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JUNE 2013 | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

VEUX Magazine - Issue 12 - City & Sea STAFF

Ada Adams Editor-In-Chief/Content Director/Public Relations

Vivien Hoang Editor/Advisor/Layout Design

Wales Wong Editor/Literary Editor/Photographer

Yawen Chan Web Producer

CONTRIBUTORS: Iggy Caulfield, Vivien Hoang, Janet Ma, Christopher Palazzo PUBLISHER VEUX Magazine is published every two months by AVW Publishing Inc. CONTACT General Information: Editor-In-Chief: Editorial Submissions: Writing Submissions: Advertising Inquiries: Subscribe: FOLLOW

COVER PHOTO Photography: Irvin Rivera Make-up: Sutan Amrull Hair: Anthony Pazos Fashion Design: Osbaldo Ahumada Wardrobe Styling: Joe Alimagno Model: Sutan Amrull (Full Credits on Page 19) BACK PHOTO Photography: Ian Compton Make-Up & Hair: Lisa Tuff Wardrobe Styling: Gilad Roitman Models: Valery & Eve


ISSUE TWELVE | CITY & SEA Features & Regulars 4 Beauty: Stop Light - Traffic stopping beauty and make-up 5 Letter from the Editors 10 Amy Weber: A Journey to Success - A talented multi hyphenate dishes about her career. 14 Beauty: A Study of Raja - Get up and personal with Raja, winner of Season 3 of RuPaul’s

Drag Race, famed make-up artist and performer

Art & Writing

20 Fiction: “What’s In Your Head” - Photography by Daniele Rebecchi 26 Visual: Janet Ma - Charcoal sketches of home 76 Fiction: “Love in Portofino” - Photography by Antonio Guzzardo

Editorials - City 28 Corsets & Couture - A bevy of beauties show that corsets are always in style. 34 A Household Name - A fashionable home, a fashionable woman 40 Rear Window - What’s more mysterious, the woman or what she sees? 46 My Sister is An Alien - Beauty that transcends earthly bonds 52 Jail Break! - A release into the city 58 Me, Myself & The Night - One night of freedom; so much mischief 64 Vintage Love - This is not your grandmother’s closet 70 Sk8t - Skateboarding was never just for boys

Editorials - Sea

Daisy Blouse Zelda SKirt photography: Angela Ferro ( make-up & hair: Shiny Arnautovic fashion designer: Alice Nightingale ( assistant: Krystal Ngatoa producer: Grace Julia model: Esha (Dallys Models)

84 Sky’s The Limit - Out on the waters, looking back on city life 90 Folklore - She sells seashells by the seashore 96 Port of Call - A life of leisure by the harbour 102 The Edge of Nowhere - Where land meets sea 108 Sun & Shine - South of the equator, the sun and the girls are just as hot 114 Liquid Dreams - Where do you go to escape? 120 Bright Beachy Pop - California girls are unforgettable

4 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Issue 12 – City & Sea! This is the first of two themed issues, where the themes were suggested by you, the readers! I grew up in a small, landlocked town. Plenty of lakes, but nothing as majestic as the ocean. When I was 26, I moved to a bigger city by a bigger lake – but it was still a lake. Then at 30, I headed west and finally made my home along the Pacific Ocean. I’m not alone in feeling the pull of the sea. Each year, millions of people vacation seaside. Port cities around the world are some of the most populated and vibrant places; historically, they have been important gatekeepers in times of war, and measures of economic prowess in times of peace. At the same time, the crashing ocean waves have inspired us artistically and culturally. Once again our contributors from multiple continents - spanning the globe - have surpassed our expectations with their submissions. We are proud and honoured to publish them and we hope you enjoy their work as much as we have! Best,

V.H. On behalf of the Editors

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 5

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photography: Amanda Gift & Scott Brinegar (Snaps Studio - make-up & hair: Leslie Faamausili (Camera Ready Cosmetics) model: Natalia Barulich

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 7

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation Kryolan Cream Blusher Palette 5015 Urban Decay Eye Shadow in ABC Gum Make Up For Ever HD Powder MAC Cosmetics Russian Red Lipstick

8 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Face Atelier Foundation Kryolan Cream Blusher Palette 5015 Sugarpill Cosmetics Tiara Loose Eyeshadow Make Up For Ever HD Powder Limecrime Lipstick in Styletto

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 9


Amy Weber: A Journey to Success By Vivien Hoang

The paths to success people take in life are as varied as the

people themselves: some have always known what they’ve wanted to do and like an arrow, they go straight to their targets. Others take more time, and take a route as creative and colourful as their personalities. Amy Weber wasn’t always a Hollywood girl. Originally from Illinois, her family moved to Florida where young Amy was active as an athlete, a cheerleader, and a member of the debate team. After high school, the next logical step was college – and if Amy had followed the basic script written by her family, her life’s journey would have continued on through college, then a job and so on. But Amy knew she wanted more and after a year of studying psychology at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, she turned her eyes to the other coast, the West Coast. California, to be more specific.

“My heart just wasn’t into school. I knew deep down that a career in the entertainment industry was really what I always wanted to do, but I started school to try to please my family. I was scared to death because I didn’t know anyone in California, let alone Los Angeles, and yet the excitement of the ‘what if’ overpowered that fear. I realized a few years after moving to LA that I had always wanted to be an actress, to entertain.” You often hear about a rising star’s successes, of which Amy is certainly not lacking. Her resume is impressive. Television spots on popular series like CSI, Seventh Heaven, and “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno helped cement her as a Hollywood fixture; she was also in movies and the WWE’s “Smackdown” series. Not content to be merely in front of the camera, Amy has also been an executive producer on various projects, including the upcoming “Good Samaritans” television show which is slated for widespread distribution in 2013. What you often don’t hear about are the stars’ early days. How did a person begin a journey with so many trials and tribulations? Amy reflected on her humble beginnings, “I had submitted [my photographs] to 5 or 6 agencies before moving to Los Angeles and had decided that if at least one contacted me and was interested, then I would make the move. Well, two called me and said they would like to meet. That’s all I needed to make my decision final. Once I arrived in L.A., those agents turned out to be pretty unscrupulous, but I ended up finding an amazing agency about 2 weeks later.” (Continued on Page 13.)

10 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

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UNITED STATES photography: Sarah Orbanic make-up & hair: Kip Zachary wardrobe styling: Jennifer McCall

12 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Her living quarters were a far cry from the Beverly Hills mansions as well, but there were benefits which an ambitious Amy took advantage of: “I lived in a motel that had a kitchen for the first three months and then finally found an apartment. I lived in this bookstore called ‘Samuel French’ which specializes in Entertainment books, plays, how-to’s, and I found some amazing acting classes including the world famous ‘Groundlings’ school of comedy that I ended up attending. Through these classes and trial and error, I learned how to audition, break down scripts, cold read, and do improv.” Amy was not selfish about this newfound knowledge either. She has written a book, An Insider’s Guide to Making it in Show Business, where she shares her tips and experiences. I asked her specifically about the challenge of being a woman in the entertainment industry and she does not sugarcoat her response, “Being a woman in the industry is interesting. There is definitely a double standard. The good is that you can usually acquire meetings, but the bad is that sometimes people don’t want to take you seriously or they think you are dumb. If you stand your ground, you aren’t strong - you are a….” And here she spells out a derogatory female insult. “I think the best tip I can give to anyone, starting out or not, is to be yourself. Don’t let anyone try to change you. People wanted me to shave my widow’s peak hairline when I moved out, but that is what makes me, well, ‘me’ - and I said ‘no way’. Don’t compromise your values or morals because you think it will lead to work.” Her experience and honesty comes through, “Do you really think going to dinner with some executive is going to make him take you seriously as an actor or actually hire you? Obviously when you get to a certain level, yes having a lunch or dinner meeting makes sense, but when you are starting out, be smart and be aware of others’ intentions.” I ask Amy how hard it was to diversify – between her acting, writing, hosting, and singing – it seems like she’s done it all. She even has had time to volunteer as a chairperson with charitable organizations like Red Light Children, a human rights non-profit organization aiming to stop the demand for child slavery and exploitation. “I just don’t put limitations on myself. I think society and the [entertainment] business does that enough. If I am passionate about pursuing something, I just try it. It wasn’t hard to diversify because I wasn’t trying to prove anything to anyone. I don’t listen to critics because everyone is a critic. I listen to my heart and I think having battled a life-threatening disease really made me grab life by the horns and live it to the fullest. My mother was given a drug called Diethylstilbestrol or DES when she was carrying me, and I ended up being one of the thousands of babies that got cancer from it once I entered my 20’s. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to endure, but after surviving it, I realized that life was mine for the taking. It is rewarding to get to pursue the things that make my heart race - the things that excite me. It is amazing to be able to have a voice that people will listen to, and to bring light to different causes and organizations.” Now Amy is focused primarily on making music. Her new single, “Dance of Life” just landed at #5 on the Billboard Breakout charts. Her 2012 single, “Let It Rain” climbed to #6 of the Music Week Charts in the U.K., and #4 of the Billboard Breakout Hits Chart. In 2010, her song “Something Kinda Ooh” was named to the top 100 Dance songs, alongside other notable names as Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. Amy hopes to take her music on the road, so keep an eye out for potential tour dates and cities! It’s clear her journey is far from complete – and in a big wide world of opportunities, who knows where Amy Weber will end up next! CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 13

A Study of


14 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Crown of Thorns Halo Headpiece by Megan Bea (

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 15

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CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 17


18 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

UNITED STATES photography: Irvin Rivera ( assistant photography: Benjamin Kui make-up: Sutan Amrull hair: Anthony Pazos hair assistant: Michelle Nava fashion design: Osbaldo Ahumada ( wardrobe styling: Joe Alimagno ( model: Sutan Amrull special thanks: Minh Huynh ( CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 19

What’s In Your Head By Iggy Caulfield

Seventy hours of absolute sleeplessness and he was sure he was going mad. He’d been having all manner of sleep troubles since moving to the city. Mild at first: short sleepwalks and too-vivid dreams waking him in a sweat. Lately, though, sleep was something he feared. Increasingly, as he drifted off, an explosion would sound in his head, the loudest noise he had ever heard, making him cry out. He’d been waking during dreams, unable to move, while they continued to play out in his room’s darkness. And during bouts of sleepwalking he would invariably wake up staring into his bathtub, seemingly filled with water, a thin ribbon of bright blood slowly dispersing; another remnant of a dream, reasoned, when his faculties had gathered and he was staring at bone-dry porcelain. Those nights were by far the most terrifying for him. He’d had to take time off work. He tried making an appointment with his doctor at eleven in the evening; the hours were running together for him. He didn’t recall leaving a message, but his phone rang before office hours the next morning—if he’d slept he didn’t recall, but he’d lost some time, certainly—and his very concerned doctor asked him to come in as soon as he could, room would be made for him. Soon after, he sat on the examination table in his doctor’s office. The doctor glanced though his medical files. He got a brief physical: pulse, pressure, reflexes.... “Jack,” said the doctor, “I don’t think there’s anything physically wrong here, but I’ll be arranging some tests just in case. In the meantime I’m going to try you on a course of zopiclone to calm you before bed. I would also like you to see a colleague of mine, a friend.” He handed Jack a card. “I spoke to him this morning. He’ll gladly take you as a walk-in.” Jack read the card. “Psychiatrist?” “Would you rather a brain tumour?” He sighed. “The message you left last night disturbed us both. You’re clearly obsessed with this woman, and it’s not a healthy...”. “Wait, wait,” Jack said. “What woman?” The doctor stared. “The woman from your dreams. The one who wakes you every night.” When Jack did not respond, the doctor continued solemnly, “Jack, she was all you could talk about, wandering your apartment, sleeping in your bathtub.... And you don’t remember any of this,” he finished, more of a statement that a question. Jack shook his head. The doctor stood up. “Get that prescription filled and let yourself sleep. You need it. Then go see my friend to get your head shrunk. We’ll go from there.” He left and shut the door. The pharmacist, Molly, after telling him helpfully that he looked like death, informed him that the pills should dull his sleep anxiety enough that he could nod off peacefully, and as his sleep cycles improved, the sleep paralysis and auditory starts should become more manageable. “‘Auditory starts’?” Jack asked. “The loud noise that wakes you up when you’re falling asleep,” she said.

20 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

FICTION ITALY & UNITED STATES photography: Daniele Rebecchi make-up & hair: Susan Lee Rigg wardrobe styling: Susan Lee Rigg model: Susan Lee Rigg

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 21

22 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

FICTION “It’s a damned nice term for getting your bell rang by a gunshot in your head.” “It’s also called E.H.S.,” she added. “For...?” “Exploding Head Syndrome.” She smiled. Then they were both laughing, a mutually parasitic laugh that quickly escalated to hysterics. “Much better name,” said Jack, wiping at watery eyes. “Christ, but I’m tired.” Seeing a thought forming behind her eyes, he thanked Molly for the cheering up and quickly left. Back at his apartment he took two of the pills as prescribed, had a quick rinse in the shower and performed his nighttime ablutions at half-past eleven in the morning. He made it as dark as he could in his room and lay on his bed. An acrid taste from the medication crept into his mouth and the constraints of anxiety about insistent dreams became easy to brush aside; muted voices calling from rooms he no longer had and sharing his blankets with cold bodies fresh from red baths. All the terrors of night swirled like mist and thinned and lost their hold. Jack finally slipped the leash of consciousness. He woke without incident. It was night. He was still in his bed. Something, though, had roused him. It was a spacious apartment for the city, but still just had the one bedroom, so it didn’t take long for him to make a circuit to be sure everything was well, that there were no surprises and that he was actually awake. It wasn’t always easy to tell lately. But there was no feeling of wrongness, no sense that his mind was playing tricks tonight. He made himself go into the bathroom and pull back the shower curtain. Just an empty bath. The desire to climb back into bed and sleep was overwhelming, and he made his way back with his hands, eyes already trying to close. However, when he pushed open his bedroom door the room filled with the bright sunlight of mid-morning through the curtains, now thrown back, and lounging the wrong-way-round on the sheets, was a very familiar young woman.

“Finally,” she said. “I’ve been trying to break through to you every which way. Sorry about the rough nights, Jackie,” and her eyes looked pained. “I was just trying to hang on.”

Jack made his way to the bed and sat on his heels, studied her with narrowed eyes. This woman, who lay on her belly half-dressed, owning the bed, seemed to draw back uncertainly. She tucked her mouth behind a folded arm, making a cushion of the other as she faced him with fierce sultry eyes and an air of apprehension. “I remember you now,” he said. “You’re the woman trying to drive me mad.”

She startled him by bouncing up to a sitting position with something between a snort and a laugh. “If I didn’t do it in over a year of marriage, I’m hardly going to manage it dead.”

“I’m dreaming.”

“Sort of.”

“You’re, what...a ghost.” CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 23

“More like a memory.”

“I was never married.”

She sighed. “Now we’re going backwards. My name’s on your mind. Say it.”

“Marie,” he croaked.

She smiled. “God, Jack, when you bury someone, you really bury them.”

“But why? Why would I want to forget you?”

“I don’t think you do anymore. You’ve been torturing yourself for months now, needlessly. Time to stop.” Marie stretched up to glance out the window. “The sun’s setting already. It’s strange inside your head.” She held out her hand and pulled him onto the bed. “Come and remember. The night won’t last much longer.”

The next awakening was more pleasant than any he could recall. It was predawn. He and his wife held each other in a tangle. He tried to see her sleeping face but knew she was awake. She sensed his eyes and squeezed him tighter.

“This is how you should remember me,” she murmured into his neck.

Jack laughed. “Are you going somewhere?”

“I’m getting up to take a bath soon,” she mumbled.

“No,” he complained. “Stay in bed with me. It’s a dream, we have forever.”

But Marie was suddenly at the door, looking down at him sadly. “Not just a dream, Jackie. A memory.”

24 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

“I don’t want to remember this.”

“You go back to sleep...” “No.”

“...I get into a hot bath, and...” “No.” “...and a little artery in my brain goes pop. It didn’t hurt. It was quick. There was nothing you could have done.” “Then why do I feel so guilty?” Jack’s voice was hollow, his eyelids too heavy to open. He was waking up.

“I don’t know, lovely,” he heard her say close to his ear. “I’m no head-shrinker.” And she kissed him awake.

Iggy Caulfield was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, the youngest by far of five children. He had an older sister who taught him that the arts were magic, and an older brother who insisted that they’re serious business. He dabbled in higher education, but dabbled right back out, managing to steal a few great people whom he holds dear. He lives above a used bookstore near his favourite person, his son Gabriel, and with his rescue cat Voodoo, who dances on his sleeping face.

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 25


Janet Ma

“Organic” | Charcoal on rives paper | 22”x30”

26 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


“Sinking Too Deep” | Charcoal on rives paper | 19”x30”

Janet Ma is a Baltimore based student-artist studying at Maryland Institute College of Art. As a traditional Chinese, she grew up

in Hong Kong before having moved to Toronto, Canada. This stark contrast in location and inherent culture has greatly enriched her foreign relations and art fusion of the East and West. More recently, she has begun to incorporate themes of self-representation. Her work focuses predominately on drawing and painting, in oil, as a primary medium to explore human forms and aspect of nature present in life on daily basis. See more of her work at: CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 27

On Sandra Corset by Jack the Rimmel Skirt by Jack the Rimmel Shoes by Esther Calma On Mina Corset by Tocado y hundido ( 28 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA Skirt by Jack the Rimmel

Corsets & Couture


On Mina Corset by Tocado y hundido ( CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 29

On Sandra Corset by Garuz Studio Skirt by Jack the Rimmel Shoes by Esther Calma

Corset by Tocado y hundido ( Skirt by Garuz Studio Ankle Boots by Esther Calma Necklace by Skarlett

30 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA



photography: Julian Bern ( make-up: Almudena Barbosa make-up assistant: Cynthia Gomez hair: Paola Casado wardrobe styling: Leticia Pascual models: Alba Garcia, Sandra Cid & Mina

Corset by Garuz Studio Skirt by Jack the Rimmel Shoes by Esther Calma CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 31

EDITORIAL On Alba Corset by Garuz Studio Head-dress by Pluma azul Necklace by Elena Gaspรก

32 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Corset by Garuz Studio Wristlet by Elena Gaspรก


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 33

Dress by Fleche D’Or Shoes by Jorge Bischoff (Para Filhas de Gaia) 34 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

A Household Name

Dress by Barbara Bela Accessories: Stylist’s own CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 35


Dress by Barbara Bela Accessories & Earrings: Stylist’s own

Dress by Divina Pele Acessories by 8

36 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


Dress by Vivaz Accessories by 8 CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 37


photography: Alexandro Adds make-up & hair: Débora Queiros wardrobe styling: Murilo Nunes stylist’s assistant: Evelyn Andrade model: Nicolle Lobo (40 Graus Models)

Dress by Ozorno Accessories: Stylist’s own 38 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

EDITORIAL Dress by Ozorno Accessories by 8 Shoes by Jorge Bischoff

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 39

REAR window


photography: Farzam HD make-up: Helena Livshiz hair: Anastasia Kravtsova model: Charlene Sierakowski

40 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 41


42 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 43


44 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 45




Make-up on Olga: Lancome Tonique doucer, Embryolisse Lait-creme concentre, Primer Lancome La base, Kryolan ultrafoundation, Make Up Forever peach concealer, Chanel poudre libre, Inglot white eyeshadow (highlights), FX Diamond White (eyeliner, mascara, hair roots), Nars bronze (face contouring & eyelids), Kryolan ultrafoundation (lips) Make-up on Riquilene: Lancome Tonique doucer, Embryolisse Lait-creme concentre, Primer Lancome La base, Kryolan ultrafoundation, Revlon concealer, Kett HD Powder, Inglot white eyeshadow (highlights), FX Diamond Black (eyeliner & hair roots), Estee Lauder waterproof mascara, Limecrime black lipstick and black eye shadow

48 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 49

ITALY photography: Snej Shan make-up & hair: Beatrice Contino fashion design: Kim Shui models: Olga Shuldyk & Riquilene Soares (Alpa Model Agency)

50 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 51


UNITED STATES photography: Marcus Cooper ( make-up: Kyle Harder (Make Up For Ever - hair: B. Niles wardrobe styling: Callie Rothermel photography assistant: Haley Ballard styling assistant: Nyle Fisher model: Harry Hains Shot on location in Lower East Side, Manhatten. 52 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Jacket by John Varvatos Sweater by Zadig & Voltaire Shirt by James Perse Pants by John Bartlett Shoes by Ash

Jail Break!

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 53

Hat by Stefeno Shirt by Domenico Vacca Tie by Loris Diran Cape by Rick Owens Pants by Armani Shoes by JM Weston

54 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

EDITORIAL Shirt by Richard Chai Belt: Stylist’s own Hat by Stetson Pants by Dolce & Gabbana

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 55


56 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Hood by Chromat Shirt by Billy Reid Bowtie by Ted Baker Vest by John Bartlett

EDITORIAL Shirt by General Idea Tie by John Bartlett

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 57

Me, Myself & The Night AUSTRALIA

photography: Erikson Nygaard make-up & hair: Phoebe Domondon wardrobe styling: Vanessa Tarca model: Tanya Jade

58 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Vintage fur coat One Piece by Loo Taylor Stockings by Rose Peep Toe Shoes by Betts CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 59

Vintage fur coat One Piece by Loo Taylor Stockings by Rose Peep Toe Shoes by Betts

60 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


Dress by Curv Buttdown Studded Belt by Rust Clutch by Dangerfield

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 61


62 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

All make-up by MAC Cosmetics.

Jacket by Neil Black Sheer Blouse by Bamboo Black Briefs by Pleasure State Knee High Boots by Miss Indigo

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 63


64 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Vintage Love

CANADA photography: Ian Compton ( make-up & hair: Lisa Tuff (Salon Collage) wardrobe styling: Gilad Roitman models: Valery & Eve (Velocci Models) Shot on location at SMASH (2880 Dundas Street West, Toronto - CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 65

EDITORIAL Floral Tulle Dress from Shell Earrings from Forever 21 Camilla Ring by Stella & Dot

66 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

EDITORIAL Floral Tulle Dress from Shell Earrings from Forever 21 Camilla Ring by Stella & Dot

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 67


Jean Jumper Dress by Jordan De Ruiter Crochet Earring & Lace T from Mama Loves You Vintage Eyewear by Gold & Wood

Shades by Matthew Williamson Julep Bangles Green & Cream by Stella & Dot Floral Dress by Jordan De Ruiter

68 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


Gafas white/Brown frame from MASUNAGA Eyewear Carmen& Palomino necklace by Stella & Dot Vintage white Leather Short from Mama Loves you Vintage CITY & SEA and | ISSUE 12 Up | VEUX | 69 Make-up products used include Beauty Addicts sheer mineral tint , Estee Lauder, Make Forever Hair products used include Oribe Rock Hard Gel, Davines Invisible hairspray, and Eufora Dry Shampoo

EDITORIAL Vest by C&M by Camilla & Marc Singlet by Agent Ninetynine Jeans by Alpha 60 Shoes by Wittner Beanie by Sportsgirl Sunglasses: Stylist’s own

70 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Dress by Ksubi Jumper by Ksubi Boots by Wittner Headband by Topshop

sk8t AUSTRALIA photography: Sophie Costello (Pantomime Photography) make-up: Natasha Colvin hair: Misato Powell wardrobe styling: Anna-Maree Davis model: Dallas Jays (Scene Model Management) CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 71

Outer shirt by Evil Twin T-shirt by Sportsgirl Shorts by Subtitled Shoes by Wittner Necklace by Sportsgirl

72 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

EDITORIAL Dress by Maurie & Eve Socks by Cotton On Boots by Wittner Helmet: Stylist’s own

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 73


74 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


Facing Page: Vest: Stylist’s own Singlet by Agent Ninetynine Jeans by Minkpink Denim shirt: Stylist’s own Shoes by Wittner Necklace by Lovisa

Top: Jacket by Sportsgirl Top by Minkpink Shorts by Sportsgirl Boots by Wittner CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 75 Beanie by Sportsgirl


A New Life in an Old World

By Christopher Palazzo IIt was a drab and dreary New York morning. The thick black clouds imprisoned the city below, blocking out the glorious rays of the sun. Adriana laid still in her bed in her apartment on the Upper East Side. Her long, flowy, chocolate brown Italian hair was spread elegantly over her silk pillows. Her lips, adorned with rouge lipstick, once used to seduce her love, seduced no more. She awoke from the sounds of the city below; the cars honking, the sound of a truck accelerating after a brief stop. Her naked body was draped with a black silk night slip. The left strap glided off her shoulder as she turned to face the window exposing her breast. Her tanned Mediterranean skin glowed even in the dreariest of New York weather. A nearly empty wine bottle and a glass still half full sat on her bedside table. There was no celebration the night before, but rather the self-realization of a life lost. Adriana arose from her bed and walked outside to her flowerless terrace which once gave her a dream view of New York, but today only exposed the colourless and lifeless concrete homogeneity below. Adriana entered her bedroom and sat on her daybed, staring blankly at the photographs which for her, were a visual representation of her life. She began to speak to herself, “What did I do to deserve this? I loved you!” She thought she had the perfect life: a dream job, a dream man, while living in a dream city. Growing up in a small town outside of New York, Adriana dreamt of a life full of glamour, of elegance and above all, power. She decided to become a lawyer because she believed that the power which came along with such a career would somehow replace the inadequacies she had in her life. She moved to New York after finishing law school; it was a dream of hers. A small town girl in a big city; freedom is what she imagined New York would give her. She established her career at one of New York’s most prestigious law firms. Shortly after, she met Matt, a Wall Street financier. A man rich with power, but as Adriana would soon realize, a man with no heart. The relationship lasted three years. It was three years of perceived happiness and imagined stability until Adriana found out about Matt’s affairs. There were three women, all of whom she knew personally. Adriana was devastated. As her life began to unravel so did her career. New York, a place which Adriana once believed would give her the freedom she longed for in her life suddenly imprisoned her with constant torment. The dreams slowly began to wash away and reality came to fruition.

76 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


Dress by Mango Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell Crown of Roses by H & M

Still lying on her daybed she whispered, “What do I do now? I need to leave, I need to escape, I need to be free. I need to discover a new life.” She grabbed her monogrammed Louis Vuitton trunk. She placed her finest clothes and shoes in it. A life in a one trunk - impossible for some - but for a woman desiring a new beginning, it was not hard at all. Her finest Chanel suits, the silk Dior day dress, her Christian Louboutin heels. Her love for fashion would be the only love to survive the exodus. “Where shall I go?” she asked. Her desire to escape superseded her ability to reason. Adriana loved Italian music. As she rushed to pack up the remnants her life into one trunk, one of her father’s old records was playing on the antique gramophone which sat in the corner of her bedroom. During her moment of ponder, Dalida’s I Found My Love in Portofino began to play. Dalida’s deep raspy, yet soothing soprano voice echoed throughout the bedroom. Adriana paused and listened.

“Perchè nei sogni credo ancor Lo strano gioco del destino A Portofino m’ha preso il cuor Nel dolce incanto del mattino Il mare ti ha portato a me Socchiudo gli occhi E a me vicino A Portofino Rivedo te” Adriana thought, “How could so much love be present in just a few words?” Dalida captured the plight of Italian lovers. Enchanted by their surroundings, they fall in love. Adriana was hooked. Grounded in tradition, the authenticity of Portofino combatted the artifice of New York. Portofino, the medieval town by the bay, is where Adriana chose to start her new life.

“I’ve never seen a sky so blue in my life before,” remarked Adriana as the dark green coloured taxi she sat in wound its way up the Italian mountain side. With the window down, the wind blew through the car, carrying Adriana’s silk Hermès scarf in its grip. “The air is so fresh, so pure.”

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 77

As the car continued up the mountainside, the Mediterranean emerged in sight. The sun’s rays glistened over the deep turquoise waters. Along the coast, white sailboats glided effortlessly; on them were lovers. Staring down from the car, Adriana could feel their passion for not just one another, but for life. Adriana was not bitter at such a sight, but rather empathetic. She was hopeful that one day, she too will be able to sail those blue waters with a man she loved.

T-shirt, Scarf and Ring by H & M Pants by Versace Couture Belt by Moschino Shoes from Divided by H & M Necklaces by Elisabetta Franchi & Mad Strangewear 78 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

FICTION The green taxi made its final turn and Portofino with its coloured row of houses all along the coast was in sight. The sounds of laughter and enjoyment rolled through the air. Adriana stared at the town piazza where the locals sat drinking their espresso, reading the day’s news and engaging with one another, a custom which seemed so natural yet so foreign to the New Yorker. The car pulled up to the red stuccoed medieval apartment building Adriana had rented; she had no check-out date in mind. The door to the taxi opened, and Adriana stepped out, her body basked in the Italian sunlight. Her white Dior cotton voile dress swayed in the light breeze. Her gold bangles lit up as if a spotlight was shone directly onto them. At that moment Adriana realized that she herself was beautiful, a feeling that since her breakup with Matt, had been lost. “Ciao Bella! Welcome to Portofino,” said the apartment owner to Adriana as she entered into the residence. “Grazie! This place is so wholesome. I already feel at home,” replied Adriana. Adriana entered her room which overlooked the bay. There, she could watch the sailboats sail and the lovers love.

After unpacking and a brief rest, Adriana left the apartment and began to explore her new surroundings. She popped into local shops and greeted passersby with a friendly hello. She marveled at how a city this old could be built with so little technology. The time, the effort, the commitment. She pondered whether or not such commitment is present in today’s world. The irresistible smell of freshly cooked food floated over the air. Adriana spotted a local restaurant and went in for lunch. The restaurant, located in the centre of the Piazza overlooking the harbour, buzzed with excitement. She took her seat on the patio underneath the rich green awning. Beside her, the towering lavender tree was in full bloom. She paused and admired the view for a moment and thought about how lucky she felt. “Ciao signora, cosa posso fare per te?” said the waiter, decked out in a full uniform: a white shirt, black pants and a white apron. “Lobster risotto and your driest Chardonnay. Grazie,” replied Adriana. After all, Portofino was a fishing village. To live in Portofino and not eat fish would be considered by the locals as somehow sacrilegious. CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 79


The freshness of the food was palpable. Never did she have a meal like this while in New York. After lunch, Adriana continued her stroll about the town. She approached a yellow stuccoed shop with white shutters. An antique shop which faced the harbour. On the edge of the harbour sat a man. He had dark brown wavy hair and tanned Mediterranean skin. He wore a white shirt, with the top three buttons left undone and a pair of dark blue jeans. “Ciao signora, welcome to my shop,” greeted the man to Adriana. “You have a beautiful shop; I’ve never seen such beautiful objects before,” said Adriana. “Grazie,” the man replied with a smiling grin which exposed his pearl white teeth. “What is your name?” “Adriana. What is yours?” “Roberto,” said the man. Adriana softly touched her lips with her hand. Today, she wore her rouge lipstick. Roberto stood silently by the bay staring at his new customer. Eyes focused on each other, they seduced one another. Roberto approached Adriana, untied her pink Hermès scarf that was wrapped around her neck. He turned around, picked up a vintage label-less light green silk scarf, and placed it around Adriana’s neck. Roberto stepped back and admired Adriana for a moment just as an artist admired his newly formed creation. “It’s beautiful, but I can’t take it,” said Adriana. “Ah, but it suits you. Please, take it.” “Thank you,” said Adriana smiling. Adriana turned and left the store, but not before one more gaze at Roberto who stood in the doorway.

The sun was setting over Portofino. The clear blue sky that stretched across the horizon morphed into deep tones of oranges and yellows. Adriana walked solemnly back to her apartment. The green silk scarf given to her by Roberto still adorned her neck while Roberto himself captivated her mind. Adriana entered her apartment and decided she would go to sleep early that night. She lit a few candles and began to undress. She put on her red silk night slip, poured herself a glass of wine and sat for a moment by the windowsill which overlooked the harbour. Portofino was lit up while the street lights glowed. People frolicked and danced together in the piazza. The boats were all docked in the harbour. Smiling, Adriana realized the beauty in life. What she thought a career would give her was instead given to her by the people of Portofino. The power she once craved was eroded to facilitate the love she longed for in her life. Not just the love for another human being, but for herself and for life.

80 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Above (Also on Page 82): Shirt and Suit from the Superlatives Archive Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell Tiara by Mad Strangewear Necklace by H & M Rings by Top Shop


As Adriana stared into the Italian night she overheard a man singing down by the bay. A deep rich Italian voice bellowed over the harbour followed by the chimes of a harmonica. There, standing underneath a street lamp was Roberto singing lovingly, by himself, to himself. Adriana smiled as she gazed onto Roberto. She left the shutters to her room open, walked over to bed and fell asleep to the faint sounds of his melody. The following morning, Adriana awoke to the sun’s rays blazing over her bedroom. She rose out of bed and walked over to the window. She stood among the flowers which hung from the window’s ledge. The white boats were sailing on the sea and the café’s were buzzing with locals. It was a familiar sight to Adriana, yet it all seemed new; it was a life that never could get old. Roberto inundated all of Adriana’s thoughts. How could a man she knew so little about captivate her entire mind? As Adriana was leaving her apartment, she saw her neighbour. Desperate to know more about Roberto, she asked for details about the man. “Ciao Luigi, aspetta. Do you know a Roberto? He owns the antique shop by the harbour.” “Sì, I know Roberto. Such a kind man,” replied Luigi. “Why does he sing by the harbour at night?” asked Adriana without any hesitation. “Ah, Adriana, see Roberto loves music. Every night, he sits by the bay and sings. Roberto’s family has lived in Portofino for generations. He said once that he sings to pronounce his love to the land for which he has grown up on. I don’t blame him. Look around you! The beauty of this place is enough to inspire even the saddest of artists.” “Grazie signore,” Adriana smiled to Luigi then left the apartment. Adriana walked to the local bakery. Entering the bakery was for Adriana like entering another world. She came from the blandly commercialized and rather blasé way of purchasing food in North America. In contrast, the small bakery had no aisles or shopping carts. There was no sterile music playing, nor a line of freezers. The bread was baked in a stone oven in the corner and the olive oil was jarred on site. The store was small and wholesome. Adriana felt welcomed. On her way back to the apartment, Roberto drove past her on his Vespa. It was bright red with a chrome trim and a dark brown leather seat. Roberto stopped. “Ciao Adriana! Going home? Hop on.” Without any word, only a smile, Adriana accepted. As the Vespa wound around the cars that dotted the road, Adriana felt a level of excitement she hadn’t felt in a while. At that moment, she began to remember her life in New York. The days spent in the backseat of a taxi stuck in traffic. The legal career she always dreamt of. Meetings in her office with workers she did not care for, with clients she simply despised. All for what?

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 81

She did not quit her job in New York before coming to Italy, but riding on the back of Roberto’s Vespa allowed her to realize the joys in life she was lacking. The simplicity of Portofino began to enrich Adriana in a way that the wealth she had in New York never could. Three weeks had past since Adriana arrived in Portofino. Her old life in New York resided deep within her memory. Adriana wanted a new beginning, and Portofino gave that to her. What she once wanted in life was nothing more than superficial. The love of life and the love she had for Roberto could only have been born with the death of her past life. To be reborn in an ancient world - how marvelous. The sun was setting over Portofino; Roberto loosened the ropes on his sailboat as he prepared for an evening sail with Adriana. Her scarlet red Yves Saint Laurent maxi dress - so bold, so seductive - billowed in the light breeze as she boarded the boat. The sails went up and the boat slipped away from the harbour. Roberto lit a few candles on deck which had a romantic glow as the sun crept beneath the waters of the Mediterranean. Adriana turned her head and saw Portofino in the distance, lit up, alive, and picturesque. She then turned to face Roberto and ran her soft supple hands gracefully through Roberto’s dark brown hair. They laughed, they loved, and they lived all underneath the clear starry sky; one sky that covered Adriana’s old life in New York and her new life in Portofino.

82 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

ITALY photography: Antonio Guzzardo ( make-up: Valentina Pintus ( hair: Vincenzo Panico wardrobe styling: Vanessissima (Superlatives - stylist’s assistant: Lorenzo Wayne (Superlatives) model: Carlijn (yourwaymanagement) Shot in Rome, Italy. Special thanks to Ristorante Angelina ( and Elena Muratore. Left: Dress by H & M Conscious Collection Jacket and Rings by H & M Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell Necklace by Not Your Dolls Right: Jacket by Rocco Barocco Jeans Skirt and Necklace by H & M Shoes from Divided by H & M

Christopher Palazzo is a men’s fashion, lifestyle and culture enthusiast. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto in Political Science and History. He can be reached at CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 83


84 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Sky’s the Limit CANADA photography: Hubert Ye Hua make-up & hair: Dorothy Kay assistant: Fiona Yeung model: Alejandra (Spot 6 Management)

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 85

86 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 87

88 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 89


90 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Vintage top Skirt by Isabella Longginou Ostrich Feather Jacket by Kate Moss for Top Shop Vintage Japanese Fabric Jewellery: Stylist’s own jewellery

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 91

EDITORIAL Velvet Dress by Gail Sorronda Lace Top by Isabella Longginou Vintage Jewellery: Stylist’s own Rings by Peach State

92 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

EDITORIAL Vintage Kimono Copper Belt by Renoir Jewellery: Stylist’s own Headpiece: Stylist’s own Pants by Isabella Longginou Top by Witchery

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 93

EDITORIAL Caftan by Camilla Necklace by Sass & Bide Earrings by Forever 21 Bracelets: Stylist’s own

94 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


photography: Aimee Stoddart ( make-up: Bec Fiedler ( hair: Skye Bridge (Webster & Wood) wardrobe styling: Geo Moriarty ( model: Madeleine Day (Viviens Model Management)

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 95

Port of Call

96 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

CANADA photography: M Studio Life Photography ( make-up: Maggie Ng (Make Up For Ever - wardrobe styling: Lisa Holbrook ( photography assistant: Tobin Cheung model: Joshua Hyman (

Suspender Trouser by L.O.G.G. H&M Tank Top by 21 Men Cap by Winners Boots by Hawkings McGill Duffle Bag by Louis Vuitton Bandana: Stylist’s own Tennis Racquet from Prince CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 97


Shirt by Johnston & Murphy Vest by Zara Man Tank Top: Stylist’s own Jeans by H&M Sunglasses by Original Penguin Shoes by Pegabo Bracelet: Stylist’s own Cellular Phone is a Samsung Galaxy SIII

98 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

EDITORIAL Pants by Original Penguin Jacket by Top Man Shirt by Banana Republic Shoes by Top Man Pocket Square by Winners Golf Club from Callaway

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 99


Jacket by Zara Man T-Shirt by Urban Outfitters Jeans by Levi’s Shoes by Lacoste Sunglasses by Original Penguin Vintage Camera is 12 a Jiffy Kodak 100 | VEUX | ISSUE | CITY & SEASeries II.

Hoodie by Original Penguin Cardigan by Banana Republic Shorts by Original Penguin Hat by Original Penguin Shoes by Fred Perry Bicycle from Strida


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 101

The Edge of Nowhere

UNITED STATES photography: Carla Pivonski make-up: Philip Patterson hair: Trieu Ly wardrobe styling: Carla Pivonski fashion design: Herve Leger, Alexis Bittar model: Tsubasa Watanabe (Major Model, NYC) Shot on location at Montauk, New York. 102 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 103


104 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 105


106 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 107


Sun & Shine

108 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Apple Swim Set Sunglasses: Designer’s own Camera: Designer’s own

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 109

EDITORIAL June Blouse Belle Skirt Rollerskates: Designer’s own

110 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

EDITORIAL Daisy Blouse Zelda SKirt

AUSTRALIA photography: Angela Ferro ( make-up & hair: Shiny Arnautovic fashion designer: Alice Nightingale ( assistant: Krystal Ngatoa producer: Grace Julia model: Esha (Dallys Models)

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 111


Edie Dress Sunglasses: Designer’s own

Apricot Swimsuit Towel: Designer’s own

112 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

EDITORIAL Louise Dress

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 113


Liquid Dreams ITALY photography: Amarillis Cargnin ( make-up: Giulia Remoli hair: Amarillis Cargnin fashion design: Noemi Ferri wardrobe styling: Noemi Ferri model: Romanelli 114 | VEUX Elisa | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 115


116 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 117


118 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 119

Bright Beachy


120 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Bikini Top: Vintage Bikini Bottoms by Sugarpuss Swimwear Blouse: Vintage Wrangler Shoes by GLAZE Bracelet by Native Panama


UNITED STATES photography: Derren Versoza ( make-up & hair: Jazzmene Ellison ( wardrobe styling: Jen Summers ( model: Angie Menze Shot on location at Huntington Beach, CITY & SEA | ISSUE California. 12 | VEUX | 121

Top by Sugarpuss Clothing Bodysuit by Sugarpuss Clothing Shoes by Lady Luxe Cuff & Earrings by H&M

122 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


Bandeau Top by Muheeka Blouse by Sugar 17 Retro Swim Bottoms by Sugarpuss Swimwear Shoes by Lady Luxe Necklace & Bracelet by Muheeka CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 123


124 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA

Top by Muheeka Skirt by Muheeka Necklace & Bracelet by Native Panama

Retro Swimsuit by Sugarpuss Swimwear

Retro Swimsuit by Sugarpuss Swimwear Earrings by H&M


CITY & SEA | ISSUE 12 | VEUX | 125 AVW Publishing Inc.

126 | VEUX | ISSUE 12 | CITY & SEA


Cityscapes and seashores! June is a time when people start eagerly planning their vacations - and whether you're staying in town for a stay...


Cityscapes and seashores! June is a time when people start eagerly planning their vacations - and whether you're staying in town for a stay...