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Visit the stunning permanent collection of world renowned artist Dale Chihuly’s unique artwork in a magnificent 10,000 square foot setting designed by award-winning architect Albert Alfonso. The Chihuly Collection presented by the Morean Arts Center includes Chihuly’s spectacular large-scale installations such as Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier created specifically for the Collection, along with several popular series works including Macchia and Ikebana which have thrilled audiences around the globe. And visit the Glass Studio & Hot Shop where you can watch glassblowers create one-of-a-kind pieces and purchase glass art and jewelry created by local, regional, and national artists.

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For over 30 years, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering has perfected the special events that matter most: yours! With creative cuisine, custom menus, friendly service, and quality that translates into true value, we help create moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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Introducing ProjectSTYLISHTM VERTICAL Tampa Bay is over-the-moon to introduce ProjectSTYLISHTM, a reality initiative featuring local fashion designers and style professionals. ProjectSTYLISH is not a competition but rather an opportunity to celebrate and highlight local talent in a fresh, fabulous and conscientious way.The participating designers and style professionals are all living their dreams—and therefore, they are all winners in my book. For the ProjectSTYLISH premier, Dolly Donshey of House of Donshey Custom Millinery, Ivanka Ska and Kimberly Hendrix for k.hendrix each designed one look inspired by a Leslie Joy Original photograph. Each designer selected their favorite shot from a gallery of 33 images: Guests of VERTICAL’s invitation-only event at The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts got the first look at the designs. In this issue’s STYLISH department, all three designers are featured along with their ProjectSTYLISHproduced pieces. This way, everyone shares the eye candy. Each designer has agreed to sell or auction off her look with 100 percent of proceeds benefitting the local charity of her choice. Ivanka Ska’s creation is benefitting Creative Clay, Dolly Donshey’s is supporting (a national non-profit with local ties) and Kimberly Hendrix will contribute to The Family Resources Foundation. ProjectSTYLISH is designed to focus on the creative process as a source of inspiration, to reveal imaginative possibilities and to celebrate works of art created in the spirit of VERTICAL. No Drama, Just Dramatic. Let’s see the creative stories unfold…

Love, Wicked Threads Wardrobe Styling Makeup by Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions



PEOPLE WHO ROCK Photography by Model: Eden Hessinger ProjectSTYLISH© shoes by Ivanka Ska Styling by Leslie Simons Hair and Makeup by Irina Bilka

PEACE OUT Photography by Alan Brusky, Fireleaf Design

Section Intros “Blur”— a Leslie Joy Original collection

ON THE COVER Photographer: Brandy DeMarzo Stylists: Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions & Leslie Joy Ickowitz Hair: Bill Baker Makeup: Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions Model: Lindsay Heyser

ON THIS PAGE Leslie Joy Original photography

BUZZ ON VERTICAL Graffiti by The Geuse


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Publisher & Editor In Chief Leslie Joy Ickowitz

Creative Director Leslie Joy Ickowitz

designER Alan Brusky,


Contributing Writers Bill Baker ✵ Janan Talafer ✵ Robyn Beene Tracy Ann Guida

Contributing Photographers www. ✵ ✵ ✵ Tristan DeMarzo ✵

CUSTOM ARTWORK Graffiti by The Geuse

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Photography: Photography Assistant: Wardrobe Stylists: Assistant Wardrobe Stylist: Hair: Makeup: Model: Wardrobe: Accessories provided by:

Brandy DeMarzo Robert Ryan Kildoo Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions & Leslie Joy Ickowitz Nadia Nu単ez Bill Baker Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions Lindsay Heyser Rogerio Martins & painted skirt by Girad Louis Drouillard Wicked Threads

Sponsored by Working Women of Tampa Bay Photographed on location at The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art,



PRODUCTIONS 727.458.4143


D Marzo De Marzo













No Drama, Just Dramatic.

ProjectSTYLISH is VERTICAL Tampa Bay’s very own fashion & style initiative featuring local designers and style professionals. Premier Activity: Create a look inspired by a Leslie Joy Original photograph

Participating Designers: Ivanka Ska Kimberly Hendrix for k.hendrix Dolly Donshey, House of Donshey Custom Millinery

The creative story unfolds‌ Designer Q&As with Robyn Beene

Inspiration Image: Lily Pad Poetry Model: Rachel Elyse Hair & Makeup: Dolly Donshey

Dolly Donshey T

rue fashionistas know that great accessories can make an outfit and few appreciate that more so than emerging designer Dolly Donshey of House of Donshey Custom Millinery. Dolly’s elegant yet edgy headwear proves how powerful a beautiful hat can be. She started gravitating towards accessories early, finding they can make anyone look and feel fabulous. What era of headwear is your favorite and why? I am always inspired by the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I’m a pin up girl myself; I love the pin up era. But as far as what inspires me most I love drama, elegance and I love odd things so my favorite designers are Alexander McQueen and of course Philip Treacy—you can’t be a hat designer and not love Philip Treacy. What I love most is that unexpected drama. What do you think of the current fascination with fascinators? I personally love it—the more we focus on hats the better. Hats used to be in fashion all the time. Women used to wear hats every day. Now everybody goes out in sweatpants and flip-flops. People don’t like to dress up unless it’s an occasion. I personally like to look good all the time. I like to always be dressed up because we are women and we’re feminine and should embrace that. Explain how your Leslie Joy Original inspiration photo translated to your design. I usually do something dark and glamorous and I thought let me do something different and completely opposite for this challenge. I didn’t really have much of a plan except for the fact that I wanted something great. So when I actually sat down to design it, I thought that I want to capture movement and shapes because that’s what drew me to Lily Pad Poetry in the first place. I ended up getting beautiful blue sequins because I like the way they capture the light like water moving and then I wanted the cool green ruffle. I thought why not just add a flower. It looks like a lily pad.

How does it feel to be a designer for the premier of ProjectSTYLISH? I was very surprised Leslie picked me. I’m very new. I’ve only been pushing my company a year. Not only was I chosen but also I was chosen with Kimberly Hendrix and Ivanka Ska who have been on the scene for a very long time and are wonderful people and designers. And then again I can see why she picked me because not only do I do hats which is different but the three of us are kind of the same women—we’re very goal oriented, we’re very driven, we’re all stylish people. I understand it but I’m also very shocked and honored. What does “GET VERTICAL” mean to you? People may see “Get VERTICAL” and think oh yeah that’s a nice slogan but when you meet Leslie you automatically get it. It’s just about being a strong, independent, fashion forward individual.

Ivanka Ska Inspiration Image: Stain Model: Eden Hessinger Stylist: Leslie Simons Hair & Makeup: Irina Bilka


nnovative designer Ivanka Ska knows that things are not always as they seem.When she first viewed the Leslie Joy Original inspiration photo, Stain, her imaginative outlook prompted her to rotate the photo. She saw what appeared to be the outline of a shoe within the image. This sparked her stunning new shoe designs and a collection that is literally on a whole other level. What do you like most about designing shoes? I love everything about it. I have to go back to the basics and be a cobbler. I want to know the whole process from the beginning. I don’t make the actual body yet. I pick the body of the shoe that I like and then I basically embellish it and pick the right patterns and colors and everything there is to do with the designing of the shoe from there. Explain how your Leslie Joy Original inspiration photo translated to your design. The first thing I saw was the shoe. Then, the colors—the greens, yellows and goldens.To me it represented fall in Florida. The green reminded me of a vintage green, like a 1960’s green, so in fact the whole shoe was kind of 1960’s inspired with the colors. I made 10 really bad pairs of shoes first and then finally something clicked and I got it. What is your favorite piece of fashion to design? Right now making these shoes is my favorite because that’s what’s in my head. But three or four years ago dresses were in my head. Who knows in a year or two what else is going to pop in my head. I love the fact that I can change constantly as an artist and grow and develop better skills.

How does it feel to be a designer for the premier of ProjectSTYLISH? What an honor. It is truly one of a kind and the first of its kind. It was collaboration and an inspiration and I really absolutely loved it. I was inspired by this photo and many different things followed because of that. I can’t wait for other people to be constantly involved in this because it truly is something that will inspire you. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion means everything, are you kidding me? I live for fashion. I truly do every day for the rest of my life.

Kimberly Hendrix Inspiration Image: Black Energy Model: Mary Reschar Hair: Malori Gabardi Makeup: Laura Barone,

One of a kind beauty is designer Kimberly Hendrix’s specialty. When it comes to fashion she describes it as all art. Every striking k.hendrix design is a unique garment that is handmade from reclaimed or recycled vintage materials. Her irreplaceable pieces are created to last. When it comes to dying vintage fabrics, do you usually get what you aim for or are you often surprised by the results? It’s always a surprise; I have my own little recipe book, but definitely it’s always a surprise. You never know but that’s kind of the fun of it. That’s what I love the most. What does it mean to you to be green? I like the idea of taking someone’s junk that’s out there. I don’t like the idea of things being wasted. I used to work at a mass production company. I did interior design for them. People will buy 10 cheap things as opposed to one really well made thing that is high quality.To me it’s almost more of artwork. It’s going to last forever. You’re never going to see it go back into the system, basically. That’s my main thing—that it’s not going to go back into the circle. Explain how Black Energy translated to your design. Originally I was going to go literal, with the colors in the black and the gold. Then, I started thinking about it as what it actually was—the night water. And I just thought I want to try something so I dyed the dark navy to be the blue of the night water and added sparkle and I kind of just wanted to make it sort of a night mermaid more than worrying about the exact literal translation. It was more of an inspiration as a concept. What do you think distinguishes you from other designers? I think that I really know what my style is and I really know what my design aesthetic is so it’s really effortless for me. I just make what I really love. So I think in general if someone is making what they truly love they are going to inherently be different from someone else because we’re all individuals. So for me it’s all about imperfections and exploring those and I think that’s what makes me different. I just know what I want to do and I do it. What does “Get VERTICAL” mean to you? I think it just means always going up and always improving yourself, always getting better, whatever you can to step up and stay in that direction.

Getting Dirty is Only Half the Fun!

HEADSHOTS Fascinating Pieces by House of Donshey Custom Millinery

Model: Rachel Elyse Hair & Makeup: Dolly Donshey

Fashion means expression. I love Lady Gaga because she’s not afraid how people will talk about her. That’s why I love wearing my hats out. I love being bold; I love people that take that chance. Fashion is an art form. It’s your chance to be crazy. I love that.” ~ Dolly Donshey, House of Donshey Custom Millinery

813.242.2400 •

Thank you! Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2011 presented by Audi was a huge success thanks to our spectacular sponsors who keep our region in style! Your commitment to the Bay area’s fashion scene showcases dynamic, talented fashion designers and accessories boutiques, while supporting all fashion lovers. We couldn’t have done it without YOU and encourage all fashion followers to support these fantastic businesses that know that...whether it’s high-fashion, custom-fitted clothing or ready-to-wear, no one does it like Tampa Bay! 1-866-703-3277

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Behind the Scenes & Runway Dreams A FirstHand Account of Tampa Bay Fashion Week Story by Natalia Galbetti

Behind the curtains lies a beautiful chaos, but no one in the audience would know it. In the main ballroom at Innisbrook Golf Resort, where Tampa Bay Fashion Week’s runway shows are about to take place, mood lighting and music welcome guests as they are ushered to their seats.They chat and browse through their programs, waiting for the models to step out on the runway wearing the latest creations the designers have put together. The show is just about to start in the front of the house, but for everyone backstage this is the grand finale—and they can’t wait for it.

The Setup It all began much earlier in the day. The PR girls arrived first. In their little black dresses styled to the nines, they run the show telling where, when, and who should do what so the whole night comes together seamlessly. They own the lobby at Inverness Hall where it’s all taking place and no one gets past them without permission. On the left, directly across from the concierge desk, past the white curtains and a strong college student (it says so on his shirt just in case there were any doubts), is where the beauty and fashion begin. Among a symphony of hair dryers, cell phones and stilettos clicking on the hard floor, there’s no mistaking this is backstage. A long hallway has chairs lined up against one wall, a makeshift waiting area where models can eat a snack, talk or text before they’re summoned to hair, makeup and fittings. As they parade from one room to another, hours before the show is about to start, rollers in their hair and no makeup on, their characteristic glamour remains as they strut around wearing at least four inch heels and await fittings that might happen at any moment. “It’s good because when you’ve been in heels all day [when you go out there] you’re used to it,” explains Gwen Burhans, a 25 year-old model who is walking in three shows. “It’s not a shock.” Burhans is one of 70 models chosen by the participating designers. Some are veterans and walk with an air of confidence that says, “Been here, done this.” Others are rookies and a glimmer of nervous excitement shines in their eyes. “I’m a dancer so this is all kind of familiar,” says

Noelani Tagarelli, a 22 year-old model who is doing fashion week for the first time and walking in six shows. “This is a lot more chaotic but it also makes it that much more exciting.” The Look The stylists from New Identities Hair Studio arrived at Innisbrook at noon with their tool kit, which, as the day goes on, gets scattered throughout the room in an organized mess. One table is covered in hair extensions and hair spray bottles. Under it, what looks like a shag rug over the carpet is actually a pile of wigs. Another table is topped with 27 bottles of products ranging from mousse and anti-frizz serum to more hair spray. Eight curling irons are lined up, each for a very specific purpose in case the occasion calls for it. “I’m sorry if I’m giving you a facelift,” says hair stylist Tasha McNally to the model whose hair she’s twisting and pinning in a Swiss roll. “The tight factor is the issue here. Depending on the hair it can have 50 to 100 bobby pins in it.” Posters on the wall show the designers’ names and descriptions of the looks their models should have, like Dali Hernandez’s “slick and pulled back” or Kimberly Hendrix’s magazine cutout of flowy and soft curls. For Rhonda Shear, “all models are wearing wigs” warns the sign, so no work is needed here with the exception of a cap covering the hair on one model with faux fruit hot glued to it. One room over, in makeup, the assortment of tools is professional-grade only. A slew of products cover the counter—false eyelashes, base, concealer, brushes of all sizes and types, and glitter—lots of glitter.

Soft music plays from an iPhone propped inside of a makeup case. As the makeup artists start to work on the look for J. Cagua, the first designer of the night, they make it seem easy enough for anyone to get the smoky cat eye at home. Laura Birge starts by applying primer with a brush on model Yimarie Rivera to minimize pores and wrinkles. Next is concealer for the areas that may need extra coverage like circles under the eyes or blemishes, and then finishing with the foundation base using a small angled sponge and powder to give it a matte look. She primes the eyelids and lines the brows just to fill them in.Then she reaches for a tissue. “When you’re working with a black shadow, it can get a little messy,” she explains folding the tissue in half and placing it under Rivera’s eye while she makes the cat eye with black shadow. She then uses a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to perfect the shape of it. False eyelashes, blush and lip gloss finish off the look. One more down, about 15 more girls to go. The Women Behind the Clothes Directly behind the runway is the central backstage area, where the nine designers, all women, are found with their collections. Each with her own designated spot with a table and clothing rack where all the items from their collections hang. Looking around the room, it is clear they have diverging aesthetics but their dedication to style is mirrored. The first in the corner is J. Cagua. A swimsuit designer,Trineice Cagua’s collection, Leo, is unmistakably inspired by leopard print with embellishments in gold chains. “I always seem to be drawn to bright colors,” she explains of the bright pinks, purples and yellows. “The line is unique and in your face and Tampa Bay has the marketplace for that.” In complete contrast is Terri Funaro’s collection, Crème de la Crème, demure dresses and looks fashioned entirely in cream tones with a few Cognac-colored pieces. “I’m not fussy,” Terry says describing her style of design. “My girl is the one that after everyone has noticed the big attention getter, the crowd parts and this beauty is there.” Dolly Donshey, from House of Donshey Custom Millinery, on the other hand, aims for the exact opposite. “It’s dramatic, it’s a show,” she says, describing the the runway presentation of her collection. A hat the

runway presentation of her collection. A hat designer, Dolly worked with Michelle Cobble of Wicked Threads Wardrobe Styling to dress her models, who up until just before they stepped on the runway, still hadn’t seen the hats they were wearing, as she was keeping them under wraps for an added element of surprise. “It’s dark,” she explains of her inspiration for pieces like a black hat with crow talons covered in crystals. “Girls start so pure and then we make these decisions in our lives and that’s where we end up. It’s the cycles of life.” Essence Flowers also went to a darker place to draw inspiration for her line, which aimed at showcasing imperfections. “Every garment has something wrong with it on purpose,” she points out. “In fashion everything has to be perfect so creatively, I wanted to come up with something that challenged it and hopefully it will freak people out.” Essence is also in charge of another collection, Iconic. She brings Rhonda Shear’s sketches to life for her eponymous fantasy lingerie line. “It’s fun and sexy,” Rhonda explains. “I love old Hollywood so I wanted to do something that incorporates all those icons.” For Dali Hernandez of House of Dali, her collection, Golden Girl, came from an optimistic and hopeful place. “To me it’s like everything I went through I always come out gold,” she explains. “I usually do a lot of dark and a lot of feathers. This is softer.” Gold and copper also make a splash in Two Coconuts Swimwear’s Shimmer collection. “We were inspired by the brilliant colors in the water while watching the sunset and the beauty seen in nature,” says Renee Scarborough to explain how she and her husband decided on a color palette. “We usually make custom bathing suits, but with this collection we were aiming to bring it up a notch.” Kimberly Hendrix of k.hendrix went for a raw look, using all natural dyes and teas to give her signature imperfectly beautiful clothes a dirtier effect. “I wanted to give that idea that if you were shipwrecked with all these beautiful clothes and you had nothing to work with,

would you still dress up?,” she says while showing the subtle worn details in each of the sequined items. “I wanted to make it really, really raw.” Pat McGhee is on the other side of the spectrum, with tailored and vibrant pieces that she describes as “almost a European look.” Interestingly though, her most eye-catching model is not wearing one of her pieces of clothing but a painted-on tuxedo. “That’s the ‘art’ part of me,” she explains. “Fashion doesn’t need to be done with fabric. If you can paint it on someone, it can be just as nice.” Show Time The room is reminiscent of a Project Runway finale as the designers race around trying to get their final touches done before Tim Gunn hurries them along to get to the runway on time. Except in this case, the one keeping an eye on the clock is Tampa Bay Fashion Week Backstage Manager Fulei Ngangmuta. “I don’t do chaos,” she says as she constantly looks around her for anything that might get in the way of the scheduled program. “I make sure everything is planned right so there’s no chaos. Nuh-uh, I don’t deal with that.” What she does deal with are models, makeup artists, hair stylists and designers. And a team of volunteers whose job is to ensure everything goes according to plan—and when it doesn’t, to fix it. Thirty minutes before the show starts the hallway, all hair and makeup rooms are suddenly empty. All models are in the central backstage area and they walk frantically from one end of the room to another, double-checking makeup and outfit details. Others are practicing their walk, like crash studying for an exam. Orders to “line up!” can be heard everywhere as designers get their ducks, or in this case models, in a row. The iPhones previously used for texting are now in camera mode as every model, designer and assistant wants to get a shot of the impeccably dressed girls about to walk the runway. In the ballroom, guests are already seated. The lights dim. Runway dreams are about to begin.

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home décor

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beauty full

Jet Black Beauty For an Extreme Season

Story by Bill Baker ❧


t’s the year of extremes…extreme weather, extreme politics, extreme fashion and extreme hair. With the color palette running the gamut, the polar opposite ice blondes and blue-black vixens are stealing the show. It is now the time for the Lady Gagas and Katy Perrys of the world to stand up and stand out! So if you were born this way, this is the season to show off your “wow factor.” What the little black dress does for the body is what black color does for hair. Black creates a shape and an outline with very little definition or detail. It can hide a multitude of sins. If you have been less than saintly in the care of your hair, black could be the answer for you—but it is a commitment. Once you go black, it’s hard to go back. For this extreme, there are some general rules to follow. Number one: Make sure it is shiny. Matte black hair looks like a badly abused wig.The shine is what it is all about. Sort of like a black car, it only looks its best when it is clean and shining. So become fanatical and put a blue rinse over the whole thing just to blow their socks off. Now while their socks are off, how about a subtle, or not so subtle, blue streak beside the face on one side? Too much? Well, there is always a clear keratin treatment to keep your tresses as shiny as they will need to be. Keratin is not only good for shine but will also condition and smooth the cuticle (outside layer) of your hair. Number two: Consider your age. Remember the matte black wig? Now imagine it against not so

perfect skin. Get the picture? It’s not a pretty sight. Black hair looks best of course, with porcelain skin and blue eyes. Bingo! Home run! Not that lucky? Darn it! Well let’s just say that the skin needs to be in good repair whatever your age. But be realistic. This may not be the best look for older skin.There! I said it! OK?! It’s for a younger look, or with really, really good makeup! Now while we are on the subject of makeup, black hair and red lips are a great combination. Rather than the smoky eye, use a heavy liquid liner to create a cat eye, and finish with lots of mascara. Number three: Be prepared to turn heads. If you don’t want attention, then this is not the look for you. Raven black hair will get you noticed. It is a strong look for the daring, young starlet or an attention seeking fashionista. It is extreme, but that is what this season is all about. While others Occupy Wall Street, we will occupy the fashion world! Our march is to the beat of a different drummer. While attending art school, Bill Baker saw the movie “Shampoo” starring Warren Beatty. It was then that he decided, like Warren, to surround himself with beautiful women. He feels lucky to have accomplished his goal in the beauty industry and hopes some of his observations and opinions prove to be helpful. Contact Bill with questions or comments at: or

De s ti n ati o n

Nourishment Clicking Your Way to a Happier, Healthier Existence—Body, Mind & Spirit Story by Janan Talafer

“Listen to yourself as the answers to what nourishes you are there inside, waiting to be heard,” says Dina Hansen, a doctor of holistic medicine and founder of, an online resource for women.


ather than a brick and mortar holistic center, Naturally Nourished Woman is a web-based community, giving women the opportunity to connect from the comfort of home. A team of holistic health professionals offer webinars, post articles, recipes and more to help guide women in their search for more balance and harmony in all of their relationships—whether that relationship is with food, friends and family, career, physical activity, spirituality or with themselves. For a small taste of what Naturally Nourished Woman addresses, Dina Hansen offers guidance on a few top-of-mind topics we can all relate to:

Healthy Eating Our relationship to food is one of the most intimate relationships we have with ourselves. Eating healthy foods that nourish our bodies speaks volumes about how we feel about ourselves. It is reflected in our appearance, our posture, how our clothes fit and on our skin. Practice the philosophy of mindful eating by being more aware of your food choices. Check in with your body and ask yourself what would nourish it most at that time. Perhaps a good cry might better serve you, rather than the chips or cookies that you are craving. Cravings are like a spoiled brat saying I want this or I want that. Instead, listen to your inner nutrition guru. When we listen to our bodies and trust ourselves, the right choices come naturally. That opens up a path to live a happier and healthier life.

H ealthy Spirit Spirituality is more than religion; it is feeling a connection with a presence greater than yourself. It might be the religion you were brought up with because it resonates true for you. Or it may be a connection to nature. The key is to find something that feels right and nourishes you.

H ealthy Scents Aromatherapy uses essential natural oils from plants to bring greater balance, healing and relaxation. Inhaling a particular scent stimulates the brain and triggers a positive memory or a warm feeling. For example, I love patchouli as it reminds me of college friends and wonderful times. Other people may love vanilla or lavender. Finding the scent that feels right is a very personal choice.

H ealthy Skin Healthy skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. When everything is in balance you’ll find that your skin no longer reflects the toxins in your body and you’ll have fewer problems with acne and rosacea. You’ll also look younger and have fewer wrinkles. “Food for the Face”—these exercises are part of Dina’s holistic skincare approach: Cut a grape in half and place it around the eyes, making small counterclockwise circles— perfect for tightening the skin. Or take an egg, beat it with ¼ teaspoon milk, then massage the mixture onto your face and let it harden. Rinse off with water and baking soda to nourish, firm and exfoliate. To learn more about how to nourish your body, mind and spirit, visit

Inspire Natural Beauty is devoted to health and beauty; inspired by nature. We will pamper you with natural oils and the essence of rejuvenating fruits to revitalize your body while reducing the chemical exposure derived from traditional beauty products.

Signature Facials | Massages | Manicures | Pedicures Sugaring Hair Removal Services We proudly carry: (727) 290-9855

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~ Eminence Organics Skincare ~ jane iredale ~ Vapour Organic Beauty ~ Nardo’s Naturals ~ PritiNYC

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Something Very

I treat the photograph as a work of great complexity in which you can find drama. Add to that a careful composition of landscapes, live photography, the right music and interviews with people, and it becomes a style.� – Ken Burns

A Firsthand Account by Tracy Ann Guida ❧ Kismis Ink Photography


hotography has long been a passion of mine and is one of my favorite forms of artistic expression. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and this concept was evident one autumn evening at “Something Very VERTICAL”—a celebration combining the 2-year anniversary of VERTICAL Tampa Bay, the premier of ProjectSTYLISH (VERTICAL’s own local fashion initiative) and the official launch of Leslie Joy Original photography. As soon as I saw the invitation, I knew I was about to be part of something magical. Driving through downtown Tampa on my way to The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA), I could not help but notice the beautiful night skyline and the gorgeous glowing moon reflecting on the tall buildings. It was as if vertical rays of light were filling the sky as a prelude to a night filled with art, fashion and fantasy.

Upon entering FMoPA, the warmth of the crowd and the heat of the Latin rhythms performed by Ta Bueno captivated me. The space was filled with stylish people sipping Skyscrapers (VERTICAL’s signature cocktail) and Champagne infused with edible hibiscus flowers—a beautiful touch created and served by Napa Flair. The setting was perfect. FMoPA is the only museum in the state of Florida that is dedicated solely to showcasing photography. As I walked around with my glass of Champagne, I was drawn to three models wearing ProjectSTYLISH pieces created by local designers Dolly Donshey, Ivanka Ska and Kimberly Hendrix. Each designer created a look inspired by a Leslie Joy Original photograph.

For Kimberly Hendrix, Black Energy guided her vision and resulted in a gorgeous midnight blue dress. As I looked at the photograph, I was drawn to the light surrounded by dark. The dress was an amazing interpretation of the image. House of Donshey Custom Millinery created a sparkling hat and necklace inspired by the Leslie Joy Original, Lily Pad Poetry. Her creation reminded me of a romantic spring day. Ivanka Ska translated the mesmerizing photograph, Stain, into a stunning pair of platform shoes. Stain, Leslie’s first color-manipulated photo, captures water surrounding a pier in Marathon Key. The rust and grit are highlighted by the saturation of colors. Ivanka used blue and gold tones to highlight the water and rust on the pier. I fell in love with the shoes the moment I saw them—from the gorgeous color combination to the height of the heel. After lusting over the ProjectSTYLISH fashions, I decided to mingle and enjoy the music when suddenly I came across my version of heaven: an enchanted cotton candy forest created by Chic Sweets. Milk shots paired with Oreos dipped in purple and yellow chocolate, sweet and fluffy purple cotton candy, a beautiful tree surrounded with purple and yellow cake pops, jelly beans, purple chocolate covered pretzels, rock candy, marshmallows and more were perfect for foraging from the forest. I stood mesmerized by the beautiful array of decadent confections. I asked Leslie about her vision and what purple and yellow means to her. “Purple and yellow are my favorite colors. Yellow first then purple. As an elementary school student, I wrote a poem called ‘Purple & Yellow’ and it won Composition of the Month! To me, purple symbolizes passion. Not just any purple though. It has to be a vivid shade or what I call a ‘committed’ color.” While admiring the beautiful cotton candy forest, I glanced up and saw the cover from the fall issue of VERTICAL Tampa Bay (one of my personal favorites) hanging from the museum wall. The photo captures the concept of “Alice Rocks Wonderland” and as I looked around I

Leslie Joy Original

realized we were in the middle of a VERTICAL Wonderland. I made my way through the cotton candy forest and headed toward the next gallery, which was filled with gorgeous glossy enlargements of VERTICAL archival content and Leslie Joy Original photos. It was the first (and remains the only) time anyone has seen the virtual magazine in print. “Showcasing the talented photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists who have contributed to VERTICAL on the museum walls that night was a powerful way to express gratitude for them,” Leslie says. I spoke with Leslie about ProjectSTYLISH, her love for photography and how she sees the Tampa Bay Fashion scene. An excerpt of our conversation is below.

Tell me about the creative process for ProjectSTYLISH and how it came to fruition.What sparked the idea of having the designers create pieces inspired by Leslie Joy Original images? “Since VERTICAL began I wanted to create this fashion initiative and I’m so happy it’s here! ProjectSTYLISH (PS) is a means to celebrate and highlight the wonderful talent here, and to do it creatively. For each PS activity, we’ll get the back-stories from the participants and get to see the eye-candy results. ProjectSTYLISH is a reality endeavor but we’re more interested in the creative story unfolding. The tagline is ‘No Drama, Just Dramatic.’ Timing wise, the ProjectSTYLISH premier was coinciding with the launch of Leslie Joy Original so I thought it would be fun to marry the two.That these designers created fashion inspired by my photography is something I can hardly fathom. If I hadn’t seen the designs with my own eyes, I would never believe it. And it has been amazing to introduce Leslie Joy Original in such a captivating way.”

If you could photograph anything, what would it be? “Discovering my love for photography is among the greatest gifts of my life. My passion for it is insatiable and there’s a never-ending supply of inspiration. I can’t zero in on one thing to photograph but I can tell you that my very favorite projects to date include all of my Travel photography plus ‘Pieces—fabrics and featured items from So Not Sari’ and a shoot I did for Spathose, one of my favorite fashion brands.Their wearable art epitomizes Leslie Joy Original’s focus on ‘objects of desire.’ My friend and client George Madeiros of Spathose said, ‘Your photos are an extension of your soul.’ I soooooo feel that.”

How did you come up with the concept for Alice Rocks Wonderland? “Alice has been done before...over and over again. As is the culture of VERTICAL, we wanted to do it differently and create an edgier vibe to illustrate her dramatic trip through Wonderland.When Pam and I went to La France to style the shoot, the looks we found fit the feel we were going for just perfectly. Add to that photographer Brandy DeMarzo’s behind-the-lens brilliance, Bill Baker’s mastery of hair and our incredible model, Rachel Reed, and that’s how ‘Alice Rocks Wonderland.’”

Tell me about the fashion movement in Tampa Bay. Since the first issue of VERTICAL was published, what do you think has changed/ evolved in the fashion community? “What’s happening here in fashion is very cool to be part of. This year, Lacey B. Smith of The Fashion Movement created an evening celebrating the contributions of accessories designers. Tampa Bay Fashion Week treated us to night after night of style. Local designers and boutiques are blowing my mind regularly, in a really good way. I think no one can say there isn’t a fashion scene in Tampa Bay anymore. VERTICAL stands up and shows it off. “

Editor’s Note: VERTICAL extends sincere gratitude to the sponsors of Something Very VERTICAL: Aguiar Plastic Surgery, Anna Maria Island Resorts, Chic Sweets, Eagle Photographics, Napa Flair and 71Proof.

V Team: Nadia Nu単ez, Brandy DeMarzo, Pamela Bloomgren & Bill Baker

Music makes the people come together.� ~ Madonna

The music performed at Something Very VERTICAL was more than just background, it added flavor to the already picturesque evening.The intoxicating rhythms of Ta Bueno (meaning it’s all good) filled the air and before long the vast majority of guests were dancing in the middle of the room. Listening to the music was like being transported to a jazz club in Havana. I walked around glancing at some of my favorite Leslie Joy Originals. One picture, in particular, really captured the sweetness and spice of the event. My favorite Leslie Joy Original is of fresh vanilla beans set against a gorgeous blue background. I created the Skyscraper martini for VERTICAL Tampa Bay and the fresh vanilla bean garnish is a key ingredient. Rising vertically from the glass, the vanilla bean is both pure and sweetly spicy, much like fashion and Latin music. While looking at the picture, I imagined myself in Central America and the music intensified my experience. Sipping the Skyscraper while enjoying the sounds of Ta Bueno, the percussion touched my soul and moved me.The taste of vanilla paired with the musical rhythm ended my evening on a delicious note. As I left the museum, I gazed back inside and smiled as I watched people dancing together who had just met that night. We were all brought together that evening by fashion, photography, music and flavor. Ta Bueno!

Ta Bueno performers Hernando Bueno and Leslie Robbins

    

 

       


          ●  ● 

         



BW L P H OTO G R A P H Y Creative Portrait Photography


72 7.5 37.070 8


H ighly

Dra m atic A Tale of Urban Sophistication Story by Janan Talafer ❧


ith a gorgeous view of both the water and twinkling city lights, the ultracontemporary condo on the 28th floor of Signature Place in downtown St. Petersburg is a showcase for urban sophistication. From the minute you walk through the front door, you are treated to a sleek, stylish interior—a study in black and white with bold splashes of green, like a breath of fresh air or a smooth jazz number by Kenny G. Floor to ceiling windows offer a birds-eye view of The Pier, boats in the St. Petersburg Marina and people strolling the downtown city streets. The interior’s uncluttered minimalist ambience is so unexpected. Yet it’s a perfect fit for Signature Place, one of Tampa Bay’s most distinctive luxury residential towers, with its architectural design resembling a large sail on a sleek boat. Inside the condo, the first thing you notice is an oversized photo of a tree, its stark black trunk and branches highlighted by graceful green leaves. The enormous photo is divided into 12 acrylic panels mounted free form and frameless on the wall. Like everything else in the home, it’s sculptural and captivating. It also sets the stage for what’s just around the corner. The kitchen, dining area and living room all flow together to make the home seem more spacious. Green and gold blown glass globes hang over the granite kitchen countertops, while the dining room features iconic Knoll Platner chairs, a retro 1960s style that is very hot right now. The home’s interior reflects the discriminating taste of the owners, Dr. and Mrs. A. K. Desai’s, as well as Michelle Jennings Wiebe of Studio M Interior Design, the primary interior designer for much of Signature Place.

Everywhere you look, Michelle has recreated the condo’s black, white and green color scheme, even in the commissioned painting by abstract artist Alberto Murillo that hangs between the dining room and the living room. A sleek, low-slung white Italian leather sofa dominates the living room, which also features a green, black and white geometric patterned carpet, a black swivel Jehs & Laub chair and a custom white and black lacquer media center with flat screen TV. Small art pieces in green and black decorate the shelves of the media center, giving the room a streamlined, gallery feel. The master bedroom is equally dramatic with its sumptuous Italian-made bed and upholstered leather headboard. A crystal teardrop light fixture hangs over the bed, while a series of framed mirrors in various sizes create an interesting work of art on the wall. The guest bedroom has the glamour of luxurious white and black bed linens that designer Michelle calls very upscale hotel-esque. Textured wallpaper behind the bed is hung horizontally rather than vertically to give it a more contemporary flair. A fun black swivel chair allows guests to sit and contemplate the gorgeous view out the window. Although Dr. Desai and his wife have a home in St. Petersburg’s Snell Isle neighborhood just a few miles away, the condo serves as a close-by weekend retreat, as well as a corporate apartment for entertaining clients. “We enjoy the location right in the heart of downtown’s many amenities,” says Dr. Desai. “We like to leave the car behind and just walk around; it’s a very attractive feature of being here. We’re proud to be part of the transformation that is happening in downtown St. Petersburg.”



D E S I G N.

F I R E L E A F D E S I G N . C O M


two for tea English Tradition at Local Teahouses Story by Tracy Ann Guida â?§ Leslie Joy Original photography Photographed on Location at Tea Rose Cottage

With the arrival of winter, savoring a cup of tea over conversation is a beautiful tradition to enjoy. Afternoon Tea, also known as low tea, consists of assorted tea and tea sandwiches, decadent sweets and scones served with fresh jam and Devonshire cream.


nne, Duchess of Bedford, who served Queen Victoria as Lady of the Bedchamber from 1841-1874, is credited with conceptualizing formal afternoon tea. Due to the long span of time between lunch and dinner, the Duchess would request that her servants sneak her a pot of tea and light sandwiches. Soon, she began inviting friends to join her for an afternoon meal consisting of small cakes, light sandwiches, assorted sweets and tea. The ritual became so popular that she began sending paper invitations to friends requesting they join her for tea “and a walk in the fields.” Afternoon Tea quickly became an English tradition and is as popular as ever today. High tea is often used to describe afternoon tea but in actuality, high tea is a more lavish version in that it involves a combination of afternoon tea and an evening meal. Historically, a working-man or woman would work until late in the afternoon and often miss lunch along with afternoon tea. Upon returning home in the evening,“high tea” would be served in the main dining room or “high table” rather than in the sitting room where afternoon tea was enjoyed. Different countries feature their own traditions for high tea, all of which include tea, bread, cheese

and a regional dish. In England, for example, Shepherds Pie is a staple served for high tea and Steak Pie is a favorite in Scotland. Tampa Bay is home to several charming teahouses, which are perfect for mother and daughter bonding, a girls’ day out with the ladies or quietly catching up with a dear friend. Fashion plays a role on the local teahouse scene with many women dressing the part, wearing pretty dresses and hats evoking elegance and grace. Located in the heart of historic Ybor City, the Tea Rose Cottage Tearoom and Boutique ( is a quaint place with a savory menu. Opened in 2006, it is housed in an historical bungalow with a whitewashed interior and high ceilings.The Tea Rose Cottage is an English-style tearoom.Tea is served in delicate china adorned with vintage floral patterns. Soothing and peaceful, it is a wonderful spot for sitting and sipping before or after a city stroll. Owners Jennie Weaver and Angela Ceglio prepare everything fresh daily. Afternoon Tea consists of a tiered tray of assorted tea sandwiches, freshly baked warm scones with Devonshire cream, jam and lemon curd, decadent mini-desserts and an endless pot of tea. Lemon sorbet lends a sweet, puckering end to the

experience, as it refreshes and cleanses the palate. Camellia Rose Tea Room and Boutique ( located in downtown Plant City is a brilliant spot to enjoy English Teatime with a southern flair. Upon entering, you are surrounded by beautiful items in the boutique. With everything from tea accoutrements, fragrances, vintage teapots, pretty apparel and home accessories, you will be swept away by the charm and style of this quaint place. The scent of freshly baked goods and the sound of a crackling fire will lure you into the cozy dining room where you will find elegantly dressed women sipping tea and conversing over sweet and savory treats. The signature tea sandwich, a pistachio crusted chicken curry, pairs well with a cup of warm soup and your choice of over 70 varieties of loose-leaf teas. A local favorite is the Drop Red Gorgeous Strawberry, which is Plant City’s very own strawberry tea. Appropriately named after the Strawberry Growers Association 2007 slogan, this black tea is filled with strawberry bits, cream and flavored at Camellia Rose. Another favorite is Florida Sunshine, a black tea with oranges, lemons and mango. The homemade scones at Camellia Rose are a must. Baked fresh daily and served with Southern-style Devon Cream, they pair perfectly with a cup of tea. Desserts are a highlight at Camellia Rose with selections such as cherry cream cheese brownies, chocolate mocha cake, handmade truffles, lemon tarts and more. Owner Ellen Garret has created a tea destination that attracts clientele from Tampa, Sarasota, Naples and beyond. The contemporary reverence for teatime proves that a love affair with tradition is always in style.

When we sip tea, we are on our way to serenity.� ~ Alexandra Stoddard


unique expeRiences

One AMAzing desTinATiOn Only in Sarasota, Florida can you find an international art collection, the world’s largest circus miniature, a jewel-box Italian theater, historic banyans and thousands of roses surrounding the Venetian-Gothic mansion of a circus king.

The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art The State Art Museum of Florida The Florida State University The Ringling Legacy The Ringling Vision | 941.359.5700

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http:/ /

Open daily 10am–5pm | Thursdays until 8pm | 5401 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota, FL 34243 Museum of Art • Circus Museum • Historic Asolo Theater • Gardens • Ca’d’Zan Mansion


WhiteHotWinter Scenes from a Caribbean Holiday Leslie Joy Original

Winter swept us away to the Dominican Republic where the hospitality was as warm as the breeze and the beach was dotted with black bikinis. Photographed on location at The Fishing Lodge & The Sanctuary Grand Resorts at Cap Cana, Salamander Caribbean Collection

Photography Focusing on Objects of Desire, Travel, Nature, Art & Fashion


the art of observation meets

the art of impression What impression will you make?



g e t away Many thanks to our sponsors: GM of the Southeast, Anna Maria Island Resorts and Island Real Estate + Napa Flair and Cleanse Apothecary for their wonderful contributions to the fun.

For the first ever co-ed Get VERTICAL Getaway, we whipped up candy-colored cottage accommodations at Tradewinds Resort on Anna Maria Island, gifts & goodies, a private poolside cocktail party, exclusive Pine Avenue shopping stroll, a deeeelish breakfast, fast cars to drive and fabulous new friendships!

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social butterfly

Get Up.

Get Into It.

Get Involved. Great Places to Get JANUARY 29 Dressed, Get Out and GASPAR BALLET
 Make a Difference By Robyn Beene

Ahoy, matey! Take a trip to the theater to experience the tale of Tampa’s most famous pirate, José Gaspar in Gaspar—A Pirate Fantasy. This original, full-length classical ballet is written and directed by world-renowned choreographer Christopher Fleming, with original music composed by Tampa’s Dr. David Goldstein.The performance will be held at the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts in Louise Lykes Ferguson Hall at 1pm.Tickets start at $19 and proceeds benefit the Red Cross of Tampa Bay, YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg and Drew’s Shoes. For more information, please call 813.229.7827 or visit


March 10



Spend a Saturday morning with other social butterflies enjoying coffee and confections, marketplace shopping and a fashion show with guest commentator Gail Sierens.Tickets are $25 per person and all proceeds benefit LifePath Hospice. Event begins at 10am and fashion show concludes at noon. Address: 5102 West Linebaugh Avenue, Tampa 33624. To purchase tickets, please call 813.357.5321 or email

FEBRUARY 18 HORSEPOWER FOR KIDS Have some fun on the farm and partake in an inspirational mission! Horsepower’s unique program provides an opportunity for underprivileged and at-risk children to ride and learn about horses in a farm environment. Guests are also invited to volunteer for a day of fun programs and opportunities to interact with the animals. The event begins at 9am at Hyde Park United Methodist Church. For more details, please call 813.777.0483. Online registration is available at

FEBRUARY 24 A PAIR TO REMEMBER, LUNCHEON AND SHOE AUCTION Open your hearts and “soles” for the third annual “A Pair to Remember” luncheon and shoe auction. It’s a girl’s dream day: sip on Champagne, enjoy plush pampering, dine on a sumptuous lunch and gaze at stunning shoes—all for a good cause! Proceeds benefit Easter Seals Florida serving Tampa Bay, which enriches the lives of individuals with disabilities. The event begins at 11am at the Tampa Yacht & Country Club. Tickets are $125. Please visit for more information.

Hang out with “Andy Warhol & Friends” at the new home of the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA) in the “Cube” at Rivergate Plaza (400 North Ashley Drive, downtown Tampa). Sip “The Andy” signature cocktail and enjoy open bar, hors d’oeuvres, dessert and coffee. Live and silent auctions will feature local photographic arts and merchants. Tickets are $75 per person or $125 per couple in advance or $100/$150 at the door and include individual or family membership to FMoPA. The black tie optional event begins at 8pm. RSVP by phone at 813.221.2222

March 24 THIRD ANNUAL WISHMAKER’S BALL Join the celebration of hope at the third annual “Wishmaker’s Ball,” which raises funds to grant wishes for children of the Tampa Bay community with life-threatening illnesses.The event will be held at Marriott Waterside with an elegant sit-down dinner, exclusive VIP table drawing, silent and live auctions, and entertainment and special appearances by the organization’s wish-children. Proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central and Northern Florida, Suncoast Region.The ball begins at 6:30pm, and tickets are $150. For more information, please visit

APRIL 13-15

Event details and ticket


prices subject to change.

Feel the rhythm at this year’s spectacular showcase of blues music, performed right on the waterfront at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg. This grand event is one of the world’s largest and most treasured blues concerts. Guests can sip on premium beer and wine and enjoy a variety of cuisine, including seafood, barbeque, Cuban cuisine and more. Proceeds benefit Pinellas Association for Retarded Citizens (PARC). Single day tickets start at $25. For more information, please visit

Contact organizations directly for the most up-to-date information.

WHAT IS YOUR ADDRESS? For Alpha House of Tampa moms, it may have been a car, shed or street. Alpha House of Tampa empowers pregnant and parenting women in crisis to realize their ability to break the cycles of poverty and abuse and create promising lives. 813.875.2024

Monday - Saturday 9:00-4:00


Peac eC

e r u t u o

An E ven in


fA r t,

sic Mu & Fashion Story by Leslie Joy Ickowitz Photography by Brandy DeMarzo & Tristan DeMarzo

Poster by Justin Nelson Photo by Tristan DeMarzo


ERTICAL had the honor of producing the fashion show portion of Peace Couture in partnership with Pamela Bloomgren of MOD Productions. Four of the area’s most exciting designers were featured on the runway along with five local personalities styled in looks from The Spring’s secondhand boutique. Among them was Mrs. America April Lufriu, who sparkled in a short, shimmery dress and a makeshift feather bracelet. At show time, chandeliers dimly lighted the hot teal ceiling of the fourth floor ballroom, while a spotlight glared at center stage. True to the evening’s uber-artistic vibe, the fashion show was set to live music performed by the sensational local rock band, Guiltmaker. Instead of a formal, verbal presentation, five original works of art, created by local artists, featured statistics about domestic violence on the poster’s reverse side. These were each marched down the runway by models, and made a powerful statement about why we were all there. “This year’s Peace Couture moved from the department store to the Cuban Club in an effort to expand the content and broaden the audience,” explains Kurt Piazza, associate director of development for The Spring of Tampa Bay. “Besides the fashion, we also wanted to include other creative disciplines, such as visual art and music. Peace Couture is essentially a ‘friendraiser,’ and bringing all these creative forces together guaranteed a dynamic event, and it was indeed a tremendous success.” It took a village to pull off Peace Couture. For our part, the incredible team of volunteer models, hairstylists and makeup professionals set a shining example of what it means to “Get VERTICAL…and be part of something fabulous!” A million thanks to local designers Kimberly Hendrix, Rogerio Martins, Dolly Donshey and Spathose as well as local personalities, Mrs. America, Holley Sinn and Jerome Richey from Studio 10 TV, Farrukh Quraishi, Dan Raulerson and Julie Weintraub for stepping up and stepping out in support of The Spring.

Photo by Brandy DeMarzo

Photo by Brandy DeMarzo

Photo by Brandy DeMarzo

Photo by Brandy DeMarzo

Photo by Tristan DeMarzo

Photo by Tristan DeMarzo

Photo by Tristan DeMarzo

Photo by Tristan DeMarzo

Photo by Tristan DeMarzo

Photo by Brandy DeMarzo

Photo by Brandy DeMarzo

Photo by Brandy DeMarzo

Photo by Brandy DeMarzo

Photo by Brandy DeMarzo

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Special thanks to friends and supporters of VERTICAL Jessica Rivelli and Working Women of Tampa Bay  ✵  Nadia Nuñez  ✵  Brandy DeMarzo & Tristan DeMarzo  ✵  Robert Ryan Kildoo  ✵  Pamela Bloomgren ✵ Bill Baker & the Off Broadway Salon team  ✵  Rogerio Martins  ✵  Scott Durfee & George Medeiros of Spathose ✵  Kimberly Hendrix  ✵  Ivanka Ska ✵  Dolly Donshey ✵  Michelle Cobble of Wicked Threads  ✵  Jeffrey Cobble of Wicked Lens  ✵  Cozette Roche of Cozette’s Boutique  ✵  Greg Curtis of Cleanse Apothecary  ✵  Lea Ann Barlas of Inspire Natural Beauty  ✵  Alan Brusky of Fireleaf Design  ✵  Pam Fendt & the Ringling Museum team  ✵  Bryan Leighty  ✵  Christy Clark Sheppard of Enchanted Notions & Randy James LaBrecque  ✵  Mary Reschar  ✵  Rachel Elyse  ✵  Eden Hessinger  ✵  Irina Bilka  ✵  Danielle McFarland  ✵  Shan Tilly  ✵  Laura Barone  ✵  Leslie Simons  ✵  Natalie Clamp of Chic Sweets  ✵  LaTanya White of 71Proof  ✵  Joyce Zevola ✵  Hernando Bueno & Leslie Robbins of Ta Bueno  ✵  The Geuse  ✵  George Cott ✵  Mariana Herrera Mosli & Khaled Mosli  ✵  James Burgos  ✵  Robyn Beene  ✵  Janan Talafer  ✵  Tracy Ann Guida  ✵  Jeff Avery of Magnolia & Jennifer Davidson i2i Creative  ✵  Erin Heckler & Larry Chatt of Island Real Estate  ✵  Jennifer Aguiar of Aguiar Plastic Surgery  ✵  David  Teitelbaum  ✵  Debbie Ploor ✵  Anthony Utegaard  ✵  Michelle Jennings Wiebe of Studio M Interiors ✵ Kari Dickerson  ✵  Natalia Galbetti  ✵  Susan Jeffers  ✵  Jo-Ann Lefner of Bella by the Sea & the Pine Avenue merchants  ✵  Lucy Watkins  ✵  Brian James ✵ Sara White  ✵  Maggie Philbin  ✵  Holley Sinn, Jerome Ritchey & Mark Thorn of Studio 10  ✵  The one and only Nancy Vaughn  ✵  Get VERTCAL Getaway Guests Special thanks to VERTICAL’s contributors and to the models, local personalities and hair & makeup professionals who volunteered for Peace Couture ❤ Much love to my husband Alan and our family & friends

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