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2012 Employee Campaign Coordinator Guide Table of Contents

Welcome from our Campaign Chair

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How United Way Helps


Job Description & Key Information


Steps to Running a Successful Campaign


Sample Campaign Meeting Agenda


Sample Messages and Letters


Best Practices


Educating & Showing the Impact


―FUN‖ Raisers in the Workplace


Frequently Asked Questions


Managing Objections


Saying Thanks


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July 24, 2012

Dear Friends: Thank you for your commitment to our 2012 United Way of the CSRA campaign supporting our community. On behalf of United Way, I appreciate your leadership to plan, oversee and implement your organization’s campaign. We could not do our work without your help and collaboration. More individuals and businesses choose to make their charitable impact through United Way than any other local non-profit organization. We THANK YOU for entrusting your hard-earned dollars with us. This manual is designed to provide you with ideas and strategies for conducting a fun and successful campaign in your workplace. It’s your passport to making a difference and lasting change in our community. Additional copies for your campaign teams are available. United Way’s mission is all about making the CSRA a place where individuals and families can thrive. You are the most valuable resource in making our mission possible. Your enthusiasm, energy and determination will make the 2012 campaign a success. You believe in us, and we believe in you. Please don’t hesitate to call United Way staff or volunteers who can provide additional guidance or help along the way of your campaign process. Together, we can accomplish great things this fall as we share with everyone the way to “LIVE UNITED!”

Mike Hogan 2012 Campaign Chair


HOW UNITED WAY HELPS What does it mean if someone gives to United Way of the CSRA? Here is a quick snapshot to help explain how important a gift to United Way is to our entire community. YOU Help our Community

It all starts with YOU!

YOU Help our Local Nonprofits American Red Cross of Augusta Augusta Training Shop, Inc. Boys & Girls Clubs of AUGUSTA Boy Scouts of America, Georgia-Carolina Council, Inc. Child Enrichment, Inc. Christ Community Health Services Columbia County Community Connections Communities in Schools of Burke County, Inc. Easter Seals of East Georgia Family Counseling Center of the CSRA, Inc. The Family Y Fireside Ministries Friendship Community Center Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Hope House, Inc. Rape Crisis & Sexual Assault Services Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta Safe Homes, Inc. The Salvation Army Senior Citizens Council of Greater Augusta and the CSRA, Georgia, Inc. Shiloh Comprehensive Community Center, Inc. The Speech and Hearing Center St. Stephen’s Ministry of Augusta, Inc. 4

A gift to United Way is the most effective and efficient way to help strengthen our 15-county region.

YOU Help our Local Citizens

Your money stays here to help people in the CSRA.

JOB DESCRIPTION & KEY INFORMATION Employee Campaign Coordinators encourage co-workers to create a stronger, healthier community by planning, coordinating and implementing an effective United Way workplace campaign. Here are some guidelines to help you along the way: Prior to campaign:  Attend United Way Coordinator training  Meet with your United Way representative to develop a campaign plan  Meet with your CEO and establish a campaign goal  Recruit a committee and coordinate assignments  Organize an event to kick off the campaign; consider having refreshments, speakers and snacks  Promote and invite employees to the kick off event During the campaign:  Hold the event to kickoff the campaign  Conduct a separate Leadership Giving event  Send reminder emails about the campaign  Offer special incentives for meeting deadlines or giving levels  Have special events (e.g. jeans day, bake sales)  Issue progress reports to your employees and United Way representative After the campaign:  Tabulate results and submit a United Way envelope to your United Way representative  Consider giving a small trinket to thank your committee, solicitors and employees who participated  Draft a thank-you letter or email from your CEO to send to all contributors  Evaluate and make recommendations for next year’s coordinator 5

Key Dates and Contacts 2012 Campaign Kickoff Monday, August 27 Bell Auditorium 12:00 - 1:30 pm Loaned Professional Program August 20 - November 9 United Way Campaign Department 706.724.5544 Rina Powell ext. 8928 Stef Frickey ext. 8930 Kim Grimes ext. 8929

10 STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN Call your United Way representative or Rina Powell at 706.724.5544 with any questions about your campaign. We’re here to help! 1. RECRUIT YOUR TEAM 

Find co-workers to help you. Be sure to include people who are enthusiastic and have a good relationship with their colleagues. Try to make the sure the team represents the diversity of the work force (i.e. gender, ethnicity, job responsibilities, etc.). Don’t overlook retirees-they would enjoy being included.

Include representatives from your management team to assist in soliciting management; communications department to help promote the campaign through company communications, newsletters, and events; payroll department to assist in processing the pledges and providing up-to-the minute results and reports on your progress.


Reviewing last year’s results is always helpful to determine your campaign’s greatest area of potential. If the average gift amount was low, encourage more employees to give through payroll deduction. If participation has been low, an emphasis on recruiting new donors might be wise.

Understanding your campaign’s untapped potential will help you set a goal that is challenging, yet achievable. Remember to structure incentives and contests— such as donated gift certificates or merchandise for a raffle—to encourage the desired results for giving.

Increasing the number of leadership givers will also cause your totals to soar.

Consider setting a separate goal and providing incentives for contributions to the Community Impact Fund.



Discuss your campaign plans with your CEO, obtaining necessary approval for ideas such as day-off incentives for giving.

Schedule a company-wide kickoff and a leadership-giving meeting. Encourage your CEO to attend and address employees. His or her attendance will provide a strong endorsement.

Ask your CEO to send a letter, voicemail, or an email message to all employees. When he or she invites them to join in a response to the needs of the community, the message is a powerful one (see sample letter on pages 13-14). Also consider having the CEO recognize your donors giving 25-years plus.


Recruiting colleagues who are willing to ask co-workers for their pledges is a critical part of every successful campaign. Be sure to meet with and train campaigners, providing the information and inspiration that will motivate them. Enlist one campaigner for every 30-40 employees.

At the meeting: *Show the United Way Campaign video. *Familiarize campaigners by taking a virtual tour t h r o u g h United Way of the CSRA’s web site. ( *Lead a short question-and-answer session with your United Way representative. *Feature a speaker from United Way’s network of program speakers showing the impact your contribution makes on our community. * Tour a local funded program by the campaign.


Give, Advocate, Volunteer!


Tours are a great way for employees to experience Agency programs firsthand. Not only are employees impacted by seeing personally how their contributions are making a difference locally, but they also gain invaluable insight about the agencies’ goals and outcomes, which are critical to understanding the purpose of each program.

Tour participants have the opportunity to meet people who have been given a ―handup‖ from the programs, not a ―hand out‖, and who are once again productive members of society.

Those who take tours return to the office inspired once they observe how the needs in our community are being met by United Way funding. Encourage them to share their experiences with other staff members during your internal campaign meetings.

If employees are unable to easily get away from the work site, another option is to have a United Way or Agency representative speak to employees about the programs that United Way supports.


A strong campaign begins with strong leadership giving. Ideally the leadership campaign should run in advance of your general United Way campaign. Announcing the results during the campaign kickoff generates excitement, builds momentum, and inspires others to give.

Start the campaign with a meeting of management-level employees during which the CEO asks employees to support United Way with leadership gifts of $500 or more. Be sure that your leadership chair is a leadership giver, and that he or she plans a separate event for potential leadership level donors.

Encourage your campaign team to talk about the campaign with co-workers to create awareness and build excitement for your upcoming kickoff.



To build excitement and create awareness, use our resources. Some great ideas for two or three weeks before kickoff are: *Distribute the communication from your CEO to announce the campaign company-wide. *Compile stories about co-workers who benefited from—or volunteer for—United Way funded programs. If employees are willing, share their stories and feature them on some of your flyers, on voice and e-mail mes sages, and/or on your company intranet. *Listen. Then encourage questions. If you don’t know the answer, say so, and call your United Way representative for help. Respond promptly.


Do you know the number one reason people don’t give? THEY WERE NOT ASKED!

Present your colleagues with pledge forms, along with a brief reminder of United Way’s values to the community and the thousands of people receiving help each day.

Emphasize again that payroll deductions are the easiest way to give.

Ask employees to make a pledge.

Ask your co-workers to sign the pledge form and return it to you or take a moment to complete the E-pledge, if applicable.

Remind employees that pledge forms and pledge amounts are confidential.

Don’t forget to ask those employees who will be away from the workplace on the day of your event, so they can be included in campaign totals and drawings, if applicable.



Thank your supporters. One of the most important things you can do as a campaign coordinator is thank all of the people who helped make the campaign a success. A letter from your CEO to all employees and a personal note from you to your campaign team will let people know their efforts are appreciated. Additional thank you ideas are located in this guide. (See page 23.).

Report your results to your employees and to United Way. Knowing the results helps employees feel good about the amount they’ve raised together.

Prompt, complete reporting to United Way also ensures that your company will get the recognition it deserves, as we include your company in community campaign totals.

Talk to your United Way representative about ways to complete your campaign results so they can be reported promptly and funds can be disbursed to network of local programs. Don’t forget to include Caring Club Members, Leadership Givers and Designation information.


Familiarize new hires with your company’s caring culture and explain your company’s participation in the United Way Campaign. Ask for a pledge at the time of hire. (New Hire packets are available through your Campaign Representative.)

Use your company’s email, employee newsletters, Intranet, or bulletin boards to share stories about people who benefited from United Way’s network of funded programs.

Check United Way of the CSRA’s web site for updates in our campaign and community.

Request to receive UWCSRA’s e-newsletter and become a friend of our FACEBOOK. DON’T FORGET TO COMPLETE YOUR CAMPAIGN ENVELOPE! 10

SAMPLE CAMPAIGN MEETING AGENDA Sample Employee Campaign Agenda: 30 Minute Meeting Topic



Welcome and Introductions

Employee Campaign Coordinator or Committee Member(s)

5 minutes

United Way Endorsement (importance of United Way in the Community)

Employee Campaign Coordinator, CEO or designee

5 minutes

United Way Presentation (video, speaker, etc.)

Funded program representative, United Way representative, Loaned Professional or Volunteer

Campaign Logistics (procedures, incentives, timeframe)

Employee Campaign Coordinator or designee

5 minutes

Questions and Answers

Employee Campaign Coordinator or United Way Representative

5 minutes

Total time

10 minutes

30 minutes

Sample Employee Campaign Agenda: 15 Minute Meeting Topic



Welcome and Introductions

Employee Campaign Coordinator or Committee Member (s)

2 minutes

United Way Endorsement (importance of United Way in the Community)

Employee Campaign Coordinator, CEO or designee

2 minutes

United Way Presentation (video, speaker, etc.)

Funded program representative, United Way representative, Loaned Professional or Volunteer

7 minutes

Campaign Logistics (procedures, incentives, timeframe)

Employee Campaign Coordinator or designee

2 minutes

Questions and Answers

Employee Campaign Coordinator or United Way Representative

2 minutes

Total time

15 minutes


SAMPLE MESSAGES AND LETTERS Sample Email and Voicemail Messages: 

United Way is in the business of Community Impact— improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community. From quality early care and education for our children to job training for low-income families to promoting health education for the under and uninsured, United Way collaborates with many community partners to identify and address critical needs. Please support United Way; by doing so you help bring services to our neighbors who might otherwise end up alone or forgotten.

United Way funds a continuum of services that address the needs of the entire family. And by giving to United Way, you can continue to make a difference on issues you care about while knowing that you’re helping all of your neighbors. United Way pools your gift with those of other donors, leveraging these funds to achieve greater impact within our community.

By giving to United Way, you ensure that thousands of people from neighborhoods throughout the CSRA receive the support and assistance they need to lead safe, healthy, and rewarding lives. United Way researches the issues and provides the necessary vision and leadership to address the most pressing needs in our community. United Way invests your contribution in a thoughtful, effective plan for making sure our community, families, and individuals are safe, healthy, and able to reach their full potential.

United Way focuses on measurable strategies for getting to the root causes of problems, preventing them before they start, and giving people more options for the future. By giving to United Way, you make your community a better place to


SAMPLE LETTERS: CEO Letter to Employees I invite you to join me in making the greatest difference possible in our community. By supporting the United Way campaign, we at (insert company) can help to make our community a better place to live and work. Your gift to United Way is invested right here in our community. Because United Way is focused on the needs of our community, vital human services are providing quality early care and education for our children, job training for low-income families, and health education for those in need. Please join me in pledging support to United Way. By helping our children, leading our adults to self-sufficiency, and strengthening neighborhoods and communities, we create a stronger future for our community.

CEO Letter to Leadership Donors I invite you to support our company’s United Way campaign by making a leadership pledge of $1,000 or more. By making this generous contribution, you raise the bar and send a clear message to our employees about the importance of pledging to the campaign. Our company and its employees have a long history of partnering with United Way to improve the quality of life within our community. United Way is focused on community impact and outcomes, improving lives by mobilizing the caring power our community. United Way researches the issues and provides the necessary vision and leadership to address the most pressing needs in our community. United Way invests your contribution in a thoughtful, effective plan for making sure that our community, families, and individuals are safe, healthy, and able to reach their full potential. Please join me in setting high standards for our campaign. Thank you for creating a stronger future in the CSRA.


CEO Thank You Letter (Generic) I thank you for your generous pledge to our United Way campaign. Your gift exemplifies our company’s commitment to United Way and to our community. With your pledge, vital health and human services will continue to reach our neighbors in need and improve the quality of life in our community. Thank you for being part of that worthwhile effort—caring people like you make our company such a special place to work. Your contribution helped us raise (insert number) for this year’s campaign (IF APPLICABLE: an increase of XX% over last year). Again, my sincere thanks for your participation in our campaign—your donation will work to strengthen our community, making the greatest difference possible. With appreciation,


BEST PRACTICES How to Increase Participation 

A 10—15 minute presentation by United Way at already scheduled group meetings is the number one way to raise awareness, educate, inform, and inspire your associates. These can be coordinated through your United Way representative by calling 706.724.5544. We can do multiple presentations during any shift at any area workplace.

Have a special event or ―fun‖-raiser to supplement your payroll deduction pledges, raise awareness and build camaraderie.

Provide incentives and prizes. Sometimes we all need a little dangling carrot to allow us to take action.

FOOD ALWAYS DRAWS A CROWD. Provide refreshments at your United Way meetings. Coffee, doughnuts, or fruit for morning events; pizza at lunch; and cookies or brownies at afternoon meetings.

Communicate the support and endorsement of CEO / upper management.


Establish friendly inter-department competitions, such as an office pizza party for the department that raises the most or has the highest participation.

Have a pot-luck luncheon, office pool or casual dress day to benefit United Way.

Find an associate who has been personally affected by a United Way program (either in receiving assistance or in volunteering) who is willing to share his/her experience. Personal testimonials, especially from peers, go a LONG way.

Incorporate United Way pledge forms into your new employee orientation packet and allow new hires to complete a pledge form when they sign on.

In addition to presentations, conduct an e-mail blitz throughout your campaign highlighting the impact their United Way gift makes. Post United Way announcements and stories on bulletin boards, in employee publications and staff lounges.

How to Increase Participation 

Stress giving via payroll deduction. It is the easiest way to give.

Encourage donors to increase their gift by 10% or $1 a week over last year’s pledge.

Promote giving at Leadership level when and where appropriate.

Structure incentives so they are based on giving levels.

Easy Incentives & Prizes Sometimes the best incentives or prizes don’t cost much. Here are some low-cost/no-cost raffle items you can use if you’re working on a shoestring budget. Get them from your vendors, your own company, or local businesses.  Casual dress days  Extra paid vacation day  “Sleep-in” or “Long lunch” passes  T-shirts, sweatshirts, company gear  Shares of company stock  Special parking spot  Restaurant gift certificates  Sports/Show/Movie tickets  Free oil changes  Lottery Tickets  Open/FREE vending machines  Unused corporate frequent flier miles or hotel stays


EDUCATING & SHOWING THE IMPACT FEATURE A VIDEO These days, it’s easy to create a short 30-second video with an iPhone or a FlipCam. Consider recording the CEO asking for support or featuring an agency tour that you have been on. You can also ask a fellow employee to share their reasons for supporting United Way.

ADD MORE STORIES Request that a speaker from a United Way agency attend your kickoff event. Consider asking someone who has directly been helped or even an employee who has been impacted by United Way speak during your campaign. SHOW THE IMPACT OF A GIFT Give employees the opportunity to tour a United Way agency or participate in a volunteer project so they can see first-hand where their gift is going.

INCLUDE STORIES People love stories about people. When you send an email, newsletter, thank you, etc., include a short story about how a gift to United Way is helping someone in the community. Visit us online to find stories to include in your communications (see a sample below).

YEAR-ROUND EDUCATION Show your employees how a gift to United Way is helping throughout the year. Communicate volunteer opportunities and current news through the company newsletter, intranet or by email.

SAMPLE STORY A local restaurant hostess shared her testimony of how United Way of the CSRA 2-1-1 made a significant impact on her life. She had a co-worker named ―Kate‖ who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. With no family or known resources in the area, Kate was distraught about her future. Luckily, the hostess and other workers rallied around Kate to help her find respite. This desire to help led the hostess to the American Cancer Society who referred her to United Way of the CSRA 2-1-1. Accurately assessing her situation and needs, the Information and Referral Specialist directed the caller to The Lydia Project where she received much needed resources and services. Ultimately, Kate’s health deteriorated and she was no longer able to work. She moved home to Florida where she could be cared for by her family. Because of her experience with 2-1-1 in Augusta, the hostess was able to advise Kate’s family to contact their local 2-1-1 in Tampa for the resources and help she needed.


“FUN” RAISERS IN THE WORKPLACE AUCTION. Encourage employees to donate unique items of value to United Way’s Auction. BAKE-OFF CONTEST OR SALE.

See who

can match the most staff members with their baby pictures. BENEFIT DANCE.

CHILI COOKOFF CONTEST. Employees cook their favorite recipe and enter it into the contest. Participants pay to sample all of the entries. COIN WAR.

Have departments com-

pete to see who can collect the most loose change for United Way. Collect it in large water jugs. Winning department gets a pizza party and bragging rights!

Organize an outing

with co-workers and spouses to enjoy music, dancing, and fun. Ask for a cover charge. BOWL-A-THON.

and their family members perform during this amateur hour!


makes the best apple pie in your office? Who’s got the best chocolate chip cookie recipe? Find out by having a bake-off and charge a ―donation‖ for others to sample the entries and judge the winners. BABY PICTURE CONTEST.


Recruit some teams

and have a group bowling night, raising money via entry fees or per pin donations. CASUAL DRESS DAYS.

COOKBOOK. Collect recipes and helpful household hints from employees and publish them with pictures from staff members’ children. Sell them to benefit United Way. ICE CREAM SOCIAL. Perfect gathering idea for a potential United Way campaign presentation.

Allow employ-

ees to dress down as incentives to make a pledge. If your business already has a casual or jeans day each week, try something different, such as Silly Hat Day, Outrageous Socks Day, or Favorite Sports Team Day. 18


Allow employees

to compete in various Wii game competitions and playoffs. Participants pay to participate and winner gets bragging rights or a small trophy.

“FUN” RAISERS IN THE WORKPLACE HAT WARS. Want to see your manager or co-workers in a crazy looking hat? Pay a fee to have someone wear one of these crazy hats for an hour. Person receiving the hat can get ―revenge‖ if they want to by paying a fee for their buyer to wear one of the hats the following day. You can pay for more than an hour if you wish. Be creative with the hats and have fun. You can even use similar rules as the idea above. WHERE IS____________? (Name of CEO or a person in management) - BIG HIT! Create a life-size cardboard person and use a cut-out picture of a staff member (CEO) to put on the cardboard person. Employees can send this to anyone’s office with a note. $1.00 buys you the opportunity to send it, $2.00 will allow you to have it removed, $3.00 to also find out who sent it to you. At the end of the week, the cut out can be auctioned off. ROOT BEER FLOAT SALE. This is a welcomed activity for those hot summer afternoons in July and August. MIDNIGHT BREAKFAST. If your organization has a third shift, charge employees for a midnight breakfast served by executives and other day employees.


OFFICE MINIATURE GOLF. Provide putters and build a nine-hole course featuring slinkies, staplers, chairs and other creative obstacles. Participants sign up in teams of two, with or without a registration fee. TRICYCLE RACE. Run a tricycle race around your building or parking lot using children’s tricycles. Entrants decorate their bikes and have that as a contest also. Have the staff place money on the one they think is going to win. Cookout after race. LOSE YOUR LOCKS. Have employees volunteer to cut their hairor shave their heads if goals are met. WHITE ELEPHANT SALE. Have items in storage you don’t use? Gifts you never returned? Donate them to the sale or conduct a gift exchange. Your trash is someone else’s treasure!

“FUN” RAISERS IN THE WORKPLACE JUNE - An Ice Cream Social is a great event, National Dairy Month. Set up an ice cream bar with a variety of favorite toppings. Charge employees by the scoop.

YEAR ROUND ACTIVITIES Some companies are expanding their campaign and building awareness by holding an activity every month or two. Here are some great ―monthly‖ ideas. For more special days, check out JANUARY - the 19th is National Popcorn Day. Why not turn your break room or conference room into a movie theater, show old movies or television shows, pop some popcorn and charge admission! Or, sell fresh– popped popcorn by the bag. FEBRUARY - The obvious is Valentine’s Day. Help your co-workers with their shopping by selling chocolates or flowers, with the profits going to United Way. MARCH - the 23rd is National Chip & Dip Day. Celebrate by inviting coworkers to make their favorite dip or salsa recipe. Charge a fee to sample the entries and $1 each for copies of the recipes. APRIL- Try an Easter Egg Raffle. Fill plastic Easter eggs with raffle numbers. People buy eggs or ―chances‖ for springtime prizes such as potted flowers like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and lilies. MAY - the 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day. Sponsor a baking contest. Votes are cast for the best chocolate chip recipe with dollars or change.


JULY - the 23rd is National Hot Dog Day. Have a cook-out and play Hot Dog Trivia! AUGUST - A Corn Roast is a great activity. Grill sweet corn and charge by the ear. Be sure to have plenty of salt and Wisconsin butter available! SEPTEMBER - Challenge your coworkers’ creativity, build team spirit and show your support by entering the United Way Community Parade! OCTOBER - Purchase a large pumpkin and charge per guess. Or ask a local business to donate pumpkins and have employees or departments carve and decorate them. Vote by placing money in a container for each pumpkin. Sell the carved pumpkins to raise more money. NOVEMBER- Hold a ―Frozen Turkey Bowl.‖ Use 2-liter plastic bottles filled with water for bowling pins and a frozen turkey as a ball. DECEMBER - Employees bring in hand made or purchased ornaments to hang on a tree. After ornaments are collected, a raffle is held. Names or numbers are chosen until all ornaments are picked from the tree. Raffle tickets are sold for $0.25 each or five for $1.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS When should our campaign take place? Most campaigns take place between early August and mid-November, but they can happen any time of the year when a company’s employee base is largest. How long should our campaign last? Most campaigns can be wrapped up in two weeks or less. The goal is to distribute and collect pledge cards while United Way’s message is still fresh in employees’ minds. When does payroll deduction start? Payroll deduction usually runs from January 1 through December 31. Some companies use their fiscal year as their schedule for payroll deduction. United Way does not set your payroll schedule; it is a company decision. I am limited on time to devote to a campaign. How can I work it into my busy schedule? Use your United Way representative extensively. He or she is there to help you every step of the way. Let him or her know your limitations and come up with a plan together to make it easier for you. Another way to ease the strain is to recruit a committee. Assign tasks and assume a management role. Most importantly, start planning early. The earlier you start, the less you will rush at the last minute.


How can I reach employees with multiple shifts and/or multiple locations? Bring the campaign to them. Try using emails, voicemails and letters from the CEO to get the word out. Bring balloons with a United Way message to their desks or consider having a competition between locations. Designate one room as the ―United Way room‖ and have participants play games on their breaks and turn in pledge forms for prizes. Use your company’s intranet to provide information and results. How can I make the campaign fun with little to no budget? There are many fun games and activities to make the campaign interactive and educational. Ask employees to bring in food for a potluck; use ―flee at three‖ or ―sleep in late‖ coupons; parking spots; or even lunch with the CEO as incentives. You can also show the impact of United Way by inviting a speaker to your kickoff or encouraging employees to visit an agency. Finally, icorporate games and contests like bingo, United Way trivia, tricycle races hula hoop contests or office putt-putt. Who decides where the donors’ dollars go? Local volunteers — people like you — invest the money United Way receives. Every year, United Way recruits and trains community volunteers who strategically invest donated funds to our member agencies. These volunteers learn the agency’s mission, assess the impact of their programs and organizational strength and makes sure United Way dollars are invested wisely.

MANAGING OBJECTIONS Your potential donors may have questions or concerns regarding United Way or your campaign. Your sincerity and personal commitment are the best tools to use when responding to an objection. I already give directly to XYZ charity. Why should I give to United Way? Giving is a personal decision, and it’s great that you’ve found an organization/cause with which you identify. One thing to keep in mind is United Way works across hundreds of causes, so when you make a gift to United Way, you are not only supporting one agency or one cause, but a variety of needs. I encourage you to take a look at United Way’s brochure to see the vast array of nonprofits United Way supports. Nobody I know uses these services. With so many people receiving help through United Way, we’re all bound to know someone who has been assisted through United Way. United Way agencies work across a broad spectrum of services including services related to health, children and seniors. When we give to United Way, we’re often helping people closer to home than we think. Take a look at United Way’s website,, for a complete listing of United Way agencies and services. I can’t give a lot so my donation won’t have an impact. Every dollar really does make a difference. The great thing about United Way is with so many people choosing to help, when we each give a little, it has a huge impact. I hope you will consider supporting our region through United Way in a way that makes sense for you.


I’m concerned about scandals. Every United Way is local and independent, including United Way of the CSRA. Our United Way has a local board of directors that makes decisions that are right for our region, and United Way of the CSRA has never experienced financial abuse. Another safeguard is the wide range of volunteers who give their time to help keep United Way so efficient. These volunteers monitor the management and performance of United Way and the agencies United Way funds.

My spouse gives at his/her company. Why should I give to United Way? Thank you for your spouse’s donation! Many couples choose to give at both workplaces because they want to participate with their coworkers. It’s also a great way to support your individual companies.

United Way supports an organization or a cause that I don’t like. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your decision to donate. Although you may not care for one agency, United Way supports more than 40 programs that serve people in our region. These programs help meet the needs of our community—from child abuse prevention to elderly care. Without the support of the community through United Way, many of these programs would not exist.

SAYING “THANKS”! Saying “thank you” is one of the most important pieces of your campaign. People want to feel appreciated when they have done something positive. Here are a couple of ways to show how important they are to the success of the campaign. * Candy Gram - Pack of gum: Thanks for ―chewzing‖ to give! - Chocolate chip cookies: Thanks for ―chipping‖ in for United Way! - See more examples on next page.

* Leave a balloon at desks/chairs * Ice cream social * Thank you letter from the CEO or management * Pizza party * Send an ecard


* Hold a special thank you breakfast

Employee Campaign Coordinator for going above and beyond to make your campaign successful. Your tireless efforts are appreciated. You are helping to make our community stronger and healthier through United Way. Thank you!


APPRECIATION GIFTS: C-A-N-D-Y! Andes Mints— You’re worth a Mint to our United Way. We couldn’t do it without you! Milky Way — Our gratitude for your help is WAY out of this world! Extra Gum – Thanks for going the Extra Mile! Riesen – Let me give you a Riesen to give! M&M’s - you Mean so Much! Lifesavers – Thanks for being a real Lifesaver. Payday – It’s PAYDAY… Think United Way! Reese’s – Like Peanut butter and Chocolate – we just go together! Tootsie Roll – Thanks for the ROLL you play in the Campaign – or keeping things Rolling. Crunch Bar – Our agencies would be in a CRUNCH without your support Babe Ruth – With your help, our campaign will be a grand slam! Dove Promise – Your “Promise” meaning Pledge – will change lives. Almond Joy — Thank you for helping us feel the Joy of changing people’s lives Mounds – Thanks for the Mounds of work you’ve put in on the campaign Starburst – We’re Bursting from excitement or Help us reach for the Stars. Pixy Stix – Our programs STIX out from all the rest because of what you do! Orange Slices – Orange you glad you gave to United Way! Now and Laters – We want to thank you NOW and LATER for giving. 24

SETTING AND ACHIEVING GOALS BE PREPARED That’s the motto of the Boy Scouts. Develop a plan of action that ensures all associates are educated about what United Way does and are asked to give. The plan should include obtainable goals for your workplace to achieve and to measure the success of your efforts.

Understand your campaign’s untapped potential. Find areas where improvement is possible in your workplace campaign.

Set a participation goal. To ensure that associates do not feel pressured, it is not recommended to set a 100% participation goal. Set a dollar amount goal by reviewing last year’s average gift and set a realistic monetary goal. Increasing participation will help you reach the monetary goal.

Set a goal of 100% ask. Make sure that everyone receives a pledge form. The most effective way is through distribution of pledge forms and brochures during United Way presentations at staff meetings. .

Set a goal of 100% pledge form collection. This ensures that everyone has at least CONSIDERED a gift to United Way and made a decision. It DOES NOT mean they should be forced to give. Set a deadline for forms to be returned and ensure that all pledge forms, even if not filled out, are collected.

Establish your campaign dates and develop a realistic plan to achieve your goals. It is recommended a workplace campaign runs and wraps up within two weeks. Choose which of the best practices and ―fun‖ raisers works for your company. Schedule United Way presentations in advance and plan the publicity efforts that will surround your campaign.


Employee Campaign Coordinator Timetable This schedule provides a handy chart to use in planning your company’s campaign. Getting Started


Assigned To

• Meet with previous coordinator to review activities and results

___________ ___________

• Meet with United Way representative to discuss campaign strategies

___________ ___________

and review materials • Meet with CEO to discuss campaign goals and obtain endorsement

___________ ___________

• Develop campaign strategy with Leadership Chair

___________ ___________

• Recruit campaign team

___________ ___________

Planning the Campaign

• Establish Campaign Timetable

___________ ___________

• Set goals to increase employee total, average gift, gifts to the Community Impact Fund, leadership givers, and participation

___________ ___________

• Develop incentive plan to support objectives

___________ ___________

• Order campaign supplies from your United Way representative

___________ ___________

• Request incentives from vendors, employees, management-level

___________ ___________

employees, etc.

• Decide solicitation process (one-on-one, group, electronic)

___________ ___________

• Select dates and reserve rooms for:

___________ ___________

• Campaigner training • Leadership meeting • Employee meeting(s) • Recruit campaign team

___________ ___________

• Plan kickoff event, activities, special events, and closing events

___________ ___________

• Plan publicity: newsletter, email, payroll stuffer, and posters

___________ ___________

• Develop CEO support letter and review with CEO

___________ ___________

• Schedule agency tours/fairs/speakers

___________ ___________

• Establish record-keeping/reporting process

___________ ___________


Employee Campaign Coordinator Timetable Stay involved and monitor the campaign process and results. Putting the Plan into Action


Assigned To

• Conduct Campaigners’ training session

___________ ___________

• Schedule video, agency speaker, and time with your United Way

___________ ___________

representative to answer questions • Display campaign activities and information in prominent locations

___________ ___________

• Send CEO endorsement letter

___________ ___________

• Conduct leadership and employee meetings (include CEO)

___________ ___________

• Conduct kickoff event (include CEO)

___________ ___________

• Conduct activities, special event fundraisers, etc.

___________ ___________

Wrapping up the Campaign

• Collect ALL pledge forms and check for completeness ___________ ___________

(calculations, date, signature, etc.) • Sort forms or data by payment type: cash, checks, payroll deductions, credit cards, bill at home requests, or securities

___________ ___________

 Notify United Way of results. Submit pledge information to United

Way Rep. Give copy to Payroll. Attach cash/checks to forms or issue

___________ ___________

company check • At closing ceremony or through memo or letter:

___________ ___________

• Thank, recognize, and reward employees • Thank, recognize, and reward committee • Publicize corporate/employee results  Conduct a campaign review session with Campaign Rep. and note

___________ ___________

outcome • Organize your materials for next year’s campaign team

___________ ___________

Congratulate yourself for improving the quality of life in our community and making your campaign FUN!



At United Way of the CSRA, our focus is on making a positive impact on widespread community issues. A healthier, safer community, for example, is instrumental in being able to attract new industries, thus increasing our economic base. An increased high school graduation rate means people who are better prepared to join the work force and an increase in the people who are self-sufficient. With an annual gift of $1,000 or more, members of The Quill Society and The Tocqueville Society recognize the many needs in our community and are committed to strengthening United Way’s ability to meet those needs.


$10,000 +

The Quill Society Platinum Quill


Gold Quill


Silver Quill


Bronze Quill


The Horizon Club $500—$999

Consider having a separate meeting for your employees who are potential Leadership Givers. 28

DONOR DESIGNATION POLICY United Way of the CSRA does not encourage designations, however, we will process designations to 501(c) (3) health and human service non-profit agencies as a service to our donors. Each designation must be $150 or greater per agency in order to be processed. Each designation under $150 will be directed to the Community Investment Fund. Together, through United Way, we can make an impact that none of us can accomplish alone. With your support, we can make a difference in the community where we live. We are here to help each of you have a successful and rewarding campaign. Please call us if you need any assistance.


WHAT YOUR CONTRIBUTION PROVIDES The impact of $1 a week… 

will train a professional rescuer to respond to an emergency that could save your life.

provides a counseling session in which a young couple learns a new skill to stop their argument before violence begins.

allows an additional person from the wounded warrior program to receive adapted aquatics rehabilitation.

would mean a person living on the street could get a shower.

means that 17 people will receive a pack of hearing aid batteries.

The impact of $5 a week… 

means a professional could reach out and offer support and help to save the life of someone who has been contemplating suicide or is in a serious crisis or lifestyle change (relocation, foreclosure, job loss, postpartum depression, etc.).

provides 15 music books for violin students.

provides training experience such as: stocking shelves, inventory procedures, sales to the public as well as maintaining a donor list. Mastery of these skills will lead to employment and independence.

means that an individual with no transportation can receive a bus pass to go out and find employment.

provides approximately 10 weeks of in-home Senior Companion service to a frail elderly person.


The impact of $10 a week… 

provides a half hour of one-on-one consultation with families that have a loved one about to deploy on how to utilize local services in the event of an emergency.

will train one volunteer to be a Kitchen Supervisor that could support a large scale feeding operation in the event of a major disaster.

provides a full day Field Trip for one classroom to participate in a day of outdoor learning and fun.

provides three group counseling sessions where eight survivors of physical and sexual abuse begin to develop healthy relationships. They learn to take emotional risk in a safe environment.

provides opportunities for senior citizens to participate in physical fitness activities (walking and line-dancing) four times weekly which assists with improved mobility and range of motion.

The impact of $20 a week… 

will register 208 youth for one year of character education programs.

provides the opportunity for 20 youth to become involved in the Smart Move Program which address peer pressure, gang activity, drugs and alcohol.

will save five parents after-school care cost and provide support for those who are working two jobs. This will keep their children safe and ready to graduate on time.

will provide one-on-one intervention from trained staff to 10 clients regarding advocacy issues that can prevent them from becoming homeless or returning to the hospital.

provides out of state transportation to a domestic violence victim fleeing domestic violence for safety.


THE CARING CLUB® Local businesses want to say thank you for supporting your community through United Way by offering special year-round discounts! By giving at least $150/year ($12.50/month) undesignated to United Way’s Community Investment Fund, you will qualify to receive a personalized card.

1 Hour Optical, PC — 25% off eyeglass exams, 30% off frames, 10% off contacts and contact lens fittings, 35% off lenses and lens treatments.

Adventure Crossing — Buy one get one FREE on any attraction package. Amelia’s Buds & Blooms — 10% off all purchases and orders. Anderson Photo, Inc. — 20% off studio session fees. Anew Salon — $10 off any chemical service. $5 off shampoo, haircut, style, and blow-out. Augusta Canal— Buy one Petersburg Boat One-Hour Tour, get second tour (of equal or lesser value) FREE.

Augusta Entertainment Complex — 5-15% off tickets to select performances and events at James Brown Arena, Bell Auditorium, and USC Aiken Convocation Center. Promotional code required.

Augusta Training Shop, Inc. — 20% off on Refinishing Services. Café 209 — FREE Tea with purchase. California Dreaming —Complimentary basket of honey-butter croissants. Coleman Lake Restaurant — FREE beverage with purchase of an entrée. DJ Productions — 10% off all items and services. Evoke — $65 for a one hour massage. Eye Care One Laser Vision Center — 30% off all purchases. The Family Y — 50% off Metro or Branch membership joiner’s fee. Fehrman Investment Group — One hour of financial planning. No fee or obligation. Fireside Outdoor Kitchens & Grills — 5% off furniture and grills. 10% off all other items and services. 32

Fosters Restaurant—$1 off any deli-case sandwich. French Market Grille — One FREE dessert with purchase of an entrée. Georgia Aquarium — Discounts on Adult, Senior or Child General Admission, Premium Day Pass (10% OFF), and Planet Shark Combo Pass (10% OFF).

Goldberg’s Furniture Store — FREE delivery on purchases over $500. Honeybaked Ham Co. & Café — Buy one sandwich and get one FREE. J. Edward Enoch, P.C. — 20% off all services. Jiffy Lube — 15% off all services. Jump City — Buy one Open Jump and get one Open Jump FREE. Kyoto — FREE drink with the purchase of an entrée or combination meal. La Dolce Vita Salon — 10% off services provided by new stylists. M.R.T. Muscle Restore Therapy — $15 off first visit and $10 off each visit thereafter. Bring a friend and receive half off one time visit.

MTL Automotive — 10% off all major repairs. Murphy & Robinson Opticians — 15% off eyewear and accessories. Papa John’s Pizza — Buy one pizza at regular menu price and receive a FREE order of breadsticks.

Poblano's Mexican Grill — Receive a FREE cheese dip when spending $15 or more. Riverbanks Zoo & Garden —Discounts on Adult and Child Day Pass with Caring Club card. Adult Day Pass: $9 (regular price $11.75) Child Day Pass: $8 (regular price $9.25)

Roly Poly Sandwiches — FREE drink with any purchase. Salon West — 10% off services. Shaffer Computer Services — 20% off up to $25 on computer services and upgrades.


Sixth at Watkins — FREE beverage with any purchase. Sonic — Buy one Breakfast Toaster or Sonic Burger and get one FREE. Sticky Fingers — FREE peach cobbler with purchase. Surcie Gifts, Inc. — $5 off purchase of $35 or more. Symphony Orchestra Augusta — 10% off ticket purchases. Thrifty Car Rental — 10% off all items and services. Waynesboro Emporium — 10% off regular everyday sales. Wedges & Woods — One large bucket of balls for medium bucket price. William Mizell Ford, Inc. — $100 discount towards the purchase of a NEW or PREOWNED vehicle.

Merchants as of July 17, 2012.

Prices, discounts and restrictions subject to change. Please visit for the most complete list of Caring Club® offers, restrictions, and updates.




QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q: What does United Way do? A: United Way of the CSRA raises funds to support over 40 health and human service programs through our 23 partner agencies. With your help, United Way brings together the resources of our community – volunteers, funds, knowledge, and YOU – to help those most in need. Q: I’ve never been helped by an agency. Why should I contribute? A: While it is true some of the services provided by United Way funded programs are for the poor and those in need, there are many programs that provide necessary community services such as the afterschool programs of agencies like the Boys and Girls Clubs or the emergency services provided by the American Red Cross. Q: I already support my favorite charity. Why give to United Way too? A: The needs of the community are much broader than any one agency can handle. United Way partner agencies offer a comprehensive mix of programs and services to meet the diverse needs of our total community. Also, many contributors like the option of making one donation and having it spread among many diverse programs in the community. Q: Why do some agencies charge a fee for their services? A: United Way funds various programs offered by our partner agencies. Since we do not fund the entire operating budget of an agency, most seek other sources of revenue to cover their costs. United Way partner agencies operate without discrimination with most using fee scales based on ability to pay. By allowing some individuals to pay for the services, United Way partner agencies are able to stretch their United Way dollars to serve more people. Q: Why doesn’t United Way include all organizations? A: Although we work closely with 23 partner agencies, many organizations receive funding through our donor choice program. Not all nonprofits want to be part of a single, community-wide campaign. United Way only sends funds to agencies that provide health and human services and are 501(c)3 tax exempt as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. This does not include agencies that are primarily academic, animal welfare, cultural, grant making, political, recreational, or religious in nature. Q: Can I designate to my favorite organization? A: United Way honors designations to a number of local organizations but does not encourage them. We believe that our citizen review panels do an effective job in allocating funds to our partner agencies from annual campaign funds. However, if you choose to designate, United Way will honor your wishes. An administrative fee is charged to process designated funds to agencies that are not partners with United Way. A $150 minimum designation per agency is necessary for an individual to designate. Anything under $150 will be directed to the Allocations Process. Q: Is my contribution tax deductible? A: Yes, however there are some guidelines. Please consult your tax advisor for information on your specific situation. 36

UNITED WAY OF THE CSRA COMMUNITY IMPACT PROGRAM FUNDING ALLOCATIONS Using contributions to the Community Investment Fund, United Way of the CSRA distributes funding to 42 health and human service programs at 23 partner agencies. Program allocation requests are made bi-annually and include budget information as well as proposed impact of funds. Quarterly success stories, outcomes logic models, and annual total service reports are required under United Way’s partnership agreement. Partner agencies also submit annual IRS Form 990s and audits as per UW policies. These funded programs are reviewed annually by groups of community volunteers to ensure appropriate usage of funds. Volunteers complete site visits and in-depth reviews of program accomplishments. Funding is targeted towards programs demonstrating an impact on the community. United Way’s funding policies are designed to ensure the greatest accountability for donors’ funds and the greatest impact on individuals in our local community.

AMERICORPS*VISTA (VOLUNTEERS IN SERVICE TO AMERICA) United Way’s AmeriCorps VISTA program, Project UNITE, is part of the national service program designed specifically for the purpose of fighting poverty. United Way serves as a regional intermediary agency and is assigned up to 22 AmeriCorps VISTA members and AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates who serve full-time for up to one year with area nonprofits in need of capacity building. AmeriCorps VISTAs help build nonprofit human capacity, financial capacity, and social capacity in nonprofits where they are assigned. Expenses provide support funds necessary for regional program supervision and oversight. In 2011, this program served 21 nonprofit agencies, engaged more than 4,225 volunteers in more than 36,800 hours of community service, raised over $482,250 dollars of cash (grants, donations and fundraising) and non-cash resources (in-kind goods and services) to support community nonprofits, and identified numerous partnerships. The organization’s vision is to keep abreast of community needs and identify resources and funding streams that assist in strengthening and building nonprofit capacity to deliver quality programs and services to persons and families experiencing poverty in our service area. 37






The concept of 2-1-1 – an easy to remember 3-digit dialing code that connects people with professionally-delivered information and referral to health, community and human services – was born in Atlanta in 1997 through the leadership of the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta. Locally, 2-1-1 has significant impact on the quality of life throughout the community. In 2011, United Way of the CSRA’s 2-1-1 information and referral specialists assisted 24,741 callers. In addition to assisting those callers, 2-1-1 provided support to specific agencies that offered direct service in the areas of free tax preparation, and homeless prevention programs (rent and utilities). An important contribution by the 2-1-1 program is Community Voicemail (CVM). CVM helps low-income and homeless citizens in Richmond and Columbia counties without phones by providing them with a free phone number and voice mail service. This allows them to re-connect to the community for employment, housing, education and their support system. Another important contribution is ―2-1-1 On the Go‖. This program takes information and referral directly to those most in needthe homeless. 2-1-1 works closely with local homeless shelters to provide backpacks containing information, hygiene products and free local bus transportation passes to assist with seeking employment, accessing mental health treatment and pursuing other needed services. Providing a database of wide-ranging volunteer opportunities assists non-profit agencies in every sector of the community in maintaining a supply of dedicated, enthusiastic workers and donors to fulfill the mission of their organization. It is there when people need it, a vital, proven part of the human service infrastructure.

BORN LEARNING United Way’s Born Learning is a public engagement campaign that helps parents, grandparents and caregivers explore ways to turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities for children from birth through age 5. It is built on three cornerstones: awareness, education and action, and includes nationwide advertising, a wide array of research-based parent education materials along with community impact tools to help galvanize communities around early learning. Born Learning focuses on ―everyday moments‖- things that parents and caregivers can do every day to encourage early learning. The upbeat radio and TV ads are designed to capture the attention of busy parents and direct them to the Born Learning website or United Way’s 2-1-1 line where they will receive user-friendly tools, tips and answers and referrals to many of the excellent parenting programs already available in our community. Additionally, parent education materials are available in pediatrician’s offices, hospitals, child care centers, and other agencies that serve small children.


CHRISTMAS CLEARINGHOUSE As co-administrator of the CSRA Christmas Clearinghouse, United Way collaborates with over 40 local non-profits, churches, schools, government entities and civic groups to provide holiday assistance. The mission of the Christmas Clearinghouse is to fairly distribute holiday assistance so that no family is helped by more than one agency until all needy families have been helped. Through the use of an online system, local nonprofits, faith-based, government and civic organizations check the names of their applicants to ensure they are not being served by other organizations. By reducing duplications, more individuals in need can be assisted with toys and food. The clearinghouse simultaneously reduces duplication and increases the resources available to serve individuals and families that are in the greatest need in our community. The project includes coordinating efforts to reach eight outlying counties. In 2011, over 16,000 individuals in the CSRA received assistance through clearinghouse partners.

FAMILYWIZE PRESCRIPTION DISCOUNT CARD United Way of the CSRA has partnered with FamilyWize to distribute free prescription discount cards to help people living and working in the CSRA save money. These free cards can be used by everyone in the community, not just people without insurance. They can even be used by people with health benefits, including Medicaid or Medicare. The FamilyWize card lowers the cost of medicine by an average of 30% or more for people without insurance or who take medications not covered by their plan. It’s easy. It’s just like a coupon you can keep using every time you need to fill a prescription. The FamilyWize card provides immediate savings on prescription medicines with no paperwork or forms to fill out. All you have to do is present a FamilyWize card at a local pharmacy to get the savings. Nearly 1,000 United Ways in all 50 states have helped to save more than $100 million on prescriptions in their communities. Individuals with internet access can go to or to to print a card, look up drug prices and obtain a list of participating pharmacies.


PROJECT SERVE DAY-OF-CARING Every spring, through United Way’s efforts, volunteers from local companies go out to local non-profit organizations to complete projects ranging from painting and landscaping to playground installation. Without the help of these generous volunteers, most of these agencies could not afford to have this much-needed work done. Volunteers walk away with an increased awareness of community needs and an enhanced commitment to United Way’s work in the community. In 2012 nearly 300 volunteers completed projects at 18 local nonprofit agency sites, saving these agencies countless dollars and allowing them to have an enhanced focus on program delivery.

OTHER GRANTS AND INITIATIVES Through other special grants, initiatives and collaborations, United Way positions itself as a community leader in addressing needs. These projects include additional federal, state, and local grants, special assistance, community engagement and a host of other projects. United Way seeks out collaborations with the corporate, nonprofit, faith-based, government, civic and educational communities and continually engages new partners and strategies.


UNITED WAY OF THE CSRA CAMPAIGN TEAM Rina Powell Senior Director Resource Development Direct Line: 706.922.8928 Cell: 706.373.3531 Kim Grimes Resource Development Manager Direct Line: 706.922.8929 Cell: 706.836.8372

Street Address United Way of the CSRA 1765 Broad Street Augusta, GA 30904

Mailing Address United Way of the CSRA P.O. Box 1724 Augusta, GA 30903

Stef Frickey Resource Development Manager Direct Line: 706.922.8930 Cell: 803.640.2266 Elvin Thompson Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator Direct Line: 706.922.8932 Cell: 706.414.7976 Sharn Vericella AmeriCorps VISTA Direct Line: 706.922.8946 Martina Wilson Resource Development Assistant Direct Line: 706.922.8931 Erica Neet Support Services Administrator Direct Line: 706.922.8925 41

Web Address

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Thank you for your support of United Way and your commitment to help meet the needs of our community!



2012 ECM Training Guide  
2012 ECM Training Guide  

Everything you ever wanted to know about running a United Way campaign...and more.