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Hay, Health and Herbivores Quality hay is one of the most essential parts of your rabbit or guinea pig’s diet. Feeding an incorrect diet can lead to major health issues, including severe dental and digestive problems. There are many different types of hay, so it is important to understand which hay to feed, and when to feed it. To help you determine the best hay for your pet, here is a basic breakdown.

High Fibre Vs High Protein



Timothy Imported


Grown in Australia



protein Fibre

Grass - Better For Adult Animals

Legumes Better For Young Animals

Hay is, quite simply, dried grass. In terms of feed for small herbivores, hay is divided into two main categories: High Fibre Fescue and High Protein Lucerne. Fescue Hay is naturally low in protein and high in fibre. High fibre hay ensures that herbivores have access to all the roughage they need for optimum dental health and digestive wellbeing. Vetafarm’s Fibre Rich Fescue is cut and baled fresh in the Riverina region of NSW. Each bale is bursting with clean, fresh fescue hay with a naturally sweet aroma that will encourage uptake and natural grazing behaviour to ensure digestive needs are met. Lucerne Hay is higher in protein and calcium than fescue hay. Lucerne hay is more suited to growing animals, pregnant or lactating mothers and those animals with a medical requirement for higher protein. Vetafarm’s Fresh Cut Lucerne Hay is also grown and baled in the Riverina region of NSW, and is packed with essential nutritional value needed for your herbivore.

bedding Straw is the stalk from grain crops. It is yellow in colour, and the stalks are hollow. Straw is great for insulating, and is used for bedding substrate to keep our furry friends warm on cold winter nights. Straw is not recommended as a feed source as it has a lower nutritional value than hay, but it’s safe if your pet does nibble on it. Vetafarm’s Super Sorb Bedding Straw is convenient and easy to handle. It is cut and cleaned in the Riverina region of NSW, and is recommended for all small animals as safe, soft, bedding.

20% Quality Pellets

A Balanced Diet

5% Treats 75% High Fibre Hay

Hay, Health and Herbivores  

Quality hay is the linchpin of a good diet & general health in rabbits and guinea pigs. Feeding an incorrect diet can lead to major health i...

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