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VEUX Magazine - Issue 3 - Splendor & Squalor STAFF Ada Adams Editor-In-Chief/Content Director/Public Relations

Vivien Hoang Editor/Advisor/Layout Design

Wales Wong Editor/Photographer

Natasha Smith Junior Editor Yawen Chan Web Producer

CONTRIBUTORS: Natalie Ast, Vi Vien Hoang, Kelly Liu, Christopher Palazzo, Wales Wong, Ayobola Ejiwunmi, Jason Bekolay PUBLISHER AVW Publishing Inc. CONTACT General Information: Editor-In-Chief: Editorial Submissions: Writing Submissions: Advertising Inquiries: Subscribe: FOLLOW

COVER PHOTO Photography: Charlotte Brown (Charlotte Brown Photography) Make-Up & Hair: Presley Foskett (PEAFosk Makeup) Wardrobe Styling: Charlotte Brown Model: Emily Alexander

Dress by H&M Bracelet by Expression Shoes by Aldo




6 Fashion: Drama Dahling 22 Global: Turkish Delights 26 Tom Ford & The Art of Man


5 Visual: Heart of Darkness


4 Letter from the Editors 36 Travel: The Life Down Under 46 Lifestyle: A Date with Toronto


8 Mul Hola Drive 16 Ambivalence 30 Abandoned 40 Home for the Holidays 48 Paper Princesses 54 Working Women 60 Love, No Hate 68 Ziggy is Dead

The dichotomy of life is both an inspiration and a paradox to many. To see the beauty in chaos, to feel the overpowering emotions of idyllic solitude, and to hear the deafening scream of silence all seems initially contradictory, but in life, they resonate in many.

Letter from the Editors

In our third issue, we asked you to show the two sides of society that has certainly been prevalent in the past decade. Splendor and Squalor. The progress and development in the different realms of technology, science, art, and fashion continue to amaze and baffle the masses. Yet simultaneously, the breakdown of each has led many to question - where are we all headed? With the latest protests from Occupy Wall Street, the movement has led to Occupy Together in an effort to raise international awareness on the gap between the rich and the poor. This is yet another reminder to us of the delicate balance that exists in society. When placed side by side, we can indeed see the splendor and squalor of things in our daily routines. To have one without the other would show an imbalance and an inaccurate perception of life. As you peruse through these pages, we hope you see the various voices and perspectives on topics such as the latest trends on women and men’s fashion, adventurous travels in Turkey and Sydney, and the beauty in juxtaposition. We’re more than ecstatic to show you how people have interpreted the theme and are, again, awestruck by the talents of many that have come together to create the third issue of VEUX Magazine. - WW on behalf of the editors at VEUX Magazine

Studded Shoulder Dress by Philthy Ragz Boutique Coat: Vintage Heels by Guess 4 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR

Photography: Benjo Arwas Make-Up and Hair: Foufou Wardrobe Styling: Peggy Taylor Model: Mariel Noir (Otto Models)

“Heart of Darkness� Kelly Liu Kelly Liu is currently a grade 12 student and has studied art for 13 years with a strong background in visual arts. She arrived in Toronto, Ontario last year from China. She has an interest in finding new artwork which fuses different cultures together.




Drama Dahling By Natalie Ast

Facing Page

Mink Fur Stole: Vintage Evening Gown by H&M Pearl Bracelet: Vintage, Pearl Necklace by Forever 21 Embellished Dress byTopshop

Top Left

Suit: Vintage Muff: Vintage Pearl Ring byForever 21 Pearl Bracelet and Choker: Vintage.

Top Right

Ostrich Feather Dress: Vintage Fur Muff: Vintage Tights: Forever 21, Shoes: Vintage

Photography: Dasha Nagorodnyuk Make-Up & Hair: Alyssa Caron

Step back in time this Holiday season with looks that echo 1940’s Hollywood. Miu Miu referenced the romantic decade in their Fall 2011 collection with models garbed in elegant long-sleeved dresses and their hair done up in victory rolls. Achieving this particular look is all in the details. Ostrich feathers are an element that was popular in the past and is re-emerging on skirts, coats and cocktail dresses. The look is youthful, but it can also be elegant and mature if it’s used sparingly as a trim on a slinky jersey dress. To avoid looking like a ballroom dancer, keep the feather details on the upper half of your frame to draw interest to the face. Fur continues to be a staple in the cold winter months. A mink fur stole or shawl will add sophistication and warmth to a simple black evening gown. But a simple black evening gown doesn’t have to be basic; beading and pearl embellishments can add striking interest. At Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2011 collection, the focus was on the coat, with rounded shoulders and collars, as well as oversized buttons. Channel that luxurious look with a vintage suit from the 1940s. They can be found at vintage or consignment shops, as well as online re-sellers of fine vintage garments. Remember that vintage clothing doesn’t mean old. Fur is very expensive if it’s bought new, but can be found at nearly 90% off the original price at vintage and thrift stores. When buying vintage fur, check to see that it isn’t shedding to ensure that it will last another lifetime with its new owner. For a more ethical and less expensive option, faux fur is readily available at many mass retailers or even from upscale brands. Karl Lagerfeld once said, “You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur.” To complete the look, red nails and lips are essential. Hair can be done up in victory rolls, or let down into waves to echo the likes of Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth.

The silver screen starlet lives on. Here’s looking at you, kid. SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 7


Mul Hola Drive 8 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR


ITALY Photography: Erica Fava Make-Up & Hair: Joanna Berdzinska Wardrobe Styling: Victor Soria Burillo Model: Sasha Kaminer (Mad Models)

Dress by Ana Locking


Body Suit by Angela Bang Pamela by Zara Clutch by Zara


Top by Maria Escoté Culotte by Angela Bang Shoes by Ana Locking SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 11


Dress by Amaya Arzuaga Shoes by Hannibal Laguna


Top Right

Dress by Carlos Diez

Top Left

Jumpsuit by Angela Bang Shoes by Hannibal Laguna Bag by Lancel

Botton Right

Top by Maria Escoté Bottom by Maria Escoté Blazer by Zara

Bottom Left

Dress by Jesús del Pozo Shoes by Zara 14 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR




CANADA Photography: Charlotte Brown (Charlotte Brown Photography) Make-Up & Hair: Presley Foskett (PEAFosk Makeup) Wardrobe Styling: Charlotte Brown Model: Emily Alexander


Tank by H&M Jeans by American Eagle Outfitters


T-Shirt by H&M Jean Shorts by American Eagle Outfitters


Sweater by H&M Button-Up Shirt by Zellers Tie: Photographer’s Own Jeans: Model’s Own Shoes by Winners


Blazer by H&M Pants by H&M SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 19

Top by H&M Pants by H&M Hat by H&M Shoes: Model’s own Jewelry: Photographer’s own 20 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR


Top by H&M Hat by H&M Jewelry: Photographer’s own SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 21

Turkish Delights 22 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR

Photography by Jason Bekolay and Vi Vien Hoang Text by Vi Vien Hoang


The Republic of Turkey is a country full of contradictions, co-existing in an uneasy harmony. The region is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the world and has been the seat of power of the Roman and the Byzantine Empires. Meanwhile, modern-day Turkey is still finding its role as a place of global and regional importance, straddling the crossroads between Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In recent years, Turkey has raised its voice over issues such as the Gaza blockade, and has put countries such as the United States in a tenuous position, given their allied relationship with Turkey as well as with Israel. Turkey has increasingly been involved on the international stage, with its participation in NATO, its membership application to the European Union, and as one of the world’s fastest growing economy at a time when other countries’ GDPs are floundering. Turkey has attempted to strike a balance between its traditionally secular governments and its current movement towards Islamization. Drinking is still legal, but the exorbitant special taxes on alcohol puts imbibing out of the reach of many citizens. Headscarves have been banned for decades yet continues to remain a contentious issue for the country, while girls still squeeze into skin tight jeans, mini skirts and designer threads when partying on the Golden Mile. The calls to prayer are projected over loudspeakers five times a day, resonating over the throngs of shoppers and tourists in the Grand Bazaar and there’s nary a pause in the pace of life. In Istanbul, you will find a buzzing metropolis with high rises and contemporary art museums a short walk away from some of the oldest, most sacred religious buildings. The Aya Sofia (Hagia Sophia) was an important Orthodox basilica until 1453, when the Ottoman Turks converted it into a mosque. It is now a museum, with many of the Christian iconostases peering out, from between the pendant chandeliers and minarets. Treading with quiet footfalls across the crackled marble floors, standing beneath the vaulted dome - it is impossible not to imagine this edifice in all its former glory while lamenting what time, strife, and earthquakes have wrought on the structure and mosaics over the years. Earthquakes are common in this region, with the latest devastating quake, with over 600 people dying, occurring a few months ago. Aya Sofia



Grand Bazaar

The Aya Sofia may no longer be used for religious ceremonies, but next door, the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) is still used by worshippers. Gorgeous and awe-inspiring with its handmade, blue ceramic tiles lining the interior of the mosque, gawking tourists and their obtrusive cameras are kept separate from the faithful. The importance of the Blue Mosque was reflected by Pope Benedict XVI’s visit in 2006 as only the second Pope to visit a mosque in two millennia - in an attempt to bridge the differences between East and West, Christianity and Islam. It is questionable how successful this trip ultimately was; the Pope also reached out to the Orthodox Church while in Turkey, trying to heal that rift as well. There are centuries of history and conflict to contemplate and overcome. On a day to day basis, Istanbul thrums with energy. Cars and pedestrians alike dart in and out of traffic. Bodies swarm past you in the Spice Market. Shopkeepers constantly call out to you to examine their fine carpets, flirting, and inviting you to sit down for the famous Turkish apple tea. As soon as you sit down for a meal, the world screeches to a halt. The hustle and bustle of the streets dims to a dull buzz as you philosophise about life and family over a plate of kebabs. I never had a meal - lunch or dinner - shorter than two hours. Warm hospitality seems to come naturally to the Turkish people. Efforts to leave were thwarted with offers of tea, Turkish coffees, desserts or shisha - on the house. Turkey is poised on the global scene to make a difference; the direction in which the country moves in the next few years will be fascinating to behold, given its dichotomous and complex culture, history and politics. Regardless, it is a country - which, in all its splendor and squalor - will not be ignored.

Facing Page: Blue Mosque; Bottom Left: Carpets; Bottom Middle: Street in Old Sultanahmet; Bottom Right: Hot apple tea


Tom Ford & The Art of Man By Christopher Palazzo

“It takes time in the morning for me to become George.” The perfectly pressed white shirt, the neatly folded black socks and the stiff yet polished oxfords, all measures of the man that is George Falconer. Colin Firths’ brilliantly portrayed role as George in Tom Ford’s directorial debut in A Single Man is Ford himself on the big screen. The clean esthetic, the attention to detail - Tom Ford is the epitome of a man. At age 50, Tom Ford is a fashion designer, director and photographer. There is an aura about Ford; sexual yet sensual, masculine and above all, luxurious. When Tom Ford took the reins at Gucci in 1992, he transformed the once near-bankrupt company into a billion dollar mass-market luxury brand. As some would say, Ford is responsible for the massmarketization of luxury; exclusivity was gone, highend bags, shoes and clothing could be replicated and sold all over the world. A caveat as some may suggest, but nonetheless, his insight into the global demand for luxury goods has made him an icon. In 2004, after Ford left the houses of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, he admitted to entering into a depressive state; he felt lost. After commanding the two most prominent houses in fashion for nearly fourteen years - 16 collections a year down to nothing - for a self labeled workaholic, it was traumatizing. Ford needed to channel his creative ideas, and in 2007 launched TOM FORD, a label dedicated to men’s fashion. His uber-chic Madison Avenue store in New York City, which welcomes its patrons with a finely dressed female attendee, is the ultimate ‘man-cave.‘ From the cleanest cut suits to the perfectly shaped shoes and all important dress shirts, TOM FORD is quintessentially the greatest men’s fashion label. For many outsiders, men’s fashion is sort of passé; the days of top hats and tails are long gone - when a man’s fashion was a symbol of his social status. Today, these fine lines are blurred; the rise of massmarket, low-end clothing lines that put fashion instead of exclusivity first has bred a generation of, for the most-part, style-conscious frugal shoppers. But Ford begs to differ. Today, he still feels that men care about how they look, and they want the brands to show it. TOM FORD offers its patrons a wide range of off-the-rack suits to custom made ones that can fetch a few thousand dollars. Ford is actively reintroducing exclusivity back into luxury, a role reversal for him after his work at Gucci, which brought luxury to the masses, by introducing his private blend of perfumes and colognes. Private Blend is a set of thirteen unique and geographically distinct scents 26 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR

that can only be purchased in certain cities around the world; exclusivity at its finest. The TOM FORD colognes are scents that ooze masculinity, with rich cedar wood and a silent musk - they are how a man should smell. So just who is the man that Tom Ford dresses, designs for, yearns to be? Ford exclaims that the man should be well dressed, as dressing well when you leave your house is an opportunity to showcase yourself at your best to the world. As well, a man has to be working and love to work, simple words coming from the self-professed workaholic. Likewise, manners and respect are important and chivalry certainly is not dead for Ford. According to Ford, a man should “never wear shorts in the city... flipflops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should be worn on the tennis court.” Point taken. Above all of Ford’s accomplishments and awards for his design, photography and film, he is a visionary. Ford can see where fashion is going unlike any other designer out there. His pièce de résistance has always been his advertisements. To say that sex was a theme for Ford is a clear understatement; sex and sexuality were tools for Ford to sell his designs. Whether it was Sophie Dahl, featured in his 2000 Opium fragrance ad wearing nothing but a gold necklace and heels, lying over black silk, breasts exposed or his 2007 fragrance campaign for TOM FORD for Men which featured a nude woman with sultry red lipstick and nail polish suggestively placing the cologne bottle between her legs, Ford is a master of advertising. With advertising comes branding. In his 2003 Gucci ad featuring model Carmen Kass, it showed her lowering her underwear to reveal her pubic hair shaven in the shape of Gucci’s trademark ‘G.’ As Ford later discussed, it was a play on branding. Today, our bags are branded, our clothes are branded, so why not our women? Though not widely accepted, ads like these are what made Tom Ford a household name in fashion and a kingmaker in advertising. There is an appeal to Ford: his presence, his stature, and his calm raspy voice are enough to captivate anyone. As the age old saying goes, women want him and men want to be like him. I have always been intrigued by Ford and his role in fashion. Growing up, I thought fashion was something beyond me, something I could never appreciate or understand, but Ford made me love it. Gucci, under the control of Ford, was the must see show for editors and fashionistas alike; I used to love watching the shows in my living room on Jeanne Beker’s

Suit by Coppley Tie by Benvenuto SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 27

Fashion Television. Gucci was fashion. It was sexy, it was luxurious, it was inspiring - I was captivated by the way the women were dressed. Ford is and always will be a figure in popular culture. After he left Gucci, Ford published an auto-biographical pictorial of his work entitled, TOM FORD. The book is irresistible; every picture meticulously chosen to tell the story of Ford’s life, his work and his passions. Being a man in today’s world is not so different than it was when we wore top hats and tails back in the day. There still is a desire to look good and to be better than the rest. Fashion is above all, an expression of our creative style; an extension of ourselves. Men want fashion because they know its importance. Individuals like Ford will continue to be at the vanguard of fashion. His designs are timeless. So for all the men out there, it is an art form to be the perfect man. As George Falconer proclaims in the beginning of A Single Man, “It takes time in the morning to become George”; it takes time to be perfect. Ford is so much more than a designer: he is a style icon. For me, Ford is and always will be my leading inspiration in life.

Christopher is a men’s fashion, culture & lifestyle enthusiast. He is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto studying political science and history. He can be reached at


Top Left

Jacket by Coppley

Top Right

Jacket by Bugatti Sweater by Stenströms Pants by Keith Moor Scarf by Florence Style


Suit by Benvenuto (Purple Label)

Wardrobe Provided By: Walter Beauchamp Tailors (Toronto, Canada)

Photography: Joel Gabriel Terron ( Make-Up & Hair: Shobana Lakkavally (Amplified Soul Makeup + Hair Couture) Wardrobe Styling: Crystal Roy Direction: Christopher Palazzo Model: Isaac Levy (Push Creative Management)




Crop Jacket by Viktor Luna Tulle Mesh Dress by Juan Vargas Gold Stocking by Wolford Shoes by Steve Madden 30 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR


Dress by Viktor Luna Shoes by Topshop Cuff by Rachel Roy Ring by Mango



Dress by Juan Vargas Vintage Corset by nyVintage Shoes by Steve Madden



UNITED STATES Photography: Kristy Leibowitz ( Make-Up: Raedawn Johnson ( Hair: Stephanie Alexus ( Fashion Design: Viktor Luna ( Wardrobe Styling: Juan Vargas ( Assistant: Vinh Luong Model: Nicole Doyle (Major Model Management)

Coat by Viktor Luna Gown by Viktor Luna Shoes by Steve Madden



Head Piece by Eric Bergin Dress by Viktor Luna Shoes by Steve Madden Ring by Forever 21 Necklace by Mango



The Life Down Under By Wales Wong

Above: Sydney Opera House; Below: Hungerford Hill Winery

On my travels around the world, I’ve grown accustomed to a number of diverse accents. Living in Toronto has made me feel well-acquainted with meeting people from all ends of the earth, but meeting Australians is a rare occasion. When I landed in Sydney and was welcomed by a somewhat strict Customs and Immigration process, I was delighted to finally hear an Ozzie accent. That’s when I fell in love with the country. People here are just so chill. Yes, I used street slang to describe the kind of lifestyle that Sydney has to offer. This is what makes the locals so engaging and fun to be around!

The first day in Sydney entailed a full day tour of wineries in Hunter Valley with my close friends who were both hosts and tour guides on this occasion. A lunch in the peaceful patio of Muse Restaurant offered us some time to plan our route and enjoy the tasteful dishes paired with my favourite type of red, Australian Shiraz. Praised by many, seafood is a 36 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR

must-have when you’re here. If you miss the opportunity in the Valley, go to the Sydney Fish Market in the city to please your fish and crustacean cravings. Later in the day, we went around to two more wineries including Tempus Two which also has the Smelly Cheese Shop. I have a weakness for cheese so when I entered the store, I thought I had died and gone to mouse heaven! With their friendly service, I was welcomed to choose any of their cheeses to try. We left Hunter Valley with a couple of bottles from Tempus Two and some delicious cheeses and dried meats.

A visit to Sydney would not be complete without a trip to Bondi Beach, home to surfer dudes who can ride the waves in their sleep. A lunch at Bondi Icebergs Club by the pool was complete with a scenic view of the turquoise colored Tasman Sea. On the weekends, farmers markets pop up throughout the city including the popular Bondi Farmer’s Market. From delicate macarons to vintage finds, it is a shopper’s fantasy.

Top Left: Tempus Two Winery; Middle Left: Town Hall; Top Right: George Street; Middle Right: The Kitchen at The Ivy; Bottom: Bondi Icebergs Pool


A few days out in the country made me miss the downtown life. I’m a city girl - and always will be - so for the last half of my trip, I ventured into the bustling streets filled with business buildings and shopping malls. George Street is home to many people who are constantly on the go. Starting from The Rocks, an homage to a port community that established its place here long ago, you’ll find many boutiques, galleries, and cafes to try out. Don’t miss out on a perfect photo-op that is right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

I continued on my journey heading South along George Street and passed many buildings that house international companies that are at the top of their game. Eventually I met with my friend and we headed to The Kitchen at The Ivy for some burger and fries. While the food sounds like anything you can get at a local bar, the décor of the restaurant was swanky and the service was not at all pretentious.


The next few spots are popular for tourists. The city’s fashion centre is located around George Street and Druitt Street, just steps from Town Hall Square. It’s common to see locals carrying bags from Westfield, Myer, and other high-end brand names in this area. If you’re looking to get some souvenir shopping done and out of the way, hit Paddy’s Market and you’ll find everything from koala bear magnets to wooden boomerangs.

A district that has many one-of-a-kind shops would be Balmain. Walking along Darling Street, I noticed how all the stores were two-storey buildings that combined both the original façade with the new renovations of the stores. One shop that had a line-up early in the day was Adriano Zumbo, a pastry shop with many original goodies. Their most notable products are their macarons and cakes. After having a bite of the mouthwatering treats, I can see why their macarons are often sold-out before noon!

When it comes to a night on the town, make reservations at Pendolino, an Italian ristorante that serves classic pasta dishes with a modern twist. They also have a comprehensive list of Australian olive oil and vinegars which any seasoned foodies can add to their kitchen collection. Afterwards, go across the street to The Grasshopper for some lounging and drinks. Known mostly to the local office workers, this bar is hidden in an alleyway with a big patch of artificial grass over its front door. I always leave the best for last. Before the day I had to fly out, I started a full day of walking from Darling Harbour. The weather was serene and the sun’s rays shined from the reflection of Cockle Bay. Heading North-East, I passed by Chinatown which was teeming with tourists and locals vying for seats at lunchtime. Walking through the Royal Botanical Gardens was a pleasant afternoon activity, but also necessary to get me to my final destination - the Sydney Opera House. When I arrived, I decided to take a break and sit on the steps. I contemplated the course of my trip and thought about the excitement I had at the beginning of the journey and how I’ll be departing the next day. My time here was short, but I got to enjoy the Aussie life that offers the hustle and bustle of city-living mixed with a laidback philosophy of life.

For more info: Adriano Zumbo: Bondi Farmer’s Markets: Bondi Icebergs Club: Darling Harbour: Muse Restaurant: Paddy’s Market: Pendolino: Royal Botanical Gardens: Smelly Cheese Shop: Sydney Fish Market: Sydney Opera House: Tempus Two: The Grasshopper: The Kitchen @ The Ivy: The Rocks:

Sydney Harbour Bridge SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 39

CANADA Photography: Wales Wong ( Make-up & Hair: Stella Assogba ( Wardrobe Stylist: Heidi Ondrusek Model: Alayna Kellett Top by H&M Bra by H&M Panties by H&M Ring by H&M Shoes: Stylist’s own Pantyhose by Jacob 40 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR

Home for the Holidays



Bra by La Senza Panties by Jacob Garter by Jacob Pantyhose by American Apparel Shoes by Aldo 42 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR


Top by Elizabeth and James Bra by H&M Panties by H&M Necklace by Lucky Brand Shoes by Aldo Bracelet by Expression SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 43

Panties by Naomi and Nicole Necklace by Expression Shoes by H&M


Vintage Dress Panties by La Perla SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 45


A DATE WITH TORONTO Distillery District By Ayobola Ejiwunmi The Distillery has evolved into the It location for tourism in Toronto. No period of serious dating would be complete without you and your sweetie spending some quality time within its confines. Check the Distillery web site for how best to get there. I would counsel arriving by public transit. Should you decide to drive, be extremely wary of street parking, as Toronto Parking operates a mean, predatory business that will ruin your beautiful experience for the evening. Best of all, take advantage of the parking lots within the district where paid parking is available or the parking garage in the basement of the condo tower at 33 Mill Street – same rate as street parking. Once in the complex, there is so much to do! If your relationship is on the up and up and you are contemplating moving in together, you could visit the condo sales room of the Clear Spirit & Gooderham towers which are currently under construction, for a prime address in which to hang your hats. You could even find some units in 33 Mill that are available to be leased. If your interests are cultural, there are the Young Centre for the Performing Arts’ theatres or the many individual artists’ studios in the Artscape building to take in. If you are looking for eclectic shopping delights, check out the hip store Lileo, where original designer pieces you absolutely wouldn’t find anywhere else in Toronto can be picked up for a great price! At Bergo, world-renowned designer artifacts can be found for the household as well as many unique gift ideas. If your date has culinary leanings, then you have come to the right place. There is a wonderful range of options, from the English pub fare of the Mill Street Brewery pub, where you can sample/buy their micro-brewed suds - organic and all - to the seafood oriented Pure Spirits restaurant, to the steak house Boiler House, to the very hip tapas wine-bar Tappo or the much-changed pasta restaurant, Archeo. Obviously, one cannot take in all this food on the same day so a repeat visit is a must. When you return, check out the artisan bakery, Brick Street Bakery, where you can get excellent baked goods and snacks, as well as a range of great breads.. There 46 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR

are many other smaller food venues, like the Taste of Quebec, where mouth-watering cheeses, pates and other delicacies can be sampled and purchased, creperies and of course the focal point of Balzac’s Cafe. In spite of all these grand offerings, my personal favourite is an unpretentious little establishment located in the Case Goods lane, Caffe Furbo. Step into its welcoming doors and you feel transported into a classy cafe off the side streets from Via Torino in Milan, near the Duomo or something similar between the Borgo Ognissanti and the banks of the Arno River in Florence Italy. The high note here is “less is more”. I have to commend the proprietor/owner Kevin for his choice of decor. Simplicity and functionality make it a delight to visit. The space exudes lightness and warmth. Every equipment in this cafe is of the most modern best – the lighting, seating, storage, even the music. The selection of artwork on the walls add to the overall pleasant feeling of the place and would make any dedicated art gallery proud. Most important of all, it is not all about the atmosphere; what you consume here has not been neglected. Order coffee and you are getting the real thing – sorry, none of that watered-down drainage residue that passes for coffee, for which most Canadian rush through the drive-ins of their local coffee shop, to pick up the proverbial double-double! You get a well-made Cafe Americano in a thick-walled glass, an espresso that doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste, an iced latte that delivers it’s expected components, without some smarmy fancy name and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. To crown all that, this little nook is fully liquor licensed. Which means, you can order any selection of aperitifs, a short list of beers and some of the finest wines again at non-extortionist prices. The chilled white sancerres are the best tonic for a warm summer day or a cool winter evening for that matter. But for me the absolute killer that Kevin serves up is the orange-Campari that matches anything served up this side of Novara Italy. Sip, chill out and get to know the most intimate details of your date, as you chat away the hours in any of the comfy corners of this very private loco. And on top of it all, you get the best service in the city, unrushed, attentive, sophisticated and with a smile. Ask the hundreds of guest who bee-lined to this spot during the recent Nuit Blanche and had to be reluctantly persuaded to leave at well past 4:30 a.m. in the morning! Yes, this is the place to be.


Another thing many of the establishments in the Distillery District have is they can boast some of the most luxuriant and generous summer patio spaces. The Boiler House even has screened-off patio booths that offer almost home-like privacy for a seriously heavy date. Tappo, Archeo, Balzac’s Cafe, Caffe Furbo, Cafe Uno, the Brewpub, Pure Spirits and many others also all have ample patio seating to accommodate any who prefer al fresco dining or snacking. But these are summer treats. As the season turns cooler and colder, things obviously revert indoors. Some of these patios are heated and operate on a less expansive level even through the cold months! But let’s talk food. The trendy wine-bar Tappo boasts a mainly Italian/Mediterranean cuisine. I don’t know if it’s just the excellent food – succulent veal chops to die for, the wine selection or the hip ambience, but it has become a favourite venue for wedding events. Likewise, the Boiler House Steakhouse for the carnivores amongst us, with its fine steaks offers a truly romantic setting for cozying up to your significant other and has become a favourite venue for corporate events. The space inside has lofted ceilings and a wall display of colourful vintage liquor and wine bottles, giving the impression of stained glass windows in a gothic cathedral. Intimate booths and bunkettes give one the feeling of having a very private dinner-for-two at home. Most weekends – which means Thursdays thru Sundays there is free live jazz accompaniment to boot. On Sundays there is a Jazz brunch. If seafood is your preference then head for the Pure Spirits, where raw oysters and mussel dishes are offered elegantly. If simplicity and thrift are constraints on your date, you couldn’t go wrong by getting a bite to eat at the Brick Street Bakery. Fine English-type grub – pies, sausage rolls, tarts, freshly made sandwiches, salads and soups make for a filling and healthy experience, without breaking the bank. Similarly if you don’t want to miss that sports event while on your date, take in the Mill Street Brewpub. You might even leave the place with a six-pack of the best organic micro-brewed suds in Ontario, after doing the sample tasting to pin-point your palate. Finally, at the end of your date, let your tired feet wander into the aromatic environs of the Soma Choco and Gelato shop. Ahh, heavenly. Indulge your chocolate fantasies – be it hot Mayan chocolati, a frothy mix of chocolate, chillies, cinnamon and honey, pralines or gelatos. Your evening would be so fulfilled. You and your date could walk away, more in tune than when you came. That’s a promise. On a warm summer or fall evening or even a cool winter day, nowhere in the city can deliver a better romantic atmosphere than this. As you can see, there is something for every taste and wallet, all within reach here. Even on a cold winter’s eve, you and your date would be well served.

Photography by Wales Wong SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 47


P a p e r P r i n c e s s e s


CANADA Photography: Derwei Chan ( Make-Up & Hair: Vicki Millar ( Fashion Design: Pretty Deadly Stylz (hand-made paper dresses) Wardrobe Styling: Tasha Farrington Models: Erika M (Ford) & Alyssa S (Ford)


Earrings by Haus of Regalia Cuff Bracelet by Aldo


Necklace by Haus of Regalia Bracelet by Haus of Regalia Multi-colour Rings by Forever 21 Multi-colour Skull Ring by Lee’s & Cherie’s



Shadow Multi-fringe Necklace by Haus of Regalia


Onyx Ring by Aldo Silver Cuff Bracelet by Forever 21 Fringe Bracelet by Haus of Regalia


EDITORIAL Skull Earrings: Stylist’s own Skull Ring: Stylist’s own Silver and Rhinestone Rings by Aldo Fringe Bracelet by Haus of Regalia Cat Women Ring by Thien Neith Hoang



Working Women SPAIN Photography: Miguel Martín Make-Up: Virginia Marqués Fashion Design: Ayelén Villa Models: Joana G. and Ireve D. (Pasarella) SPLENDOR & SQUALOR |ISSUE 3 | VEUX | 55







“Love, No Hate” UNITED STATES Photography: Benjo Arwas ( Make-Up and Hair: Foufou Wardrobe Styling: Peggy Taylor Model: Mariel Noir (Otto Models)

Dress by BritBoy Fashions Coat: Vintage Necklace: Private Collection 60 | VEUX | ISSUE 3 | SPLENDOR & SQUALOR


Right Bell Bottom Pants by Gypsy Junkies Rhinestone Vest: Vintage Head Ears: Vintage Gloves: Vintage Shoes by Steven Madden

Above & Right: Leather Jacket by Philthy Ragz Boutique Tights by Philthy Ragz Boutique Ankle boots by Steven Madden



Biker Leather Jacket: Vintage British Flag Shirt by BritBoy Fashions Jeggings by Forever 21 Shoes by Guess Earrings: Private Collection


Kontagez Dress by BritBoy Fashions Thigh High Boots: Vintage Greek Hat:Vintage


Leather Jacket by Arden B Safari Feather Skirt by Philthy Ragz Boutique Necklace: Private Collection


Silver Jacket by Gypsy Junkies Jewelry: Private Collection




Dress by Falsoo



Dress by Chiara Aversano (for La Dolce Diva)


Gilet by Bunka Lab T-Shirt by Bunka Lab Jumpsuit by Bunka Lab Shoes by Cesare Paciotti Earrings by Jais


Top by Krizia Bottom by Krizia Shoes by Jessica Simpson Necklaces by Jais, Trendi Bijoux, and Art & Kraft Bracelets by Jais, Trendi Bijoux, and Art & Kraft

ITALY Photography: Erica Fava Make-Up & Hair: Daisy Calleja Wardrobe Styling: Barbara Palladino Model: Michela D’Angelo Location: Palarockness (Genzano, Italy)

Dress by InVitro Lab Scarf by Falsoo Shoes by Gucci

Back Cover

Jumpsuit by Bunka Lab Scarf by Falsoo Gilet by Bunka Lab Shoes by Deichmann Catwalk


AVW Publishing Inc.


VEUX Magazine - Issue Three | Splendor & Squalor. December 2011. Purchase:

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