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Secrets I Want To Share: How To Make Things Happen By Irina Milova

I discovered this secret few months ago. Our friends from Russia invited us to join them in Italy for 5 days. It was not something we were planning to do, but as soon as I received the email I wanted to take this chance, because I have not been to Italy before, and I have a goal to visit 100 countries by the age I am 50 (I have been to 23 countries so far). So we sat down and worked on the cost of the trip, it came down to £800 for 4 nights for both of us (my husband and me) including everything. At that moment we did not have spare £800, so it took me aback I must admit, and told my friends that we are probably not going… Finally we did go, and I was fascinated with Venice, Verona and La Garda, and had a great time with our friends, but thanks to this trip I have learnt a very significant lesson. So what is the lesson? I learnt that making a plan is like selecting a target and if you become focused on it you change the obstacles in your mind – you turn them into possibilities. You change that attitude of “I cannot afford it” to “what a brilliant idea! How can I do it” … and the magic is that you start seeing the ways of making this happen! From now on I find it much easier to deal with unexpected invitations from my friends even when it is a very short notice. How about you? Want more internet marketing tips and information? My blog:

To your success!

Irina Milova

Secrets I Want To Share: How To Make Things Happen