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Defective Relations

“The source of all our woes” A very simple guide #10 A meditation in words and photos By Todd Vogel

No, not your crazy Uncle Richard... When viewed from a warped perspective everything is out of place. None of this is new. You already know much of it.

Three parts to this piece of the puzzle:

Where we are coming from.

Reasonable expectations.

Rebuilding the foundation..

This book has lots of pictures. Use them to help lift the fog.

In the past I Frustration, anger, hurt, fear, loneliness. Never getting what we needed the most.

In the past II An oddly shaped peg never quite fitting in a square hole despite the use of excessive force

In the past III It got really lonely and then we told ourselves we liked it that way.

Reasonable expectations I We have spent countless hours searching a lumber yard for fresh fruit -

Reasonable expectations II and waiting for someone else to come along and fix us.

Reasonable expectations III Not being comfortable in our own skin we built walls to protect us from ourselves.

Take a deep breath. Start by tearing down the walls. (Unless there is a window you can open) Turn the page.

Rebuild the foundation I Start by understanding much of what we assume about ourselves and others is wrong.

Rebuild the foundation II If we allow it in, our emerging spirituality can fill much of the void we feel inside.

Rebuild the foundation III Accepting what others can give, learning we can not fill the void in others, finding our own strengths, provides a ladder out of the cellar.

Photos and text by Todd Vogel Copyright 2009 all rights reserved Other titles, videos, copies of these photos and contact information available at

Now, was that so hard?

I hope you have found this book helpful— or something‌. This book is available via an online printer at $5.95 +ship It very well might make a good gift for someone you know. Or you might buy it for yourself as a reminder to keep things simple. Go HERE to order Or Go to ODAT Books to see the entire selection. There are many to choose from) Thank you for your interest. May your recovery be filled with gratitude

Defective Relations - a very Simple Guide  

This book addresses what Bill Wilson called the cause of all our woes. If the shoe fits - read it.

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