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Blockchain people, blockchain markets, blockchain products. Hi5 Group strives to connect these three areas to expand market opportunities for companies who are shaping the future of tech.

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Would you like more people to know about your project? How about a community of blockchain enthusiasts? Did you know that building trust in a leader's persona has a huge eect on market acceptance? Hi5 Blockchain Alliance has set out to create an online platform that will bring technology closer to the people by showcasing blockchain projects as well as personal stories and motives behind them. We're looking for blockchain entrepreneurs and companies who are eager to open up about their ventures on camera and are happy to be listed on a site speciďŹ cally created to educate lay people about this amazing technological advancement.

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Would you like your project to have a larger exposure to investors? How about some deals that make it possible for you to get listed on multiple exchanges for the price of1? How about free listing? Hi5Ex is well connected to some emerging crypto exchanges and we can get your project listed in no time. Let's talk!

Dr. Csaba Szekelyhidi Co-Founder

Are you open to sell your blockchain products in another crypto mall online? Hi5CM wants to showcase all the amazing blockchain related products that are partners oer to the marketplace. We'll drive your audience to checkout!



Amid the strong commitment to the technologies for the safety of blockchain, ColdLar ensures personal wallet products in multiple forms such as hardware wallet, wallet based on cellphone App, cloud-end wallet, and multi-signature wallet, and professional enterprise-class wallet product. With the structure featuring the separation of cold end and hot end, hardware wallet keeps the private key off the network constantly in multiple forms of transmission via data encryption such as QR code, blue tooth and NFC. This completely eliminates the exposure to hackers, thus enabling the safe storage of many types of coded assets.

Parabox is a national-level lottery game aggregation platform developed by the traditional foreign lottery industry professional team based on the blockchain technology and architecture by using the design concept of “lottery + blockchain”. After absorbing talents in the blockchain industry, the Parabox team has creatively innovated the traditional lottery industry with decentralized ideas with its superior technology and rich resources accumulated in the traditional lottery industry. is an Asia-Europe focused digital asset trading platform. We are committed to building a leading digital asset trading platform in Asia and Europe by providing a compliant exchange between euro stable coin and cryptocurrency for global cryptocurrency fans!

As a global economic and technological entertainment explorer, NMS Film Chain is committed to building new intellectual property rights of film and television entertainment assets by using blockchain technology to provide better and more accurate solutions for the development of film and television entertainment economy.

99EX is a multi-language financial innovative trading platform based on the application of blockchain technology. The strategy of the business is to solve for four key problems driving volatility in the industry today: of lack of trust, low efficiency, single product exchanges and limited liquidity in over-the-counter derivatives trading market by implementing distributed consensus-based algorithms, a matching engine, smart contract technologies and digital currency mechanisms at the core of the blockchain.

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Hi5BA - Malta Blockchain Summit 2019 - Brochure  

Hi5BA - Malta Blockchain Summit 2019 - Brochure  

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