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Polystyrene Packaging An Inevitable Part of Our Everyday Life

Polystyrene is a petroleum derivative product. Commonly regarded as Styrofoam in the market, polystyrene is one of the most widely used and popular plastics. Every year, billions of kilograms of polystyrene are used across the world in many different applications across various industries.

Disposable product manufacturing Polystyrene is extremely lightweight yet strong. The material boasts of excellent insulation characteristics. It is widely used in manufacturing of disposable products including cups, plates and cutlery. Many of your home or office accessories are made of polystyrene material such as rulers, staplers, lawn mowers, garden equipment and some toys.

Construction & Consumer Industry Due to its great insulation properties, it is also used widely in the construction industry as an insulation sheet or foam to protect bath units, shower units, roofing, plumbing fixtures and lighting. However, the largest volume of polystyrene production is used in the packaging applications. The material is used in the packaging of numerous products such as electronic appliances such as microwaves, air conditioning units, ovens, refrigerators, etc. In addition, the material also witnesses a strong demand in the packaging of consumer electronics industry products such as CDs & DVDs, cassette tape, jewelry boxes, media enclosures, TV housing, etc.

Medical Industry Medical industry too isn’t an exception to the widespread usage and demand of polystyrene material. The material is commonly used to safely package medications as well as to create medical trays widely used in the hospitals. In addition, polystyrene is also used for housing egg cartons, take away containers, and a plenty of other products.

Food & Beverages Industry Food and beverages are another industry where polystyrene is a major source of packaging. Whether you are buying groceries from a mall, purchasing a take away food or ordering a beverage, you are bound to find polystyrene packing as a highly versatile and rigid packaging solution. Some of the key reasons why polystyrene is incredibly suitable for food packaging industry are as follows:

It is very lightweight; so it won’t



pounds while products are being shipped 

It ensures a high level of sanitation






affordable rates, making it economical


solution 

It ensures higher resistance to humidity meaning safe food

It can retain its original shape even when used to hold warm beverages

It doesn’t get cracked or shatter when falls

It is fully recyclable material and its overall carbon footprint is much lower than other paperboard packaging products. Also, the manufacturing process of











Considering the above benefits, it is clear that polystyrene is a safer, more cost-effective and more hygiene packaging solution for food and beverages. It is used in packaging of fast food items, vegetables, cookies, and egg trays, meats, fish, poultry, cold drinks, and warm beverages. So, there won’t be hype if I say polystyrene packaging has become an inevitable part of our daily lives today. Want to know more applications of polystyrene? Look around for one of the best polystyrene packaging suppliers in your city and learn how polystyrene can turn helpful for your packaging needs.

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Polystyrene is a petroleum derivative product. Commonly regarded as Styrofoam in the market, polystyrene is one of the most widely used and...

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