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A Quick Primer On Online Credit Reports - Which Credit Report Is Best _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Hanely - When you access your online credit report, you should have an idea of what you are looking at. Many individuals spend their hard earned dollars to see their online credit score, but it doesn't help them because they are either confused by some of the terms or they aren't looking at the correct report. In short, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for when accessing your credit rating report.Be careful, as there are many fraudulent reports online that are misleading and have been known to fool many people. Always look for the official FICO score on the bottom of your credit report, especially since you are paying good money to obtain that report.

Learn More About Which Credit Report Is Best You want an official FICO credit report when you get a copy of your report. The name of this report varies, based upon which credit reporting agency you use.You will be receiving the Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Model credit report when you get a free instant credit report from Experian. Equifax calls their reports "Beacon Score Reports." Trans Union does it a bit differently, having different names for each of their three credit reports.

It will either be called the Empiria Report, FICO Risk Score report, or the Classic. If you choose to go with merged credit reports from all three of these companies, then you can sometimes miss out on having all of these scores at your disposal.These offers made by companies for their online credit reports often are trying to get you involved into another type offer which will cost you more. By agreeing to sign up for their credit monitoring service, these companies provide free access for your online business credit report and your personal credit report.

While it may sound like a temptingly good deal to begin with, in the long run credit monitoring can be expensive. Checking your online credit report on occasion is a much more cost effective way to prevent any problems before they happen, and it is an effective way to monitor your credit.

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