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By Tom Crusie -

The bean bag chairs first hit popularity during the 1960s along with the first part of the 1970s. Most of the college dorm rooms, apartments and homes contained at the least one of them. Young people were the biggest fans of these chairs that fit to their bodies so well resulting in them being comfy. But in those days the chairs were stuffed with polystyrene beads now to be known dangerous to the health of animals and kids if any of the beads fell out of an open seam. These beads also became flatter the more the chair was used making is not as comfortable. Now there is a brand new generation having fun with the giant bean bags. This generation loves the updated model of the bean bag born in the 1960s because of its great comfort quality to relax with.Because of having shredded foam made from polyurethane in them these large chairs will give you comfort that will last along with being durable and safe. This may surprise you but not just young people love them today.

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All ages of people who lead various lives are discovering how ideal these chairs are for them, making lounging or sitting for a long length of time more comfy than they thought was possible.Like those chairs that came before these chairs hug to your body's contours. Unlike the early models though the new

chairs do not lose their comfort or flatten with use, but they stay comfortable for as long as you use them. There are several sizes in the giant bean bags some hold 2 or 4 people while others hold 6 providing all with total comfort.Perfect for Watching Television or Book Reading.The giant bean bag chairs are perfect for those weekends of football or the movie night with the family. You will not have to wriggle around in a chair trying to get comfortable because you can only sit up straight or recline in the chair. In these types of chairs you get to recline, slouch, and just get comfy in them.

You will be perfectly comfortable to do some reading for anywhere from an hour to all day. You will not strain your neck either because the giant bean bags will fit all your contours even supporting the neck as you are reading.Ideal for Snuggling Romantically.These types of chairs are ideal for lovers to snuggle in romantically as they view TV or sit looking at a fire. These bean bag chairs perfectly conform to each person's body giving them an almost luxurious place to sit. A Nap in the Afternoon.Whether it is a short nap or a longer one the giant bean bags give you enough comfort to do so. Do away with those stiff necks suffered in your straight chair when you have snoozed off, or having to sleep on the sofa with only the arm of it to place your head on. You can now wake up all refreshed and rested ready to meet the world with energy.They are Loved by Kids Too Kids love to flop on the furniture instead of sit on it. These bean bag chairs make flopping even more comfortable. Lying, reclining, or even sitting kids will enjoy all the uses for these types of chairs while

providing them the max in comfort whatever they are doing in them.The giant bean bags will give the whole family comfort and a great addition to the house. You can get some models of these chairs with built in handles so they can be carried form one place to another conveniently. It is the time for you to try one of these new models of these giant bean bag chairs, if you haven't yet.

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