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Visit the stunning permanent collection of world renowned artist Dale Chihuly’s unique artwork in a magnificent 10,000 square foot setting designed by award-winning architect Albert Alfonso. The Chihuly Collection presented by the Morean Arts Center includes Chihuly’s spectacular large-scale installations such as Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier created specifically for the Collection, along with several popular series works including Macchia and Ikebana which have thrilled audiences around the globe. And visit the Glass Studio & Hot Shop where you can watch glassblowers create one-of-a-kind pieces and purchase glass art and jewelry created by local, regional, and national artists.

400 Beach Drive St. Petersburg, FL 33701 727.896.GLASS (4527) Purchase your tickets in advance online at


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Classic Caprese

Images courtesy of John J. Unrue.

For over 30 years, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering has perfected the special events that matter most: yours! With creative cuisine, custom menus, friendly service, and quality that translates into true value, we help create moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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Happy Anniversary To Us! As I write this we are in production for the 3-Year Anniversary issue of VERTICAL. Tonight is Fashion’s Night Out (FNO)—the annual worldwide celebration of fashion—and I’m showing up…with my camera…to shoot street style. VERTICAL launched auspiciously on 09.09.09. The following night, it debuted in high style at Fashion’s Night Out (inside Neiman Marcus at International Plaza). So VERTICAL and FNO share history. Fastforward three years and to shoot this issue’s cover and fashion editorial, we walked in the footsteps of history on Egmont Key. Against a backdrop of ruins left behind from the Spanish American War,“Color Story” pops.

Also decorating this issue is the joyful artwork of Jennifer Kosharek, owner of eve N odd gallery on The 600 Block. For ProjectSTYLISH, local designers Rhonda Shear, Rogerio Martins and Sandra Hagen each fashioned a collection for VERTICAL, inspired by pictures they chose from our homepage at We made friends with Creative Loafing (CL) this year and now glossy “slice” editions of VERTICAL have hit the streets. Look for the next print issue this October inside select CL issues and stands.You can take it wherever your “Whirlwind” carries you. Is this a dream? As I reflect on VERTICAL’s journey, it does seem

surreal. To create fashion, to celebrate and be surrounded by art and artists, to be part of a community and to lead a life of passion with purpose is the stuff dreams are made of—all together equaling one BEAUTY FULL existence. Sweet Dreams,

Photography: Susan Jeffers Hair: Bill Baker Makeup: Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions

What do these things have in common?

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Photography Focusing on Objects of Desire, Travel, Nature, Art & Fashion


the art of observation meets

the art of impression What impression will you make?


SECTION INTROS Artwork by Jennifer Kosharek, eve N odd gallery

ON THE COVER Photographer: Brandy DeMarzo Stylists: Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions


& Leslie Joy Ickowitz


Makeup: Pamela Bloomgren,

WANDERLUST SOCIAL BUTTERFLY PRO PEOPLE WHO ROCK Photography by Susan Jeffers Model: Ashley Heyser Wardrobe: Rogerio Martins for ProjectSTYLISH

PEACE OUT Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz


Hair: Bill Baker MOD Productions Model: Mallory Dolgin

BUZZ Artwork by Jennifer Kosharek, eve N odd gallery

ON THIS PAGE “Whirlwind” Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz

A TRIUMPH!!! Love your creativity and your ability to REINVENT! Kudos for another TO-DIE-FOR and TO-DROOL-FOR issue!!! ~ Olga Bof, Keep St. Petersburg Local


~ Natasha Bernard

~ Joyce Zevola, Museum Manager, FMoPA

My cup OVERFLOWETH! ~ Holley Sinn Studio 10 TV

The quality of the artwork is EXQUISITE and your articles so ENGAGING. ~ Jody Lee Bikoff, Exhibitions + Marketing Director, Creative Clay

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL and the article about Holley was so well done! You absolutely CAPTURED her personality. I’m practically in tears reading it! ~Liz Rosenblum

Publisher & creative director Leslie Joy Ickowitz

Art Director James Burgos of BLVD//creative

Assistant to the Publisher Jenn Janusz

Contributing Photographers Brandy DeMarzo ✵ Brian James Jenn Janusz ✵ Kismis Ink Photography Leslie Joy Ickowitz ✵ Susan Jeffers

Contributing Writers Alexis Quinn Chamberlain ✵ Bill Baker Casey Brook McPhee ✵ Janan Talafer ✵ Jenn Janusz Leslie Joy Ickowitz ✵ Tracy Ann Guida

Custom Artwork Jennifer Kosharek, eve N odd gallery

Digital retoucher Russ Robinson

Proofreading Swathi Reddy

Copyright 2012 VERTICAL™ Tampa Bay. All rights reserved. Reproduction, either in whole or in part, is forbidden without written permission from the publisher. Articles and advertisements published in VERTICAL Tampa Bay do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher. VERTICAL Tampa Bay assumes no liability for the content and shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions. No responsibility can be assumed for unsolicited materials. All letters and press releases sent to VERTICAL Tampa Bay may be unconditionally assigned for publication and are subject to VERTICAL Tampa Bay’s editorial comment. VERTICAL Tampa Bay is not to be held liable for the quality or performance of goods or services rendered by the advertisers in this publication.

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Photographer: Brandy DeMarzo

Lighting: Curt Leimbach Stylists: Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions & Leslie Joy Ickowitz Hair: Bill Baker Makeup: Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions Model: Mallory Dolgin Wardrobe: La France Assistant Stylist: Nadia Nu単ez

Production Assistants: Emilio Brandl & Tristan DeMarzo Post Production: Russ Robinson Photographed: Shot on-location at Egmont Key


D Marzo De Marzo





PRODUCTIONS 727.458.4143




ProjectSTYLISH is a reality initiative featuring local fashion designers and style professionals. It is an opportunity to celebrate and highlight local talent in a fresh, fabulous and conscientious way. The participants are all living their dreams—and therefore, they are all winners in my book. ProjectSTYLISH is designed to focus on the creative process as a source of inspiration, to reveal imaginative possibilities and to celebrate works of art created in the spirit of VERTICAL. No Drama, Just Dramatic. Let’s see the creative stories unfold.

The Designers Sandra Hagen, Rogerio Martins & Rhonda Shear

The Models Lindsay Heyser, Ashley Heyser, Malerie Plair

The Photographer Susan Jeffers

The makeup Pamela Bloomgren, MOD Productions

The hair Bill Baker & Brigitte Rowe

The Project Create a 3-look micro-collection inspired by an image found on the homepage at

The Caveat At least one of the three looks must incorporate a print fabric.

The Work‌

SANDRA HAGEN Inspiration

Highly Dramatic,VERTICAL Winter 2011/12

How does it feel to participate in ProjectSTYLISH? It feels really great to have the opportunity to not only showcase my work, but also to be featured next to other talented designers. Not to mention being a part of such a beautiful magazine, which is a great supporter of Tampa Bay artists.

What about your inspiration photo stood out to you? The first thing that caught my eye was the color green and all the different shapes.

Explain how your inspiration photo translates to your PS collection. First I wanted to incorporate all the colors that stood out to me. I also used a lot of the architectural lines throughout the inspiration.The inspiration photo has so many different textures that I also wanted to incorporate into the designs.

What attracted you to the print you selected for this collection? What attracted me most was the different shades of green, but also the tropical motif was an eye catcher.

Describe the girl you picture wearing these looks. The girl who wears these pieces is a young, confident, and modern girl with a fabulous pair of legs.

How do you describe your design aesthetic? My design aesthetic is very feminine, regardless of the style I do. I love beautifully fitted, tailored pieces that enhance the beauty of the delicate, feminine body.

If you could work alongside any designer in the world, who would it be and why? That would have to be Karl Lagerfeld. I love the timeless, classic, feminine aesthetic of his designs. He continues the legacy of Chanel, which is my all-time favorite.

You get lots of custom orders from clients. What do you enjoy most about working on commissioned projects? I am always amazed by the people I get to meet and how they are all so different. I love that they come to me, sometimes not knowing what they want. By the end of our second meeting, with my help, they usually have great direction and a clear idea. I love that they trust my suggestions 100%, and seeing a satisfied customer at the end of each order.


Tryst cocktail from Spirited Spirits,VERTICAL Fall 2011

How does it feel to participate in ProjectSTYLISH? I feel very honored to have the opportunity to create for ProjectSTYLISH. I think it is a great idea for designers to showcase their creations in a high quality magazine that supports local designers.

What about your inspiration photo stood out to you? It stood out mainly because of the primary colors, which will be a strong trend for Spring/ Summer 2013.

Explain how your inspiration photo translates to your PS collection. It translates in something fresh, sensual and also urban.

What attracted you to the print you selected for this collection? The unique and exquisite geometrical print reminds me of something urban, but at the same time, the colors remind me of something tropical. So it’s like the tropics meets the city.

Describe the girl you picture wearing these looks. The girl would be a professional woman, health conscious and fashion forward, who is not afraid of wearing new ideas in fashion.

How do you describe your design aesthetic? My design aesthetic is all about feeling sensual, feminine, comfortable, and of course having a trendy, edgy appeal to create a look. The most important thing for me is to translate my vision and keep in mind the beauty of the female body.

How do you think your Brazilian roots affect your style/point of view? For sure my roots affect my design style especially with the colors, sensuality, and the rich mixed heritage of cultures, which is incredible!

RHONDA SHEAR Inspiration

VERTICAL Spring 2012 Cover

What do you love most about lingerie? Everything! I guess part of me was always designing intimates—from when I was young and competing in beauty pageants to hosting USA’s: Up All Night in lingerie and even touring with my own stand-up comedy “PJ Party” show. Lingerie is so feminine and intimate apparel is so essential to every woman’s wardrobe. I just took my experience as a customer to design looks that fit and flatter, enhance those assets, and are comfortable!

How do you describe your design aesthetic? Design is so important to me. I love old Hollywood glamour bombshell silhouettes, I live for comfort and fit with regard to fabrics, and I love bringing color to everything from shapewear to outerwear. Intimates should be beautiful and make you feel confident. Intimate apparel is the first thing you put on each day and the last thing you take off each night. I want women to have underwear they actually want to wear from boardroom to boudoir and in sizes XS-4X in most styles.

What about your ProjectSTYLISH inspiration photo stood out to you? I am in love with color. In my full line and for specialty projects like this one, I think color is so important! As I always say, “foundation is where fashion starts,” so why not start with something fun and light and sexy!

Explain how your inspiration photo translates to your PS collection. Using the color and organic feel of the photo I worked with my team and especially my talented in-house technical designer, Terri Funaro, to create some pieces that were sexy, bright, and “out there,” but still based off of items and ideas that are so important to my line. Rich fabrics, lush colors and finished designs gave the pieces a fabulous natural feel that I just love!

Describe the girl you picture wearing these looks. I think she is fun and flirty with a little wild side!

Photo by Jeff Fay, Hollowtree Images



Knotted, Polka Dotted (done that) Story by Bill Baker
❧ Photography by Susan Jeffers

If you are around long enough, you get to see it all return to fashion. Little did we realize that decades after the musical Hair first appeared that we would find ourselves reliving the lyrics. After having done the extremes of bangled, tangled, spangled and spaghettied, we see the return of the most basic form of hairdressing…the braid. From the runways of Paris to the pages of every major fashion magazine in the country, all kinds of braids are back in style.The more than slightly popular side braid, nicknamed “the Katniss,” of Hunger Games fame, seems to have nine lives. It not only transcends the wilderness and survives in the forest, it is able to capture attention and turn heads on the streets of New York.The look of the braid itself is a little rough, but it works with the “anything goes as long as you wear it with the right shoe” mentality of the fashion world. Whether you are carrying a bow and arrow or a designer purse, the braid will work for you. A guru of the hair industry, Sandra Chandler, has this to say about the new fashion trend and why it works for our environment. “For function or fashion, the braid can be quite simple or very intricate. Even for those with short hair, a small section in the front can be mock-braided or twisted and held in place with a cute accent clip. Long hair can be swept to one side and angel-braided (the simplest of braids, incorporating only 2 strands). Trend looks are not perfectly coifed, so allow some pieces to escape. Pinch-pull some strands from the braid and roll the braid between your palms for an even messier look. Remember that braids are not relegated to only daytime or casual functions. The popular waterfall braid can be incorporated into a wonderful and eye catching style with the addition of a soft side chignon for elegant evening wear.” Sandra also suggests these tips: “Apply conditioner (and leave it in) before braiding.Your hair will soak up conditioner and be protected from the sun at the same time. Even the most simple threestrand braided ponytail wrapped into a loose knot will offer protection for the hair while jogging, biking or cruising on the back of your boyfriend’s Harley.” For function and practicality, for style and fun, once again the braid reclaims the spotlight as the fashion icon it has always been. From biblical times to Bo Derek, from Pippi Longstocking to Princess Leia, from Heidi to Katniss, the braid endures. Long live the braid! While attending art school, Bill Baker saw the movie “Shampoo” starring Warren Beatty. It was then that he decided, like Warren, to surround himself with beautiful women. He feels lucky to have accomplished his goal in the beauty industry and hopes some of his observations and opinions prove to be helpful. Contact Bill with questions or comments at: or

Polished Perfectly Relaxing Manis & Pedis

Story by Alexis Quinn Chamberlain ❧ Kismis Ink Photography

“I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

In the spirit of relaxation synonymous with the resort lifestyle, luxurious manicures and pedicures are available to show a little TLC to two of the most hardworking parts of your beautiful body. From Indaba Spa’s sweet and savory Ice Cream Social to Spa Oceana’s 24K Golden Mineral, soothing retreats for your hands and feet are within reach.

INDABA SPA AT INNISBROOK GOLF RESORT PALM HARBOR — Take a trip to Indaba in Palm Harbor and you may find your tummy grumbling. Spoil yourself and your senses, with the spa’s Ice Cream Social 50-minute pedicure and 40-minute manicure. Choose from strawberry, vanilla or chocolate, soaking your hands and feet in the sweet treat before receiving an exfoliating hand, forearm, foot and calf scrub. A perfect occasion for moms and daughters or a group of girlfriends, a cup of your favorite ice cream is provided for an ultimately tasty experience. After your spa service and feel free to stay all day to enjoy Indaba’s beautiful lounge, whirlpool, meditation garden and labyrinth, eucalyptus steam room and two complimentary glasses of wine. Cheers!

SADDLEBROOK RESORT SPA WESLEY CHAPEL — Hailing from the South Pacific, Saddlebrook’s luxurious line of spa products by “Pure Fiji”, might make you feel a million miles away. Spa Director Wendy Rose says that the 50-minute Island Pedicure will leave you feeling as though you’ve drifted away to paradise, with a coconut foot soak, sugar cane scrub and coconut oil massage. Spa packages can last up to six blissful hours and many of Saddlebrook’s treatments include a spa lunch on the resort’s relaxing patio.

SPA OCEANA AT LOEWS DON CESAR HOTEL SAINT PETERSBURG — Spa Oceana at the Loews Don CeSar Hotel is blooming with options. The Floral Blossom manicure and pedicure package with Bain De Petals Effervescent Aromatic Crystals features a gentle floral exfoliation and flower petalflecked warm paraffin dip. As if the garden getaway isn’t enough, you’ll feel like a million bucks with the 24K Golden Mineral mani and pedi package. Beginning with a gentle exfoliation and warm cocoon mask, you’ll experience a gold-flecked oil massage and enjoy a light dusting of luminous golden powder to reveal your ultimate, outer radiance.The royal indulgence is complete with gold polish that is fit for a queen.

VINOY SALON AND DAY SPA ST. PETERSBURG — TheVinoy Salon and Day Spa in St. Petersburg prides itself in delivering noticeable results far beyond the typical nail service. For a slice of Floridian paradise, sit back and relax in one of the Vinoy’s new hydrotherapy, shiatsu massage chairs for an indulgent 60-minute signature pedicure featuring a moisturizing Cucumber Heel Therapy Mask. Individual manicure stations allow for privacy while enjoying the spa’s signature 45-minute manicure including a Citrus Moisture Scrub. An individualized lavender-scented paraffin treatment is included in both services, leaving your skin feeling baby soft. Beyond the signature services, Spa Supervisor Leni Hall says the local getaway is up on one of the hottest trends right now: the gel manicure. Lasting up to 14 days, the incomparable service results in a brighter shine and lasts longer than a regular manicure without a single crack. Cured with a UV light for added wear, the Vinoy Spa offers a variety of colors, from soft and subtle to bright and trendy.

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Va c at I o n Y o u R W aY

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Rates from $

Book now for stays September 10, 2012 to January 16, 2013 *Does not include taxes, service charges or resort fees. Subject to availability.

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Our luxurious & spacious villas give you more room to relax & unwind.

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The experience of visiting downtown St. Petersburg’s eve N odd gallery in the Crislip Arcade begins long before you reach its door. A large picture window frames a compilation of artwork that pops with bold colors, strong lines and themes evocative of childhood memories. All signs point to a talented artist within.

GIRL POWER Coloring the Crislip Arcade

Story by Casey Brook McPhee â?§ Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz


enovation of the Crislip Arcade at the 600 Block of Central Avenue, once a victim of urban decay, was a commitment of epic proportions for the business owners that fill the 1920‘s shopping breezeway. Joining this cadre of creative entrepreneurs in 2011, artist Jennifer Kosharek, owner of eve N odd, does her part to draw traffic into the collaborative space. She paints and sews at a worktable outside her gallery’s door, beckoning people in with avant-garde ideas like painting gum stains on the sidewalk outside the arcade. Jennifer welcomes customers that stop in the gallery with a genuine smile.The shop’s high ceilings and good bones are the perfect backdrop for showcasing her playful creations, as well as the work of other artists that fit the theme of the gallery. Her portfolio includes whimsical, outsider, folk, etsy, handmade, mail and fluxus art. In an effort to bring creativity to people, she offers open calls for group art projects and special hands-on art events for the community. The recent Hipstamatic Print Show, a photo exhibit, is an example of Jennifer’s outreach. She promotes the idea that art is for everyone and hopes these projects will result in more participation and support of the

local art scene. eve N odd makes art accessible with prices ranging from $2 to $500. A strong work ethic compels Jennifer to create something everyday. Her boundless energy is used for painting, sewing and creating intriguing pieces from vintage pictures and fabrics.Yard sales provide a source for textiles that can be repurposed into fresh art pieces. She pays homage to the past by salvaging needlework.When she says it’s important to save the creator’s efforts, it’s because she knows art in all its forms is a labor of love. The signature character at eve N odd is a wideeyed little girl named Gretchen inspired by Russian nesting dolls. Gretchen adorns the walls of the gallery in small drawings, large-scale paintings and in various other forms. Facebook fans are encouraged to take her on their travels as a paper doll and post photographs of her in amazing places. Gretchen makes a stylish debut in the pages of VERTICAL Tampa Bay’s 3-Year Anniversary issue. It’s clear that Jennifer enjoys creating new scenes for this charming persona and also welcomes others to join in the fun. Jennifer is a savvy entrepreneur who embraces modern marketing tools. eve N odd gallery is a major

presence on Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot. She uses these sites as a medium for her work as equal parts canvas, platform and communication device. She explains that the participatory nature of social networking is important in fostering working relationships because “you have to help other people to help yourself.” The visibility of the business makes it possible to use it as a venue for raising awareness for important causes. Shortly after opening, eve N odd hosted “The Big C,“ an art exhibit featuring women cancer survivors. The well-attended premiere event raised funds for the American Cancer Society and My Hope Chest. Jennifer’s own message of love and hope combine to forge an artistic style that could be dubbed “whimsy meets substance.” When asked about her success as an artist, she thinks about it momentarily. “I measure my success by the comments I get from people saying that I have inspired them.” eve N odd gallery is located at 645 Central Avenue #11 in St. Petersburg. Hours of operations are Monday through Friday, 10-6.

Photo credit: Artist unknown, Songbook for “Song of the Milky Way”. (Ginga no uta) from the Shochiku film, Milky Way (Ginga) (detail), 1931, 152.

DECO JAPAN Shaping Art and Culture 1920–1945

Now through October 28, 2012. This spectacular exhibition features almost 200 works from The Levenson Collection, the world’s premier collection of Japanese art in the Deco style. Born in Paris following World War I, this modern style reflected the deep cultural and social changes experienced worldwide. Works in the exhibition range from fine art objects made for wealthy individuals to goods mass-produced for the modern home. Combining traditional Japanese arts with a new modern vocabulary, this stunning array of objects includes examples of metalwork, ceramics, lacquer, glass, wood furniture, jewelry, textiles, graphic design, painting, and prints.

Deco Japan Shaping Art and Culture 1920–1945 is drawn from The Levenson Collection and is organized and circulated by Art Services International, Alexandria, Virginia. Support has been provided by The Chisholm Foundation. The Museum’s exhibitions and programs are sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. Paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues. Support for events in conjunction with this exhibition has been provided by the Toshiba International Foundation, the Japan Foundation, New York and the Association for Asian Studies. All images courtesy of The Levenson Collection.

The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art T h E S TAT E A R T M u S E u M o F F L o R I D A | T h E F L o R I D A S TAT E u N I V E R S I T Y

| 941.359.5700 |


Bloomin’On Magnolia Style for the Home

Story by Janan Talafer ❧ Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz

Nestled into a lovely Hyde Park neighborhood with old-fashioned brick streets, you’ll find a small historic building with high ceilings, big windows and lots of charm. Flower planters and two wrought iron chairs sit by the front door, inviting guests to come inside and explore the many treasures to be found there.

create the space in your home around conversation ~ Jeff Avery


elcome to Magnolia, a unique furniture and accessories boutique that feels like a home you’d like to live in. The shop is the creation of Jeff Avery, a Southern gentleman from Baton Rouge who has an artistic eye and great taste. “Designing inspiring interiors” is the slogan for the shop, which is located on South Magnolia Avenue, of course. Wander from room to room in the store and you’ll see that Jeff has created perfect little vignettes— groupings of comfortable, classic chairs and couches, brightly colored throw pillows, fabulous table lamps and chandeliers, along with eye-catching accessories to match. It’s a very visual and tactile experience. This is a place where you would like to sit and prop up your feet for a while as you sip a glass of wine and browse one of the coffee table books on interior design, seashells or how to mix perfect cocktails. Jeff grew up in the retail business. His stepfather, who owned two men’s clothing stores, was his business mentor. Later, at Louisiana State University, a comment by one of his professors became his design philosophy. “He always told us to create the space in your home around conversation,” says Jeff.“I’ve always remembered that. A room is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends.” At a time when so much of the country is focused on super-size, from food portions to furniture size and even the size of the home, Jeff believes that a room should be personal and warm and inviting. “Even if you have a really modern space, throwing in an antique or a piece that has a story to tell gives the room some warmth,” says Jeff. “Make the room special—a reflection of your personality. I buy pieces that I gravitate towards. Sometimes it’s a shape; sometimes it’s a color or texture.“ The one-of-a-kind pieces in the store’s ever-changing inventory are items that he’s selected based on this idea, like the fabulous Hudson James antique chest made from reclaimed and recycled wood.The contemporary armless Zondra chair and the Chilewich woven floor mats in multiple colors. A red lacquer coffee table. Nkuku fair trade leather bags. And glamorous photos of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner in silver frames.






5 13 TA MPA S TREET | 8 1 3 . 2 2 3 . 2 8 3 1 | T O M A S PA I N . CO M HAPPY HOUR Tuesday–Friday, 4pm–7pm Drink Specials: Homemade Sangria, Mojitos, Draft Beer, Imported House Wine (Rioja) FR E E TA PA PI N C H OS D U R I N G H A PPY H O U R




Story by Jenn Janusz ❧ Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz

Ever dream of taking off to some exotic place? Wish to take a piece of India or Mexico home with you? The Treehouse Gallery in St. Petersburg is packed with treasures, beautifully handcrafted furniture and accessories from around the world. Upon entering you are transported to distant lands. Every corner turned excites your senses with fascinating pieces, each with a story to tell. Colors, shapes and textures trigger fantasies about their origins. A vivid green backdrop enhances the curves and artistry of a wrought iron bench. A trip in a new direction leads to a fantastic shade of orange that pairs exquisitely with the finish on a Mexican table of pine with alder, cottonwood and oak. “People who live in houses with character want furniture with character,” says Bob Regli, co-owner of Treehouse Gallery. The store gathers its collection from seventy different suppliers worldwide. From Asian drum stools to a salvaged wood cabinet by a Mexican artisan, you’ll find an assortment of cultures and places represented. “A lot of it is salvaged wood,” Office Manager Teresa Vidal explains.“Our designer in Mexico takes wood from old cabins and rebuilds it as furniture. We also have rosewood cabinets and media consoles

with vintage doors from India.” Unfinished pieces can be custom designed with local flair by Treehouse Gallery’s in–house artist, Larissa Gilbert. Throughout the vast space, furniture is accented with noteworthy pieces. Authentic Mexican Talavera pottery, hand carved figures and oil paintings sit atop a large majority of the tables, chests and cabinets. Co-owner Marc Georgian admits,“I particularly like buying the art. That’s my favorite thing.” Treehouse Gallery’s new consignment option gives shoppers even more freedom to roam. Those who own pieces that fit in with the store’s style can sell or trade their items. People are constantly changing their homes and consigning allows for Treehouse Gallery to transition alongside them. The garden center just behind the store is another place to frolic and find home fashions. Patio furniture, wine racks, metal sculptures and statues are among the items on display. A gift of homegrown herbs with every purchase adds charm and makes customers feel like welcome guests. From surrounding yourself with a coffee table fashioned from wagon wheels to Indonesian fishing boats transformed into furniture,Treehouse Gallery makes it possible for everyday to feel like a getaway. Home is where the heart is…how remarkably enchanting it is to let the world in.

400 North Ashley Drive Cube 200 Tampa, Florida 33602 813-221-2222 World Class Photographic Art Exhibitions ● Unique Event Venue Educational Programs for Adults & Children Excellent Member Benefits ● Community Outreach Programs Volunteer Opportunities

Portraits of Power: Photographs by Platon on display through November 11, 2012

Exhibition Sponsor:

Mario Algaze: Cuba 1999 - 2000 on display October 18, 2012 January 6, 2013


 A Sampling of Sensational Pastries Story by Tracy Ann Guida ❧ Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz

Pâtisserie, pasticcerie, pastete, pastelon. In many languages and in cities around the world, pastries are surging in popularity and decadent sweets are often the talk of the town thanks, in part, to foodie apps such as Foodspotting and Forkly. A picture is worth a thousand words and before you know it people are lining up to taste what others have been raving about online. As I have tasted my way around Tampa Bay, I have sought out certain pastries after hearing about them via social media, as well as discovering my own personal favorites.



I will never forget my first trip to Italy and the beauty of the Italian culture. During my month long visit to this gorgeous country, I fell in love with the delicious simplicity of Italian pastries. From Naples to Venice, I sampled some of Italy’s finest pasticcerie (pastries). When I first moved to Tampa Bay, my Italian friends told me about Mazzaro’s in St. Petersburg and I knew I had to visit. My first time at Mazzaro’s was a surreal experience. As I walked over to the bakery section, I closed my eyes and felt like I was at Pasticceria Marchini in Venice. The scent of fresh breads and pastries filled the air along with the joyous chatter of people conversing over coffee. I glanced at the display of stunning pastries and wanted one of everything. My personal favorite is their biscotti, baked fresh daily in a mouthwatering variety of flavors such as cinnamon pecan, fig, orange and pistachio to name just a few. I love to grab a cappuccino at Mazzaro’s coffee bar to enjoy with my biscotti, which truly reminds me of the ones my Italian relatives in Pittsburgh have been baking for over 75 years.

Nestled in quaint Palm Harbor is Sweet Caroline’s, a neighborhood-favorite bakery, known for their quality products. Sweet Caroline’s has used over 45 years of baking experience to perfect their exquisite pastries, which include cakes, pies, cookies and breads. There is something for everyone’s taste. A favorite of mine is their Philadelphia Butter Cake, which is indescribably rich and goes so well with a cup of coffee. Their gluten-free French macaroons are incredible and come in a variety of flavors such as hazelnut, pistachio, strawberry, orange and more. Cakes are a specialty at Sweet Caroline’s and the ones they create are works of art.Their talented pastry chefs can turn your vision into a delicious reality.

FROSTING’S ETC. I have been obsessed with cupcakes ever since I saw the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is telling Miranda about her current crush while enjoying a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. In this scene, the cupcake is the ultimate accessory with light pink frosting that goes so well with Carrie’s outfit. Since that episode, cupcakes have become increasingly popular and have popped up everywhere. I recently discovered the ultimate place to get cupcakes in South Tampa, Frostings Etc. With gourmet selections such as Champagne Pear Bellini, 24 Karrot Kake, Guiness Beer, and my personal favorite, Carrie Cosmo (delicious vanilla cake laden with fresh cranberries, brushed with triple sec and citron vodka, smothered with a tangy lime orange butter cream frosting then laced with vodka soaked craisins and candied orange peel), their selection is nothing short of fabulous.The Champagne Pear Bellini consists of luscious white cake infused with pink champagne and chunks of pears draped in a light champagne cream cheese frosting and crowned with an edible organic flower. Frostings Etc. is a great place to meet a friend for a cupcake and coffee or to pick up some dazzling cupcakes for a special event.

Guiness Beer & Pretzel cupcake and Piña Colada cupcake from Frostings Etc.



North Carolina Mountains, City of Savannah and Palm Coast Sand Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz


Treasure Egmont Key

Story by Leslie Joy Ickowitz  ❧  Photography by Brandy DeMarzo

“There she blows. There she blows,” Captain Jeff whispers over the microphone.


look to the left reveals a dorsal fin slicing through the aquamarine Gulf of Mexico. One, two, three dolphins create crescent shapes right before our eyes… beside the Egmont Key Ferry. Passengers shift from one side of the vessel to the other and we float in tune with nature’s harmony joined by seagulls, pelicans and a manatee. After cruising for only about 15 minutes from our embarkation point at Ft. DeSoto, we inch closer to the sugary sand of the island awaiting us. First Mate, Kyle Nifong aka “Lobster Boy” lowers the gangway… and we’re off! Some in search of seashells. Some to sunbathe. Some to bird watch. Some to wander the ruins left behind from the Spanish-American War.

And in our case…some to create fashion (against a backdrop of the ruins left behind from the SpanishAmerican War).Creating our “Color Story” fashion editorial was made possible by the Hubbard’s Marina crew, which operates the ferry to Egmont Key (as well as fishing charters, snorkel trips and sunset cruises). Following in the footsteps (or wake rather) of his father Captain Wilson Hubbard (who operated the Egmont Key ferry from 1957-1974), Captain Mark Hubbard has provided passage to the same enchanted slice of paradise since 1997 with this current administration. Passenger feedback pours in. “Beautiful island to beach comb.” “The island is teeming with wildlife.”

“Feels like we have gone back in time,” they say. Captain Mark agrees and adds the island’s history and his family’s personal history at Egmont Key among its attributes. As we traversed back and forth between Ft. DeSoto and Egmont Key (the fashion shoot required two round trips), I watched Captain Jeff Stewart intently. With great skill, passion for his surroundings and salt in his hair, this guy runs the ferry as if the stretch of of sea we’re traveling on belongs to him. So I wondered: what’s the best part of his job? “Entertaining clients, showing them our island and all it has to offer.”


Get Up.

Get Into It.

Get Involved. Great Places to Get Dressed, Get Out and Make a Difference

By Jenn Janusz

October 6

October 6 & 7



Join ECHO’s 10th Annual Kids Helping Kids Children’s Fashion Show effort to help clothe and feed over 5,000 children annually. Each model raises $100 dollars for this cause to make a difference in the lives of other children. Kohl’s fashions will be featured and Miss ECHO 2012 will be crowned. The show runs from 1-3pm in the Hillsborough Community College Auditorium.

“Good Folk” hang out at Folkfest St. Pete.The familyfriendly event features art projects, a rock wall and playground for kids. Craft beer from local breweries and a variety of healthy foods will be available for purchase. There is a suggested $5 donation along with a non-perishable food donation at the gate. All proceeds benefit Creative Clay and the St. Petersburg Free Clinic. The event will be held Saturday 11am-8pm and Sunday 11am-6pm on the waterfront at Albert Whitted Park. VIP tickets and more information are available at or

November 9

November 10



Come in peace and experience an evening of Art, Fashion & Music benefitting The Spring of Tampa Bay (domestic violence prevention). Taking place at The Italian Club inYbor City, the Peace Couture runway show will feature fashion from La France and The Spring boutiques plus local designers House of Donshey, Sandra Hagen and Spathose. General admission is $50/ VIP tickets are $75. Keep an eye out for event updates and ticket sales via

Join the community in an effort to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The 1.5 mile walk will raise money for research and awareness of blood related cancers. Balloons of white, gold, and red will fill the sky celebrating the survivors, supporters, and loved ones of those lost. Walkers are encouraged to become a Champion for Cures and raise $100 or more.They will be provided with t-shirts, balloons, and refreshments. Check in begins at 3:30pm at George M. Steinbrenner Field.

November 17 YBOR CITY HERITAGE AND CIGAR FESTIVAL Creative Loafing invites you for a smokin’ good time at theYbor City Heritage and Cigar Festival benefitting the Ybor City Museum Society. Hang out with Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ian Beckles, jam to live music by Acho Brother and Jack Jasper Band plus a tribute to Amy Winehouse by Gwan Massive.The Cigar Dave Show will broadcast live from the event. Grab a bite from the food trucks and enjoy an historic architecture hop.This event will be held inYbor Square from 10am-5pm.Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the gate. Children 12 and under are free.VIP tickets are $60 in advance.

Event details and ticket prices subject to change. Contact organizations directly for the most up-to-date information.

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In print and online Sept 20



Family Affair

Art for Everyone Story & Photography by Jenn Janusz

Imagine dull shoes, handbags, and accessories transformed into something fabulous…for a purpose. For Paula “Pollyzoom” Allen this comes naturally. With the help of her daughter, Jacqueline Deschamps, the creation of Pollyzoom has helped the mother daughter duo share their love for art with children, and keep them active in the arts. somewhere. People get scared to play music or do art unless they are professionals. What we try to do is help people to realize that they can create…and do all these beautiful things.” Pollyzoom has worked internationally with Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and recently India. At the moment there is a


aula paints blank fashion items, notebooks and canvases to create original pieces. A portion of every purchase is donated to keeping youths involved by way of innovative obstacle or “ARTsticle” courses, murals, puppet shows, and family events. Live performance is an important aspect of the

Pollyzoom experience, and is also a part of the workshops. A family affair, Jacqueline’s cousin, Anna Rawson, frequently helps communicate this aspect through wellness coaching and interpretive movement. Jacqueline says, “We believe that everybody is an artist, and everybody is a musician. I think that that got lost

mural in the St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa. I was lucky enough to witness the 2012 Olympic inspired mural before it was transported to Spitalfields in London. The mural is street art inspired and shines brightly with vibrant shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and black. Ninety children from

the Morean Arts Center joined forces with Paula and the Pollyzoom family to create the masterpiece. This type of collaboration and celebration of self is what Paula had hoped for from the very start. She explains, “Back in 2003 that was my goal. I love doing art myself…but I certainly love to play.

I make fun times for everybody. When I was doing the projections on the Museum of History and the Museum of Fine Arts people were coming up. We did shadow art, we had kids involved, and we had families involved. That’s what Pollyzoom is all about. Whether we are doing fashion or a live event for kids, we are all about bringing people together for a really

fabulous experience.” I had the pleasure of hanging out with Paula and Jacqueline. As the mother and daughter pair sat before me, pouring over all things Pollyzoom, I tried to hang onto the energy that bounced between them. Like the rise and fall of a beautiful waltz, the creative genius between the two was something to behold. What’s most astounding about Paula is the

speed and veracity with which she creates. The artist has something of a Midas touch, transforming everything she holds into treasure. A blank canvas becomes an original piece of art within minutes…a drab piece turned fashionforward in moments. Pollyzoom uses recycled and vintage materials; and every creation is a one and only. Pollyzoom gives kids a healthy outlet to channel emotions,

ideas, and energy. It allows them to explore and develop their individuality. It is an appreciation for culture, breaking boundaries, loving one another,

and the environment. “Pollyzoom is an experience. Pollyzoom is you.”

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