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Your Inner Addict

Wants to make you miserable. A very simple guide. A meditation in words and photos By Todd Vogel

Pop goes the weasel!

There is nothing new here. You already know much of it.

Three aspects:

Always there.

Able to find vulnerabilities with precision.

Taming the beast.

This book has lots of pictures. Use them to distract the addict

Always there I your inner child’s evil twin your inner addict lives to make you miserable or dead.

Always there. II Patiently it waits for an opportunity. “Not good enough� is one of its favorite openings.

Always there III Equally fascile in good times or bad it pumps an acidic doubt through your veins

precision bombing I Routing your secret fears through an amplifier left over from a rock concert, it drowns out reality.

Precision II You believe the lies.

Precision III Pebbles become boulders dropping on your soul.

Take a deep breath. take a reality check make it out to your recovery Turn the page.

Taming the beast I Stay in the moment lies and exaggerations have less power there. You are enough despite what it tells you.

Taming the beast II Know that it is your disease which is telling the lies. Resist the impulse to react to them.

Taming the beast III Preemptively use the tenth step. Imagine the apology before you open your mouth or write the letter.

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Now, was that so hard?

I hope you have found this book helpful— or something‌. This book is available via an online printer It very well might make a good gift for someone you know. Or you might buy it for yourself as a reminder to keep things simple. Go HERE to order Or Go to Very Simple Guides to see the entire selection. Thank you for your interest.

Your inner addict  
Your inner addict  

Your inner child's evil twin has plans for your evening, and the next week.