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FADE IN INT:BEDROOM– EVENING ELLIOTT(17) and UZAIR(17) are playing on their PS3 ELLIOTT I am overly live at this game. UZAIR It’s the controller that got you to level ten, not you. ELLIOTT Uzair, I’m top rank, plus I got the black suit. That’s all I care about. Anyway… I’m bored. Let’s go. UZAIR Fine. CUT TO EXT: STAIR LANDING – EVENING ELLIOTT and UZAIR walk begin to walk downstairs. CUT TO INT: BOTTOM OF STAIRS- EVENING ELLIOTT and UZAIR walk downstairs. Just as they leave the house PLAYER 1 grabs UZAIR. CUT TO EXT: OUTSIDE OF HOUSE (BAWDSEY AVENUE) - EVENING ELLIOTT hears the door shutting suddenly behind him. He rests his hands on the door. Through the glass of the door we see UZAIR pressed up against the door. ELLIOTT Uzair? ELLIOTT bangs his fist on the door. ELLIOTT Uzair!


PLAYER 2 appears behind ELLIOTT and he kicks stones between his feet. PLAYER 5 appears and clicks his knuckles. ELLIOTT tries to open the door. PLAYER 1 Player 14903, give us the controller! ELLIOTT turns around to see the players looking at him. ELLIOTT I don’t have the controller. PLAYER 5 cracks his neck. PLAYER 1 Kill him. ELLIOTT begins to run and heads straight for PLAYER 1 and punches him with his right hand. PLAYER 1 drops to the floor as ELLIOTT dashes past. Annoyed, he bangs his fist with his right hand on the floor, gets up and tells PLAYER 2 to go after ELLIOTT and he sends the rest of the players to go the other way. AKIF the unknown person is walking when ELLIOTT brushes past him – he falls. ELLIOTT Oh, Sorry! ELLIOTT continues to run past whilst AKIF stands still to acknowledge what had just happened. His Eyes then turn red. CUT TO EXT: APPLEGARTH DRIVE – EVENING PLAYER 4 Don’t worry. I’ve got him. PLAYER 2 then stops running. ELLIOTT Continues to run when he comes across PLAYER 4 in the distance. They stare at each other briefly then run towards each other to have a fight. ELLIOTT clenches his fists and then punches PLAYER 2 with his right hand. 3

PLAYER 2 ducks but then ELLIOTT punches him with his right hand again. PLAYER 2 falls to the floor and ELLIOTT stomps on him once with his right foot killing PLAYER 2. ELLIOTT then turns around, puts his hood on and begins to walk in the opposite direction. PLAYER 1 appears as he walks towards ELLIOTT PLAYER 1 Player 14903. ELLIOTT turns around to see PLAYER 1 PLAYER 1 We killed your friend player 2390 also known as Uzair. CUT TO: INT: HALLWAY – EVENING UZAIR is dragged. CUT TO: EXT: APPLEGARTH DRIVE – EVENING PLAYER 1 smiles. ELLIOTT and PLAYER 1 run towards each other. ELLIOTT tries to punch PLAYER 1 with his right hand but misses. PLAYER 1 punches ELLIOT’s leg and picks ELLIOTT up. ELLIOTT elbows PLAYER 1’s back with his right hand and PLAYER 1 falls to the floor. ELLIOTT runs towards him and kicks him. He then punches him seven times until PLAYER 1 finally dies. A limping ELLIOTT then walks away when all of a sudden he is punched by AKIF. AKIF Game over! FADE TO BLACK


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