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C o n t emp o r a r y

C re ate p ersona l s pace Your desires fulfilled with simple and effective transformation

K ey l o c k , c a r d l o c k, a c c ess c o ntro l ‌ wh a t w i l l be yo ur c h o i c e ? Be safe with Vetro. Acoustic modules complete with a glass ceiling Shut out the clamour with acoustic glass Blinds no longer required with click on /off Vetro electric glass. Revitalise your presentations with projections through privacy glass.

se e ki n g

Amaze all with Vetro chameleon free standing privacy ball and square

ele ga ef fect i ve

ance I n t erio r

Reduce reflected sound with acoustic soft foam furniture blocks. Stylish label for intelligent interiors. Privacy films, logos, advertisements etc. Aluminium, stainless steel, brass, powder paint for light frameworks.

T he freed o m to crea t e Few standard module sizes. Hundreds of variations.

the eco l o g i ca l

Vetro space makers are designed for longevity. Compatibility assured for years to come. Recycle your space.

easy & fast

Sel f s upp or t i n g ; s i mp l y a rra n ge a s f u r n i t u re Easily moved to new office locations. Expand & evolve layouts with ultimate ease. It takes only few moments to create new spaces for work and leisure. Simply click together and tighten.

so l u t fl e x i bl e

Allow yo ur d e s i g n e r t he freedo m t o c re at e

tions Panel widths. 506, 806, 1006, 1206 mm Panel heights: std 2030, std 2400 or free up to 3000 mm Doors: 806..1206 mm No need for mechanical fixings in floor & ceilings

VETROSPACE OY Hallitie 4 26510 Rauma Finland

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Vetrospace Brochure