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Bullseye is a

psychopathic assassin. Although he possesses no superpowers, Bullseye is able to use almost

any object as a lethal projectile. In the Daredevil live-action film he is portrayed by actor Colin Farrell.

The Kingpin

(Wilson Fisk) is a wealthy villain, the owner on an intellectual industry and one of the most

feared and powerful crime lords . He has no superhuman powers. However, he is incredibly strong and durable, possessing remarkable strength concealed by his somewhat corpulent appearance. He can hurl people across a room, rip limbs from people (demonstrated under a hand shake) crush a man's skull with his bare hands and leave imprints in concrete walls after punching them. He is an extraordinarily skilled martial artist, especially in sumo wrestling. His signature move is the bear hunt. Fisk sometimes carries a walking stick which has a laser weapon capable of firing a blast of concussive force sufficient for vaporizing a handgun or a person's head; this is also known as his "obliterator cane". He typically wears an ornamental diamond stick-pin that contains sleeping gas that is effective if sprayed at close range directly into his victim's face.



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