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Neil Billock: Pioneering Distinct Marcom Strategies for VDMG

Neil Billock came, saw, and well, conquered! That’s the story you often hear in the direct marketing business. During the nascent years of direct marketing, the tactic generated polar responses from the critics. While some believed that direct marketing can be an

exceptionally useful tool for businesses to reach their target customers, others had their share of doubts. However, people like Neil Billock have put all speculations to rest.

Since joining Vertical Direct Marketing Group back in the year 2009, Neil has lent his expertise to a number of distinct

marketing campaigns, bringing in a number of valuable clients for the company. In 2011, the board of Vertical Direct Marketing Group decided to reward his relentless efforts and boundless expertise by making him a partner in the company. However, he continued to spearhead VDMG’s sales and marketing teams.

Besides enabling VDMG to achieve immediate success in the highly competitive direct marketing industry,

Neil Billock has created waves outside the company as well. In 2013, Neil was awarded with the much prestigious San Diego Magazine’s To Tech Exec Award, an accolade given to pioneers, leaders, and “superheroes” of the tech fraternity. Though it is not a surprise that various curators from the direct marketing industry believe that the recognition was long overdue.

If the verdicts of industry insiders are anything to go by, Neil has been a major

contributor in creating VDMG’s unique multichannel approach of direct marketing. Unlike other direct marketing companies that often make larger than life claims just to disappoint their clients in the end, VDMG takes a different route. The company first identifies the target audience and then creates a tailored strategy for the acquisition and retention of potential customers.

Q1 of 2014 is over and the global economy seems to be in a much better shape than what it was during the beginning of the year. Considering the backdrop, it would be safe to say that Neil is sure to have some more innovations to consolidate the sales and marketing initiatives of Vertical Direct Marketing Group, and is certainly among the leaders to follow!

Neil Billock Is Marcom strategy maker for the Vertical Direct marketing group