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Parasite Profile:

Indian Meal Moth

Invader of foodstuffs, weaver of webs, master of infiltration and general pain in the butt.

Bio: A long time adversary of food producers, pet owners and Mum’s pantry. The Indian Meal Moth is a truly cunning pest. Although harmless to animals, the sheer cost of replacing spoiled feed after Meal Moths have used it as their breeding ground can really hurt your hip pocket. Th a nks, s

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The Meal Moth is equipped with the Ovipositor, an apparatus that allows this pest to penetrate most food packaging and lay their eggs inside. Larvae quickly hatch from eggs soon after and are welcomed by an all you can eat buffet, your pet food!

Larvae then spin their cocoons, turning your valued feed into a sticky web filled incubator of sorts. Once the new moth emerges from this cocoon, this viscous cycle repeats until the day you open your feed bag to be greeted by a horde of fluttering moths and their web slinging offspring.


Real (Scientific) Name:

Plodia interpunctella

AKA: Codling Moth, Web Moth, Mealy Moth, Pantry Moth, Red Moth Frequented Locations: Found spoiling food stuffs in Australia and overseas. Particularly fond of grain based foods, but will invade just about any dry pet or human food product. Prefers warmer, humid climates and is particularly aggressive during summer months.

life cycle of a Meal Moth

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Ha! Nice one Frank, these Vetafarm bags are so annoying

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Weapon of Choice: An impressive little attachment on the moth’s abdomen called an “Ovipositor”. This little tool is as ingenious as it is infuriating, acting as a needle of sorts, allowing the Meal Moth to pierce/effectively negate the defences of most food packaging and deposit their eggs inside while physically being on the outside of the bag.

Counter Measures: Vetafarm have developed a new triple layer “armour” for all food packaging. This new innovation is effectively impregnable by the “Ovipositor” – guaranteeing 100% security against Meal Moth incursions while intact. Once product is brought home and opened, transfer to an air tight, sealed container is recommended. Avian Insect Liquidator can be of use in controlling Meal Moth, although very safe, it is still recommended that food spoiled by Meal Moth be discarded rather than sprayed and used.

Pet Risk: Nil - but causes havoc in terms of spoiling food.

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Parasite Profile: Indian Meal Moth  

Invader of foodstuffs, weaver of webs, master of infiltration and general pain in the butt! Contact the Vetafarm team for more info!

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