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1. Work out every day in the morning 


Just after you wake up stretch your hand and body and try to stretch the hamstring muscle and even try jogging that would make you lose a few calories. Studies have revealed that exercising in the morning helps to assimilate fat quickly at least 10% quicker.

2.Go for grains in breakfast instead of heavy one 

Go for a breakfast filled with oats and cereals in stead of bread and white flour. Try to stay away from harmful carbohydrates.

3.Eat some Good proteins 


Try to consume heavy food during early hours of the day and as light as possible as the day progresses. Eat a heavy protein meal so that you can built up body mass.

4. Try to boost your balance 


Try to boost your balance while you have a spare time . You can even do this while you are brushing your teeth.

5.Exercise in your office during spare time 


Try to exercise during your of time in your office when ever you get time. Try to use the stairs instead of the lift whenever possible.

6.Try walking at least 2000 steps 

Try to walk 2000 steps every day so that so that you get the extra fat wade off. Try to increase the it by 500 so that you can maintain body weight.

7. For quick fat loss 


for quick weight loss try to have only fruits once a week during the day. This helps our digestive system immensely.


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Very Simple Steps for Quick Weight Loss Naturally  

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