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Use it or lose it. By Todd Vogel

Joy is a prayer I Joy is everywhere. be open to it. Taking off a blindfold imposed by shame, fear and doubt, you find a connection. To what? For now, don’t try to answer.

Joy is a prayer II It’s not so much where you look as how you see.

Joy is a Prayer III Joy does not discriminate available to all. . . even you.

Joy is an infectious laugh I Joy lifts the heart, providing a connection and, for a blessed moment, banishing the worry.

Joy is an infectious laugh II It quiets the voice which says, “You can’t.” It taps a baton silencing the derisive chorus singing in your head.

Joy is an infectious laugh III Joy allows you to forget the pain, to see beyond the past.

Joy is a light I Joy is God’s touch opening you to wonders within and beyond.

Joy is a light II Your laugh, a prayer of thanks in return.

Joy is a light III Joy is life. Living is Joy.

Photos and text copyright 2010 by Todd Vogel All rights reserved.

Joy - the poem  

A very Simple Guide distilled and populated with new photographs. This In being submitted for a grant as a poem.

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