal obituaries are written and

Twitter: @vfringereview






Fringe Review

Who wants some fr ee stuff?

boy at her ill-fated wedding. He lives in eternal fear


of Doris being disappointed in him, so please be

kind to dear Bundy. With his loyalty torn between

an appearance at the Office with a piano, musical

sibling and Mistress, will Bundy manage to keep

adequacy and a healthy amount of gin. They aren’t

Lyssa’s presence a secret? Will he ever please Doris?

quite sure how they managed to be booked for the

Probably not, but we will enjoy seeing him try.

Elegy Emporium, but hey, a gigs a gig.


The Ventnor Darlings will be making

Issue no.28

by Matt Hitt found at the exchange and online, but I think it’s nce again this year will host the ‘free fringe’ as

worth getting your Ventnor legs on and enjoy the

part of the wider festival. This has always been

exploration of the town to see what you can find.

Warning – due to high levels of deceased

a big part of the festival and has a major impact on

You may well discover a love of poetry you never

from a life of servitude and mockery when Doris

egg-laying vertebrates, characterised by feathers

the transformation of the town into one big venue.

knew you had, stumble across our new town mural,

found her performing at a tacky, low rate travelling

and forelimbs modified as wings and the general

Sneak peeks of ticketed events can be seen to whet

or find your new favourite punk band playing in the

sideshow. Now a valued member of Ms Dodo’s far

preoccupation with all things morbid, the Olbituary

one’s whistle, alongside buskers, poets, and gigs in

back of a vintage store. And don’t forget, if you’re

more classy travelling show, Marjory expresses

Office is not suitable for younger members of our

some unusual places around the town. From music

a budding performer and are just itching to get a

herself through the medium of dance, however, be


in the local laundrette to children’s stories aboard a

bit of attention head over to the Exchange, sign up

warned. Ms Peahen captures souls for Doris and

bus, there’s a lot to discover around the town.

for a busking slot, and become part of the family of

places them in her many deceased birds. So keep

the details of your ultimate demise in the form of a

your soul cards close to your chest!

handwritten poem on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday





The Emporium is open and ready to gift

Guitar welding, cuban heeled, Mister

and Saturday between 12.00 - 13.00 and 16.00 -

Toots Wurlitzer, is one cool cat and if you manage

17.00. Sunday will be the final morbid hurrah at

to catch him at the Office, gee whiz, you are in for a

12.00 - 13.00.







Fringe performers.

Fr inge Connections by Matt Hitt n years gone by, this slot was reserved for the

lonely of heart. We at the Fringe Review have

happens each day at 11am at Harbourside this little

always tried to encourage an atmosphere of love and

area of the paper will act as a networking point, free

fondness but this year we’re heading on a different

to those who want to connect with fellow artists to


start making new work or simply have a chat. Who



To compliment the new Artist Brunch that

Tom Waits for no Man

If you’d like to find love at the Fringe,

have you seen around that has really inspired you

by Catriona Macaulay

we’re certainly not going to discourage that pursuit,

or changed the way you think? Which work have

particularly if that quest is carried out in an old

you seen that has resonated with you and you’d like

school chivalrous kind of way (I want to see the sale

to know more? Who’s costume have you seen and

of roses skyrocket and serenading in the streets)

simply must know their tailor?

however, as the years go by we are seeing more and

more exciting artists bringing their work to this

we can talk about who has inspired you and who

town and we thought that it would be simply lovely

you’d like to get a coffee with. I’ll write up a little

if artists who’d never met could be connected and

networking add and hopefully things can start to

lay the foundations for future collaborations.

happen. Happy connecting!


’m joined by Matt Hitt, the curator of the Tom

working from different groups of us who are

Waites tribute event. Tell us a bit about this event

normally solo artists. So it’s created a far more collaborative feel to it. Which is why I think we liked


We’re part of a larger group and it’s

this one particularly, and the next ones we move

part of the series of events that we’ve put on. It all

forward with will probably be even more so.

started with Leonard Cohan which was organized

by another member of our group, then followed

to say super group – because that would sound

by Joannie Mitchel inspired by Laura and now I’m

really arrogant but definitely a larger band to put

doing Tom Waites.

these kinds of events on.

How do you come up with the artist for each event?

How many of you are there?

We’ve done it so far where we take it in turns to

Nine of us are involved for this one.

It’s almost like creating a - I don’t want

Come and find me in at the brunch and

pick someone we really like and introduce the rest of the group to that artist by making them sing a lot

And how many instruments is that?

of their songs.


instruments, two basses, saxophone, melodica,

I think out of everyone we’ve done,

it’s grown and changed, and I think the first two






possibly a saw and a flute.

events were very successful and sold out, as did the Tom Waites one at Ventnor Exchange. The nature

What can we expect from this event?

of them has changed, they started off far more -

It’s going to be a lot of fun, it’s far more performance

almost with an open mic feel - lots of solo artists

art than the other shows we’ve done and a lot more

doing solo pieces. Which were great and there have

drama, character based readings and singing. There

been some amazing performances.

are a lot of spoken work pieces within it so it’s going to be quite a multi-disciplinary evening.

You’ve already done this Tom Waites one, why are you performing it again?

If you’d like to catch this event it is this evening at

With this Tom Waites one we started working far

9pm at Parkside, tickets are selling fast in the box

more collaboratively so there’s a lot more cross-

office so don’t delay to avoid disappointment.

Fr inge Fashion ista by Laura Clare Reid

Meet The Pr ess Gang


ello hello! How are you? I am just marvellous,

you don’t have a random single sock floating around

thank you for asking. Oh, introductions! My

your drawer. I copied his idea and I literally never

name is Laura Clare Reid, former Lonely Heart

have to have odd socks. They are all The One True

wrangler. This year at Ventnor Fringe my passion

Sock. However, they will one day stop making this

Matt Hit - Journalist

is fashion and I’m be prowling the hip streets of

type of sock and I will have to find a replacement

As the other half of the

V-Town for those individuals who just have that

One True Sock. This is also a source of great anxiety.


special je ne sais quoi, that ooh la la, that *insert

Not many people would describe a laptop as part of

has been involved with the

something that sounds cool in French*.

their look…

Fringe for quite some time.

Often to be found staring

observed “every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed

as distinctive as possible. It is glued to me at all

vacantly out to sea, Matt

man” and we, the Ventnor Fringe family, are crazy

times and if you ever see someone walking around

has had few ambitions of

about this magnificent man, Chris Gutteridge.

with a black and yellow hazard tape covered Mac,



So, let us begin. As ZZ Top shrewdly

journalism this far in his

Catriona Macaulay

Hello Sir, tell me what you’re wearing.

Who is your style icon?

week turns out.

I am wearing what I always wear in the Summer.

If I had a style icon I wouldn’t dress like this.

Army boots, The One True Sock, practical shorts

What are you looking most forward to at the Ventnor

with lots of pockets, my laptop and my tee shirt of

Fringe this year?

the day. I am comfortable with how people see me.

For ten days I have a social group that I don’t see for

Tee shirt of the day?

a year at a time, but it takes no time at all to connect

My girlfriend commissioned it to be custom made, taking out the coat that’s been away all

it’s a line from the song “Still Alive” from the end

year but fits perfectly every time you put it on.


Best friend to David Bowie in the omnipotent

Full time Ventnor Darling,

multiverse; obsessive fan in reality. Caty spends the

part time lover. Laura can

majority of her time PR-ing and doing important

usually be found sashaying

things whilst humming the words to ‘Friday I’m in

around charity shops with a

Love’. In 2014 she started up the Fringe Review and

glass of Malbec in hand.

Chris, you are a marvellous human being and a true

though because the first one they sent had centred

Fringe Fashionista, thank you.

text and in the videogame is left aligned. This was

So, who will be tomorrow’s trendy Tracy or Timmy?


Pick up your copy of the Ventnor Fringe Review to

From a young age Daniel

They are quite the boots.

find out!

has always had a keen eye

Annoyingly they don’t make them anymore and

Okay, until then, love you, bye!

for design. Whether it be

they are currently wearing through. I will have to

digital or print based, he

one day replace them with a different boot. This is a

has been making things

source of anxiety.

look great for over 10 years

Did you mention “The One True Sock”?

Daniel Trevenna Layout design/Social Media

Radio Presenter From




mainland from


great capital of ours I bring warmth, stokie charm and a swimming costume. If I’m not in the

of the video game Portal. It says “We do what we must because we can”. She had to get it reprinted

has been adding sorry souls to the team ever since. Caroline Barlow

please shout “Hey that’s Chris’s, give it back!”

life, so let’s see how this

Laura Clare Reid

Editor-In-Chief/Media Liaison

now. As a self-employed

Many years ago one of my friends threw away all

designer, he is always keen to work with others on

his socks and replace them with identical socks.

around mic in hand interviewing people. Words of

new and exciting projects. Daniel is also an actor,

This means when you get dressed you never have

wisdom: You’ve got to live to make great radio.

starring in many a short film and stage play.

to find a matching pair. If one sock gets damaged,

tea shop, I’ll be running

Instagram: @vfringereview

This is a generic Apple Mac made to look

Twitter: @vfringereview

A big thank you to Ventnor Town Council for their support and printing this years Fringe Review.


Ventnor Fringe Review 2018 - Issue 28  

Read the issue no. 28 of the Ventnor Fringe Review - Tuesday 7th August 2018.

Ventnor Fringe Review 2018 - Issue 28  

Read the issue no. 28 of the Ventnor Fringe Review - Tuesday 7th August 2018.