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Someone said to me while I was in Memphis, TN for the Corvettes on Beale Street, “this is a very good idea.” How and why did you come up with this? I thought this would be a good article; So..why a Female Corvette Online Magazine? Here's my response! Why a Female Corvette Online Magazine... All you see in the media, websites are the men and their corvettes, even the female bikers get a lot of attention. What about us, The Vette Girls & Women period that has their own vehicle whether it’s a camaro, mopar or corvette. Me, I drive for the freedom, for the power & speed. I love the rush of adrenaline that comes from high speeds and the nice looks women receive driving a corvette. The feeling you get when your body molds and curves into your seat and the connection with the road is almost..Indescribable. It's the closest we come to physically racing. This was the feeling that I received after my first corvette, hearing the engine and smelling the fumes hmmmm…, well, I was sold. As I've traveled, I've come to appreciate a woman who drives their own corvette. The fearlessness that we feel creates between us special women bond across the world is unbelievable. No matter where you go, you can always recognize a lady who drives and appreciate their corvette as much as the men. We speak the language of speed and power. The online magazine’s goal is to inspire women all over to drive their own corvette. The need for a magazine women’s corvette lifestyle magazine is a celebration of all women. I was curious about the beginning of starting this and how it would evolve in the new millennium? How it would or should pave the way for all women who drive, race or both? I keep looking for women who own their own corvettes. As a woman corvette owner I keep looking for other women corvette owners to connect with. As a relatively growing community, our connections are mostly done word of mouth and the goal of this online magazine is to bring us together to connect and to relate to one another in a common forum. So I was determined to carry this adventure out, and tell the story of the powerful women I knew personally or have met. We set out to create Vette Girls Lifestyle Online Magazine one of the ??????. As we continue to meet new female corvette owners and clubs, we are so motivated to get the word out to our international and national communities of female corvette owners first online magazine of this kind that I know of. . 4

Vette Girls Lifestyle Online Magazine is an inclusive celebration of all women who live and love to drive their corvette. With that being said, we are about giving a voice to all women because there is a need for the voice of all women in motorsports. We overspend on corvette accessories and apparel, yet remain under represented in motorsports media, marketing and advertising. Our goal is to be the change we want to see in this arena. We take pride in bringing you articles on professionals and non professionals. We focus on the women who have endured to simply be seen as equals, highlighting Female VGs that represent with Pride and Dignity in their communities. We recognize all women, regardless of corvette or club member, being an owner or spectator regardless of what vette you may own, To any woman who’s ever given a thought to buying or driving a corvette, I encourage you to move outside of your comfort zone and learn to take the next step. Now, I ask you... Why do you drive a corvette? Share your story. Thanks for joining Women who love Speed & Power, Zoom, Zoom! Website: Instagram: vettegirlscc Twitter: VettegirlsccWe're on facebook


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Chevrolet’s unveiling of the updated 2016 C7 Corvette at the upcoming National Corvette Museum Bash is fast approaching. If you’re like us though, you have a hard time waiting for good things. Luckily, we’ve heard that Ohiobased Chevy dealer, Coughlin Chevrolet, has come across some early information about the car through General Motors order guides. Corvette Blogger first turned our attention towards Coughlin’s 2016 Corvette “spy info”. Coughlin Chevrolet explains that there will be a range of new body and interior colors, along with new colors for the canvas roof on convertible models. There is a new shade of yellow that will replace the current Velocity Yellow, and a new 11

red color called Crystal Red Tint Coat will also be available.







When I was 14 yrs. old I had a dream that my parents bought me a black on black C3. I dreamt that it was parked in the driveway. Of course I woke up and found nothing in the driveway. I've been a lover of Americas greatest sports car ever since. In 1993 I bought my first vette an "82 Collector Edition then started a family and traded in the vette for a baby carriage. I stayed away from Corvettes at Carlisle for fear of mortgaging my house and coming back with a beautiful vette.

Name: June Name: 81 Beige Corvette Take a look at National AfroAmerican Corvette Club & Queens Classic Car Club

After many prayers and timing I purchased my current 1981 Beige Corvette. I then discovered a club called the National Afro-American Corvette Club (NAACC) which originated in Houston, Texas in 2003. A New York chapter was formed in 2011 of which I became Secretary and later President. The group enjoyed a successful annual show in Queens, New York for three years, attracting over 90 classic cars. We also gathered at Corvettes at Carlisle in PA for the past three years with chapters from Houston and Philadelphia. Unfortunately due to the lack of membership the New York chapter dissolved as friends. Also within this time I became Vice President of a Classic car club in Queens, New York. The Queens Classic Car Club (QCCC) was formed in 2011 by other classic car enthusiasts from the NAACC shows. We enjoy shows, giving to charity, barbeques and just hanging together. I look forward to meeting and chatting with some of my fellow female Corvette enthusiasts around the country. We girls know that this hobby is a family affair not just for the guys!




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HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – May 16, 2014 – Nearly 1.5 million fans and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were given the first look this morning as Sprint unveiled the newest member of the 2014 Miss Sprint Cup lineup, Julianna White of Haddon Township, N.J. Since Monday, four-year Miss Sprint Cup veteran Kim Coon and rookie Madison Martin have posted clues on the Miss Sprint Cup social networks hinting at White’s identity. White, a former Miss New Jersey USA, is the youngest in her family, with one older sister and 38 first cousins. In 2011, she graduated with a degree in Communication Studies from The College of New Jersey. White was a reporter for the college’s news station, was heavily involved in the theater program, and was an active member of the Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity. Since graduating, White has worked in Philadelphia at QVC, one of the nation’s top home shopping networks as one of its in-house models.


Madison Martin, a 23-year-old from Cumberland, Md., is the

newest addition to the Miss Sprint Cup lineup. Martin will join Kim Coon and Brooke Werner as representatives for Sprint, entitlement sponsor of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, for the 2014 season.

"The biggest part is bringing NASCAR to the fans," Martin said of her new job. "Giving them that cool, personal experience that I had at my first race. If I can make somebody's day by talking to them ‌ about the sport I love, that's an amazing opportunity. "Meeting with fans, with drivers, doing stories, it all just pairs together a lot of the things that I love and enjoy doing."


This year’s show holds something for every type of motoring enthusiast; classics and vintage rides, futuristic concept cars, and all the hottest and fastest rides from the world’s luxury automakers. Of course, the DUB Show Tour is here again for the last weekend of the Show to reveal the latest ‘tricked-out’ cars and trucks. cars aren’t the only thing on the show floor. This year’s motorcycle display area includes: Orange County Choppers, Chaos Cycle, Harley Davidson, Indian Larry, and Yard Ratz Fab. Visitors can check out some of the ‘baddest’ bikes to find out why two wheels can be as fun as four One of the most unique and thrilling ridealong experiences to make an appearance in New York City, Camp Jeep is an interactive, tail-rated adventure zone where professional 4x4 drivers allow riders to get a feel for the full capabilities of a Jeep






It was on February 12th last year when the floor of the SkyDome at the National Corvette Museum was swallowed up by a sink hole. At the time, many were concerned about the fate of the museum being rebuilt–if it would. Well, we are happy to report that the rebuild is well underway, and the process has hit a huge milestone. On April 8, 2015, the restoration of the SkyDome got one-step closer to being whole again, as crews poured over 200 cubic yards of concrete onto the floor and then spent the rest of the day finishing that part of the project. The day began at 4:00 a.m., as crews began pouring the first half of concrete slab on top of the dirt-filled hole.


The remaining second slab of concrete will be poured in the very near future, completing the floor. Engineers have designed the floor in sections, as this “control” joint between the two slabs will provide more stability than the original solid floor. Project Manager Zach Massey told WBKO Television in Bowling Green, “We’ve divided the room in half basically. We’ve poured between 200 and 225 cubic yards of concrete this morning. Crews will be working all day long finishing that.” Massey adds that the project is on track with the construction team reaching the key milestone dates. he area being poured was too large to accomplish in one pouring, so the interior was divided into two halves. The first pour was of one half of the SkyDome’s nearly 14,000 square feet of floor space. 27

Corvette Online has had the pleasure to feature several cars from the 2014 Corvette Funfesthosted by Mid America Motorworks in Effingham, Illinois. For those of you who have never been, we highly recommend you make it out this year as it is quite the sight to see. Aside from the tour, various vendors, product and install tents, entertainment, industry guests, and awesome food, there is a sea of 28

Corvettes like nothing you have ever seen before. Ranging from the earliest C1s to the newest C7s–and hopefully this year–a few of the 2015 Z06s! One of the great things about the car culture as a hobby is that it allows you to involve your significant other or even the whole family (for those that love cars with a back seat). While this hobby attracts a high percentage of males, there is always a spare seat for your loved one, unlike many other high-performance hobbies. Read more go to corvette online or VGCA blog.







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Fill up BEFORE any extended trip; ensure that vehicle is in pristine condition by, checking your tire pressure, gas and fluid levels. If at all possible ladies, DO NOT travel along ‘BUDDY –UP’ with a partner or friend, because problems on the road are always more manageable if there’s more than one person to tackle them. If not possible ALWAYS let someone know you’re coming so they can be on a look out for you. Let others know your itinerary. If you will be riding alone, it’s important for at least one person to know where you will be riding and when to expect your return. Cell phone coverage can’t be relied upon as your only way of reaching out for help. Letting others know about your plans is a good failsafe backup strategy. Make sure riding down to where you going you’re in comfortable clothes from head to toe, you don’t want to change a tire in heels or you’re dressed up clothes. Keep tools and gloves in your car. Make sure your corvette had its proper maintenance and is mechanically ready for the trip. Pack any extra tools, which might be needed, and make sure that your corvette is properly loaded with luggage. Know the route you’ll take. Are you ready, geared up, and corvette ready for what is expected in the coming territory, which may be far different from your accustomed usually driving.




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If You are riding with a group let them know that you will not be trying to keep up with them and that they should wait, also get the directions, have your GPS to where you are going, don’t be reluctant to decline their touring invitation or their speed. Meaning, its okay to say "not this time." You don’t want to exceed your maximum load restriction because that alone may precipitate an accident. having a lot of stuff complicates the daily loading and unloading process. Most things you will need on your trips are driving, eating, and sleeping so generally items needed are ones that directly support these three activities. Do not speed. It puts yourself, your passengers and othe drivers in danger Do not drive drowsy. Make sure to get enough sleep before driving anywhere. Watch the weather. If you can, plan a route around inclement weather. Watch and listen for traffic alerts Lock our valuables. Store any valuable items in the trunk or glove compartment and store all luggage in the truck. Know the law. Familiarize yourself with local traffic laws. Avoid distractions, cell phone use behind is dangerous. Pull over if you have to for any reason move your vehicle to the side of the road BUCKLE UP! 33



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Vette Girls Corvette Association Online Magazine April issue  
Vette Girls Corvette Association Online Magazine April issue  

Vette Girls Lifestyle Online Magazine is an inclusive celebration of all women who live and love to drive their corvette. With that being sa...