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tippex the papers and correct the news I AM NOT A POET, Totalkunst Gallery, Edinburgh 20/21 August 2011 various tippexeditors facilitated and arranged by nick-e melville

Notes words made from tippex deletions words in brackets are words added in tippex by participants words in bold are words added by participants with black marker, one provided or their own words in red are words added by participant(s) in red marker words in square brackets describe images made by tippex each variation comes from a separate notational revolution round the gallery


ti ded ded fiend kills girlfriend’s mum over wedding snu lax it’s good to pay for careless drivers over steam first de playwright JB Priestley. poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge 80 Lap Mixed Lots

RIP sentencing backlash as riot moth is set free oil stopped David Mellor famously warned that the British press was now “inking in the loon”. South Africa selected art up to 2012 the Big word Andy Devl like a nit George’s plan isn’t quite stacking up

A u u with no and thos’ our guid heap venture seeing eering Go: outrage as Tussaud’s defends its right to say Heil Hitler Last minute sale Bank Bargains! Honeymoon horror Killer was White a moral bound the pup that won

Cilla’s ear the man who spent £15,000 to shed pounds park boss heck over light sides fat spread as city’s tin walls join the strike tens of 1000s of port celebrated man who relishes a fight everything it touches turns to ash the new capital one world mastercard will pay you back hands charge the bank

Saturday Dead- head

your weekend starts here Disbud Add- to

How I fought to save shark Tim A Doctor told yesterday how he battled in vain to save honeymoon shark Marry your child or die There was magnets on our first marge and eggs age 78 [inside a white tippex heart] Tourists killed by daughter’s ish boyfriend whatever my father there’s no shame if you’ve had one too many


each day Announcements Dying Well Venue: Ridley Hall Cambridge Date: September 15-17 2011 New diggers fuck to high-tech gold rush I’m used to it now I know names, players who want rebuilding communities looters will be evicted the works admitted ailing marked and siren activated EDF Energy’s fixed price 2014 tar is cheaper than all other

major suppliers new standard pies have temporary bright ideas throw us a bone the obvious one of the reality shows the decline of civilisation pinstriped intone WE GET Wills’ message When we hear the call, God gives us strength to ply Bunk mentality void rod ax out in arrest

Miners put under the foot Get Hunted Help top find you first. China’s new face urge boom suit Western ideas Brutally fair on them – and quite right too she apologises this is her latest role Scotland to cul new centre of excellence for green-fingered gurus Keep ting, William and Kate tell riot victims

kate spot dressed Queen Arse free balls with butter


double glazing rescue misty, draughty, windows and doors? change only your faulty ass!! see our Home Imp Sect every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday numbers for tomorrow, August 21st 82, 40, 38, 9, 80, 12, 27, 85 fiend kills girlfiend’s mum over wedding snu we want you even if you don’t DIVA fair bath our made to me service means your

kitchen, can truly be yours happy return to marrd life Andy Murray breezes into Cincinnati last night – a lot better Murray strolled over Gilles Simon serial reraiser torched 3 ten rial fireraiser rock and pop rab collection women are more than men fall, nervousness, infects the when you retire shouldn’t your ho pay its own way? Jamie: Dragons Stuff

Ta(r)ge(t)s four witless sixth-formers lying about sexual puking after eating my own furious hood Death of a nation: why America lowered the curtain on art Riot sent Court in trouble Tomorrow afternoon, shoppers reclaim the streets parking charges suspended, rail free. Ten days on the riots, Love Manchester speed. It needs to. city centre’s astonishing visitors city pride devastation morale with a bumper sticker, danger

community security by mean punitive week out of proportion offences committed. Nor effective challenge our idea of justice, aggravating the sense disengagement contributed to unforgivable events the first of the looters appear on Wednesday, describe the riots “heartbreaking” community: heartbreak lost ruined damaged threatened prime flight to safety sees bond benefit – and the doll plunge ID You? Officer arrested over eaks to Guardian

The newspaper identified Metropolitan Police press release, which did not identify the suspect was issued A business man while riding a Segway scooter built his own company Death squad ink as a ‘boy’ had already acquired a reputation in the British Army by the end of the First World War Marry Pot Take the strain handle press

oated – the liveliest moments – material diffusing, getting lost turning up again, odd angles The X-factor gambles buy now, pay nothing no cost! I thought I needed a new kitchen until... I discovered (you) as the moon ark victim ill over dame tuss radio phantom socks dumper

PERVS killed honey monster last night she can help her Jay-Z’s business pire more money to spend on the old must earn the hard way I would love to get that monkey Is your business ape on 2012? Solanki leads shire fight I’m says Clinton, ex – has a history of quadruple diet weekend glance

whatever my father how I ought to save shark Tim Tourists illed by laughter’s boyfriend This is starting to get embassing the right man Mount Athos a good bunch for a well handicapped performer cop probe leaks Jiri knew there’d be El to pay Mother vs Rangers

rag lacks top ten hits close close close about global economy Britain’s most successful male jo as become one of the most reliable talents in the weighing room sorry I took tae Mick Kate couldn’t really care Kate and Wills owner 100m doctor to keep his lice He had pregnant children in speeding car

Cameron prison ship rince William pired a riot-torn neighbourhood yesterday by declaring ‘We all have The day she was date-raped, fat people dig their own graves with their teeth – and the joy of sex at 78. As we serialise her blister JOAN LETS RIP! Anti is a movement a movement that believes in the prison of cust the essential tool for rebuilding society is a spirit

(shhh Doesn’t want to be seen) YE NOT(I you) tug of sausage to stay with new owners (When will people learn to truly tolerate and respect each other) I’ve got to prove, nor has Sven. We were an England success Mancini hands sage to his City misfits You can clear off Hype actor Depression of the supermums

When disorder threatens severity of the sentence Schools

need character

ban British Council: compound in Kabul will bomb and attack Eco heeds to avoid new expression Turd A star? pull the other one (OH CRAP) Janet Suzman was one of the ants of the British age in the 60s and 70s she apologises this is her latest role my prejudice is high because I was brought up

failed writers who’ve loved and lost what would you leave in the museum of broken arts? Cupid the size of a Labrador dog, delivered by our grinning postman, my siblings. I must be in love, I (T.P.) [beside tippex drawing of Tee Pee] Def a graphic im Salmon writes a motto Is Amy sure she fancy Bobby? (WTF) It’s my little lack dress So Louis you got sin I’d sack Sugar

The ‘battered middle’ are losing pence is it time for the queen of pop to act her age? fencing lash after mother is set free Cameron old dave says woman who tackles the gangs


Lively liver open to sampling Super widows tories doors I had sex with my mum after a football match free one or(gy) ÂŁ25 a month miss out. Visit an hop, Opera was risky had no alternative As butch end ills mum over wed snu Scottish mixed British Al ice we end off

far right to ban test Gallagher brothers to court split wanted air rice a good job air rice r a good job nappy return to marrd life 700 criminals set free ear are now behind bars Simon Simple(s) edible India

The rain in old boots Ment ex mer Locums cure for debt How to avoid getting money (HOT) tweeners Movie is just out and every multiplex in the land will be rammed sentencing balls as riot moth is set free lawyers expect cat spark flood of peas il f ico

Dan’s ell of celibacy in order country in the absence of true peace the world is used to being grateful for the mere absence of hostilities but it has never been possible to take this for granted as the latest events show tain is the name of the game Pa V in deals lo sky as FTSE’s rollercoaster week ends with a hint of alm

Libyan dram moves to Subratha’s theatre Europa dope my mate can eat belly up Santa the sky trust Why I always go on holiday in Tain ART, OR BOLLOCKS? (both) the man making rug sex The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a munit(ions) centre near

the spot where three men were killed Tevez told: not the trike Tussauds defends its right to say Hitler dam us Demon vent w On at undee Sack dwarf win ÂŁ4 o Starbucks I secret e bombers Lion ward Kenny skill

Tony Gauci freed me

last minute sale Bank gains!

Jay-Z’s sinpire My assessment is that I am thinking and I fully believe that I will ease the pain that some people are feeling right now more money to pend on the old Amidst the hand non found yesterday you cannot go down to England we’ve tried to shop sad aim to make big noise at wake

After a long day at the office, Bill Clinton loved to relax by eating himself Mr Clinton now consumes health he last weighed at 13 I like the stuff around Unhealthy: Bill Clinton The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer Steve lush fact Nasri might even get a am! Marry your child or I In on

Da measures Painted flora nd fauna whose vibrant watercolours combine an artist’s eye for form with the scientific curiosity of a nat Saturday Charlie Murray Nasri may enjoy final cunt No suck good buy Scolad rave on up count estate boot can learn to fish Brad left Techno

Sign up or break every morning Bank of America adds to finance sector woe with cut of 3 jobs US dollars per ounce gold rush eat the energy price rises travel the right man (line of glory) Yo Jack

with TV fud

when both teams score it’s . . . galore coupon

win right up


Turn return to big time go id an un hope Sad TV race signifier daunt (you love more people than you know) direct from gasgo alf oar to my bust arse pain bad and mad walk through the storm JOAN RIP!

Bu metality Salmond stands like a fool bomber Sir hon nan God? Difficult to love. Ta

the rich’s income

The New ar back Deprion of the supermums Mio dive fa l in ice ceun diabete dita Argos fire fat face fight cancer fire shambles on face 56 shellshock getting

the sack writing back is work on the social site return The stock was marched out of Romford by guards 13 years service never missed a day a fortnight a leg dismissed for gross conduct spotted two private the second father of three had a great day at work kidding understand if I had something really bad but it was just a little grumble I’m the sole in my house my wife ill health I’m going to do spokes said

arrived at this action an extensive internal investigation Bom at que kills 40 Scots to be jailed by 2020 A star pull one (living in the UK’s a lot of fun) (viva la revolution) land to cul Ants available in your area Max has an extra cent to shine Archerfield masterclass X actor pecial

3 men shot at hair ned in Kabul as tish team comes under fire The shop is amazing nobody died It would be nine hours before the last shots rang out from the smoking remains

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