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DEEDS NOT WORDS Introduction by Phoebe Patey-Ferguson

In Angela Davis’ short essay, ‘Political Prisoners, Prison and Black Liberation,’ written in May 1971, she discusses the revolutionary Nat Turner, leader of a Virginia slave rebellion in 1831 who declared: “Remember that ours is not war for robbery nor to satisfy our passions, it is a struggle for freedom. Ours must be deeds not words.” Davis reminds us that Turner was convicted as a criminal and hung for leading this struggle for freedom against one of the most horrific of our history’s oppressions. She tells us that the state will continue to see struggles for liberation as criminal actions and seek to subvert these movements, and destroy those who dare to act out. Davis writes these impassioned words from her prison cell in Marin County Jail. Seventy-two years after Nat Turner’s rebellion, in 1903, Emmeline Pankhurst adopted the motto ‘Deeds not Words’ as she formed the Women’s Social and Political Union, endorsing the use of direct action and violence in the fight for parliamentary representation for women in Britain. These women trained in martial arts, took on the police in armed combat, went on hunger strikes in prisons, committed arson, vandalism and a litany of other criminal actions that meant they could no longer be ignored by powerful men. But of course, this is not the well-designed programme for a revolution. This is an arts festival, one-hundred years after (some) women first got the vote, state funded and run from a basement in rapidly gentrified Dalston. What do we have to offer? In the last century there have been many important legislative advances for the oppressed: the legalisation of homosexuality, gender recognition, birth control, abortion, race and gender equality acts, (near) universal enfranchisement, the human rights act etc. These are rights hard-fought for but unfortunately we cannot take them for granted. As we watch rising populist fascism bubbling across the world, these rights and freedoms are at risk. From Trump removing trans healthcare and his supporters limiting access to abortion and increasing access to guns; to Theresa May’s regime closing women’s refuges, setting targets for violent deportations and taking our human rights away – we’re up against a lot. And that’s before we even start to address the rapidly accelerating destruction of our planet itself. We genuinely believe in the power of community and of a radical artistic culture. We believe that by coming together to express ourselves, challenge the status-quo and by activating our wildest imaginations we can begin to enact social change. As Judith Butler teaches us, our language is performative, and words too can be deeds if we commit to them. So this may just be a festival full of people committing both deeds and words together, but it’s possible that the beginning of queer utopia starts with us, here, now…

FULL PROGRAMME Femme Exhibition open throughout: 23-28th May DAY ONE: Wednesday 23rd May 6.30pm - Spoken Word London - Femmetopia* 9pm - Femmetopia Festival Launch Party* DAY TWO: Thursday 24th May 4pm - Female Closet by Barbara Hammer with talk 8pm - Femmetopia! with Charlie Craggs & Harnaam Kaur* DAY THREE: Friday 25th May 5.30pm - Protest 101: Talk and Workshop* 9pm- Femmetopia! with Lucy McCormick & Karnage* DAY FOUR: Saturday 26th May 2pm- Behind the Scenes at the Sodom Odeon with Jane Giles* 4pm- FK Alexander: Princess Diana is Dead and who Should we See About That?* 5pm- SPIT! Manifesto* 7pm - Karen Finley: Unicorn Gratitude Mystery 9pm- Non-Stop Erotic Disco: Femmetopia X Nice Mover* 3am- Non-Stop Erotic Cinema* DAY FIVE: Sunday 27th May till 3pm- Non-Stop Erotic Cinema* 4pm - 5pm - Lucy McCormick: Workshop 3.30pm- 3am Sunday Funday FUN in the SUN + Colour Cave RAVE!* DAY SIX: Monday 28th May 12pm- Grabbing Pussy: bank-holiday brunch with Karen Finley*

*Included in Festival Pass.

EVENT INFORMATION In chronological order

A very special edition of our regular Spoken Word London, an open-mic poetry and performance night for anyone to come and join in, whether to speak or listen. Guest hosted by the fabulous Travis Alabanza we invite disruptive femmes to the front to get up and speak out about what makes them angry and what turns them on.

SPOKEN WORD LONDON HOSTED BY TRAVIS ALABANZA Wednesday 23rd // 6-9pm // Free @ VFD Get down to vFd to help us launch the festival with performances from forthright disruptive femmes Liv Wynter and Travis Alabanza, take a look at our Femme exhibition throughout the building, with surprise happenings and heavenly tones throughout.

FEMMETOPIA! LAUNCH PARTY Wednesday 23rd // 9pm- Late // Free @ VFD

FILM SCREENING: BARBARA HAMMER’S THE FEMALE CLOSET (1998) Thursday 24th // 5pm // £9.50 @ Rio Cinema, Screen 2

On the 20th Anniversary of its release, Femmetopia Festival is thrilled to present Hammer’s experimental documentary exploring the closeted and not-so-closeted lesbian histories of artists Alice Austen, Hannah Höch, and Nicole Eisenman. Utilizing groundbreaking research, newly discovered home movies, archival photographs, and other visual sources, this under-screened documentary provides a timely reminder of the importance of creating, archiving, and making accessible feminist artwork.

Come and raise a middle finger to transphobia, body shaming and gender stereotypes with our residency artists Charlie Craggs and Harnaam Kaur. As if that’s not enough icons for you, we’ll also have Charles Jeffrey (Loverboy), Nova Dando, and Kat Hudson in the DJ booth with visuals by Josephine Jones.

FEMMETOPIA! WITH CHARLIE CRAGGS AND HARNAAM KAUR Thursday 24th // 8pm-3am // £7 (advance) £10 (OTD) (included in Festival Pass) @ VFD How do we organise effectively as LGBTQIA+ activists? What strategies and tactics have activists used in the past to fight oppressive governments and policies? What are the most urgent issues we need to fight for today in the name of love?

PROTEST 101: IN THE NAME OF LOVE Friday 25th // 5.30-8pm // Free @ St Matthias Hall (wheelchair accessible)

Join, long-fighting members of the LGBTQIA+ community to discuss the battles of the past, to hear from those on the frontlines of activism and to plan what moves we might make next. We will be joined by Stella (Section 28 Activist), Stuart Feather (Gay Liberation Front) and Jason Jones (LGBTQI+ rights in Trinidad and Tobago),Tam Vibert (The Outside Project), Sadie Sinner (UK Black Pride), Dan Glass (The Glass is Half Full) and more with host Nathalie Khan (lecturer, writer and theorist) Friday’s Femmetopia features performances from our fabulous residency artists Lucy McCormick and Karnage Kills bringing you fierce erotic femme power that will spill out all over the basement. Mystical Femmes Tallulah Haddon and Katy Jalili will be exploring the confusing and absurd scenarios of their queer sexual experience.

FEMMETOPIA! WITH LUCY MCCORMICK AND KARNAGE Friday 25th // 9pm-3am // £7 (advance) £10 (OTD) (included in Festival Pass) @VFD

Providing fantastic tunes for the sweaty dance floor are Tayylor Made (V///brate London), Nadine Artois (Pxssy Palace) and vFd’s resident nasty girls Violet Femmes. Explosive visuals from your wet nightmares by Jenkin Van Zyl.

‘The Scala had magic. It was like joining a very secret club, like a biker gang or something… They could show films uncut because they had memberships, well that’s insane! It’s like they were a country club for criminals and lunatics and people that were high… Which is a good way to see movies’ – John Waters

‘BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE SODOM ODEON’: AN AFTERNOON WITH JANE GILES Saturday 26th // 2pm-3pm // Free @ St Matthias Hall: Dissenters Gallery

The story of how a film-loving girl from a small town in Sussex became programmer of the UK’s queerest cinema, the notorious and influential Scala in King’s Cross. Drawing on photographs from her forthcoming book about the history of the Scala cinema from 19781993, Jane Giles will talk about the wild life and times of this legendary venue and the diverse audience tribes who made it their own. BEING A PRINCESS ISN’T ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE


Princess Diana is resurrected as a grrl gang for 2018 - as livid as they are alive! A ratbag of punk queens gather together in East London wearing Diana masks and wielding hammers, giving Princess Diana a moment of retaliation against the press, the crown and the patriarchy. A moment that she could only have dreamed of.

Saturday 26th // 4pm // Free



SPIT! (Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together!) (Carlos Motta, John Arthur Peetz, Carlos Maria Romero) with Joshua Hubbard, Carlos Mauricio Rojas, Claudia Palazzo, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Daniel BraithwaiteShirley,and Despina Zacharopoulou. A series of performative inventions in public space that use speech acts and performative gestures inspired by queer manifestos from the 1960s to the present.

THE SPIT! MANIFESTO Saturday 26th // 5pm // Free @ Stoke Newington Road (meet at VFD)

KAREN FINLEY UNICORN GRATITUDE MYSTERY European Premiere ! Saturday 26th // 7pm // £20 @ VFD

Karen Finley brings her rave reviewed solo performance that explores the recent heightened US political presidential landscape that takes on citizenship, gender disparity and abuse of power. The individual price of public relationships at the price of privacy becomes divisive with searing psychosexual dynamics of wit and seething revelation. Finley delivers an experimental nonlinear poetic text that explores magical beings, aggressive thankfulness, and collective intimacy through a Shakespearean-family nation drama traumatics. All jolting the audience into considering the unnatural disaster of humankind. In Unicorn – an exploration of the imaginary unattainable white horned beast, a racist and elitist symbol of whiteness. Transparent overt and covert meanderings of truisms, branding and liberal sophistication develop through lyrical and poetic amusings to create a place to reconsider how we embrace the liberal mythical captive kingdom of beasts. In Gratitude – a performance of the gendered expectations of female humility and the powerlessness it gives rise to. Cynicism, desire and eager acceptance appear in double and triple entendres, revealing a deeper meaning of aggressive thankful courtesy in the inflexible neoliberal sacred spaces of conflict; the yoga mat compound, the Whole Food paycheck utility lifestyle that consumes contemporary gentrification. In full force Finley is unstoppable in expressing the longing for companionship among gender disparity and magical narcissism. In Mystery -- an evolving performance takes on current trauma at large through Trump as monster. Finley dives deep into the language, emotion and overwhelming terror of the uncontrollable Convfefe. The intimacy of international and natural disaster becomes a poetic place to experience trauma, blueness, desperation, the mysterious mystery, the loss of control and the ultimate fear of the unknown known. Through the media we are exposed to the overkill of the preoccupation of tragedy, where we are all on show as a passive audience. Finally, Finley gives us a glimpse into the devalued male body ready for war.

Nice Mover and Femmetopia grind hard against each other to bring you the filthiest weekend of your life. DJ sets from Pam Hogg, Bishi and Alexandra Loveless will get you dripping all each other. Performative climaxes erupt with Jeanie Crystal and Femme Feral’s hard and fast THERESAMAYSMACKDOWN!

NON STOP EROTIC DISCO: FEMMETOPIA X NICE MOVER Saturday 26th // 9pm-3am // £7 (advance) £10 (OTD) (Included in Festival Pass) @ VFD

WE HAVE COME TO BUILD A PARADISE IN HELL We refuse to settle for what we have been given, we are coming together to imagine and enact new and better pleasures, other ways of being, and ultimately new worlds. It’s our space to prove it is possible to do things differently. For Femmetopia Festival, Nice Mover brings you a 12-hour non-stop erotic cinema experience. Flowing on from the Non Stop Erotic Disco, we present all-night hightrash iconic queer films with comfy cusions, popcorn, cocktails and plenty of wet wipes. 03:00-04:00 - ‘Slow Fxck’ by Grace Small (DJ set) with visuals from Vampyros Lesbos


05.50 -06.00 - queer porn shorts

Sunday 27th // 3am-3pm // £5 Lock in! No entry between 4-10am

06:00- 07:50 - Funeral Parade of Roses, dir: Toshio Matsumoto, 1969.


07:50 -08:00 - green porn shorts 08:00 - 10:00 - Liquid Sky, dir: Slava Tsukerman, 1983. 10:00 - 12:00 - Pink Flamingos, dir: John Waters, 1972. 12:00 - 13:30 - Born in Flames, dir: Lizzie Borden, 1983. 13:30 - 15:00 - Female Misbehaviour, dir: Monika Treut, 1993. Our inspiration for this came from the infamous Scala Cinema, find out more about it in our talk Behind the Scenes at the Sodom Odeon with Jane Giles on Saturday.

A work in progress performance of a workshop exploring how to give a workshop. Please note this is a performance that is also a workshop. The workshop being workshopped explores Lucys performance practice via a workshop, that is also a performance.

LUCY MCCORMICK: WORKSHOP Sunday 2tth // 4pm-5pm // £5 @VFD For the femme~tastically FUN finale of VFD’s Femmetopia Festival, occasional sun~worshipers and infamous sunday specialists SUNDAY~FUNDAY are celebrating sunny~summertime** and serving celestial daytime silliness with an afternoon of solar~basking, wind~wafting, and generally being beautiful queers in nature, followed by a night of characteristically colourful and frantic FUN in our basement of dreams VFD!!!

SUNDAY FUNDAY Sunday 27th // 3.30pm - 3am // £4 @Clissold Park @VFD

>>> 3:30pm - Sun Set <<< Clissold Park, Stoke Newington (Map and directions to be announced) From mid afternoon until twilight our sun~hungry Sunday Funsters will be bringing all the funday lols to the green! With breezy music, DIY workshops, games, yoga, BYO drinks and other picnic treats, we will create a queer colour garden to spend the afternoon together celebrating the openness and opportunity that summer’s bounty brings. Al fresco am hows at sunset! >>> 8:30pm - LATE <<< Colour Cave RAVE VFD Then from 8:30pm onwards we’ll be bouncing around our basement of dreams, taking all the summery vibes of the day and decorating our colour cave with them! With the most addictively danceable music, the gayest of partygames, an unmissable late night drag show and enough stamina to go for hours, we’re showing bank-holiday what we think of it!

In a breathless cascade of poetry and prose, celebrated performance artist Karen Finley lays bare the psychosexual obsessions that have burst to the surface of today’s American politics. Film Screening: Far East of Eden.

GRABBING PUSSY: BANK-HOLIDAY BRUNCH WITH KAREN FINLEY Monday 28th // 12pm-2pm // £5 concession / £10 full price @ The Rio Cinema

A short film created by Karen Finley and director Bruce Yonemoto which overlaps the historical white-supremacist anti-immigration politician James D. Phelan with the contemporary vitriol of Donald Trump, showing how racist rhetoric pervades across a century. Featuring the voice of George Takei, Finley and Yonemoto take us on an acerbic and perturbing journey through the way hateful and violent words can soon become dangerous legislation. Book Launch: Grabbing Pussy Grabbing Pussy is Finley’s an exuberant sashay through the hot coupling of sex and politics in contemporary America, based on her highly praised show Unicorn Gratitude Mystery (at VFD on Saturday 26th May). Finley will be reading excerpts from the book, and signed copies will be available to buy at the event. Conversation and Q&A Finley will be in conversation with Femmetopia Festival co-curator Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, followed by a Q&A. > LADA’s Unbound will be in the foyer selling books dedicated to live art, performance and interdisciplinary art practice, with exclusive copies of Finley’s Grabbing Pussy. > Catch the final day of the Femme Exhibition in the Rio, curated by Kat Hudson for Femmetopia Festival.


23 - 28th May // Open throughout the festival // Free @ VFD and Rio Cinema Femme is a visual exhibition to accompany Femmetopia Festival: Deeds not Words, exploring the definition of ‘femme’ and the intersectionality of modern feminism in celebration and critique of the centenary of women’s suffrage. Curated By Kat Hudson, ‘Femme’ uses contemporary artworks by a wide range of artists to explore the feminine experience in a queer feminist context though print, illustration, painting, photography and film.

Pedro Mainman

The feminine is very much still considered lesser than the masculine in modern society and this is reflected across all genders and orientations. The term ‘femme’ itself is rooted in the queer community. Originally used as a term to describe feminine lesbians, the usage of ‘femme’ has expanded and is now used to describe feminine presenting persons across our community as well as queer womxn who present in a masculine way. We very much believe that contemporary feminism has a duty to address all aspects of feminine oppression, including those experienced by feminine men, trans, non-binary, and intersex persons. This next wave of feminism celebrates the feminine in all its forms and seeks to raise it to a level of equality with the masculine in society.

FEMME explores the intersectional feminine experience in a queer context though print, illustration, painting, photography and film. This project is a really exciting visual expansion of our new femme-centred ethos at vFd and of our regular Saturday club night (and now festival!) ‘Femmetopia’ in which we have created a utopian space primarily for femmes of all shapes, sizes, and colours. The exhibition will run alongside our Femmetopia Festival - Deeds Not Words: 23 - 28 May and will serve as an apt backdrop for our line-up of femme performers such as Charlie Craggs, Karnage Kills, Karen Finley, Harnaam Kaur, Lucy McCormick, FK Alexander and many others. Confirmed exhibiting artists include: Angel Rose, Ashton Attzs, Atena Karimi, Ciara Movana, Eleni Tomadaki-Balomenou, Elouiza Mae France, Eve Kennedy, Gillian O’Shea, Hannah Martin, Hannah Thomas, Hatty Carman, Hello The Mushroom, Ina Gouveia, Karen Finley, Kat Hudson, Katy Jalili, La JohnJoseph, Linnéa Haviland, Mandy Niewohner, Marnie Scarlet, Maša Travljanin, MC Cartier, Moa Johansson, Parthena Charistea, Pedro Mainman, Ranafarba, Sangeeta Bhagawati, Sarah Jo Brown, Scarlett Langdon, Suzie Pindar, Tiger Hutchence-Geldof


Alexandra Loveless Alexandra Loveless is the grandee of Nice Mover clubnight, creating parties in art installations and art installations inside parties. A DJ, artist, and future lesbian icon. Barbara Hammer Barbara Hammer was born on May 15, 1939 in Hollywood, California. She is a visual artist working primarily in film and video. She has made over 80 moving image works in a career that spans 40 years. She is considered a pioneer of queer cinema. Bishi Bhattacharya Bishi is an internationally recognised artist with a reputation for unique and ambitious work. Esteemed for being a DJ, singer, multi-instrumentalist, artist and performer in London’s subcultural heart, Bishi is trained in both eastern and western classical traditions and mixes cultures and genres together to create daring and experimental styles that fuse folk, British pop and underground electro music. Carlos Maria Romero Carlos Maria Romero A.k.a. Atabey is a Columbian-born Margate-based multidisciplinary artist with a background in dance and live art, working in the fields of performing and visual arts, heritage and architectural activism, pedagogy and curating. Carlos Mauricio Rojas Carlos Mauricio Rojas is a queer latinx mestizx singer songwriter, spoken word poet, photographer, and DJ. Carlos Motta Carlos Motta is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work draws upon political history in an attempt to create counter narratives that recognize suppressed histories, communities, and identities. His work is known for its engagement with histories of queer culture and activism and for its insistence that the politics of sex and gender represent an opportunity to articulate definite positions against social and political injustice. Charlie Craggs Charlie Craggs is a trans activist and the founder of award winning national campaign Nail Transphobia. For her dedication and work, she has been recognised by The Guardian and the Independent as one of the most influential and inspirational LGBT people in the United Kingdom and ranked #1 on the Observer’s 2016 New Radicals list. She published her first book To My Trans Sisters in 2017. Charles Jeffrey Charles Jeffrey is a Glaswegian designer, illustrator and radical creative. He is one of the most talked-about names in fashion - with an LVMH Prize nomination, solo art exhibition at London’s NOW Gallery and the British Emerging Talent prize at 2017’s Fashion Awards under his belt. His brand Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY encompasses a fashion label and the cult VFD club night, each informing the other. Claudia Palazzo Claudia Palazzo is an artist working across performance art, dance, cabaret and film. Her work exists somewhere between the nightclub, gallery and street. Palazzo spent a long

time dancing in clubs, cages and podiums as well as for a wide range of other artists and companies. Her solo work starts from dancing, and physical experiences that tend to manifest joy and shame, activism and hedonism, desire and violence. Claudia focuses on the live experience as a place for highly charged connections. Dan Glass Dan Glass is an award-winning activist, academic, performer and writer who was named as one of Attitude Magazine’s campaigning role models for LGBTQI youth and a Guardian ‘UK youth climate leader’. An agitator from the Training for Transformation educational programme borne out of the anti-Apartheid movement, the core of Dan’s work is the development of critical consciousness and creativity to spur people to “read their reality and write their own history”. Femme Feral Femme Feral are a queer femme fighting force battling to the death [of the alt-right]. FK Alexander FK Alexander is a Glasgow based Performance Artist whose work is concerned with issues of wounds, recovery, aggressive healing, radical wellness, industrialisation and noise music. FK’s work predominantly puts her body at the centre of ritualised, action based, often durational work, in often ridiculous attempts to communicate ideas around new language, new violence and new love. Harnaam Kaur Harnaam Kaur is an body positivity and anti-bullying activist, motivational speaker and model. Encouraging people though talks, social media and public appearances to embrace themselves as they are and break down gender stereotypes. She is a representative and spokesperson for the ‘Eff Your Beauty Standards Campaign,’ has walked in London Fashion Week, regularly appears in magazines such as Teen Vogue and is a Guinness World Record Holder. Jane Giles Jane Giles started going to the Scala when she was 17, and was programme manager there from 1988-1992. A film exhibitor and distributor, she is the author of books The Cinema of Jean Genet, Criminal Desires and The Crying Game (BFI Modern Classics) in addition to writing for the Guardian, Time Out, Sight & Sound and others. Jason Jones Jason Jones is an LGBT human rights defender from Trinidad and Tobago. His LGBT and human rights activism spans three decades. This year he successfully legalised homosexuality in Trinidad and Tobago in a landmark case. Jeanie Crystal Jeanie Crystal is a feminist performance artist, activist and eclectic DJ. She runs BiRDS at VFD, a monthly night of experimental music, performance and art. Jenkin Van Zyl Jenkin van Zyl is a Slade School of Fine Art graduate who creates mesmerisingly visceral short films shown within installations and sculptures that “are like escapees from the films.” His erotically charged works are like Vaudevillesque horror performances exploring complex transgressive themes.

John Arthur Peetz John Arthur Peetz is a queer arts writer, author, journalist and editor. Josephine Jones Josephine Jones is a goddess, model, artist, filmmaker and fashion designer. She featured in Burberry’s 2018 campaign, and has produced interdisciplinary artworks that see her create, design and star in the work. Joshua Hubbard Joshua Hubbard creates highly visual and physical contemporary dance, through numerous mediums and an ever-evolving aesthetic- including Fashion, Voguing and drag artistry. Karen Finley Karen Finley is a highly influential and prolific artist working in a variety of mediums such as installation, video, performance, public art, visual art, entertainment, television and film, memorials, music, and literature, She has presented her work worldwide in various venues such as The Bobino in Paris, The ICA and Barbican in London and the Lincoln Center in NYC. Finley is a professor at NYU: Tisch, lectures and gives workshop at universities and museums internationally. Her work is in collections such as the Museum of Contemporary art and the Pompidou. She is the author of eight books, including a 25th anniversary edition of Shock Treatment (City Lights 2015), Reality Shows, (Feminist Press 2011), George and Martha ( Verso 2008), and the forthcoming Grabbing Pussy (OR books, 2018). Recent work includes, Artist Anonymous – a social practice self help open meeting for those addicted to art presented at Museum of Art and Design (2014) , and Written in Sand, a performance of music and her writings on AIDS, Open Heart, a Holocaust memorial at Camp Gusen, Austria; Broken Negative, where Finley reconsiders her infamous chocolate performance that brought her to the Supreme Court, in Finley vs. NEA; and at the New Museum, NYC Sext ME if You Can, where Finley creates commissioned portraits inspired by “sexts” received from the public. Finley creates interactive walks such as Mandala: Reimaging Columbus Circle Columbia Graduate school of Architecture and Elastic City. A recipient of many awards and grants including a Guggenheim Fellowship, NYSCA and NEA fellowships. In 2015 she was awarded the Richard J Massey Foundation Arts and Humanities award. Karnage “I’m a gay boy from London, about to tear up the grime scene”. Karnage is a fierce, queer, black grime artist making waves on the fringe and counterculture stages across London. Katy Jalili Katy Jalili (Katayoun Jalilipour) is an Iranian born multidisciplinary artist, performer and writer. They run the East-London night Femmi-Errect which celebrates the whole femme spectrum and says a big fuck you to the patriarchy, white supremacy and all assholeries. Liv Wynter Liv Wynter is an artist, educator, activist and writer from South London. She is a queer working class female artist and uses an anarchic exploration of language, live performance, and text based practice to create unique forms of storytelling. Liv’s work is socially and politically demanding, holding both herself and her audience accountable.

Liz Rosenfeld Liz Rosenfeld is a Berlin based artist utilising disciplines of film, video and live performance, to convey a sense of past and future histories. Rosenfeld is invested in concepts of how history can be queered and experienced through the moment and the ways in which it is lived and remembered. She explores how we identify ourselves with in/out community and social poly-relationship configurations. Lucy McCormick Lucy McCormick is a post-popular prodigy who performs club installations, cabaret interventions and performance art plays at venues around the UK. She has toured globally in her own performances and with company GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, winning multiple awards and leaving disgusted audience members, a trail of filth and five-star reviews in her wake. Nadine Artois Nadine Artois is the co-founder of Pussy Palace, a collective of womxn who work towards eradicating sexual violence and misogyny from club culture and wider society – whilst centering and celebrating womxn and femmes of colour. Nathalie Khan Nathalie Khan is a lecturer at Central St Martins. She has written about fashion film and promotion and the changing nature of the symbolic production of fashion within the digital frame. A further research interest is the changing role of fashion, social history and artistic practice within a postmodern context, where Khan’s focus is on female artists who have used performance or video to respond critically to the rhetoric of consumer culture and/or gender representation. Nova Dando Nova Dando is a commercial and music video director based in London, she has been listed in Grazia Magazine’s Cool List, the NME’s most 50 influential people in music videos and featured in Dazed, i-D, Elle, Vogue, Vice, Pop Magazine, Paper Magazine, NyLon and The Guardian. She has been working on her own label and styling/costume designing music videos for influential bands such as La Roux, Klaxons, The Gossip, New Young Pony Club, Bloc Party, Lovefoxxx, Peaches, The Kills, and Hercules and Love Affair. Her visual work is underpinned by her love of music and she brings this passion to her DJ sets. Dr Pam Hogg Pam Hogg had her first catwalk show in 1985 and now working from her own shop in Soho, she dressed the likes of Debbie Harry, Siouxsie Sioux, Bjork and Kylie Minogue. In 1992 she started a band ‘Doll’, opening for Blondie the next year. She returned to fashion in the late 1990s and produced collections as well as a film. In 2006 she was part of an art exhibition, ‘Switch on the Power’, exhibiting alongside Yoko Ono and Kraftwerk. She received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Scottish Fashion Council in 2009 and was awarded by them again in 2013 for Creative Excellence. She has also been awarded a Great Scott award. 2014 saw her align with Amnesty International and create a collection based on the band Pussy Riot and decrying Russia’s anti-LGBT laws. In 2016 she designed the Brit Awards statuettes, creating individual ones for each winner. Sadie Sinner Sadie is a creative force. Founder and curator of the Cocoa Butter Club, a platform to promote exciting performers of colour working in a multitude of mediums. She is also a ‘velvet-toned songbird’ and ‘powerhouse of a host’.

Spoken Word London Spoken Word London is an open-mic night hosted by Patrick Cash and Hannah Gordon. Every first and third Wednesday at VFD. Stella Greenham Common and Section 28 Activist. Stuart Feather Stuart Feather co-founded GLF Street Theatre; was a member of the radical queens’ commune, the Bethnal Rouge commune and bookshop, and later a founding member of Bette Bourne’s gay theatre troupe Bloolips. Since hanging up his tap shoes he has been painting. His first exhibition at the Drill Hall in 1995 received critical acclaim. He published the invaluable Blowing the Lid: Gay Liberation, Sexual Revolution and Radical Queens in 2016. Sunday Funday A debauched queer performance and drag collective bringing regular chaos to the basement of VFD. Tallulah Haddon Artist, queer, feminist & ‘Princess of Weird.’ She makes eerie, discomforting and brilliant performances for theatre, club and cabaret spaces as well as starring in independent films such as Spaceship (2016) and hit tv shows (Kiss Me First, Taboo, the Living and the Dead). Tam Vibert Tam Vibert is a queer scene veteran, who until recently ran the much-loved Limewharf. She is the Community Centre & Events Director for The Outside Project, the independent, grassroots LGBTIQ+ community shelter & centre working with people who are homeless. Tara Brown Tara is a Queer Black Femme film curator who had worked on Wotever DIY Queer Film Festival from 2014-2016 and is now a programmer for Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Fest, she runs the blog Queer Black Femme Lens ( Tayylor Made TAYYLOR MADE, is an American DJ/Producer hailing from Washington, D.C. Her creative, bass-heavy mixing style and high energy sets culminate from her years of DJ experience, continuously molding her craft since she was just 12 years old. The CoFounder and resident DJ at popular East London club night, VIBRATE, TAYYLOR MADE specializes in emerging club sounds including Trap, Jersey Club, and Future Beats. Travis Alabanza Travis Alabanza is a performer, writer and theatre maker.Known for increasingly paving much of the UK conversation around trans politics, Alabanza has became a staple part of the London queer scene and further afield. Their interests and work surrounds their identity as a trans, black, gender non conforming person.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Very special thanks to everyone who made this festival possible! To all of our artists, performers and collaborators listed in this programme. Special thanks to Jen Smethurst for their work our Arts Council funding proposal, to the whole VFD team; Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, Lyall Hakaraia, Kat Hudson, Cyprian deCoteau, and Alexander Karotsch in the office, AV technician Nicol Parkinson, Gia Mitchel for sets, Tam Vibert and our wonderful bar, door, and cloakroom team, Conal Ingoe, Carlos Maurizio, Lucia Mannion, Anna Smith, Mia Johnson, George Hunt, and Sylvia Gordon. To everyone who as supported us over the years and all our fabulous Femmetopians who continue to blow us away!

Femmetopia Festival: Deeds Not Words    

Femmetopia Festival Programme, May 2018 This spring we will gather in a femme-led celebration of intersectional collective power! We will ca...

Femmetopia Festival: Deeds Not Words    

Femmetopia Festival Programme, May 2018 This spring we will gather in a femme-led celebration of intersectional collective power! We will ca...