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Being Mean What’s in it for you?

A very simple guide. A meditation in words and photos By Todd Vogel

It’s past the line of NOT being funny way past.

None of this is new. Much of it you already know.

Three parts to this:

Do you really want to join with a bully?

There are other ways...

Karma - don’t end up on the bumper.

This book has lots of pictures. Looking at them doesn’t make it right.

Cheering a bully on I Sometimes just standing there and laughing is just as bad as saying the things. Sometimes saying, “hey, that’s enough� is a very brave and very good thing.

Cheering a bully on II Picking on people is a sign of insecurity. Sooner or later people are going to figure that out.

Cheering a bully on III What’s so funny about being mean? Will it will make others like you? Are you laughing because it’s funny or because you’re afraid the bully will turn on you?

There are other ways I To be accepted. BTW - the ones you really have to watch out for are the ones who need to be mean.

There are other ways II To be popular. To show you aren’t threatened by someone.

There are other ways III To show you are a leader ways that don’t hurt other people Arrogance is not a sign of leadership. Some people never learn this then end up leading lonely lives, don’t be one of them.

Take a deep breath. Don’t be mean. Turn the page.

Karma I What goes around comes around.. Can you handle that?

Karma II Picking on people is totally uncool. Do you really want your friends to see this part of you?

Karma III Sometimes the people who are picked on don't get the joke you pretend it is (because it really isn’t a joke) and things can go very very wrong.

can you live with that?

Now, was that so hard?

Photos and text by Todd Vogel Copyright 2011 all rights reserved copies of these photos and contact information available at

Being Mean - what's in it for you?  

Written as a response to a bullying incident which ended in a suicide. This booklet is addressed not so much as the bullies, but at those...

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