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Complex challenges resolved. To insurers, evaluating claim and underwriting assignments swiftly and accurately is essential—regardless of complexity. VERTEX helps insurance companies, syndicates, third-party administrators, attorneys, underwriters and risk managers meet these challenges with remarkable efficiency and success. To clients, VERTEX offers a history of excellence in the environmental, forensic services, air quality, and energy markets. Our outstanding reputation stems from the depth of our expertise and a rigorous focus on responsive, personalized service.


VERTEX for Insurance Carriers in the following industries:

Real estate Construction liability Oil & gas Underground storage tanks Environmental liability Homeowner’s insurance Renewable energy Contractor liability

VERTEX Forensics

Services & Expertise


Services Reporting


Dispute Resolution

Cause & origin investigation

Property protection

Affirmative claims review

Site investigation & inspection

Repairs & liability allocation

Defense preparation

Contract & document review

Competitive bid retention

Problem assessment

Property reconstruction monitoring

Claims negotiation & preparation

Damage investigation Subrogation analysis Causation, liability and expert reporting Destructive Testing

VERTEX offers broad-ranging experience in cause and origin, and extent-of-damage investigations: Structural failure Mechanical failure

Issue avoidance

Water intrusion

Mediation, arbitration & litigation administration


Exhibit & demonstrative dreparation

Roofing systems

Plan B recommendations

Masonry All exterior cladding types Framing Building movement Expansive soil

South Carolina Construction Defect Claim VERTEX was retained by an insurance carrier to review potential design errors and construction defects for a metal building collapse in South Carolina. VERTEX’s forensic engineers provided the structural investigation immediately after the collapse. VERTEX identified both design omissions in the plans and shop drawings, and construction defects attributed to the collapse.

| Construction is fraught with risk and mistakes are common. In a litigious environment marked by shrinking industry margins, clients rely on VERTEX to determine potential causes for error and manage the fallout from claims.

Forensic Services

VERTEX has worked on construction portfolios with values in the billions of dollars. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to help insurance clients effectively manage construction defect, general liability, professional liability, premise liability, product liability, property damage claims, and subrogation. We provide expert guidance on complex projects.

Litigation Support | VERTEX’s forensic

services are comprehensive and include investigating the nature and extent of damage from sub-standard workmanship, design error and omissions, and material deficiencies. We also help clients assess and allocate liabilities and evaluate plaintiff declarations to determine reasonable costs. VERTEX is unique in that we can tender our cost-of-repair reports as formal bids to complete the work. This verifies the legitimacy of our estimates and promotes fair settlements.

VERTEX manages construction defect claims involving: • Condominiums & multi-family developments • Single-family developments • University buildings • Correctional facilities • Government & municipal structures • Infrastructure projects • Medical & educational facilities • Mid-rise & high-rise towers • Resort, casino, hotel & hospitality developments • Retail centers

Catastrophe | Natural disasters present complex logistical challenges related to

VERTEX manages catastrophe and property damage claims involving: Building Envelope Rain & water intrusion Hail & roofing systems

Structural Wind & wind-borne debris Ice/snow Earthquake Wave & tsunami Fire

Mechanical HVAC

Environmental Oil & hazardous material releases

Air Quality Mold, asbestos, dust & lead Smoke damage

severity, volume and assignment tracking. With VERTEX, clients benefit from an outstanding natural disaster response program known for its technical accuracy, prompt delivery, defined capacity and volume management. Our team responds swiftly and deliberately to major earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes. VERTEX uses web-based collaborative solutions to streamline and accelerate communications. Our target is reducing reporting cycles so our clients can make timely decisions. Whether we are assessing structural damage, identifying contributing causes or directing repairs, the outcome is always the timely resolution of the claim.

Property Claims | VERTEX helps insurance clients manage a wide range of

perils related to natural causes and human error—such as inclement weather, accidents, mechanical failures and vandalism.

Our engineers, forensic scientists, estimators and building analysts have investigated thousands of incidents resulting in property damage and liability claims in all 50 states, DC, Canada, Mexico and across Latin America. Our team understands the importance of conducting a thorough technical investigation with rapid report turnaround within a specified budget. Our global practice is growing and focuses on damage resulting from natural disasters and strife.

Repair Protocol and Cost Estimates | VERTEX is unique in

providing repair protocols and cost estimates. In addition to our team of forensic experts, VERTEX’s capabilities include providing full-service structural design and also serving as the general contractor (GC) for surety projects. Our design experience provides the basis for our repair recommendations, and our GC experience provides legitimacy to our cost estimates.

Fire & Explosion Consulting | Property claims require a myriad of

expertise—from design and engineering to environmental specialties. VERTEX is pleased to offer fire and explosion origin and cause consulting amongst our services to insurance carriers. We understand the need for timely, thorough and well-supported fire scene evaluations.

VERTEX Environmental

Insurance Services & Expertise




Air Quality

Claim cause & origin investigations

Impact assessment

Remedial Cost Cap Policies

Cause & origin analysis

Remedial approach evaluation

Ventilation & mechanical system defects

Change order review

Claim invoice reviews Claim monitoring Claim management Remedial option feasibility analysis

Natural Resources Trustee claim review

Soil, groundwater & air testing

Extent-of-impact evaluation

Standard-of-care evaluations

Habitat equivalency analysis

Litigation support

Restoration scalability review Resource impact evaluation (wildlife & recreation)

Cost-to-complete evaluation

Our experience managing the fallout from environmental exposure is extensive: Oil and hazardous material from storage tanks, pipelines & industrial facilities Transportation & marine spills Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) Contractor & professional errors Mold, asbestos, dust & lead Landfills & recycling

Environmental & Pollution Liabilities | For well over a decade, insurance clients have relied on

VERTEX to successfully support claim and underwriting assignments involving pollution, air quality, natural resource damage and remedial cost-cap policies. Our services are wide ranging—including cause and origin investigations, underwriting support, claim invoice review, extent-of-impact evaluations, claim monitoring and management, and litigation and technical support. Thanks to the technical diversity and advanced skills of our environmental scientists and engineers, there is virtually no challenge VERTEX cannot address with exceptional urgency and cost-efficacy. We respond to leaking tanks, pipeline failures, spills caused by natural disasters, explosions, collapsed impoundments, transportation spills and accidental emissions. We are also experts at monitoring costs and evaluating liability. The result is sound management and mitigation of loss.

Air Quality | VERTEX provides significant benefits and competitive advantages for your business with respect to identifying

and/or managing potential hazards associated with asbestos, indoor air quality, lead, mold, and health and safety. Whether your mission is to renovate or demolish existing structures, ensure a healthy and safe work environment, or address concerns of potential exposure to toxic elements, VERTEX can help you identify, implement, and achieve your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Loss Control Services

Underwriting assistance In-depth exposure assessment Loss control surveying Carrier representation

Loss Control and Risk Management Services | VERTEX helps

identify exposures by evaluating risks associated with our clients’ projects, structures and business operations. Our risk engineers and loss control professionals offer extensive experience performing risk assessments and due diligence studies for construction, commercial, industrial and environmentally sensitive operations. We work closely with insurance underwriting professionals and industry risk managers to provide them with the resources to effectively coordinate risk management strategies. From desktop document reviews to comprehensive on-site inspections, VERTEX offers value-added services to help insurance companies prevent losses and/or diminish exposures to both the insurance company and the insured —including construction contractors, building owners, industrial operations and material managers.

Policy review Risk management & financing Technical interpretation

Former Indiana Army Ammunition Plant Clark County, Indiana VERTEX was contacted by an insurance carrier to research and characterize risks associated with the former Indiana Army Ammunition Plant. The site, a nearly 10,000 acre property that had operated as a munition manufacturing plant and storage depot from 1941 to 1998, was in the process of being divested. As of 2011, 143 acres were classified as improved grounds, 635 acres were classified as semi-improved grounds, 6,202 acres were classified as unimproved grounds, and 2,810 acres were classified as commercial forest. The site was formerly known as the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (INAAP) and was a Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated military industrial facility.

Documents were provided from the insurance carrier, and appropriate authorities, and the insurance broker. Information provided to VERTEX for the risk characterization included among other things: Existing Conditions; Demolition Plans; Environmental Site Assessments; No Further Action Plans; Sampling Plans; Regulatory Correspondence; and the insurance carriers’ documents. Upon receipt, VERTEX expedited the download and sorting of available documents and conducted an initial scoping conference call. Our team of environmental experts segregated sites with open issues and analyzed relevant (4 years or earlier) documents. Additionally, we conducted

web-based research to understand Army transfer, and Development Authority Closure criteria respectively, with a final goal of understanding remaining environmental liability exposures. Our findings were summarized to the client on a 10-day turnaround which included an overview narrative Underwriting Review report and a table detailing risks associated with the 92 site-specific Areas of Concern. VERTEX completed follow-up with the carrier allowing them to hone underwriting approach coverage give backs prior to the quote submission.


Expertise: Certifications

VERTEX emphasizes regular in-house technical training and certifications for our team of forensic experts. VERTEX has developed in-house seminars and also provides CEU’s and CLE’s to industry groups.

Civil engineers (PE’s)

Master electricians

Structural engineers (PE’s)

Certified masonry inspectors

Mechanical engineers (PE’s)

NFIP flood certification


Licensed mold inspectors

Certified fire investigators

Licensed asbestos inspectors

Professional geologists (PG’s)

Certified industrial hygienists

Certified roof inspectors

General contractors

Energy | VERTEX offers insurers the specialized expertise required to manage losses in traditional,

carbon-based energy infrastructure and emerging, renewable energy markets. Our petroleum, chemical and mechanical engineers investigate losses related to the operation of refineries, bulk terminals, compressor stations, drilling rigs, coal mines, gas fracking sites and pipelines. VERTEX also performs risk analysis, recovery and claim investigations involving solar arrays, landfill gas, wind turbines and nuclear power.

| VERTEX offers the real-world experience to review the work of peers for reasonable standards of care. Our team includes licensed general contractors, engineers, geologists, architects, mold and asbestos experts, scientists and other environmental specialists. Among our services is the evaluation of projects for errors and omissions, and when appropriate, assisting with the defense of claims targeting policyholders. VERTEX has licensed professional engineers (PE’s) in the lower 48 states, DC, Canada, and Mexico.

Professional Liability

| VERTEX construction expertise extends to the support of liability claims related to products used in the building process. We investigate the full range of claims including manufactured structural components, windows, defective drywall, asbestos, spray foam installation, shingles and flooring products.

Product Liability

VERTEX insurance services are exceptional in scope and depth of expertise—from prevention to response, to forensic investigation.

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Our international network of resources enables us to provide our multi-national clients with the most qualified local professionals who understand the culture, language and regulatory system while maintaining the high quality service that our customers expect.

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VTX Consulting Services Inc.. is the Canadian subsidiary of The Vertex Companies, Inc. (VERTEX), a United States corporation headquartered in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

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