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Everyday Issues

Projection Anger Letting Go A collection of three Very Simple Guides Photos and Text by Todd Vogel


Anticipating the worst and making today as bad as tomorrow might be.

Tomorrow will come soon enough, keep in mind though every day is today. None of this is new. Much you already know.

Three things to look at:

Worry does not work.

Focus on the positive.

The world does not have to be such a bad place.

This book has lots of pictures. They are alternate possibilities for tomorrow.

Worry does not work I If worry worked there would be late night info-mercials selling you accessories and implements to help you worry better.

Worry does not work II If worry worked you would be able to buy a watch which reminded you when to worry.

Worry does not work III If worry worked you would not have to worry because it would have solved all the problems.

Focus on the positive I Instead, reverse your course. Spend your time anticipating good.

Focus on the Positive II Take an action which may bear positive results. Smile.

Focus on the positive III Being optimistic works. Studies by many crackpots have shown this to be true. What if they happen to be right? (note: the list of great crackpots includes Galileo) Positive attracts positive, so does negative, but we’re not going there any more are we?

Take a deep breath. Remember, this is today. Turn the page.

Finding a wonderful place I Some of it is how you look at things. If you spend your days looking at the ground sooner or later you will find dog feces and mud. (Just as you thought you would.) If you spend your days looking at the sky you will see birds and trees, light and stars.

Finding a wonderful place II It is also depends what you focus on, looking down you can see flowers, and moss, and puppies. And wonderful critters who live in the mud.

Finding a wonderful place III Most of all it is your attitude which makes all the difference. If you need be shown this give a two year old child a bucket of mud - then stand back. What does this child know that you have forgotten? Every day is today. Every moment is now.

Of course, there are many ways to twist yourself into a knot. Not the least of these is...


a dangerous drug

Not a warm fuzzy drug it nearly ate me alive. None of this is new. Much you already know.

Three aspects :

Anger used to be my friend.

Anger turned on me.

Anger management.

This book has lots of pictures.

Look at them instead of hitting something.

Anger used to be my friend I It defined me, gave me purpose. Angry young man, and best of all, I was right! I saw the truth and would explain it to you until you understood.

Anger used to be my friend II I was raised with anger learned it well. It provided drive, energy, and a sense of noble purpose. What a license!

Anger used to be my friend III Only later did I see how it was integral to my disease, providing reason, need, and solace.

Anger turned on me I The tightening sensation, heightened perception. Anger steered me away from any who would be my friend. It built a wall behind which my isolation could weather a siege.

Anger turned on me II With a touch of depression self destructive behavior comes easily. And often.

Anger turned on me III Ever alone, but because I was right I ignored the signs, distrusted the motives of those who cared. And dug my pit yet deeper

Take a deep breath. Change yourself before taking on the world. (Why does this suggestion piss you off so much?)

Turn the page.

Anger management I is like herding kittens. Sit down , have a good laugh, they will come to you. Not taking yourself too seriously is the only step.

Anger management II The things I can not change turns out to be a bigger category than I once thought. (Includes everything except me.)

Anger management III Life gets a lot easier when you don’t have all the answers, and don’t have to convince others that your answers are the only right ones. Not sweating the small stuff helps keep my disease in check and my recovery on track.

Checkout time: Now

Letting go

Better than being dragged

None of this is new. Much you already know.

Three parts to this step:


Prying your fingers off one by one.

The load is lifted.

This book has lots of pictures. They are beyond your control.

Signs of being dragged I Going where you don’t want to go.

Signs of being dragged II

No matter what you do, it’s not getting any better.

Signs of being dragged III You are about to be pulled over a cliff again.

The first finger

So long as you think you can do it yourself the same wall will be there Go ahead, walk into it - again.

The second finger Letting go does not mean giving up all your worldly goods, but you might look at your preconceived notions.

The third finger. If willpower worked you would not be here.

Take a deep breath. Let go. Turn the page.

The load is lifted. I It is so much easier when you are not trying to move immovable objects.

The load is lifted. II It is so much easier when you stop trying to force your foot into a shoe three sizes too small.

The load is lifted III Your world will expand greatly as you accept your place in it.

Photos and text by Todd Vogel Copyright 2009 all rights reserved other titles, videos copies of these photos and contact information available at

Projection, Anger, and Letting go  

This trio of topics comes under the title - Everyday Issues and represents hurdles which keep many of us back - from where we would like to...

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