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VFA presents Bobby Grossman

New Works

After 4 months of negotiating and working VFA opens our doors

Curated by Gary Santoro and Bill Pugsley.

VFA works hard to find the right new and exciting works for your collection.

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We started with the floors, which took over a week to grind and dye to achieve the finished product. The end result was a beautiful gold polished floor that I am just thrilled with. We have received many compliments over the last few months. Chuck The Hammer started out by constructing an office and storage room. The dust almost killed our A/C unit but it survived and we scolded Chuck before he left for an alcohol infused – work related gambling trip. When he returned the storage unit was built in the back and the walls painted. We now started to bring art into the gallery and Bill began to hang the walls. In the meantime we need desks and chairs and Sofa’s or settees, which look awesome in the space. Check out the Steelcase settees in the gallery. On November 15th we finally opened our doors less than 2 months after taking over the space. Vertu is now open for business



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Photographs by Bobby Grossman Coming to VFA in February 2012

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Andy with Camera 1977


David Byrne – Talking Heads D

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Jean Michel Basquiat 1979 B

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Debbie Harry 1977


Jean – Michel Basquiat andEGlenn O’Brien from T.V. Party 1980F 4

Bobby Grossman arrived on the New York scene in the midseventies with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. His first job was assisting Richard Bernstein, the artist known for his covers of Andy Warhol's Interview. Bernstein's studio was at the Chelsea Hotel, ground zero for the punk explosion, and the hotel became Grossman's home. In addition to assisting, Grossman worked as a magazine illustrator, but he became more interested in photographing the scenes he encountered at the Chelsea, at Warhol's Factory, and C.B.G.B.'s. His ability to get inside scenes and befriend his subjects, and his punky photographic style made his pictures popular with a host of publications - Rolling Stone, Interview, Artforum, The New York Times, Soho Weekly News, The Village Voice and many more. Clients as diverse as MTV and Vogue picked up his photos. He also created promotional pictures for his artist friends, including Blondie, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, The Ramones, Robert Fripp and Talking Heads (for whom he shot the cover of Psycho Killer.) Grossman was on the scene at the punk clubs and Glenn O' Brien's TV Party, the weekly cable show David Letterman called "The greatest show ever" where he was the official photographer. In 1981, Diego Cortez at P.S. 1 Institute featured Grossman in the seminal “New York/New Wave” exhibition curated for the Arts and Colab's legendary "Time Square Show." Since then he has exhibited his work in museums and galleries around the world. In 1994, he exhibited in "Beat Art” at the Grey Gallery at New York University. In 1996-1997 Bobby Grossman and Roberta Bayley curated the traveling photo exhibition "The Cool and the Crazy - Images of Punk” which included over 40 photographers including Robert Mapplethorpe, Gerard Malanga and Andy Warhol. In 2000, Grossman collaborated on the book "New York Beat" that documents the film "Downtown 81", starring Jean-Michel Basquiat. (Grossman made a cameo appearance in that film.) His photographs have appeared in numerous biographies, including those of Andy Warhol, William S. Burroughs, Lou Reed, Blondie and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Recently his photographs illustrated the annual report of the Warhol Foundation, and the catalogs of the "East Village USA" show at The New Museum and "Basquiat" at The Brooklyn Museum. His photos are featured in the documentary film "TV Party" which debuted at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival, and in the TV Party DVD series released by Brink Films. In 2006-2009 Grossman was part of the group exhibition - "Bande a part: New York Underground 60s 70s 80s." The show sponsored by Anges b. opened in Paris and then traveled to London, Los Angeles, Portland, Tokyo, Hong Kong and NYC. Grossman's "Andy Warhol Corn Flakes" photograph was used as a billboard overlooking Beverly Hills to promote the exhibition. The catalog/book for "Bande a part" is available in the United States by Gingko Press. He is currently living in Palm Beach, Florida and working on a book of his photographs.


Alex Katz Kym Vertu Fine Art Date 2011 Medium woodcut/woodblock/ukiyoescreenprintlithograph Anthony Frost Yellow Buzz Ohio Vertu Fine Art

Edition size 55 Sheet size 27 X 32 1/2 in. Price $7500

Date 2011 Medium screenprint with woodblock Edition size 35 Sheet size 61.5 X 37 in. Price $4000 6

Alex Katz Magrit Smiles Vertu Fine Art Date 1994 Medium Color aquatint Edition size 40 Image size 48 x 36 in. Sheet size 48 x 36 in. Price $7500

Tom Wesselmann Cut Out Nude Vertu Fine Art Date 1965 Medium silkscreen Edition size 200 Image size 20 x 24 in. Price $14,000

This work is a blown formed silkscreen on Plastic, mounted behind board. The work was done for the 11 pop artists portfolio. Signed and numbered on the board. 7

Chuck Close Lyle Vertu Fine Art Date 2003 Medium Silkscreen printed in 149 colors

Edition size 80 Sheet size 65-1/2 X 53-7/8 inches Price $35000


Roy Lichtenstein Portrait With Still Life Vertu Fine Art Date 1974 Medium lithograph and screenprint Edition size 100 Sheet size 47-1/4 X 37-1/2 inches Price $28,000


Vertu opens it doors  

Nov 15th VFA opened its doors in Boca Center (Formerly the crocker center) in Boca Raton florida.

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