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VEUX Magazine - Issue 2 - Metamorphosis STAFF Ada Adams Editor-In-Chief/Content Director/Public Relations

Vivien Hoang Editor/Advisor/Contributor/Layout Design

Wales Wong Editor/Photographer

Natasha Smith Junior Editor Yawen Chan Web Producer

CONTRIBUTORS: Sheldon Inkol, Alayna Kellett, Andrew Knapp, Ayobola Ejiwunmi, Vivien Hoang, Alissa Santiago, Kei Acedera, Bobby Chiu, Heiko Blaser

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COVER PHOTO Photography: Richard Dubois Make-Up & Hair: Natalia Zurawska (Push Creative Management for TRESemmĂŠ) Wardrobe Styling: Luis Zulayhka (Push Creative Management) Manicure: Jessica Ellison (Push Creative Management) Model: Melissa (Ford)



Photography: Can Büyükkalkan Make-Up: Nesli Yavasca Hair: Harun Cici Fashion Design: Semih Metin Demirkan Models: Deniz Altuner



5 Beauty: Spectrum 8 Beauty: All the Pretty Things 22 Online Dating: Click with the Right One 38 World: The Last 64 Metamorphosis: Body and Mind

14 Les précieuses 24 Casablanca 30 La fille sans Voiles 44 Mod: Autumn in the City of Art 50 New Wave Colours 58 I Am Still Here 68 Future Perfect 74 Inter Galactic

ARTS 6 Down the Rabbit Hole 20 Poetry: “Braille” 21 Visual: “Metamorphosis” 66 Photography: La Joie et L’amour

IN EVERY ISSUE 4 Letter from the Editors 36 Travel: “Cyprus: Old World Meets New World” 56 Lifestyle: A Date with Toronto

Letter from the Editor

“Advice from Caterpillar� Kei Acedera

Metamorphosis is word that symbolizes many different things to many different people. Throughout our lives, we experience metamorphosis in various ways, some more significant than others. We encounter the change of seasons and embrace style revolutions, but more importantly we also endure personal triumphs and tribulations. How we respond to these metamorphoses is something that effects our personal growth and our view of ourselves. In turn, it also shapes who we become. In this issue, we ask you to consider what metamorphosis means to you. Much like people, fashion also experiences metamorphosis every decade, every year and even every season. We learn to love and welcome those changes and make them our own. The editorials we present demonstrate ways that 4 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS

fashion appropriates styles from the past, and adapts them creatively for the present. We hope you enjoy the modern fashion trip through time. As you flip through the pages of VEUX, you will notice that the magazine itself has also undergone a slight metamorphosis. Although it is still a young publication, we are proud of the voice that VEUX has found in this issue, and we look forward to its future metamorphoses. We hope that you will enjoy the stories, art and fashion we present in this issue just as much as we do. ~ AA on behalf of all the editors at VEUX Magazine

“SPECTRUM” CANADA Photographer: Toni Ekunah Make-Up Artist: Chelsea Dutchak Assistant: Joanna Salmingo Model: Camesha Henry


Down the Rabbit Hole

A story of two brothers and a leap of faith By Vivien Hoang

“Big Bad Bunny Eater” Bobby Chiu 6 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS

ART me he could really do it. He had the chops to compete against other professionals. Wow - he’s got more potential than I realized.” Bobby also seemed to realize that he could pursue bigger and more ambitious projects, but he couldn’t do it alone. “Bobby wanted me to take a leap of faith, to help him out.” But Ben wasn’t ready yet. “I couldn’t just give up on my job. If things don’t work out, then what happens to all of us? It’s the same scared mentality that everybody has before they go into business. But then one day, I was driving home and I passed this truck. This truck was fairly new and nice, and on the side was painted the name of the company. It was something like DaSilva Brothers sand and gravel. A company, run by a pair of brothers, and they sold sand and gravel. Dirt.” It was the push he needed. “If these brothers could sell dirt and make enough money to have a nice truck, why can’t we do an art studio? Bobby put everything he had on the line to follow his dream. As his older brother, I should support him.”

“Tea Time With Cheshire Cat” Kei Acedera

There’s a small art studio in Toronto to which

Tim Burton is probably very thankful for helping him bring his vision of “Alice in Wonderland” to the millions, while making the millions at the box office. You probably won’t find the artists from this studio in any of the chic downtown art districts, but rather hanging out at the latest comic convention or more likely, working in their office, which also doubles as their home. I sit down with Ben Chiu, business manager and one of the founders of Imaginism Studios, over Indian food to discuss the evolution of his studio and its success. Imaginism Studios was started in 2005 when artist Bobby Chiu quit his job as an animator and decided that he wanted to be an illustrator. It was his parents’ worst nightmare; what parents don’t worry about their children becoming starving artists? But Bobby had a plan and he enlisted his brother Ben’s assistance. Ben had just taken over their father’s shipping business but agreed to help out on weekends. “The idea for the studio came from there - the idea [Bobby] had of being an independent artist. I didn’t have an inkling we’d be starting our own studio. I figured, he’s my brother so I wanted to help. But I can’t draw, so I did what I could, which was to organize.” So Ben helped him register the business and dealt with the start up issues that every small business faces, never thinking that they would actually be doing this business full-time. “How can anybody make money doing an art studio?” The first step was for Bobby to establish himself in the art community by entering art contests. Bobby won his first contest in a competition sponsored by Alias Wavefront (now owned by Autodesk), the makers of Sketchbook Pro, with a piece called ‘Eerie Feeling’ that later became the first print they sold from their online store. More important than the prize they won, which included a Wacom Cintiq monitor, was the faith and confidence that stemmed from winning. Ben recalls, “It showed

Like any new business, the beginning was hectic and uncertain. Would they be able to pay the bills on time? Slowly but surely, the work trickled in. But even when they were between contracts, Bobby and his wife Kei Acedera never stopped producing work. It was an art studio with a business plan and a presence. They utilized the internet to post their digital paintings, were involved in forums and began self-publishing their own artbooks. Bobby went back to his alma mater Sheridan College and began teaching digital painting and drawing. They picked up various concept artwork for TV shows and movies, all of which are still in the works or were never released. They were gathering momentum but had nothing to show for it yet. Then they hit the jackpot. Tim Burton wanted them to do the character design for his new movie, “Alice in Wonderland”. Their sketches ended up in Johnny Depp’s hands. The Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the White Rabbit, the Bandersnatch and Bayard the Bloodhound - nearly all the characters that in the movie bear the signature style of Imaginism Studios. Arludik Gallerie in Paris France had a special “Alice in Wonderland” show, featuring the studio. Hollywood studios were coming to them with concept art requests. They could now take risks, take on other projects, turn down projects. They were becoming a household name in the art community. They went from a small studio of two artists to housing eight regular artists, and regularly collaborating with more. It would have been easy for them to rest on their laurels and become “the studio that did “Alice in Wonderland”, but they haven’t. “The key to our studio’s success was not stopping. Part of it was knowing that we were on our own and we had to make this work. There was that nightmare chasing us forward, but there was also my brother’s dream of being an independent artist doing what he wanted to do pulling us forward.” Ben pauses and then echoes his earlier philosophy, “Even when no one is giving you work to do, you have the discipline to give yourself work to do. Pull all-nighters, work weekends and do what the others are not willing to do.” And where does he see the art studio in five years? “I see a natural progression towards education and teaching people how to do art; helping established artists teach their crafts and helping amateur artists learn to be better, putting artists in touch with each other in situations where they normally wouldn’t be able to interact.” Our dinner is winding down but Ben perks up when he envisions the future of the studio, “If you’re from Columbia or Israel, and say you idolize an artist from Pixar? In five years, we’d like you to be able to come to the studio and take a class from your hero, where otherwise you wouldn’t have even had a chance to meet.”

Upcoming events: October 13-16 New York Comicon; October 23 - Schoolism LIVE workshop with Bobby Chiu in Toronto Ontario; November 18-20 CTN Animation Expo, Burbank California METAMORPHOSIS |ISSUE 2 | VEUX | 7

All the Pretty Things 8 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS

Semi-precious Stone Necklaces and Silver Carnelian Stone Cuffs: Autumn Bijoux Toronto - By appointment METAMORPHOSIS |ISSUE 2 | VEUX | 9


All little girls

CANADA Photography: Wales Wong Make-Up & Hair: Sherry Vanstone Jewelry: Susan Samonig, Consultant Model: Ada Adams 10 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS


should be told they’re pretty...


Silver Rings and Silver Bracelets: Mourguet Jewellery Toronto 416.698.8404 12 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS


les précieuses 14 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS





“les précieuses” TURKEY Photography: Can Büyükkalkan Make-Up: Nesli Yavasca Hair: Harun Cici Fashion Design: Semih Metin Demirkan Models: Nesli Yavasca, Secil Cinardali, Serpil Cinardali, Deniz Altuner



BRAILLE By Sheldon Inkol

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words but those who say that must never have seen a single photo of you

Because there are no words that can capture you Your smile means too many things to be reduced to abstractions and alphabets The contours of your body defy every spoken language And any syllables that dare touch upon your most secret sacred places just melt away like epic novels I planned to write but never will

Any sentence meant to define you would be a death sentence for any poet and even worse for me

If they ever find a way to translate a description of you into Braille I will gladly go blind just to feel every bump and every space dedicated to a single moment of you 20 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS


 ABOUT THE POET: After freelancing for several years as a writer, director and assistant director in the film and television industry, Sheldon Inkol returned to school and received his J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School. He is currently completing his articles at Blaney McMurtry LLP in Toronto, and his feature film ALL THAT IS HIDDEN wrapped principal photography in September of 2011.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born in 1976 in Winterthur (Switzerland), Heiko Blaser graduated as a molecular biologist and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. It was 1994 when he first encountered paintings from the surrealist, Salvador Dali, in a Museum in Basel, Switzerland, that instantly and permanently influenced his vision of art. He works primarily with acrylic colors applying various painting techniques to create his abstract modern art. Homepage:


Online Dating: Click With the Right ONE


By Alissa Santiago

Author Alissa Santiago shares her tips and advice to other women about online dating - including all her fun and frustrations.

If you are one of the ladies out there that hasn’t tried her hand at online dating, sit with me for a minute and let’s talk.

I’ve been on and off online dating websites for two or three years now, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. I’m not going to tell you that you are going to find your Prince Charming online. You might, but the process of dating can be fun too. Your life is so jam-packed with your career, amazing friends, family and “me” time, so who has time to date? Approach it dating like working out, you may hate doing it, but in the end it’ll be really good for you. Over the past few years I’ve learned the following things:

1. Pick a website you are comfortable with. There are a lot of online dating websites out there. They are all different. Ask your friends which ones they’ve found effective and go from there. It is all about personal preference and whether or not you are willing to pay to find a date. There are pros and cons to each. Try out a few if you want, but remember that the more sites you are on the more time it will take for you to go through them to check and reply to messages. So decide how much time you want to spend on online dating sites and how much money you are willing to spend for their services.


2. Know your type. I dedicated an entire summer to dating men that I would not usually date. I figured I had to do this in order to truly understand what type of man I am looking for. For instance, I thought that I wanted to date a metro-sexual with great style, who had a love for Niagara-on-the-lake bike tours. What I didn’t think of was that he would stop at every mirror we passed to make sure everything was in the right place. Now, I know, I sneak a peak at a mirror in passing, but a full out stop-and-check is too much. Throughout my experience with online dating, I have found out that my type is a little nerdy, good with his hands, has a sense of humour, is not too tall and has an appreciation for creativity. I can work on his style if it came down to it, since I’ve learned to be a great influencer. So ladies, he’s got a penchant for comic books – but isn’t Prince Charming kind of a super hero? You never know unless you try it. It doesn’t have to involve a large commitment, all it takes is a few emails, possibly a date - 2-3 hours minimum. You could break in those heels with that cute skirt.

3. It’s all about the photo. Men and women are alike, and we are very visual people. If you are going to put up a profile picture, take the time to do it with a friend. If you’re lucky to have a photographer friend - trade drinks for some pictures. I’m not saying you need to Photoshop yourself, but it’s all in the presentation. Listen, you are who you are and you’re beautiful. Don’t hide, put your best foot forward. Do not do the self portrait mirror trick! There are so many out there

and it ends up looking somewhat tacky. Always go for classy. For those ladies who are looking to date in the hopes of finding Mr. Right instead of Mr.Right Now, it is important to not put up sex kitten poses, as you’ll attract the wrong type of man.

4. The write up. Aim for one or two paragraphs. Try to avoid a laundry list of must haves. Try very hard not to mention the man/men that broke your heart in a million pieces and how you are all better now. It screams CRAZY. Most importantly: be yourself. Drink a glass of wine, type up a profile. It’s like talking on the phone for the first time, you want to be doing something else (like folding laundry) so that you don’t overthink it and are natural.

5. It’s an even playing field online. Gone are the expectations that the man has to make the first move. If you see a cute gent you’d like to reach out to, then do it. What have you got to lose? What if he sees you on the street and laughs at you and you become the source of public ridicule? I can assure you that you won’t. There are so many people online it’s hard to keep track, unless he has a photographic memory. But what are the chances, right? Drop the man a line, say “hi.” Personally, I either reference something from his profile or just try to be spontaneously witty. When you get messages from men (because you will), the nice thing to do is respond to all of them, either giving them hope or politely letting them down. Be forewarned - some will not take even a polite let down well and may come back at you with less than tasteful words. Delete those and move on. Whenever you feel comfortable ask them out or suggest a meet up, and if you are both serious you’ll meet up.

6. Know your seasons.

Traffic on online dating sites vary depending on the season. Spring fever - need I say more? You are all on that site because winter has thawed and you want to get out there again. Some will be looking for a girl for the summer; who knows, maybe that can translate into something longer? Summer has very high traffic, and you will find a lot of casual daters out there, but you will definitely go on more interesting, activity related dates. Have fun, flirt a little. Fall traffic slows down and is moderate; most young professionals get busier in the fall for some reason, but it is still nice enough to get outside. Maybe you’ll find someone to do Nuit Blanche with.

Winter is slow. Who wants to date in the winter anyway? It’s cold! Sure you can go ice skating or tobogganing and drink hot toddies afterwards ... wait never mind that sounds kinda fun. It may be slow, but you are an intelligent, sexy catch. Cast a few lines out there see what happens. Just keep in mind that if you are going to date in the winter, try to avoid any dates around the holidays; there are just too many obligations and expectations around this time that it could spell disaster or disappointment prematurely. Prematureanything is bad!

7. The meet-up. The advice that I’ve given to girlfriends thinking about online dating meet-ups is this: Have fun with it. Don’t have any expectations. The meet-up shouldn’t be too long. Drinks, coffee, ice cream and walk down the boardwalk; 2 or 3 hours. Just be open to conversation and get to know each other. Essentially it is an interview to see if you’ll want to see each other again. In the past, I had a three-date rule, as in give a guy three dates before you make up your mind if you’d like to date him. I gave that up about two years ago. All it really takes is one date. He will either peak your interest or not. Don’t force anything that’s not meant to be forced. Trust your instincts. If you want to walk away then you can, but I’m a strong believer in karma, so do what you gotta do. All bets are off if you don’t feel safe. Thankfully, I haven’t encountered this, but just in case, know that you can walk away whenever you want. For an ice breaker, or during an awkward silence, talk about what you love or what he loves to do. Generating sincere conversation is your aim. You don’t want to feel like you are being interviewed, or vice versa. I say if you don’t like your company, at least enjoy the environment; make sure you go somewhere you’d like to actually go. That way, even if he is a dud, at least you can enjoy what’s around you. So go out there and have some fun. Go out on your first online date. Be your fabulous self and find a man that can keep up. Alissa Santiago is the author of On Stand By. She is a graduate of York University’s Glendon College and has travelled to many countries including China, France, and Japan. She lives and works in Toronto. Photography by Wales Wong


Of all the gin joints... 24 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS

EDITORIAL all the towns....




Photography: Richard Dubois Make-Up & Hair: Natalia Zurawska (Push Creative Management for TRESemmé) Wardrobe Styling: Luis Zulayhka (Push Creative Management) Manicure: Jessica Ellison (Push Creative Management) Model: Melissa (Ford)

Jacket by Vawk ( Noir NY ring available at Love of Mine ( Earrings by Dagmar Jewelry ( Knit by Pink Tartan ( Skirt by Lundstrom ( Fur by Arthur Mendonca ( Earrings and bangle by Dagmar jewelry (



Blouse and fur by Arthur Mendonca ( Skirt by Pink Tartan ( Belt by Brose ( Valentino pumps available at DAVIDS Shoes (

26 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS all the world....

Top by Arthur Mendonca ( Skirt by Pink Tartan (


...she walks into mine. Casablanca (1942)

Top and Skirt by Pink Tartan ( Necklace by Chloe comme Parris ( Gloves and Hat by Arthur Mendonca (


Shirt and Pants by Pink Tartan ( Jacket by Arthur Mendonca ( Love of Mine Collection ring available at Love of Mine ( Giuseppe Zanotti shoes available at Browns Shoes (


La fille sans Voiles



SPAIN Photography: Miguel M. Make-Up & Hair: Conchi G. Wardrobe Styling: Sissy Model: Natalia G. METAMORPHOSIS |ISSUE 2 | VEUX | 31







Cyprus: Old World Meets New World By Vivien Hoang

Aphrodite’s Rock

I am sitting in my rental car in the parking lot at Larnaca International Airport. It is hot out, despite the evening hour. I have just flown half way across the world: I am tired from not sleeping, sore from sitting on various planes and airports for far too long and hungry for some real food. I am eager for my solo adventure to start. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Part of the European Union, it is nevertheless located just 300 km west of Syria. This island has changed hands and culture innumerable times in its hotly contested past. Today, the country is divided between the Turkishcontrolled Northern Cyprus and the southern Greekcultured Republic of Cyprus. For the first half of my trip, I am staying at the Gabriel House in the tiny mountain village of Kato Drys, population about 130, in a region known for its agriculture, wine making, hand made lace and silver jewellery. The drive from Larnaca takes me southwest along the island, on the A5 motorway. The signs, mercifully, are written in both Greek and English. The road up to Kato Drys is narrow and winding; even in the dark, I can see the sheer drop off at the edge of the road. Flimsy guardrails offer a pretence of reassurance. I keep driving, higher and higher up the mountainside. Sitting at the entrance of the village, Gabriel House consists of a series of traditional Greek houses. Each are furnished with antique furniture, but still feature modern


amenities and fully stocked kitchens. The streets are clearly designed for donkeys and carts, not for tourists and cars; but I suspect I am the only tourist in town right now anyways. After a night’s sleep, I join Gabriel Angelides, who is my host and tour guide. He takes me to the nearby Agios Minas monastery, where famous iconographic religious images are painted using traditional, earth-based paints. We then tour Gabriel’s organic orchard, nestled in the dry, hilly mountain’s valley next to the monastery. Gabriel shows me each individual type of tree he cultivates, and he plucks the ripe apricots from the trees and hands them to me to try. I eat fresh almonds for the first time in my life. Gabriel takes me on a personal tour of the local agricultural museum. He is a treasure trove of knowledge about life in Kato Drys. His own home is like an antique shop, but his pieces are not on display, they are used as part of everyday life. Here in Kato Drys, the past has a role in the present. Kato Drys is perfect for the visitor seeking a traditional Cypriot experience. The locals are warm and welcoming; I found myself having lunch with my elderly Greek neighbour and her family after innocently complimenting her lacework as she sat in front of her home. Platanos, the local restaurant, serves enormous portions of Greek cuisine. You can walk the entire length of the village in 10 minutes, passing homes, the church, the cafe and general store along the way.

Top: Kourion; Bottom: Kato Drys

The next day, I am awake by dawn and on the road before 8 a.m. I journey west on the A1 motorway, past the city of Lemosos (Limassol), but stopping before I reach the town of Pafos. My first destination of the day is Petra Tou Romiou, a seaside rock formation named for the Greek hero Romiou, known more romantically as Aphrodite’s Rock. The three large limestone rocks jutting from the sea are said to be the location where the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the bubbling loam. Those petitioning the goddess for help in matters of the heart tie ribbons to nearby shrubs; the ribbons flutter and lift like playful fingers in the Mediterranean sea breeze. For my part, I am content to wade out into the clear azure waters. I take the B6 motorway east, which runs along the coast, until I arrive at the Sanctuary of Apollo Ylatis. The ruins and columns of this eighth century BCE shrine are all that remain of this pagan temple to the god. A little farther east are the impressive archaeological ruins of Kourion. A large, sprawling town, it sits on a cliff, overlooking the sea as well as the surrounding farm land. The Roman theatre built around the second century BCE, dominates the site. From their seats, spectators have always been fortunate enough to watch plays against the gorgeous backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. The theatre is still being used today for modern performances; signs advertising Shakespearean plays were posted in the visitors’ centre. After a brief stop to view the castle at Kolossi, I trek to the city of Lemosos. Lemosos Castle is probably most

Sanctuary of Apollo Ylatis

famously known as the wedding location of Richard the Lionheart and the French princess Berengaria of Navarre, in 1191. The building now houses a museum containing archaeological artifacts from all over Cyprus. A Pagan bust of Dionysus sits next to early examples of Celtic-influenced Christian carved knotwork. There are also sculptures and carvings from the Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance periods. The collection is probably the best example of the constant cultural turnover the island has experienced in its rich and conflicted history. A further example is the Grand Mosque, with its slim minaret, just a block away from the Agia Napa Cathedral, an Orthodox church. The next two days I spend in Larnaca, a bustling, modern coastal town. I am staying at the easyHotel, a basic and cheap hotel that is a ten minute walk to the beach. It’s a sandy beach with chairs and umbrellas for hire, and packed with sun worshippers and bathers. I have barely made it half way down the ocean-side promenade when Finis Beach Bar beckons. With its upbeat music, wide bar selection, friendly staff and shaded tables right on the beach, it is the perfect place to stop for a drink (or two) and to chat with the locals. Cyprus is a warm, welcoming and safe alternative to overcrowded and touristy Mediterranean islands. Between the gorgeous, golden sand beaches, archaeological ruins, historical sites, busy modern towns and sleepy mountainside villages, there is something for every discerning traveler.



The LAST full-time hunter-gatherers in Africa By Andrew Knapp



The Hazdabe Tribe Lake Eyasi, Tanzania



For more information, contact Boma Africa Outreach Tourism





Autumn in the City of Art




RUSSIA Photography: Tatiana Kurnosova Make-Up & Hair: Tatiana Kurnosova Fashion Design: Dina Kovaleva Model: Kira P. (Select Deluxe Model Management)







New Wave Colours

AUSTRALIA & UNITED KINGDOM Photography: Vendula Pribylova Stylist: Carlos Mangubat Make-Up & Hair: Jacinta D’Angelo Model: Rhiannon (Scene Model Management, AU)


Singlet by Zara Top/Dress by Sportsgirl Stylist’s own belt





Sleeveless Shirt by Sportsgirl Jumpsuit by Zimmermann Bangles by Some Like It Hot


Pants by Zara Belt by Dangerfield Purple, Silver Bangles by Diva Ohter Bangles by Some LIke It Hot Shirt by Customised Diesel


Singlet by Zara Orange Skirt by Sportsgirl Red Skirt by Don’t Ask Amanda Silver Bangle by Diva 54 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS

Blazer by Zara Sleeveless Shirt by Sportsgirl Shorts by Someone Else


A Date With Toronto


Fall in Love With the Outdoors By Ayobola Ejiwunmi

It is the beginning of a beautiful Canadian fall,

those few months which require cozy sweaters, but do not yet call for heavy multi-layered jackets. The air is crisp and cool, the sun’s rays still warm with traces of summer. So hit the outdoors and go on a date with Toronto. Enjoy the beautiful turning leafs and open spaces within the concrete jungle. In this issue, I would love for us to spend our dates in some well-known, yet eclectic locations within our public space; places you should know or have already heard about. First off, let me take you to a secret spot that has evolved from being an ugly duckling to something approaching a future hottie. Located at 550 Bayview Avenue, around Pottery Road, is the freshly redeveloped Victorian industrial spread that is the Toronto Brickworks, or, correctly named, the Don Valley Brickworks.

Highlights of the Brickworks include the Saturday Farmer’s Market. This is like no other farmer’s market in town. The produce is typically local, organic and quite health-conscious. Operated under the auspices of the Evergreen environmental group, the market features the best of the season – wild fish, meat and poultry that is not industrially churned out, exotic dairy products, organic milled grains, organic teas and fair-trade coffees. Even some of Toronto’s high-flying chefs, such as Susur Lee of Lee Restaurant, are represented, offering delicious tidbits like their mouth-watering Singapore slaw for a few dollars. Since it is essentially an outdoor event it usually operates mid- to late-May through late Fall from 9 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. Saturday mornings are a bustle. Young parents can be found pushing their non-compliant infants in buggies the size of Hummer SUVs, and since the market is pet friendly, it also seems to be a forum for owners to parade their exotic hounds. It all adds up to a scene that truly


reflects Toronto’s tolerant mix of ages, ethnicities and lifestyles. Live busker-type music is also offered, ranging from kiddie-friendly sing-alongs to semi-classical/jazz renderings of voice and strings. Out back of the main market pavilion are the quarry gardens with a pond containing various turtles, fish and other wildlife. Beyond, is a wooded slope for relaxing walkabouts. Further around the corner at the back is the Chimney park for children to mess around in. Don’t miss the Kilns. In this cavernous football field-sized industrial factory, you need very little imagination to picture how this huge early 20th century plant was operated, with its hot, crowded production lines baking the bricks used to build much of our city. Spend some time in these halls, shops and catering restaurant to feel transported into another realm. Take some time to celebrate the marvelous architectural achievement, which gave birth to the new without wholesale discarding of the old. During the past several decades, when the site was a derelict mess, bored youth would break into the premises, smash up windows, vandalize the walls with all sorts of graffiti. Amazingly, much of the graffiti has been left untouched, lending a perverse artistic flair typically belonging to a modern urban streetscape. A contoured indoor garden space, called Koerner Gardens, will also serve as an enchanting winter ice skating destination for families. After satisfying your hunger at the Brickwork’s Farmer’s Market, take in some nature or enjoy some light physical activity while exploring the Leslie Street. Built from dredged-up material found in the harbour as well as construction-site excavation and debris material dumped in progressively, the Leslie Street spit juts some 5 kms deep into Lake Ontario from the southernmost end of Leslie Street. Over the years, the land became firm and has now turned green. The resulting wild green space

is now known as the Tommy Thompson Park, and is an illustration of the tenacity of nature. The park is only open to the public on weekends and holidays, although there are folks, including yours truly, who sneak in at off-hours to enjoy the fun and recreation found within. But hey, if you’re caught trespassing, don’t tell them I told you that you could! When the park is open, you will find cyclists, runners, roller-bladers, land-skiers, bird-watchers, anglers and all sorts partaking of the pleasures. So bring out your jogging attire, take your bikes, your in-line skates, your field glasses or just your walking shoes and head on down. Bring a loved one or even the kids. They would love it just as much. Come and enjoy an outing with positive aerobic consequences, in the deep freshness of clean mid-lake air. Come for the personal delight of the lactic acidinducing final bike-pedaling push up to the lighthouse at the end. Come on a fall night with the full moon. Sit among the willow reeds and wildflower meadows, with the surrounding racket of crickets and squawking gulls and watch the giant orb of a full moon rise out of the eastern horizon as if on command, being elevated out of the distant lake waters. Then, as in time-lapse photography, in a matter of an hour or so watch the moon spread its silvery shimmer over the lake as it picks up height in the sky. Similarly, an early morning visit, especially on a foggy morning, displays how the fog is burned off, just as a huge ball of glowing sun resurrects itself out of the eastern horizon. Nature’s free show at its best. Be sure to explore the many diverging paths and trails off the main track. And if you have the nose and stomach for it, venture close to the nesting grounds of one the largest inland seagull colonies on the planet! Did I mention that the park is mainly free of car traffic, except for a restricted few for access to the adjoining yacht marina? Toronto Parks also runs a free mini-bus shuttle service to ferry folks unable to make the trip using their own steam, or too exhausted to make the return trip.

For those interested in a quick and easy escape out of the city - while still staying in the city - the perfect outdoors getaway will take you to the Toronto Islands for a day of adventure and fun. Get out your bike or rent a Bixi bike and head for the ferry docks. Take the ferry to Hanlan’s Point and start your relaxed bike ride in the direction of Ward’s Island which is actually the eastern end of Centre Island. Stop off at any point and lay on the grass. Yes, you can walk and lie on the grass. There is nothing sacred about the lawns here and enjoying them is encouraged! There are many locations for a romantic picnic in the green, if you are so inclined. With the abundance of cottonwood trees dotting the island, allergy sufferers need to take all necessary precautions when the trees start to shed their fluffy stuff. As for useful eateries on the island, I would recommend taking your own food and refreshment. If you don’t want to pack a meal and prefer to travel light, do not miss the culinary delights of the Rectory café, which has a new chef who has introduced a new menu better matching the beautiful setting overlooking Lake Ontario. After you are stuffed and sauced, ride on farther to the settlements on Algonquin Island and Ward’s Island where some quaint cottages and elaborate “cabins” show what minimalist living can be. Some of these homes are set in the most exquisite gardens. If you have children in tow, then a detour to the Centreville Amusement area is unavoidable. While the weather is still warm, make sure your return ferry trip is after sunset. Then, as in a dream, take in the excellent view of the city skyline sparkling like the jewel that it is. As with the Leslie Street spit, the islands are totally car-free. The idea of being so near a big city and yet so far from the hustle and bustle, cocooned in this slow-paced capsule, is indeed an idyllic dream.

Photography by Wales Wong


I Am Still Me


I can change.


Every day I can be someone new..



. .if I want to be.

Thankfully, I know.. . METAMORPHOSIS |ISSUE 2 | VEUX | 61


I am still me.

GREECE Photography: John Tsikoudakis Art Direction: Stathis Kotsikonas Fashion Editing: Define Make Up Team Make-Up: Define Make Up Team Hair: Stella Tzioli Wardrobe Styling: Celebrity Skin Assistant Stylist: Evi Anthrakidou Model: Amy (Vivianc Model Management)



Metamorphosis: Body and Mind By Alayna Kellett

When I heard that this month’s theme for VEUX Magazine was metamorphosis, it sounded tailor-made for an inaugural article about health and fitness. We all long for a metamorphosis of some kind, whether we want to lose that last five pounds, tone a saggy tummy or drop 10 dress sizes. Today we’ll talk about small everyday changes that can add up to an incredible transformation!

cola, don’t reach for the “diet” option. We can’t get into the nitty gritty today, but suffice it to say that diet foods and drinks of any sort are generally worse than the full fat version they are replacing. Since we think they are healthier, we tend to eat more, and the ingredients used as substitutes to save calories are often bad in their own unique way. Just stay away!

In all my years as a dancer and model I can assure you that everyone, even the girls we perceive as flawless, have hangups about their bodies. That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost, in fact it means the opposite. We all focus on our flaws and forget to look at the whole package, so if you can shift not only some of your lifestyle habits, but also your mind-set, you’ll be poised for a truly life-altering experience. Let’s start with the lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference and go from there.

3. Coffee, juice, shakes and the like are all fine in moderation. The major mistake some people make is assuming that juice and shakes are as good as, or better than, water. There are empty calories, extra sugar and often other fun additives in most of these liquid options that you just don’t need. I am not insisting you stop drinking them altogether, simply that you keep them in moderation and strive to drink water first when you are thirsty and save these drinks as treats.

Hydration! Water is so important for our health, from proper muscle and cell operation to logical brain function. Consider the ‘Rule of Threes’; 3 minutes with no air, 3 days with no water and 3 weeks without food. We all get cranky when we are hungry, but we can become sick and irrational from dehydration much faster from lack of water than from lack of food. Many people mistake thirst for hunger, compounding the problem by adding more work for their under-hydrated body to handle. Sheer craziness! Since staying hydrated is so crucial, it’s also important to be aware of the types of hydration you choose. This covers everything you put in your body that comes in liquid form, from water and coffee to alcohol and shakes. There are a number of simple rules to apply to this area of your diet (meaning the way you eat, not some crazy modified and unsustainable meal plan), that can make massive changes to your body and wellbeing. A metamorphosis, if you will. 1. Drink water all day, every day! Water is great for you! Not only is it one of the most effective ways to stay hydrated, great for your skin and hair, and nonexistent calorie-wise, but it is also the cheapest and most plentiful option around. Drink water from the time you get up until bed time. It will help keep you full, solving that common problem of mistaking thirst for hunger. It will help with digestion and stomach ailments and if you keep your salt intake at a reasonable level, you will feel slimmer, look leaner and have clearer skin the longer you drink water regularly. Tea is water’s best friend. Different kinds of teas have different benefits like anti-inflammation which helps with ruddy skin and puffy eyes, and antioxidants which help with overall health and recovery. Even teas that contain caffeine are not as dehydrating as coffee and other caffeinated options, so if you need a kick in the morning, try some green or black tea with a touch of honey. 2. Soda pop is evil! There is nothing useful in any kind of pop or cola drink. Despite their best efforts to trick us by talking about being ‘enriched with vitamins and minerals’, it is all garbage. The sugar/ aspartame will do nothing for you besides build a flabby tummy and make you crave more sugary drinks and treats. If you must have a


These small shifts in the way you approach liquid refreshment can add up to lots of saved calories. Similarly to coffee, juices etc, the average alcoholic beverage is around 100 calories and a pound of fat is about 3500 calories. If you drink an average of one glass of alcohol each day (assuming you drink less during the week and more on the weekend), in one month you would drink almost an entire pound worth of excess calories. Once again, I am not suggesting you abstain, in fact I suggest you continue to enjoy alcohol and other forms of indulgence, just to remember to keep them as indulgences and not habits. Moving onwards, let’s apply this same approach of small changes to our food. Most experts agree that approximately 75-85% of the success had in weight loss is related directly to eating habits. Only about 15-20% of your results come from your workouts, which we will touch on shortly. This statistic means that we need to be more accountable for the things we put in our body, but it also means that a few small tweaks can make a big difference. With that in mind, let’s talk food, snacks and meals. My number one recommendation for all of my clients, day one, is to remove all white flour-based foods from their diet. No more white bread, pasta, rice or wraps. For breads, try such options as rye, pumpernickel, ancient grain or Ezekiel style breads. Companies are starting to see the shift from over-processed white flour options to heartier grain options, not just in breads but with pasta as well. Look for things like whole wheat pasta, Spelt pasta, quinoa pasta or brown rice pasta. Similar options are available in the rice family. Try brown rice, quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), couscous, lentils or barley. You will get more useable nutrition from these options, they will help with digestive health and you will save thousands of calories over just a few months if you make the switch long term. The heartier options contain fewer calories in general, but they are also more filling (containing more protein and fiber) so you will find yourself eating less because you are full sooner and stay full longer. When plating your meals, watch your portion sizes. I am in no way endorsing starving yourself, so relax and embrace your inner foodie. What I am suggesting is being in better touch with your body and its needs, while keeping an open mind. Your eating should be balanced,

both over the course of the day as well as in every meal and plate. If you imagine your plate like a pie chart (yes, dust off your elementary school math vocabulary, I said pie chart), half the plate should be veggies with a few legumes, some fruit, nuts and/or seeds thrown in. Half. That means we want you eating twice as many veggies than starches and protein. The other half of your plate should be an even split between starch (like potatoes, rice, pasta etc) and protein (meat, fish, tofu etc). Just shifting your proportions will help, and if you combine that with limiting yourself to one helping at each meal, you’ll be seeing exciting changes before you know it. I can hear a few groans already. Yes, some people need more calories than others and we will get to you. We don’t actually feel ‘full’ until approximately 20 minutes after we begin filling our stomach, so if you eat quickly or without any thought, you might be eating more than you need just because your brain can’t keep up with your mouth! Next time you are considering that second helping (holidays can be negotiated), pause and make a cup of tea. If you don’t want tea, do something else that not only shifts your focus from eating, but also takes approximately 20 minutes. If, after your ‘cup of tea’, you still feel genuine hunger, go ahead and have a second plate. On this plate, try having more veggies and protein but skip the starch. However, I’ll bet that most of the time you are just continuing to eat because it is there and you can. You may find yourself not truly hungry for more after your ‘cup of tea’, which just means you have leftovers for lunch the next day. All of these changes should be small and gradual. Start by stopping white bread, once you feel good with that, take out white pasta. The key to a true transformation lies in the permanence of the habits. Fad diets don’t work because they are meant to be major shifts in your usual behavior for a short period of time to achieve a desired result. Although this tends to be effective, it is also unsustainable, which means that as soon as you go back to your old ways, even a tiny bit, everything you worked so hard for will disappear. In comparison, the small, gradual changes will stick with you long term, meaning every pound and inch you lose this way should stay off. Let’s shift focus from what you put into your body, to what you do with it. Activity is a must, fitness fads come and go as quickly as fashion trends so don’t be fooled by the newest tool, toy or trainer who tells you that you can drop inches by doing next to nothing. There is a reason so many people are unfit and overweight. Don’t you think if there really was a magic pill, tool or approach that melted pounds off with no sweat, work or time commitment, we would all be walking around looking like Victoria’s Secret models? If you take a peek around you, you’ll see that we, as a society, are not exclusively svelte and fit. So fitness and diet gimmicks are just that: tricks. We do not put weight and inches on overnight, and they won’t come off overnight either. It is through consistent habits in our everyday lives that we develop the body and health that we crave. Instead of spending time trying the newest ‘no sweat’ gym or sitting on the couch wearing a belt made of electrodes, let’s try getting up, sweating a little and having some fun! Exercise: it’s a four letter word that for some people conjures up images of short shorts, sweat bands, Tai-Bo and scary men with giant muscles barking orders at us. I promise you it does not have to be that way. Just like our changes in diet and portion size, let’s look at a few quick and easy changes you can make that will support your metamorphosis. 1. Exercise = sweat! This rule is simple; anything you consider a workout should make you sweaty. We all sweat to different degrees, but if you are doing something as a workout that does not make you sweat, even a little, it’s not much of a workout. That being said, that does not mean you have to do an organized class if you don’t want to. Let’s talk options. Classic workout options like classes, personal trainers, boot camps and home videos or equipment are a great place to start. 2. Aim for a balance between strength or resistance training, and cardio or endurance training. A huge mistake many women make is avoiding strength training because they are afraid of getting bulky. I will admit, if you make it your habit to throw 50+ pounds around, you may end up looking a little more Hulk and a little less Heidi, but cardio training alone will not do the trick. Keeping the weights light, the repetitions high and your rest time short should strike a nice

balance between cardio and strength building. That muscle is useful not only in making you look hot in a backless dress, but because muscle burns more calories and fat all the time, whether you are working out, digesting, or at rest. Even athletes only burn an average of 15% of their calories while working out, the rest are burned doing everyday activities like walking, sleeping, talking, and even sitting and eating. I don’t know about you, but I like thinking that those extra few muscle cells I have are burning more up fat while I catch up on America’s Next Top Model, and that helps fuel me through those last few reps every time. Increase the intensity of the workout to decrease the length. Simple equation really, the harder you push yourself, the shorter you need to continue to push. This is the logic behind interval workouts. An interval workout involves lots of short bursts of intense effort followed by very short breaks or periods of active rest. With a little planning, I can get a very effective and intense workout done in less than 30 minutes, which is why I do almost all of my personal workouts in interval format. When you have a hectic schedule, an hour-long class is daunting, but 30 minutes of work seems more manageable. I often find that once I get going, I want to keep going, so 30 minutes becomes 40 or 50 if it fits in my day. The biggest hurdle with workouts is getting going. If you can negotiate or talk yourself into a warm-up, momentum will usually carry you through. When you plan a full workout, you want to focus on intensity, but when you are short on time or just feeling energetic, try and squeeze in 5 minutes where you can. Waiting for the microwave, try some salsa steps. When you are watching television, do planks or pushups during the commercials. Added to your diet changes and some intensity-focused workouts, these little bits of work will add up, both in results and increased endurance and strength. Get creative and try lunges while you brush your teeth, butt squeezes on the subway or in the car and calf raises while you wait in line. We’ve tackled tweaks to our diet, workout and lifestyle, now the biggest change necessary is in your head. In the fashion industry we all spend a lot of time focused on the ideal, or perfection, whether fixing an image as a photographer and/or retoucher, styling or erasing flaws as a makeup artist and/or stylist, or being analyzed constantly as a model. Outside of the industry, we focus on comparing ourselves to the fashion models gracing the covers of magazines. When we look in the mirror, we focus on flaws, real or imagined, and seem unable to look beyond a single imperfection. By comparison, we perceive people as a full package, head to toe; posture, expression, proportion, and all those great things that we can all make work for us if we know how. The viewer has no idea that you think your butt looks fat or you think your tummy is a little soft in the middle. They will, however, notice those perceived flaws if you point them out every five seconds. Think about it this way, have you ever had an insecure and needy partner ? Constantly asking if you love them, think they are beautiful and promise to be with them forever? The first few times it is kind of cute, but the longer it goes on, the less adorable and touching it becomes and the more you wonder, ‘ Are they right? Could I do better?’ It’s similar with your attitude about your body. Start walking and standing tall, with confidence. Pretend you have the body of Gisele, strut like you are always wearing Louboutin shoes and smile like you have Julia Robert’s pearly whites. Fake it til you make it! Act like hot stuff and you will be. Whether you are headed to a casting or a class, on a date or are just hanging out at home with your cats, knowing that you are taking charge of your life and health will give you confidence which draws people to you and translates into a stronger, sexier and healthier body. Changing your lifestyle and habits, along with adjusting your attitude, will launch you into the most dramatic metamorphosis possible, short of a body transplant.

Alayna Kellett owns and operates The Body Temple, a private personal training studio in uptown Toronto. She has been working in Toronto as a model for several years and has worked with some of the city’s most talented photographers. Some of her clients have included Dear Frankie Lingerie, Leave Nothing but Footprints, TD Bank, MuchMusic, Miss Nikki, Reach and many more. She now splits her time between modeling, dancing and spreading the message of health and fitness through The Body Temple. Photography by Stephen M. Loban


La Joie

CANADA Photography: Joel Terron Make-Up & Hair: Vicki Millar Wardrobe Styling: Jacqueline Truong Models: Joshua Hyman & Rashel Wani

et L’amour

Strut Jacket by Victory & Vice Vamp Shirt by Victory & Vice Mode Skirt by Victory & Vice Dexx Belt by Victory & Vice



CANADA Photography: Ian Compton Make-Up: Christina Nguyen Hair: Jesse Young/Krome Roses Wardrobe Styling: Ian Compton Model: Sarah F. (Push Management)


Dual Jacket by Victory & Vice Mystic Cincher Belt by Futurstate LARIDAE pleather and mesh pleated slim pants by DYSTROPOLIS Punctured pleather half gloves by DYSTROPOLIS Front zipper pleather boot covers byDYSTROPOLIS


ANISOPTERA Swarovski crystal-embellished sleeve half, half satin mesh dress by DYSTROPOLIS



Opium Top by Futurstate Prohibit Skirt by Futurstate


COENOBITA padded high collar reclaimed sweater jacket by DYSTROPOLIS


UNITED STATES Photography: Leriam Gonzalez Make-Up: Ayinde for Bite Beauty Hair: Jen Paelmo Fashion Editor: Renessta Olds Fashion Assistant: Darnise Osborne Model: Lenka (Fenton Moon)


Black Dress by Graeme Armour Necklace and Bracelet by Jamin Puech Shoes by Office London


Dress by Sretsis Ring by Laruicci Shoes by Office London



Dress by Sretsis Brooch by Delphine Charlotte Parmentier Braceler by Carolee Lux Shoes by Nine West 76 | VEUX | ISSUE 2 | METAMORPHOSIS

Dress bySretsis Bracelet by Delphine Charlotte Parmentier METAMORPHOSIS |ISSUE 2 | VEUX | 77


Dress by Sretsis Brooch by Delphine Charlotte Parmentier Braceler by Carolee Lux Shoes by Nine West




Dress by Rynshu Necklace by Laruicci

METAMORPHOSIS |ISSUE 2 | VEUX | 79 AVW Publishing Inc.


VEUX Magazine - Issue Two | Metamorphosis. October 2011. Purchase: View:


VEUX Magazine - Issue Two | Metamorphosis. October 2011. Purchase: View: