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Tragic Loss

Trying to make sense out of something so terribly wrong and failing. A meditation in words and photos by Todd Vogel

No one can know how you are feeling and that is so lonely. None of this is new. Much you already know.



Watching the sun rise tomorrow.

This book has lots of pictures. They may be able to heal where words can not.

Yesterday I There is no rewind button. And if there were, it probably would not have helped.

Yesterday II There is much to be angry about, but anger is a poison. It has already injured you enough..

Yesterday III Sadness seeks a handle from which to lash out trying to relieve the pressure. Exhale instead.

Powerless I Knowing it has been out of your hands, perhaps forever, gives you a moment to still the voices.

Powerless II The only thing you can do is get through today.

Powerless III Being powerless does not mean you have to be alone accept some of the help you will be offered.

Take a deep breath. Exhale. (It’s the next thing to do) Turn the page.

Tomorrow I When the sun rises casting light on a beautiful day it seems impossible. For a moment see that it is not.

Tomorrow II Your biggest challenge is not to be dragged down and consumed by what has happened. Take advantage of your insomnia and watch the sun come up.

Tomorrow III Moving on does not mean forgetting. Rising above the darkness is done by embracing the light which will be there.

Text and Photos by Todd Vogel Copyright 2008 - all rights reserved issue # 18 contact information at

May you find peace.

I hope you have found this book healing It was written for a woman who lost her son. This book is available via an online printer at $5.95 +ship I hope there is no need in your life for a copy, but it is available. Go HERE to order Or Go to ODAT Books to see the entire selection. There are many to choose from) Thank you for your interest. May your recovery be filled with gratitude

Tragic loss  

This book was written for a woman whose son died, and for whom the loss was enormous. It proved to be of some help to her and is offered her...

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