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After Just Six Miles, another C7 Corvette Z06 Motor Fails Well hopefully this is not shaping up to be a trend, but it seems that we have another Z06 motor failure, and this one happened with just six miles on the odometer. We are still actively trying to gather more information on this car, and the various factors that may have come into play with what is happening here. What we know so far is that the car was a Z07 package car with the manual transmission. The car was delivered, and then just a few miles from the dealer the car started knocking, and then it blew bits of LT4 everywhere. According to one of the texts, the picture you see above is “the side of the engine block and the part of the piston that went through the block.â€? It is sad to hear of yet another engine failure, but to my knowledge there still havenâ€&#x;t been a large enough number of problems to really point to a major issue in the manufacturing of the LT4, but data is coming in fast.

Side of the engine block & part of the piston that went through the

block What we do have are some pictures and a series of texts from the dealer he worked with, which can all be found in the main thread



2015 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Night Race Blue Night Race Blue w/Jet Black interior, 6.2 liter/460hp, 8-spf Paddle Shift automatic transaxle. The '15 Corvette's arrived with some minor and major changes. The minor ones included some new colors, but the major ones were the introduction of the awesome ZO6, which was available in a Convertible with automatic transaxle for the first time! But for those of us looking for something a bit more sedate, the standard Coupe and


Convertible were also available with the new 8-spd. Paddle Shift automatic, as well. Like the example presented here . This beautiful Convertible in stunning Night Race Blue w/Black interior is equipped with the 1LT Pkg, which included a 455hp V-8, power top, Brembo 4-piston disc brakes, rear view camera, carbon fiber hood, keyless/remote start, tilt/tele steering wheel, cruise control, tire pressure monitors, AM/FM Stereo w/9 speakers, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, MP3, MyLink, OnStar, 4GLTE, 8" HD driver info touchscreen, leather power GT seat, Active Handling stability control & Dual Zone electronic climate control. Additional options include Multimode performance exhaust


It's finally here a showcase for the car enthusiast. One man's dream and hard work has become an oasis for Long Island, NY car buffs. The beautiful display of collector cars is located in Oyster Bay, New York. The brightly colored display of cars featured a 1969 Corvette L89 Convertible,1967 Corvette L71 427/435 Convertible, 1970 Chevelle SS 396, 1958 Isetta 300 and a 2012 Porsche just to name a few. "Enter the doors of CCS (Collector Car Showcase) and you will immediately be transported back in time". Even before you view one of their many collectable automobiles, the extensive display of vintage gas pumps, neon, tin and porcelain signs you will be amazed by the colorful and rare display of Memorabilia and Petroliana. The showcase offers not only a rare display of automobiles but beautiful motorcycles, guitars, oil cans, vintage airplanes, bottles, license plates and much more. They also offer services such as detailing, window tinting, storage, exterior and interior reconditioning and more. My family truly enjoyed our time spent there strolling through the one floor display which was just large for fun filled day on a Saturday afternoon. You can check out their website at

By June Bartlett



Corvette Z06 C7.R Special Addition: Z06 With a Side of RICE

By Christian Moe - April 24, 2015


By Christian Moe Where other manufacturers like Ferrari or Porsche give enthusiasts stripped-out, hardcore racing versions, Chevrolet decided fans needed a big heaping pile of Race-Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. The exteri or features C7.R-matching yellow paint, a graphics package, yellow calipers, black wheels with yellow accents, Corvette Racing center caps, and a few extra bits in exposed—rather than painted— carbon. Inside, you get yellow contrast stitching, a special build plate and a few carbon accents. 17

Miller Motorsports Park Closing October 31


Before I get to the quick rundown of the changes coming to the Corvette Stingray for the 2016 model year, here’s a quick production note:


If you’re looking for what’s changing on the C7 Corvette Z06 for the 2016 model year, click here to see what Chevrolet has in store. One of those changes for 2016 includes the addition of the Z06 C7.R Special Edition. We hate that car. We really, really hate it. To find out why we despise that Z06 with a side of RICE (RaceInspired Cosmetic Enhancements), click here. And now back to the Stingray. Here’s a screenshot from the Chevrolet media site highlighting what’s new for 2016. By Manuel Carrillo III











By Kurt Ernst

The sinkhole that opened in February of 2014 beneath the Skydome at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, has been permanently sealed and the Skydome structure repaired. While it was visible, however, it helped to draw a record 251,258 visitors to the museum during calendar year 2014. Coming later this year, a new “Thunderdome� exhibit at the museum will give visitors the experience of witnessing the collapse, from inside a simulated cave beneath a simulated Skydome floor. - See more at: p/tag/sinkhole/#sthash.bui8wJT2.d puf 30

By Nelson Ireson

Just ten short years. That’s all it took for Miller Motorsports Park, the longest road course in America, to go from breaking ground to closing up shop. Located 35 minutes outside Salt Lake City in Tooele, Utah, Miller Motorsports Park has hosted professional car and motorcycle racing as well as a wide range of club racing, track days, and kart racing 31


The Chevrolet Corvette had a stellar 2014. Now its parent company is betting that streak will continue. By Kirsten Korosec


GM isn’t just doubling down on the Chevrolet Corvette. It’s increasing its investment in the car more than threefold—a bold move even considering the success of its seventh generation model, the C7 Corvette. Read more




In this article I will be talking to you about Support. Thatâ€&#x;s right‌I am talking about supporting one another and supporting our local car shows. I have been doing a lot of traveling, going to different places to spread the word about the new online Vette Girls Magazine. Reaching out to all the ladies, not only to women who owns a corvette but reaching out to the various clubs, whether you have a corvette club or Camaro club as long as I am reaching out to those women in the clubs and show to help promote the magazine and to promote women in the car show arena. Recently, I was traveling in the St. Louis area for a car show and one of the things I noticed there was the support from the car owners and car clubs for the car show. The weather in St. Louis was not prime weather for a car show at all. The people and the car owners were there in full force! Far from my neck of the woods. I hate to say it but if it is raining we are lucky if a few show up Car enthusiasts from all over came out to show their support for the ones who braved the weather with their precious corvettes, some of the vettes were fabulous works of restoration, classics and modified cars and newer editions of corvettes and other models of cars! Either way, the judges had plenty to look at and judge that weekend! Despite the dreary rain, there were over 100 cars in attendance! Some drove 4 hours, 6 hours and they had someone that drove 12 hours, yes 12 hours. Talk about supporting your car show. Unfortunately, the weather can play a big part of the turnout of these car show and most times in my area the turnout would somewhat be dismal if there was inclement weather. But not in St. Louis! It was great seeing all the people mingling with one another while I was documenting the car show. I loved seeing the interaction between the car owners with one another and interacting with the spectators and volunteers. This was truly a successful car show! And I was so glad I was able to take part in this car show and to see first-hand the support the car show clubs, volunteers and of course, the spectators who come out to see the beautiful works of art! As always, I want to thank you for your support. We hope you love our latest issue. VGO magazine always looking for contributors. Email us for more information, Please spread the word and invite your friends to join the Women Who Love Power & Speed! You are receiving this monthly newsletter because you signed up for it. It is our way of reminding you to check back in with (WRN) to read the new stories we've posted since the last newsletter. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter some of these stories may not be new to you.


What are some of the hottest trends hitting the aftermarket in 2015? The following are just a few of the latest trends that SEMA News editors observed not only grabbing attention on the Show floor itself but also in post-Show media wrap-ups.Read the full article... 1. Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing 2. Connected Car Cameras 3. Wraps and Metallics 4. Colorful Wheels 5. LED Lights 6. Aluminum

What will the trends be for 2016? There’s only one way to find out. 37




My name is Kisha and I own C6 2013 Corvette Coupe. I‟m happily married to a wonderful man who actually introduced me to the corvette. I‟m also a member of The Rock Corvette Association of North Texas. I have live in Dallas, TX most of my life, I have two awesome sons, Brennon Javar, 27 and Alante Jacoby, 23, two four-legged babies, Cowboy and Ace. My husband and I own a remodeling company, All in One Simon and Associates. We have been serving the community for close to 10 years. I‟m very passionate about quality service and exceeding the expectations of those I come in contact with. I have always been fascinated with cars; however, I never really had a preference, until I was introduced to the „Vette. The first time I drove my husband‟s corvette, it was like being kissed by that boy I was crushing on. I was filled with excitement, confidence, and sexiness. After a short while my husband decided that he wanted to upgrade to a Grand Sport, so I asked him could I have the C6 and he gave it to me. Once mine, I personalized it with some pink to reflect the girlie side and the black signifies power and strength. Baby Girl and I have been join at the hip ever since. My goal as a female corvette owner is to show other females that being a corvette owner is not just for the guys. Chicks in Vettes are sexy, powerful, and fierce.


The Rich & Famous Which Celebrities Drive Chevy Corvettes The Chevy Corvette is in its seventh generation and continues to capture the imagination of countless drivers around the world. Many celebrities feel the same way and choose this vehicle as their number one choice when driving on the road. Check out some famous celebrities that drive Chevy Corvettes. 1. Tim Allen The hilarious Tim Allen hails from Detroit and he backs up that heritage by purchasing American made cars to add to his car collection.


2. Matthew McConaughey Another celebrity that is known for driving a Corvette is Matthew McConaughey. He is seen driving old school versions from the 70s. 3. Steve Austin Also known as “Stone Cold� Steve Austin this is a hardcore celebrity that favors Corvettes. This former wrestler is a tough man that loves to drive cars that are equally as fierce. 4. Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage is one of the most famous actors in the world. He makes enough money to drive any car he wishes.



Felecia Kemp’s Bio

Just a bit about myself, I was born and raised in Dallas,Texas. I recently pur-

Just a bit about myself, I was born and raised in Dallas,

chased my second Corvette, the new shiny, sleek artic white 2014 stingray. God has blessed me to be married to a wonderful man for 28 years and the mother of 3 wonderful adult sons. Self-employed for over 20 years and recently retired in December of 2014. I enjoy spending time with family & friends, laughing, interior design, skating, sewing, working with my hands and car shows. I was blessed to meet a great group of Corvette owner in 2008 where I decided to become a part of The Rock Corvette Association. From 2008 until the present I’ve had the pleasure of being introduce to the corvette world. Being a Corvette owner is full of thrills, but being a member of a corvette association allows you to be able to share those thrills with fellow corvette enthusiasts. As part of the association, I enjoy participating in car shows, conventions, parades, road quests, parties, racing, community service projects, and much more. In 2014 I was voted President of The Rock Corvette Association where community service is key. Becoming a corvette owner is an experience,


however, seeing the reaction on the faces of the children while serving in the community makes it all worthwhile.

5. George Clooney The man that was once voted the sexiest man alive drives the Chevy Corvette. This vehicle compliments his suave good looks with his intelligence. 6. Michael Jordan The NBA legend is regarded as the best player to ever play the game of basketball. Michael Jordan has a fleet of cars and a Corvette is a part of that collection. 7. Charlie Sheen Another Hollywood playboy chooses to drive a Corvette over other vehicles. Charlie Sheen loves to invite his dates into a ride with him onto dates. Whenever he goes out he prefers to take his Corvette.


8. Mark McGuire The former professional baseball player Mark McGuire has spent a lot of time hitting home runs and helping his team win games. 9. Jenna Jameson A beautiful and tempting Jenna Jameson still loves to present an appealing appearance to everyone that is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her. Woman in power are not shy to show it off either. If you are a woman then you want to think about driving a Corvette as well. 10. Jay Leno The funniest comedian on American television drives the Chevy Corvette as well. The list of celebrities that are favorite by millions of people around the world that drive Chevy Corvettes is endless. Have you been thinking about driving a Chevy Corvette for some time now? You want to drive a vehicle that people that are loved so much 47




Monster Energy Top Fuel Dragster Unveiled At NHRA Southern Nationals


By Zach Doell Everyone has their reason for tearing into a car, ripping it apart, and creating something truly unique – something custom. I‟m not sure what the reasoning was behind this creation, but I certainly am glad it exists. Meet the Volvette – the end result of a Frankenstein experiment between a 1967 Volvo P1800 and a 1992 Chevrolet Corvette coupe. It‟s a combination of old meets new (OK, newer), American meets European, knockout looks versus knockout blows. And best of all, it‟s currently 52 up for sale online.

According to the seller‟s listing, the Volvette began with two complete donor cars. The Chevrolet donated its 5.7-liter V8 engine, running gear, and chassis, while the Volvo offered up its body panels and lines. The pieces that couldn‟t be grafted and modified onto the Corvette were instead shaped from the Chevy‟s own figure, which explains its telltale rear end. Despite those iconic „60s lines, it‟s all „90s Corvette tech and amenities inside.

The engine in question is Chevy‟s LT1 V8, originally offering up a nice round 300 horsepower, as well as 330 lb-ft of torque. That‟s a significant leap over the aged but lovable Volvo four-cylinder, but the lead footed amongst you might wish this were a ZR1 with 375 ponies on tap and six gears to row on your own. Though keep your foot planted and this V8 P1800 will surely get the job done, and then some. 53





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We are no longer just a Corvette Show you go to see…We are THE Corvette Show where you go to PLAY Come play with us June 25-27, 2015 Don’t miss Bloomington 58 Gold’s move to this iconic Sports Venue. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN

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VGCA May/June 2015 Issue  

Reaching out to all the ladies, not only to women who owns a corvette but reaching out to the various clubs, whether you have a corvette clu...

VGCA May/June 2015 Issue  

Reaching out to all the ladies, not only to women who owns a corvette but reaching out to the various clubs, whether you have a corvette clu...