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Over others A very simple guide.

A meditation in words

and photos By Todd Vogel


It’s a mighty big universe filled with things beyond your control. There is nothing new here. You know most of it.

Three notions

You can try.

You can even be right.

But in the end, all you can do...

This book has lots of pictures. Examples of things you can not control.

You can try I Your loved one be they your spouse, or sister or mother or child - whomever is - (fill in the blank) It’s very sad. If only you could help.

You can try II You are sure you could fix them - if only they would listen.

You can try III If it were just a matter of will power most of these would not be problems.

You can even be right I Being right can be very dangerous. It can tear you apart.

You can even be right II Being right does not mean they are able to see it your way.

You can even be right III At some point you come to realize the only person you can change is you.

Take a deep breath. Save yourself Turn the page.

All you can do I First, don’t let the situation drag you into the abyss. Start by understanding you are not alone. Don’t keep it a secret.

All you can do II Set boundaries offer appropriate help do not make excuses or enable.

All you can do III The other actors will respond differently when you alter your lines. Find your higher power pray they find theirs.

Yeah, this one is very hard.

Photos and text by Todd Vogel Copyright 2009 all rights reserved# 33 - Videos reprint and contact info at

Powerless over others  

In this holiday season - or at any time it is important to remember the only person you can change is yourself. This Very Simple Guide uses...

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