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Components of a webinar introduction By Irina Milova

The purpose of a webinar introduction is to build credibility and rapport with your audience. The components of the introduction are: your “hero story” and testimonials. Your hero story is your personal journey that led you to creating or marketing the product or service that you are promoting at the webinar. It is designed to tell people who you are (or what your business is about), and at the same time the underpinning thing here is to thread your journey to where you are today. Within your hero story you should give 1-3 statements, which are 3 most powerful reasons why the attendees should listen to you and why it’s important to learn what you are teaching.

You can take the following elements into your hero story:    

your background your experience (what your personal journey was like) your results (what you have accomplished) your connections (it may be vital for some industries).

You can start with your full name, age (if you wish to mention it), and where you live or where you are from. For example: My name is Irina Milova and over the last few years I have started, grown and sold a business in Russia. I moved to England in 2007 and started my new business in London in 2008. Then you can start talking about your personal journey that led you to where you are today: business owner, Internet Marketer, coach, entrepreneur OR how you got involved in the weight loss niche, dating advice, nutrition, alkaline diet etc. Testimonials and social proof are a very important part of your introduction. Basically what you are doing in this part is giving evidence. If you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you have done what you are saying, do it. You can do this using references from your clients, saying nice things about you, your product or your service.

Example: “In the fall semester 2004 Dr Milova helped coordinate composition class between students of Johnson County Community College in Kansas and Udmurt State University (Russia). I attribute the

success of this course to Dr Milova’s attention to many details of the course and her commitment to making it work. Without her hard work, my students in Kansas would not have the benefit of corresponding with students in Russia or have the opportunity to read essays written by Russian students on the very topics the Kansas students are themselves writing about. It has been a wonderful opportunity for intercultural exchange.” Keith Geekie, Ph.D. Associate Professor, English Program Johnson County Community College, Kansas You can show photos with somebody who is your mentor or you can show photos of you with celebrities, highlight what you have done for other people, not only for you. For example, you can show 3 people or 3 businesses that you helped. Or you can say: “I’ve helped thousands of people (if you helped thousands)”, or “I helped many people with (you name the problem).” Important: you use this part of your online presentation to relate to your listeners. You are talking about your product or service, you are talking about what you are teaching, but remember it’s not about you, it is all about them.

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To your success!

Irina Milova

Components of a webinar introduction  

The purpose of a webinar introduction is to build credibility and rapport with your audience. The components of the introduction are: your “...

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