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FY2015-2016 Impact Report


Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.


­– Rita Pierson

Dear Friends, Children in foster care astonish us every day. Despite the failure of their parents to protect them, despite the fact that they have lived in abysmal situations, despite the fact that they have suffered unspeakable abuse and neglect‌the resilience of these boys and girls inspires us even as it breaks our hearts. These children have dealt with things many adults never experience: violence, drug abuse, parental incarceration, sexual assault, debilitating mental illness. What all these children share is the desperate need to have one dependable, consistent adult in their life. Someone to tell them they are smart, they are funny, they are cute. Someone to help them see a different future for themselves. That person is their CASA—their Court Appointed Special Advocate. Every day, we witness extraordinary things happen for our foster children because of the transformational work of our 1,599 dedicated CASA volunteers. But this life-changing work can only happen because of the generosity and compassion of thousands of donors who support Voices for Children year after year. We are pleased to share with you our most recent Impact Report, summarizing key accomplishments and financial results from our fiscal year that ended June 30, 2016. In every metric of service, fundraising, and programmatic accomplishment, we have set all-time records. Our supporters care deeply about children, especially children who have had a tough break in life. We hope that this report will help you better understand the impact of our organization, both on the foster children we serve and the foster care systems of San Diego County and, now, Riverside County. Since 2010, Voices for Children has more than doubled its operating budget, from $2.7 million to $6 million in FY2015-2016, and is now serving not just San Diego County but also Riverside County. More important, we have tripled the number of children served, from 1,105 in FY2009-2010 to 3,190 in FY2015-2016. These are remarkable achievements. But while our funding and scope of services have increased so dramatically, hundreds of foster children still suffer on our waiting list. We know that Voices for Children can make a world of difference in their lives, but we can only do so with your help, your donations, your time, and your compassion for these innocent children in need. On behalf of our Board of Directors and all the stakeholders of our organization, thank you. With your support now and in years to come, we know that at last we can achieve our long-held vision: to give every foster child what he or she deserves—a safe, permanent home and hope for a forever family. With our deepest appreciation,

Sharon M. Lawrence, Esq. President/CEO

David Bialis Chair of the Board FY2014-2015 and FY2015-2016


DREAMS Transforming Lives, One Child at a Time

Voices for Children advocated for 3,190 children in foster care during FY2015-2016


very child deserves unconditional love and a life free from physical and emotional harm. But sadly, thousands of children spend time in local foster care each year

after experiencing abuse, neglect, or abandonment by their families or caregivers. Childhood should be a happy time, but boys and girls in foster care face the heavy burdens of betrayal and rejection by the very people responsible for their care. This causes unimaginable pain, as it would for any of us.


CA RE Many foster children come to believe that hurting

the resources for a full case assessment program

is a normal part of life. They feel alone and that

that meets the needs of that community, where

no one really cares about them. They lose faith in

more than 5,000 children live in foster care.

adults, who have let them down at every turn.

Our goal is that no child will fall through the cracks

And often they lose faith in themselves.

of the dependency system. Over the course of the

But Voices for Children (VFC) steps in to restore

year, VFC recruited, trained, and managed 1,599

safety, stability, and hope to these children’s lives

CASAs in San Diego and Riverside Counties—a

by matching a caring, trained Court Appointed

remarkable “workforce” carrying out the critical

Special Advocate volunteer (called a “CASA”) to

tasks of supporting children through every step of

be the lifeline, the mentor, and that one consistent

their foster care journey, advocating for their health,

adult upon whom the child can depend. Unlike

well-being, and education. Most important, our

foster care professionals—attorneys or social

CASAs are the voice for foster children in

workers who must manage numerous cases at

Court, enabling thousands of kids to spend less

once—CASAs are matched with a single child or

time in foster care and to find safe, permanent

sibling group. These compassionate volunteers are,

homes sooner.

therefore, able to focus and devote the time to get to know their case child(ren) in depth, understand their life circumstances, and advocate for their

best interests in Court, in the classroom, and in

the community. CASAs are thoroughly trained and

take the time to offer individualized, comprehensive care to these children in coordination with the

professionals on their cases and ultimately help clear a path for them out of the overburdened foster care system and into safe, permanent homes. To these children, CASAs are superheroes. Voices for Children was founded in 1980 and, over the past 36 years, has grown to be one of the largest and most successful CASA programs in the United States—ranked in the Top 3 out of nearly

1,000 programs nationally and larger than the CASA programs in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In FY2015-2016, VFC provided advocacy services for a historic number of children: in San Diego County, 3,050 of the 4,684 who spent time in foster care during the year received direct advocacy, and an additional 140 children in Riverside County were served. In San Diego, every child in foster care had

CASAs offer individualized, comprehensive, compassionate care to children living in foster care and ultimately help to clear a path for them out of the overburdened system and into safe, permanent homes.

their case assessed and triaged at least once a year and often more frequently, ensuring that no boy or girl was forgotten. The emerging Riverside CASA program is growing, and we are working to build VOICES FOR CHILDREN FY2015-2016 REPORT | 5

We envision a day where no child’s plea for help goes unheard


he Board of Directors, staff, and

Core Values

volunteers at Voices for Children are

• We cherish children and put them first, always.

committed to providing every child in the foster care system with the

life-changing advocacy of a CASA. For 36 years,

• We are grateful for our selfless and dedicated volunteers.

our mission, vision, purpose, and core values have

• We work hard and stay humble.

driven us to transform the lives of approximately 128,000 children in foster care. But we won’t stop until each and every voice is heard.

• We believe in the difference we make by doing our job well.


• We set high standards for ourselves and constantly strive to improve.

Voices for Children transforms the lives of abused

Serving Every Child

children by providing them with Court Appointed

We began this quest in 2006 with the Board

Special Advocates (CASAs).

of Directors’ adoption of the long-range


strategic goal to “Serve Every Child.”

We believe that every child deserves a safe and permanent home and, to that end, will provide a CASA to every child in foster care who needs one, monitor every court file in the system, and advocate to improve the lives of foster children. In addition, Voices for Children increases awareness about the foster care system and advocates for legal policies and practices that enhance the quality of life for foster children.

Statement of Purpose • We provide the highest level of training, supervision, and continuing education for volunteers to advocate for the best interests of foster children and to provide vital information to judges; • We annually review and monitor the case files of every child in foster care; • We increase public awareness about the foster care system; and • We advocate for legal policies and practices that enhance the quality of life for foster children.


Now, ten years later, thanks to our selfless volunteers and dedicated donors, we are closer than ever before to providing a CASA to every child in San Diego County foster care who needs one. And we have begun that same journey for those children living in Riverside’s foster care system. It is the deeply held belief and commitment of Voices for Children that no child in San Diego County or Riverside County will be lost or forgotten in the complex, overburdened dependency court system. With approximately 5,000 children in local foster care in each county, the numbers can be daunting. It can seem a nearly impossible task to address each child’s unique story and individual needs. But this is the challenge we are determined to solve every day…one child at a time.

VOI CES Expanding into Riverside County

Children voted to accept this new responsibility

In August 2014, the existing nonprofit overseeing

in November 2014. From that time forward, VFC

the CASA program in Riverside County was no

has overseen, fundraised for, and managed CASA

longer able to continue its operations. The Judicial

services in Riverside County, recruiting, training, and

Council of the State of California and the California

supervising volunteers who advocate for abused,

CASA Association asked Voices for Children to step

neglected children living in that county’s foster

in and take over operations in order to continue

care system, while continuing to do the same in

services for the many Riverside County foster

San Diego County.

children who desperately needed this help and were

In early 2016, the first Program Director for VFC’s

left stranded when the prior organization closed. It

Riverside County CASA Program was appointed.

was a small program at the time, with fewer than 60

Jessica Muñoz, Esq., is an attorney with experience

children receiving assistance, even though the total

in the child welfare field, and she leads a team of

foster care population in Riverside County is more

four staff members in rebuilding services. By the

than 5,000 children every year.

end of FY2015-2016, 140 foster children in

During this crisis, Voices for Children was called

Riverside County were being served by 113 CASAs.

upon as the only CASA program in California with

With expanded marketing and awareness efforts,

the appropriate level of professional expertise, staff

the program is slated to grow slowly but steadily

resources, and management acumen to turn around

to serve 200 children by the end of FY2016-2017

this difficult situation.

and continue to build on that strong foundation

With the lives of Riverside County foster children

from there.

in the balance, the Board of Directors of Voices for

Voices for Children is especially grateful to the generous local funders that stepped in with significant grant resources as well as an anonymous individual donor who directed a major gift to the Riverside County Program. A total of $510,052 was raised by June 30, 2016.



The CASA Program: A Lifeline for Children in Need

Our children and the CASAs who serve them


t is a monumental task to transform the lives

group. A kind of “alchemy” created by the VFC

of foster children, but the advocacy provided

staff’s matching team ensures the right CASA is

by CASAs plays a crucial role in this journey.

paired with exactly the child or sibling group who

Our CASAs are ordinary people—men and

needs them most. With this step, the volunteer’s

women of all ages, backgrounds, and professions—

CASA journey has begun. For the duration of their

who step up as volunteers to make an extraordinary

service, each CASA receives guidance and support

impact on the lives of foster children. Regardless of

from a dedicated staff member at VFC, called an

background, each volunteer shares the belief

Advocacy Supervisor.

that every child in foster care deserves to have a

While CASAs act as mentors and friends for the

caring adult by their side, someone who can

vulnerable children they serve, their primary role is

provide support and hope for a happier, brighter

even more serious. They are a court advocate who

future. A CASA is the “voice” for boys and girls

can effect real change in a child’s life. CASAs meet

who cannot speak for themselves. The skillful, tireless advocacy of this exceptional group of volunteers helps to change the life trajectories of abused, neglected children.

with all of the relevant stakeholders—teachers, doctors, lawyers, biological families, social workers, foster caregivers—and then collaborate with their Advocacy Supervisor in designing a detailed case

Those interested in becoming a CASA begin by

plan based on the severity and complexity of the

attending an Information Session. After completing

child’s case. Every six months, CASAs submit written

an application and being interviewed extensively

reports to the Court, which can be entered as

by VFC’s professional staff, as well as undergoing

evidence in the case and upon which dependency

comprehensive background checks, approved

judges rely to make important decisions regarding

trainees enroll in VFC’s Advocate University—a

health, education, well-being, and permanent

35-hour training program developed by Voices for

home placement.

Children to prepare CASAs for their important role as court advocates. Through Advocate University, CASAs become well versed in topics such as dependency law, domestic violence, substance abuse, educational advocacy, and court report writing. Most important, they learn what foster children go through, their psychological traumas and stress, and the best ways for CASAs to interact with and support the children in order to have the best possible outcome. Upon graduating from this intensive training program, CASAs are sworn in as Officers of the Court by a San Diego or Riverside County dependency judge. CASAs, who make a volunteer commitment of at least 18 months, are then carefully matched with a single child or sibling

Thanks to the care and attention afforded to each case, the court accepts 85% of the recommendations made by our CASAs, which can have enormous, life-changing impacts for a child. VOICES FOR CHILDREN FY2015-2016 REPORT | 9

Bringing Normalcy into Children’s Lives

Advocating for Infants and Toddlers

The work of VFC’s CASAs goes beyond ensuring

for foster children will help ensure happier, healthier

the immediate safety of children and helping to

childhoods. Sadly, children ages zero to five

prevent their re-abuse—our CASAs also advocate

represent the largest age group in foster care in

for comprehensive wellness. They help to identify

San Diego. The consequences of abuse or neglect

any gaps in services for their case children and

during these formative years can be devastating,

advocate for health needs ranging from life-saving

and these children are at risk to suffer impaired

surgeries to basic dental or vision checkups. CASAs

cognitive function, psychological and behavioral

also can bring normalcy into these children’s lives.

problems, educational setbacks, and chronic low

They can facilitate sibling visits, as most brothers and

self-esteem. Voices for Children developed its Infants

sisters are not placed together after entering the

and Toddlers Program to provide specialized care for

foster care system and could otherwise lose touch

the youngest children in foster care. The goal is to

with their immediate family. CASAs notice if their

find loving homes for them sooner, thus mitigating

case child doesn’t have enough clothing or school

the harmful effects of spending entire childhoods

supplies, and they have access to VFC’s Children’s

in the foster care system. This program continues to

Assistance Fund and other community resources to

flourish, with exceptional results. In FY2015-2016,

ensure that children’s individual needs are met.

331 CASAs at VFC served 802 infants and toddlers.

They can help a talented child get music lessons or

Of those children served, 252 cases closed, resulting

send a sibling group to summer camp together.

in 136 reunifications after appropriate services, 13

Every year, thanks to VFC’s Children’s Assistance Fund, Voices for Children hosts a memorable holiday party for CASAs and their case children—the first time some children will experience the traditions of the season, including decorating cookies, receiving special gifts of their own, and feeling that they are loved and cherished. We also ensure that CASAs are able to celebrate their case child’s birthday with a gift card made possible by a generous donor. It might surprise people to know that many foster children have never been to the beach, the park, or a museum. Thanks to generous organizations throughout San Diego and Riverside Counties who partner with VFC through our Fostering Culture program, CASAs can take their case children on fun outings, at no charge, and help to create happy memories.

Voices for Children knows that early intervention

guardianships, and 103 adoptions.

Early Intervention: The Case Liaison Program In 2012, with a generous grant from Price Philanthropies, VFC began testing early assignment of CASAs. The program evolved into the Case Liaison Program in FY2013-2014. This new model of advocacy, which assigns staff to monitor and evaluate every foster child’s case as soon as they enter the dependency system and pairs them with a CASA as soon as possible, was so transformational in its pilot that it has now expanded into our permanent operations this year. VFC’s Case Liaison professionals are stationed at each of San Diego County’s six dependency departments: the two courtrooms in the main dependency court at Meadow Lark as well as downtown San Diego, North County (Vista), South Bay (Chula Vista), and East County (El Cajon). Case Liaisons triage cases in real time and allow us to assign trained CASAs within an average of 21 days from the date the judge declares a child a dependent of the Court.


SUP PORT This is a radical advancement from the way other CASA programs operate and the way VFC most often operated in the past: matching a child with a CASA only after referrals from judges and attorneys, which sometimes happened years after the child entered foster care. Using this new approach, which is now a model for other programs, we begin immediately to find the right CASA for each child who needs one and before a new crisis arises. Our staff members sit in the courtrooms daily and are able to connect with professionals on the case as early as possible. Case Liaisons can often identify a child’s needs right then, and thus help them sooner. This stability mitigates

Voices for Children’s early intervention into a foster child’s case can result in establishing permanency for the child more quickly—through adoption, guardianship, or reunification with birth families after appropriate services.

some of the negative aspects of the foster care system and gives these vulnerable boys and girls a far better chance for a brighter future.



San Diego

Race/Ethnicity LATINO


35% 24%




51% Female

49% Male



2% 1%



Age 38%

0-5 28%

6-11 21%

12-17 18+


Children served with advocacy in San Diego between July 1, 2015, and. June 30, 2016: 3,050

Riverside Gender

Race/Ethnicity 38%




52% Female

48% Male


28% 4% 1% 3%

Age 0-5



19% 63%

12-17 18+


Children served with advocacy in Riverside between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016: 140


CASAs SERVING FOSTER CHILDREN At Voices for Children, we aspire to recruit and manage a CASA volunteer corps in San Diego and Riverside Counties that reflects the diversity of the children we serve. Currently, there is a strong need for more Spanish-speaking volunteers to address language barrier issues for our children and more male CASAs to serve as positive role models for boys and young men in foster care.

San Diego

Employment Status 42%



86% Female

14% Male



2% 20%





Age 21-29










CASA Volunteers who served in San Diego between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016: 1,486

Riverside Gender

88% Female

12% Male

Employment Satus FULL TIME

27% 18%









Age 21-29 30-39 40-49 50-59

18% 12% 10% 24%



CASA Volunteers who served in Riverside between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016: 113


EDU CAT ION Paving the way for education and successful adulthoods


ducation is a special challenge for many foster children, exacerbated by frequent moves between foster homes and group homes, which results in multiple school changes. It is not uncommon for foster children to change placements and schools two or three times—or more—in just one year. Through that process, these children experience skill gaps, missing credits, declining

grades, and diminished self-esteem and ambition. Statistically, 50% of foster youth will not graduate high school or earn their GED, setting them on a negative spiral of underemployment, homelessness, and even incarceration. To address this issue, VFC’s Transition Age Youth Program pairs specially trained CASAs with foster youth ages 16 to 21, to help prepare them for successful adulthoods once they leave foster care. CASAs assist these young men and women with graduation requirements, college or job applications, budgeting, and other independent living skills crucial to leading productive, fulfilled lives. Within this program is VFC’s Learning to Succeed, a specialized initiative that puts intense focus on a select group of foster youth to pursue college and a career. VFC’s annual Celebrating Achievement event honors all foster children graduating high school or completing their GEDs. During FY2015-2016, nearly 100 of our graduates attended the event at the San Diego Air & Space Museum and heard an inspirational address by San Diego Chargers Quarterback Phillip Rivers. Each graduate spoke at the event, shared their plans for the future, and gave heartfelt thanks to their CASA for helping them to reach this milestone.


SUC CE SS Learning to Succeed

Beginning in 2014 with a generous grant from the Livingston Family Foundation, Voices for Children

launched the Learning to Succeed (LTS) program in

San Diego County, modeled on a successful program the Livingstons had funded at the Orange County CASA program. Aimed at foster youth from ages 15 to 24, the goal is to prepare them as young

scholars so that they can successfully complete high school and go on to college and careers. CASAs

are specially trained to work with VFC’s Learning to Succeed staff members in an intensive interaction with the 20 youth who are currently part of LTS.

While all CASAs try to advance their case children’s

50% of foster youth will not graduate high school or earn their GED

educational interests, this program has taken it

steps further. VFC staff and CASAs serve as oneon-one mentors and coaches to the young men

and women, and they are having a very positive

impact. Through LTS, the selected students receive

LTS Scholarships which they may use to help pay for

a variety of costs related to school activities. In many cases, these scholarships are what allow them to

stay in school—so critical for foster youth who often must drop out for financial reasons because they have no family to support them.


of foster youth will become homeless after age 18

50% of foster youth will be unemployed at age 21




The Real Word Panel

Don’t just take our word for it Current And Former Foster Youth Share How Their CASAs Changed Their Lives Forever


n 2001, Voices for Children created an

the victories their CASAs helped them to achieve:

educational, eye-opening experience for

high school graduation, attending college and

the public that both celebrates the work of

receiving scholarships, succeeding in athletics,

CASAs and communicates the vital need for

strengthening their emotional health, securing

more volunteer advocates. The Real Word panel

housing, getting their first job, and much more.

is comprised of current and former foster youth,

Our Real Word panelists gain invaluable experience

each of whom received a CASA from Voices for

through their public speaking training and

Children. With regular presentations open to the

opportunities to meet and interact with a wide

public, this panel is an important tool to recruit

variety of individuals. The panelists carry these skills

new CASA volunteers who are inspired by the

forward to their college classrooms, job interviews,

stories of young people overcoming abuse, neglect,

and careers.

and abandonment. They share openly about what it’s like to move from home to home and change schools frequently, how it feels to be separated from siblings, and how they coped and grew resilient in the face of adversity. They also share

In June 2016, The Real Word panel shared their powerful stories as special guest presenters at the National CASA Association Conference in Washington, D.C.

Suamhirs Piraino-Guzman is a former foster youth and Real Word panel member who, with the help of his CASA, Marco Mares, overcame enormous odds and terrible circumstances. In January 2016, Suamhirs was appointed by President Barack Obama to the U.S. Commission on Human Trafficking, an extraordinary honor. He is the youngest member of this commission at age 26, and the only former foster youth. Of achieving this tremendous honor, Suamhirs said, “Voices for Children gave me a voice. And my CASA, Marco, taught me to be strong, not to let my past define me. He believed in me and is still with me—the longest stable, positive relationship I have had in my life. This man. A total stranger. A regular person with a regular job…and an extraordinary heart. With extraordinary skills to set someone free. That is my CASA.” Learn more about Suamhirs and his incredible story by watching our video.




A remarkable ten-year trajectory of growth


hen the Serve Every Child long-

Today, we have provided advocacy for 65% of all

range strategic plan began in

children in foster care in San Diego County and are

FY2005-2006, 809 children in

now also beginning to serve the needs of children

San Diego County had CASAs

in Riverside County. We will not stop until we have reached every child who needs us.

out of the 7,000 children in foster care at that time. The dream to provide CASA services to thousands of children seemed almost beyond reach. But thanks to determined Boards of Directors, talented and committed staff at all levels, the dedicated service of many thousands of CASAs over the past decade, and the financial support of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies, that dream

is being realized. Children in foster care in San Diego County who received advocacy through VFC




1,605 1,343



















Statement of Activities FY2014–2015 & FY2015-2016




Gifts and Contributions



Special Events (Less direct benefits)



Government Funding



Contributed Goods, Services, and Facilities



Net Realized/Unrealized Gain on Marketable Securities



Other Income









Management and General








Change in Net Assets:



Net Assets at Beginning of Year:





Total Revenue


Total Expenses

Net Assets at Year End

Audit and IRS Form 990 Considine & Considine, independent auditors, review the Voices for Children financial statements each year and prepare audited financials and tax returns. The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors approves the audit and 990 and recommends it for Board ratification. Access to VFC’s audits and tax filings can be found online at 20 | VOICES FOR CHILDREN FY2015-2016 REPORT

FY2015-16 REVENUES To serve 3,190 foster children in San Diego and

Roberts, Ron Roberts, Greg Cox, and Bill Horn,

Riverside with high-quality, intensive, one-on-

generously supported our mission with Community

one advocacy required an operating budget of

Enhancement and Neighborhood Reinvestment

$5,733,211 during FY2015-2016. We are pleased

grants, the State of California provided support

to report that we were able to secure those funds

through the Judicial Council, and City of San

thanks to thousands of passionate supporters

Diego Councilmembers Mark Kersey and Lorie

who gave generously throughout the fiscal year

Zapf supported VFC through Community Projects,

in support of our life-changing mission. With

Program & Services grants. Our new CASA program

prudent management, we were able to realize a

in Riverside County was launched in large measure

surplus, which was added to our cash reserve fund.

thanks to the generosity of that local government,

Because Voices for Children does not yet have an

and in FY2015-2016 was supported by the State of

Endowment Fund upon which to depend for a

California Judicial Council, Community Improvement

portion of annual operations, nor does it receive

District grants recommended by the County

large government contracts or direct allocations,

of Riverside Board of Supervisors, Community

every dollar spent must be raised. In fact, 94% of

Development Block Grants from the City of

the funds raised during FY2015-2016 came from

Riverside, City of Moreno Valley, and the County

the private sector.

of Riverside, and a generous three-year grant from

Gifts, Grants & Contributions

the Riverside County Transportation Commission. In addition, the Probation Department and Housing

In FY2015–2016, Voices for Children raised a record

Authority of Riverside County are generously

amount of funds from individuals, corporations,

donating office spaces for the Riverside County

foundations, and service organizations. Continued

staff team.

support from foundations such as The Morrison & Foerster Foundation, Price Philanthropies, Highland

Special Events

Street Foundation, Lily Lai Foundation, Walter J. and

VFC’s special events remain a significant part of the

Betty C. Zable Foundation, Livingston Foundation,

funding mix, and in FY2015–2016, comprised 31%

Qualcomm Foundation, Sahm Family Foundation,

of total income. Our Starry Starry Night gala is now

David C. Copley Foundation, Rose Foundation, and

one of the most successful fundraisers in San Diego,

a successful matching campaign with our partners

and it grossed $1,333,011 under the leadership

at Focusing Philanthropy provided a stable financial

of chairs Stephanie Bergsma and Dwight Hare in

base for VFC’s ongoing operations as well as special

2015. In November 2015, The Ultimate Man Cave

targeted funding for program initiatives. Companies

chaired by Dick Pfister grossed $116,375 for VFC.

like Qualcomm, Alliance Healthcare, Sleep Train,

The Fostering Hope Golf Classic was co-chaired by

Genentech, Bank of America, HD Supply, U.S. Bank,

Katie and Dan Sullivan and Connie and Dr. Richard

and Wells Fargo have contributed generously and

Unger and grossed a record $270,468 in April 2016.

demonstrated their community commitment.

Wine, Women & Shoes was held for the first time at

In Riverside County, an anonymous major donor and

the historic Canfield-Wright Estate in Del Mar, home

others provided important private support to help

of Patricia and Marc Brutten. The event, co-chaired

initiate this important new program.

by Ms. Brutten and Marina Marrelli, raised a record

Government Funding

amount, and grossed $305,370 in April 2016. These events not only provide needed financial support;

Government funding remains the smallest

they also serve to introduce Voices for Children to

segment of VFC’s funding, despite the fact that

wider audiences.

VFC is engaged in quasi-governmental services. In FY2015–2016, it comprised 6% of total revenues. The County of San Diego Board of Supervisors, at the recommendation of Supervisors Dave


FY2015-16 EXPENSES Voices for Children prides itself on prudent

And every Advocacy Supervisor manages 40 to 50

management of its resources. In FY2015-2016,

CASA volunteers. To achieve our Serve Every Child

VFC recruited, trained, and supervised 1,599 CASA

goal, it has been necessary to expand our volunteer

volunteers in San Diego and Riverside Counties.

base each year and concurrently invest in a larger

This network of compassionate men and women

team of professionals to recruit, train, and manage

advocated for 3,190 foster children in court, in the

the CASAs, while also providing the necessary

classroom, and in the community, with the help and

administrative support to ensure quality service.

support of 70 professional VFC staff. Our extremely efficient model—with 34 individuals dedicated to managing the 1,599-strong workforce of volunteers— allowed us to serve 3,190 foster children. During FY2015-2016, our CASAs reported 78,854 donated hours. When using the Independent Sector valuation of $27.59 per hour, our CASAs substantial contributions of time are valued at $2,175,582. The majority of VFC expenses are related to staffing, since our CASA program, by its very nature, is centered on people and relationships and therefore laborintensive. Every CASA must have his or her own staff member to help them navigate the courts and the complexities of advocating for a vulnerable foster child.

Voices for Children is proud that it is exceptionally efficient in its operations and management, and in the past fiscal year, 80% of total expenses were directly program-related.

Statement of Financial Position FY2014–2015 & FY2015-2016 ASSETS Current Assets Property and Equipment Other Assets Total Assets

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets 22 | VOICES FOR CHILDREN FY2015-2016 REPORT
























Dedicated to service, excellence, and fiduciary responsibility BOARD OF DIRECTORS FY2015–2016


David Bialis, Chair

Jill Skrezyna, Chair

Lise N. Wilson, Esq., Vice Chair

William B. Sailer, Esq., Vice Chair

William B. Sailer, Esq., Secretary

Ann Parode Dynes, Esq., Secretary

Julian Parra, Treasurer

Ted Tchang, Treasurer

Rochelle Bold, Esq., Past Chair

David Bialis, Past Chair

Stephanie Bergsma

Stephanie Bergsma

Nancy Banning Doyle

Rochelle Bold, Esq.

Ann Parode Dynes, Esq.

Annette Bradbury

Gina Ellis

Nancy Banning Doyle

Holly Ellison

Gina Ellis

Lisette Farrell

Holly Ellison

P. Randolph Finch, Jr., Esq.

Lisette Farrell

Jennifer Greenfield

P. Randolph Finch, Jr., Esq.

The Honorable Susan D. Huguenor (Ret.)

AnneElise Goetz

Richard Kintz, Esq.

Jennifer Greenfield

George Lai

The Honorable Susan D. Huguenor (Ret.)

Jennifer O’Connell

Richard Kintz, Esq.

Omar Passons, Esq.

George Lai

Dick Pfister, CAIA®

Kristen Livingston

Jill Skrezyna

Jennifer O’Connell

Katie Sullivan

Dick Pfister, CAIA®

Haeyoung Kong Tang, PhD

Katie Sullivan

Ted Tchang

Haeyoung Kong Tang, PhD

Dale E. Yahnke, CFA, CFP®

Donald E. Willis

Lany Zikakis

Lise N. Wilson, Esq. Dale E. Yahnke, CFA, CFP® Lany Zikakis


Holly Bruce

Dave Jackson

Susan McClellan

David E. Archambault

Vicky Carlson

Jimmy Janacek

Eleanor Navarra

Doug Arthur

Mindy Fletcher

Yolanda Janacek

Sheryl Scarano

Kathryn F. Ashworth, Esq.

Nathan Fletcher

Richard Kelley

Cecil H. Steppe

Joye D. Blount

Mark Gleiberman

David Marino

Pamela S. Wygod

Annette Bradbury

Patricia Hughes

Patsy Marino

David Bruce

Craig A. Irving

Marina Marrelli


The Staff

Supporting our CASA volunteers and foster children Sharon M. Lawrence, Esq. President/CEO

Sarah Adams, MA Director of Volunteer Recruitment Charlotte Agostinelli Individual Giving Coordinator Shanda Arredondo, M.Ed. Advocacy Supervisor Kristin Babendreier Advocacy Supervisor Kristen Balelo, JD Senior Assistant Program Manager Andrea Bliven Case Liaison Barbara Chevalier, JD Senior Case Liaison Victor Cuevas Advocacy Supervisor Linda DiMele Program Associate Maria Espejo-Nguyen Program Associate

Jennifer Gilstrap, M.Ed. Assistant Program Manager

Molly Mesnard Assistant Program Manager

Sabrina Goosby Vice President of Programs

Cindi Middleton Operations Supervisor

Freya Gordon, JD Advocacy Supervisor/Training Coordinator

Brianna Miller Senior Advocacy Supervisor (Riverside County)

Christie Hakala Assistant Program Manager

Holley Moore Grants Officer

Brian Hutchins Court Report Editor

Stephen Moore Vice President of Advocacy

Brande Hutchinson Senior Case Coordinator

Sharon Morris Recruitment and Training Coordinator (Riverside County)

Hon. Carol Isackson (Ret.) Special Counsel to the President/CEO Sasha Jay, MSW Assistant Program Manager Maggie Kipper Assistant Program Manager Melissa Kolts Senior Advocacy Supervisor Megan Koran Advocacy Supervisor

Jessica MuĂąoz, Esq., MFS Riverside County Program Director Laurel Nelson Program Assistant Matt Olson Program Manager Sheila Owens, MA Special Events Manager DesirĂŠe Pavlik, MA Advocacy Supervisor

Kristina Estes Advocacy Supervisor

Connie Lam Development and Marketing Assistant

Anne Farrell Chief Philanthropy Officer

Noemi Lavoie, JD Advocacy Supervisor

Jenna Price, JD Child Assignment Manager

Allen Fox Advocacy Supervisor

Nicole LoCoco Advocacy Supervisor

Rebecca Rader Vice President of Philanthropy

Brittany Friedenreich, Esq. Advocacy Supervisor

Megan Marashlian Advocacy Supervisor

Diana Rangel Case Liaison

Paulina Gajardo Advocacy Supervisor

Jackie Markt-Maloney Volunteer Recruitment Assistant

Megan Ray Director of Training

Kate Gibson Case Liaison

Colleen McEniry Database and Stewardship Manager

Kelly Recker Advocacy Supervisor

Kylee Gibson Advocacy Supervisor

Jaime McLendon Volunteer Recruitment Associate

Jessica Rowland, Esq. Case Liaison


Sarah Plancarte AmeriCorps VIP Fellow/ Outreach & Recruitment

STA BI LI TY Becka Runyon Advocacy Supervisor

Bianca Snead, JD, MA Case Liaison Asst. Program Mgr.

Jarilyn Wilson Advocacy Supervisor

Karen Ryle Training Associate

Allison Stahl Advocacy Supervisor

Kirsten Wisneski Executive Assistant

Susan Salvia Assistant Program Manager (CAP)

Kira Vine Assistant Program Manager

Diana Woldt-Gorsich, MA Advocacy Supervisor

Suzanne Severance, MS Advocacy Supervisor

Brenda Wauson Staff Accountant

Amanda Schaap Marketing & Communications Manager

Jane Wehrmeister Senior Advocacy Supervisor

Julie Woodruff Advocacy Supervisor (Riverside County)

James Scoffin, CPA Chief Financial Officer Andrea Self Program Manager Erin Shaner Advocacy Supervisor

Michelle Whitehead Advocacy Supervisor (Riverside County) Laura Whiteman, PHRca, SHRM-CP Director of Human Resources Ashley Williams Special Events Assistant

Educational degrees are noted for informational purposes only and do not denote active licensure or practice in a particular field. Staff list current as of October 31, 2016


Our CASA Volunteers

The heart and soul of Voices for Children


lthough each one is extraordinary, our CASAs are “everyday” people: teachers and office workers, government employees and businesspeople, retirees, military officers and enlisted men and women, corporate executives, and college students. They are baristas, grocery clerks, stay-at-home mothers or fathers, single dads, and working moms. Though they come

from varying backgrounds, communities, ethnicities, and upbringings, these diverse men and women are united by a shared and singular mission: to speak up when it matters most in order to change the life of a child in need.

VOLUNTEER MILESTONES The following individuals have supported our mission for five or more years by serving as CASA volunteers, Case Assessors, Board members, or other volunteers. We are deeply appreciative of their dedication.


Eleanor Bluestein

Cecilia Wolfe

Laurel Conly

Kathryn F. Ashworth, Esq.

Pat Burrascano

Randi Wortman

Cheryl Creagh

Carmela Bowen

Diana Campion

Dale E. Yahnke, CFA, CFP®

Debra Crespin

Cheryl Greaves

Holly Elwell

20+ YEARS Karen Breziner Beverly Haines Eleanor Navarra Judith Pruyne Connie Unger


Dale Goldman Patricia Hughes Carol Irwin Carole Martin Mary Jo Mathis Melinda Martinez Susan McClellan Stacy McDaniel

David E. Archambault

Marta Meester

Mary Ann Beattie

Sue Munz

Vicky Carlson

Jennifer Negre

Leslie Constantini

Kimberly Neilson

Ruth Ely

Patricia Picha

Carolina Finch

Sally Pollack

Elizabeth Leonard

Gail Price

Erin Pavelko

Genevieve Knych-Rohan

Sharon Province

Lauree Sahba

Christie Ranney

Carol Sands

Sheryl Scarano

Jill Skrezyna

Cecilia Wolfe

Stacey Smith-Bacon


Beverly Smith

Varin Acevedo

Dennis Sullivan

Marilyn Adams

Donna Sucov

Linda Austin

Carol Tapert

Laura Barton

Jorge Valerdi


5+ YEARS Christine Abdelnour Kristin Andreassen Louise Andres Diane Archambault Cynthia Atkinson Natalie Austin Cynthia Avery Harold Baker Jessica R. Baldwin Debra Barnett Frank Belock Jr. Patty Berg Stephanie Bergsma David Bialis Rochelle Bold, Esq. Rebecca Bowman Maggie Bradley Mary Brown Jeffrey Carlson Mayra Christiansen Amanda Clairmont Sally Cohenour Carol Cohn Stephen Condon

Brandi Cropper Lisa Danaher James Davis Kristin DeCarlo Nancy Banning Doyle Ann Parode Dynes, Esq. Patricia Engel Hannah Engholm Michael Evans-Layng Lisette Farrell Mindy Fletcher Denise Forgeron Jan G. Gallo Nicola Gerber Judy Greene Philip Grondin Nicole Halle Karen Hess Craig A. Irving Amy Isackson Hilary Isakow Tania Jabour Dave Jackson Antoinette Jennings Ellen Jennings Karen Jernigan

FU TU RE John Johnson

Sonya McMahon

Jill Reichman

Mary Kay Vesey

Katherine Johnston

Richard Miller

Penny Ribnik

Sylvia Wachtler

Angela Johnson

Dorinda Moore

Tara Richards

John Weinstein

John Johnson

John Moriarty

Deborah Rivera

Adele West

Mary Ann Jones

Darlene Morrow-Truver

Sherry Robins

Nancy Wilks

Rodney Jones

Betty Morse

Ed Rubenstein

Anna Marie Williams

Peggy Keigher

Laura Muschamp

Jill Sanford

Lise Wilson

Colleen Kennedy

Kathy Myers

Lucinda Scalco

Barbara Winicki

Jeri Koltun

Sharon Nachison

Jenny Sharratt

Hoang-Thuong Wolpov

Nadene Landa

Carla Nugent

Karen Shusterman

Linda Woolcott

Kathleen Lane

Sally Ogilvie

Sherry Singer

Joan Wright

Deborah Larkin

June Olcott

Margaret Smiddy

Jesse Wright

Kristina Lese

Diane Otto

Cory Smith

Diane Zeiger

Kelly Lemker

Sandi Patterson

Karen Spring

Renee Lewis

Elizabeth Paynter

Leeanne Stephenson

Deborah Lyons

Andrea Pella

Cecil H. Steppe

Cheryl Ann MacDonald

Rebecca Perez

Brooke Stites

Victoria Maffei

Steve Petersen

Carolyn Sullivan

David Marino

Dick Pfister

Katie Sullivan

Patsy Marino

Beth Plavan

Kelly Tamsin

Marina Marrelli

Joanna Power

Haeyoung Kong Tang, PhD

Bob McCullough

Judith Radke

Joan Thomas

Teresa McGee

Bob Randall

Ann Thompson

Amy McLaughlin

Susan Redman

Susan Ueland


Our Donors

Stellar Supporters CUMULATIVE HIGHLIGHTS Our work with foster children would not be possible without the generosity and support of many individuals, companies, and foundations. We are grateful to these donors who had cumulative contributions of $25,000 or more through October 31, 2016, excluding in-kind donations.

$1,000,000+ Anonymous San Diego County Superior Court Superior Courts of California Leichtag Foundation Judicial Council of California Price Philanthropies

Shrontz Family Foundation Katie and Daniel Sullivan Joan Waitt Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation

$100,000+ Stephanie Bergsma and Dwight Hare David Bialis Annette and Daniel Bradbury Holly and David Bruce The Highland Street Foundation Patricia and Marc Brutten Sally and Jeff Busby California CASA Association

Charles E. White and Amy Gibbs

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services through U.S. Department of Justice, Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program


Century Club of San Diego

Anonymous (2)

Charles and Ruth Billingsley Foundation

National CASA Association

Child Abuse Prevention Foundation

United Way of San Diego County

C.J. & Dot Stafford Memorial Trust

Makua, Friends of Voices for Children

Day for Change

Qualcomm Incorporated

$250,000+ Alliance Healthcare Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation Jocelyn Bauer/The Bauer Foundation Rochelle and Bill Bold Cox Communications Farrell Family Foundation Gertrude Anderson Trust Helmstetter Family Foundation In-N-Out Burger Foundation Joan and Irwin Jacobs George Lai Lily Lai Foundation Genta and Fred Luddy Patsy and David Marino/Hughes Marino Diane M. Martin and Jim Martin*

De Falco Family Foundation, Inc. Karen and Glenn Doshay Dowling & Yahnke, LLC Gina and Ray Ellis Holly Ellison Focusing Philanthropy Fylon Foundation Galinson Family Foundation at Jewish Community Foundation Genentech Maria and Michael Herman Dr. Stacy Jacobs Las Patronas Sharon M. Lawrence, Esq. and Darin Boles, Esq. Livingston Family Foundation Massey Charitable Trust

Maurice J. Masserini Charitable Trust

McCarthy Family Foundation

The Morrison & Foerster Foundation

Nicole and Todd Mikles

Qualcomm Foundation

Money/Arenz Foundation, Inc.

Riverside County Transportation Commission

Eleanor and Jerry Navarra

The San Diego Foundation

The Parker Foundation

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program

Qualcomm Matching Gift Program


COM PAS SION Rivers of Hope Foundation

Randy and Cambra Finch

The Rose Foundation

Debby and Wain Fishburn

Sahm Family Foundation

The Fieldstone Foundation

Samuel & Katherine French Fund

HD Supply

San Diego County Bar Foundation

Yolanda and Jimmy Janacek

San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Junior Seau Foundation

Sheryl and Bob Scarano

Phillip Mackler Trust

Jill Skrezyna and Alex Sun

Lee and Stuart Posnock

Society of the Holy Child Jesus

Jori Potiker

The Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation

Allison and Robert Price

St. Germaine Children’s Charity

Price-Lynn Collaborative Fund

Ticket To Dream Foundation/Sleep Train

Carole Sachs

Lise Wilson and Steven Strauss

Stuart Foundation

Dr. Laurie Mitchell and Brent Woods

Union Bank

$75,000+ The Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation

Julie and Dale Yahnke Lany and Alex Zikakis

Anonymous (2)


American Contractors Indemnity Co.

Anonymous (4)

Association of Legal Administrators San Diego

Greg Byrum The David C. Copley Foundation

Kathryn F. Ashworth, Esq. and The Honorable Thomas Ashworth III (Ret.)

Becca and Jason Craig

Jonni and Steve Bailey

The Country Friends, Inc

Boys and Girls Foundation

The Estate of Abel De Brito, Jr.*

Julie and Noah Bretz

Nancy Banning Doyle and David Doyle

Callaway Golf Company Foundation

Ann Parode Dynes and Dr. Robert Dynes

Mary Kelly Clifton

Caroline and Anthony Farwell

Community Children’s Foundation


County of Riverside

California Bank & Trust

County of Riverside Economic Development Agency CDBG Program

Debra and Edward Capozzoli

County of San Diego District Attorney’s Victim Services Division

Nikoo and Jack Chitayat

Carol and Pedro Cuatrecasas Roque and Katayoun De La Fuente Olivia and Peter Farrell Foster Youth Services S.L. Gimbel Foundation Goodrich Foundation Hervey Family Non-endowment Fund Irving Hughes IDANTA Partners Ltd. Impact Giving Jennifer McIlvaine and Matt Landa Lifetime Products Jennifer and Tim O’Connell Elena Delacruz and Matthew Osborne Jeanne Ham Peto Kristi and Dick Pfister Rancho Santa Fe Foundation/The Patriots Initiative Sage Foundation Lauree and Monte Sahba Dorian and William Sailer Sempra Energy Karen and Mike Stone The Charles H. Stout Foundation Kathliene and Jon Sundt Kevin Tang Tecate Industries, Inc. Connie and Richard Unger U.S. Bank Valley Health System Sheryl and Harvey White

$25,000+ Sepi and Peter Arrowsmith Richard and Rita Atkinson AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign B.I.A. Cares for Kids Bank of the West Barney & Barney Patricia and Bruce Bartlett The Legler Benbough Foundation Bloomingdale’s Dr. Tom Bombardier and John Fowler Carmela Bowen Laura and Ethan Boyer Karen and Jim Brailean Lorena Bricker Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Barbara Iversen and Shaun Burnett


Center for Car Donations Chula Vista Charitable Foundation The Linnie Cooper Foundation Covington & Burling LLP Gigi and Ed* Cramer Karen and John Creelman Cubic Corporation CW Cares for Kids Fund Sara and Larry Dodge Lynne and Steve Doyle Audrey Geisel/Dr. Seuss Foundation Ebay Cy Pres Award Sue K.* and Charles C.* Edwards Philip M. Eisenberg Trust Joan and Rocco Fabiano Lisette and Michael Farrell The Samuel I. & John Henry Fox Foundation Freddie Mac Foundation G.A.G. Charitable Corporation Cynthia and Christopher Garrett Amy Ginnow and Andrée Morin Giorgio Armani Corporation Good Source Solutions Hélène and George Gould Jennifer and Richard Greenfield, MD Dorothy* and John Helm Patricia and Robert Hughes Rebecca and Craig Irving Dave B. Jackson James Irvine Foundation Joseph Drown Foundation Josephson-Werdowatz & Associates Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity - Eta Iota Chapter Kappa Alpha Theta - Zeta Rho Chapter Linda and Richard L. Kintz, Esq. Kiwanis Club of La Jolla Jeri and Bill Koltun Kroha/Casner Family Foundation Colleen and Thomas Lambert Life Technologies Devon and William Logan Sarah and Kurt Livermore Alyce and Mitch Lynn Larry D. Marcus Deborah and Claude-Anthony Marengo Marcia and Michael Martin Mary Lou Washatka Trust Lisa A. Mason Claire and Ryan Matusek

Susan and Craig McClellan


Nancy and Tony McCune Barbara Meserve and Ken Pickle

We are grateful to the following donors who made gifts of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2015, and October 31, 2016.

Lynne and Kevin Metros


RobynAnn and Richard Nelson


Olive K. McWain

Nordstrom Inc. North American Communications, Inc. Northrop Grumman Employees Charity Org. (ECHO)

$250,000+ Lily Lai Foundation

Pacific Athletic Club


Pacific Life Foundation


Pacific Southwest Construction & Equipment

Holly and David Bruce

Sarah and Julian Parra

Highland Street Foundation

Kim Penny

California CASA Association

Lynn Gorguze and the Hon. Scott Peters

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services through U.S. Department of Justice, Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program

Kimberly and James Peterson PNC Financial Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch Provide Commerce Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund Terry and Timothy Riley Gina and Gregory Rippel Beth and Josh Roach

Focusing Philanthropy Judicial Council of California George Lai Genta and Fred Luddy Nicole and Todd Mikles The Morrison & Foerster Foundation

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Price Philanthropies Foundation

Dr. Gene Rumsey and Mary Rumsey*

Qualcomm Incorporated

Ruth Lane Charitable Foundation

Riverside County Transportation Commission

Nancy Sackheim

Katie and Daniel Sullivan

San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club

Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation

San Diego Firefighters Local 145

Charles E. White and Amy Gibbs

San Diego Unified School District


Margy Schneider*


Stefani and Allan Simon

Patricia and Marc Brutten

Sovereign Capital Management

Livingston Family Foundation

Robin Stark

National CASA Association

Dr. Alice Mo and Ted Tchang

Jill Skrezyna and Alex Sun

The TJX Foundation /The TJX Companies Toby Wells Foundation Marie Tuthill and Dennis Bradstreet Rebecca and Chris Twomey Van Law Food Products, Inc.

$50,000+ Anonymous Alliance Healthcare Foundation Jocelyn Bauer/The Bauer Foundation

Walmart Foundation

David Bialis

WD-40 Company

Century Club of San Diego

Weingart Foundation

Nancy Banning Doyle and David Doyle

Weingart-Price Fund at The San Diego Foundation

Olivia and Peter Farrell

Lynn and Lloyd Wells

S.L. Gimbel Foundation

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Patsy and David Marino/Hughes Marino

Wells Fargo Foundation

Jeanne Ham Peto

Robin and Kevin Werner

Qualcomm Foundation

Paula Whalen and Kenneth Whalen*

The Rose Foundation

Fe and Ralph* Whitworth

Carole Sachs

Don Willis

Sahm Family Foundation

Pamela and Martin Wygod

San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Diane and David Zeiger

Ticket To Dream Foundation/Sleep Train


Valley Health System

Becca and Jason Craig

Julie and Dale Yahnke

Jenny Craig

$25,000+ Richard and Rita Atkinson Bank of America Charitable Foundation Stephanie Bergsma and Dwight Hare Rochelle and Bill Bold Chula Vista Charitable Foundation County of Riverside Economic Development Agency CDBG Program

David B. Gold Foundation Day for Change Robert Dean Desert Community Foundation - Judge Marsh Fund Glenna and Ray Dittamore Audrey Geisel/Dr. Seuss Foundation Enterprise Events Group Randy and Cambra Finch

County of Riverside

Carolina Finch and Larry Katz

Cox Communications

Pat Foley

The David C. Copley Foundation

Georges & Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation

Ann Parode Dynes and Dr. Robert Dynes

Amy Ginnow and AndrĂŠe Morin

Gina and Ray Ellis

Hanna and Mark Gleiberman

Holly Ellison

Betsy Gleijeses

Farrell Family Foundation

Goodrich Foundation

Lisette and Michael Farrell

Jennifer and Richard Greenfield, MD


Carol Lee and Jon Hangartner

In-N-Out Burger Foundation

HD Supply

Joan and Irwin Jacobs

Supervisor Bill Horn

Dr. Stacy Jacobs

Kristen and Jason Howerton

Yolanda and Jimmy Janacek

The Hon. Susan Huguenor (Ret.) and Thomas Huguenor

Jennifer and Tim O’Connell

Impact Giving

The Parker Foundation

Shandi and Michael Johnson

Allison and Robert Price

Melissa and Erbin Keith

Qualcomm Matching Gift Program

Councilmember Mark Kersey

Sempra Energy

Linda and Richard L. Kintz, Esq.

Sovereign Capital Management

Kroha/Casner Family Foundation

Dr. Alice Mo and Ted Tchang

Sharon M. Lawrence, Esq. and Darin Boles, Esq.

Don Willis

Lifetime Products

Lise Wilson and Steven Strauss

Doreen and Ed Luwa

Lany and Alex Zikakis

Massey Charitable Trust McCarthy Family Foundation


Mitchell International

Anonymous (2)

Sarah and Julian Parra

Association of Legal Administrators San Diego

Lynn Gorguze and the Honorable Scott Peters

Sam Attisha

Kristi and Dick Pfister

Bruce Bailey

Jori Potiker

Jonni and Steve Bailey

The Rivers Foundation

Supervisor John Benoit, County of Riverside

Supervisor Dave Roberts, County of San Diego

Annette and Daniel Bradbury

Supervisor Ron Roberts, County of San Diego

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Brymer

Rita Ryu

Sally and Jeff Busby

Dorian and William Sailer

Greg Byrum

Samuel & Katherine French Fund

C.J. & Dot Stafford Memorial Trust

The San Diego Foundation

Glenn and Norma Chapin

Sheryl and Bob Scarano

Valishia and Dan Chapman

Schievelbein Family Foundation

City of Riverside CDBG

Robert Schmitz

City of San Diego CPPS

Erica and Danny Shepherd

The Community Foundation of Riverside County

Shrontz Family Foundation

Supervisor Greg Cox, County of San Diego

The Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation


St. Germaine Children’s Charity

Lewis Greenwood Foundation

Kathryn Starr

Devon and William Logan

Karen and Mike Stone

M & I Pfister Foundation

Kathliene and Jon Sundt

Larry D. Marcus

Supervisor John Tavaglione, County of Riverside

Marcia and Michael Martin

Tina and David Thomas

Lisa A. Mason

Rebecca and Chris Twomey

Kristen McCabe

Kellie and Michael Vogt

Jill and Tom McKee

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Money/Arenz Foundation, Inc.

Robin and Kevin Werner

Armone Sullivan and Chuck Myers

Sheryl and Harvey White

Eleanor and Jerry Navarra

Dr. Laurie Mitchell and Brent Woods

The Nordson Corporation Foundation

Zurich American Insurance Company

Nordstrom Inc., Contributions Department

$5,000+ Anonymous (3) AJL Charitable Foundation Kathryn F. Ashworth, Esq. and The Honorable Thomas Ashworth III (Ret.)

Terri and Galen Pavelko Pfister Family Foundation Mark Piccone Conrad Prebys* and Debra Turner Catherine and Tom Quinn

Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino

Judith Radke

Bill Howe Plumbing

Randy and Claudia Redwitz

Nicole and Neil Billock

Terry and Timothy Riley

Krista and Ron Bonaguidi

The Samuel I. & John Henry Fox Foundation

Robert Borthwick and Lee Parnell

James D. Sinegal

Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Elaine and Herbert Solomon

Lynne Carlson

South Coast Plaza

Charles and Ruth Billingsley Foundation

The TJX Foundation /The TJX Companies

Nikoo and Jack Chitayat

United Way of San Diego County

Patricia Cohen

Minerva and Roberto Walz

Susana Corrigan

Warren Family Foundation

The Country Friends, Inc

Supervisor Chuck Washington, County of Riverside

Covington & Burling LLP

Wells Fargo Foundation

De Falco Family Foundation, Inc.

Ann and Philip White

Dowling & Yahnke, LLC

Fe and Ralph Whitworth

Lynne and Steve Doyle

Karin Winner

DPR Construction

Amy and Jim Wood

Finch, Thornton & Baird, LLP

Ann and Hank Wright

First American Title Insurance

WTT Aviators LLC

First Foundation Advisors

Youth Philanthropy Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Foley & Lardner LLP Carlee and Jeffery Goodall

Diane and David Zeiger

Laury Graves


Silvia and Dan Greenbaum

Aetna Foundation

Rondi and Michael Grey

Angela Anderson

Kathryn and Donald Grimm

Scott Arnold

Bonnie and Paul Grossman

AT&T Employee Giving Program

Supervisor Bill Horn, County of San Diego

Holly and Kevin Bauer

Intercare Insurance Services

Megan and Kevin Boland

Rebecca and Craig Irving

Kevin Cadieux

Kate and Dick Kelley

California Bank & Trust

Gloria Khoury

California Republic Bank

Kelly and Mark Kjos

Debra and Edward Capozzoli

Jeri and Bill Koltun



The Charitable Foundation

San Diego Unified School District

Kathleen and Jim Clapp

Sandra Timmons and Richard Sandstrom

Linda Coale

Michelle M. Sterling

Combined Federal Campaign

Linda and Ray Thomas

Aaron and Lorie Contorer

Beth and Stephen Toner

Creative Capital Management


Cresa San Diego, LP

Rande Turner

Cubic Corporation

Rhonda and Mark Turvey

Bob Eddy

UBS Financial Services

Marianne Elam

Connie and Richard Unger

Bob Engler

Dan Weinstein

Ethel Kennedy Foundation

John P. Weinstein

Anne and Dr. John G. Farrell

Leslie and Mark Wicker

Angela and Koji Fukumura

Gila and Andy Zanelli

G.A.G. Charitable Corporation Gambucci Design, Inc. Larry Ganzell Gemperle Enterprises Bobbie and Jon Gilbert Wendy and John Greene Helmstetter Family Foundation Allison Henderson and Jay Miles Amy Ignaciak Issa Family Foundation Lila and Jason Jarvis Lorri Kehoe Lesli Kibar Kiwanis Club of La Jolla Eric Kleinbub Stephanie and Les Kourie Lawyers Club of San Diego Fund for Justice Petra Mertens and Susan Lester Courtney and Ray Liddy Susanne and Brad Livingston Kathy and Ken London

$1,000+ Anonymous (7) Ellen Marie Ahern Dede and Mike Alpert Lisa and Steve Altman Joan Ames Diane and David Archambault Barbara and Charles Arledge Sepi and Peter Arrowsmith AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Mirna and Jim Ault Bernadette Bach Jan and Gerald Barstow Whitney and Thomas Barton Sue and Hedley Beesley Benevity Community Impact Fund Lisa and Jay Berlin BetterWorld Together Foundation Jennifer Bianchi The Honorable Laura Birkmeyer and Mr. Steve Untiedt Andrea Bjeldanes

Geoff Longenecker

BMW of Riverside

Leslye and Scott Lyons

The Hon. Marilyn Huff and William Boggs

Analia Macleod

Katherine and Michael Bonaguidi

Cari and Bassam Massaad

Ann Boon

MCM Foundation Inc.

Ginger and David Boss

Jennifer and William Morrissey

Rick and Christina Boynton

Andrea and Gregory Moser

David Braff

Gary and Jinny Pace

Alison and Chip Brewer

Adriana Palomino Scott and Brian Scott

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody

Colin Paterson

Elizabeth and Mark Brolaski

Pamela Pendrell

Beth Brown

Gigie and Larry Price

Loyce Bruce

Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club

May and Anthony Bull

Mary Carol Reeder

Fred Cassle

Jessica and Nathan Rogge

Cavignac & Associates

Jodyne Roseman

Charitable Adult Rides & Services, Inc.

Lauree and Monte Sahba

Jan Chatten-Brown and Jack Brown


City of Moreno Valley CDBG

Josephson-Werdowatz & Associates

Cleveland Lewis Group at Morgan Stanley

Andy Kaffka

Mary Kelly Clifton

Greg Kaminsky

Scott Clifton

Tom and Anita Kamman

Karen and Don Cohn

Jill Kirshner

Matthew Coleman

Ellen Kish

Compound Solutions

Kiwanis Club of Tierrasanta

Carolyn and Steven Conner

Diana Kupiec

Gigi and Ed* Cramer

Colleen and Thomas Lambert

David E. Cumming Family Foundation

Jennifer McIlvaine and Matt Landa

Linda and John De Groot

James Lauer Jr.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company

Mark Lewis

Chris and Asha Devereaux

Rebecca Linney

Michelle and Steve Dias

Sylvia and Jaime Liwerant

Marc and Gabrielle Doss

Pamela Wong and Tim Loomis

Joseph Durkin

LPL Financial Services

Cathie and Burl East

Ed Luce

Phyllis and Daniel Epstein

Deborah Lyons and Marjorie Zarling

Sarah and Bob Esch

Cary and Suzy Mack

Escondido Rotary Foundation

Anita and Michael Mahaffey

Drs. Ruth and Edward Evans

Paul Maidhof

Judy Feldman

Elizabeth Manchester

Evva and Michael Fenison

Joan Mangan

Diane and Elliott Feuerstein

Trudy Ann Mangrum

Vicky and Don Fitzgerald

Robert Marasco

Lucile and Robert Fleming

Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation

Kathleen and Steven Flynn

Lisa and Paul Martens

Alicia and Charles E. Foster III

Diane M. Martin and Jim Martin*

The Hon. Sharon Kalemkiarian and Rey Galindo

Janet and John McCulley

Barbara Gamer

MG Properties Group

Craig Garner

Brandi Miller

Markus Gemuend

Marjaneh and Dan Miller

General Atomics

Rebecca and Eugene Mitchell

AnneElise Goetz

Heather and Jason Mubarak

Nancy Gold

Jamie and Mark Mullen

Linda and Robert Gordon

Susan and Mark Mulzet

Sharon Gorevitz and Alan Greenberg

Kathryn and Lance Murphy

Grandor, Inc

Sean Murphy

Kevin Grold

Conni Musser

Hany Gurgis and Carolina Vivas

Syed Nazrul

Cat and Jose Guzman

Todd Neal

Dr. Maryrose Hawkins

Jennifer Negre

Marcia Hazan

Nihsima Jewelry

Jason Hemmi

Terren and Bill O’Connor

Teresa and Harry Hixson

Gale and Scott O’Mara

Brad Horwitz

Kathryn and Jeffrey O’Neill

Robyn Hudgens and Ed Batts

Eoin and Kristen O’Shea

Deborah and Scott Huennekens

Mr. Daniel Palasciano

Susan and Kenneth Hume

Carolyn and Henry Peterson

Chrissy and Jens Hutchens

Linda and Lee Phillips

Amy Isackson

Carrie and Isaac Pollock

The Honorable Carol Isackson

The Arthur and Jeanette Pratt Memorial Fund

Dave B. Jackson

Jonathon Reeser


Carol and Bob Richter


Jeannie and Arthur Rivkin

The following families have included Voices for Children in their estate plans, to ensure the future sustainability of the CASA program. The Advocates Circle is growing in importance, as Voices for Children looks towards future sustainability. For more information, or to include your family’s name on this important list, contact Anne Farrell,, (858) 598-2246.

Lynne and Glen Rossman Rotary Club of Escondido Jennifer Rubin Deborah and Kevin Sagara San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club The San Francisco Foundation Stacy Schievelbein Margaret and Neale Schmale Mr. and Mrs. David Schmolke Susan Schoenrock Judith and Marc Schuckit Scott A. & Elizabeth V. Christensen Foundation Barbara Bry and Neil Senturia Nancy and Clarence Shelmon Joy and Jerry Singelton Steven R. Smith and Lera B. Smith Andrew Sorge Jacquie Southas Mary Ann and Drew Sprague Susanne Stanford and Tom Matthews Janet and Paul Stannard Robin Stark

Gertrude Anderson Trust Anonymous Families (3) Kathryn F. Ashworth, Esq. and The Honorable Thomas Ashworth III The Paul Balistocky and Cynthia Balistocky Trust David A. Bialis Rochelle and Bill Bold Greg Byrum Keri and Shaun Copans Rita Cutri Daiber Family Living Trust Janeen and Joseph D’Angelo The Estate of Abel De Brito, Jr. Ann Parode Dynes and Dr. Robert C. Dynes Phillip M. Eisenberg Charitable Trust Barbara Ellis

Robert and Ann Steck

Gina and Ray Ellis

The Sundt Foundation

Anne and John Farrell

SunTrust Bank

P. Randolph Finch Jr., Esq., and Mrs. Cambra Finch

Julie Tafel Klaus

Ray J. Kahler Trust

Troy Tegeler

Nancy Kaye

Pam and Jeff Theodosakis

Truman C. Kuehn Trust

Christian Tresse

Ernest Laks Trust

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito

Sharon Lawrence, Esq. and Darin Boles, Esq.

United Way of Los Angeles

Elizabeth M. Leonard

United Way, California Capital Region

Phillip Mackler Trust

Urban Plates

Joan D. MacMillin Family Trust

Donna and Dr. Raymond Vance

Patsy and David Marino

Christine and Jon Vanderpool

Ellen Preston

Caroline Vincent

Jacqueline Beth Reilly

Stacy Vincent

Lauree and Monte Sahba

Donna Walker and Mark Pulido

Jill Skrezyna and Alex Sun

Nancy Warwick

Mary Lou Washatka Trust

Wells Fargo

Amy Gibbs and Charles White

Kira Willett

Dale and Julie Yahnke

Ralph Wisniewski Kim and Dean Worra Mark Wyland Alexander Yakutis George Young Susan and Gavin Zau


TRIBUTES The lives of the following individuals were honored by their friends and loved ones with gifts between July 1, 2015, and October 31, 2016.

COMMUNITY PARTNERS: CHILDREN’S ACTIVITES Avon Balboa Park Community Access Program

Tom Adams

FOCUS Auxiliary

Alice Armantrout

Legoland California, Carlsbad

Rod Calvao


Sharon Cornish Evone Cox

Mark Chatfield (who has played “Santa” at VFC holiday parties for approximately 20 years)

Gary D’Elena

Melissa Blackburn & Friends

Sue Edwards

Merlin’s Magic Wand

Stephanie Emme

San Diego Chargers

Connor Farwell

San Diego Padres

Gloria Fouts

Tierrasanta Kiwanis

Larry Gordon Catherine James


Jane Johnson

Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association Junior Adaptive Sports Camp

Barbara Judis Betty Kaufman John LaBan Lois Levine Jemel Lockett Jeff Noetzel Simone Poitras Eric Pratt Harriet Rice Sandy Robinson Nikki St. Germain Dr. Nirmala Sundharadas

Assistance League of Temecula Valley Aurora Behavioral Health Care San Diego Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council Child Welfare Services - County of Riverside Child Welfare Services - County of San Diego Children’s Legal Services of San Diego Computers 2 San Diego Kids County of Riverside, Department of Public Social Services County of San Diego Probation Department Dependency Legal Group of San Diego Helen Woodward Animal Center Junior League of San Diego


Just in Time for Foster Youth

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

One Simple Wish

Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego

Portola Community Center

Kids Theatre Network


La Jolla Playhouse

Rady Children’s Hospital - San Diego

Mingei International Museum

Regional Access Project Foundation

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Soccer Shots

Museum of Photographic Arts

Toby Wells Foundation

Old Globe Theatre

University of California, San Diego Rady Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services Program

Riverside Art Museum

Outdoor Outreach

San Diego Air & Space Museum San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, Escondido San Diego Civic Youth Ballet San Diego Hall of Champions San Diego History Center San Diego Model Railroad Museum San Diego Museum of Art San Diego Museum of Man San Diego Symphony The Midway Museum The Natural History Museum of San Diego County The New Children’s Museum

We have made every effort to ensure accuracy of the names listed in this report. If you notice an error, please contact Colleen McEniry at or (858) 598-2922 x5270. *Deceased through the San Diego Foundation VOICES FOR CHILDREN FY2015-2016 REPORT | 39

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If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch the life of a child.

­– Author Unknown


2851 Meadow Lark Drive, San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 569-2019 | IRS tax I.D. #95-3786047


Profile for Voices for Children

Voices for Children 2015-2016 Impact Report  

Voices for Children 2015-2016 Impact Report  

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