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Imbued with Moroccan cultural influences from their childhood and passion for exquisite objects, the team behind Secret Splendor brings an exceptional collection of original Royal Palace and Riad Doors “Architectural Elements” and Zellige Tables “Outdoor Elements”. All products reflect the richness of Moroccan Heritage and Master Craftmanship.  

Architectural Elements Royal Palace and Riad Doors

Moroccan interiors once thought too exotic for western taste are now trending the mainstream design world. Our doors bring very special interest and history to any space as salvaged old architectural doors may be repurposed into today's lifestyle into dining tables, coffee tables, room dividers, headboards, unique entry, garden gates and more ... Our doors are over 100 years old and are all restored on location by master craftsmen that still use traditional tools and techniques unchanged for so many centuries in Morocco. Whether they are humble Riad carved doors or elaborated Royal entrances, you will be mesmerized with details that reflect the real beauty that is behind the doors ... .

Architectural Elements Agadir Height: 8.1 feet

Width: 4.1 feet

Cedar wood Handle and latch made of metallic patinas Large nails aged with time One of a kind

This door comes from the Medina in Fes and is approximately 130 years old It was the entry door of a small Riad It has been entirely conceived by hand in a very artisanal and ancestral manner The top of the door is sculpted wood The owner must have wanted a very sober look not to reveal the wealth and the garden that this door housed

Architectural Elements Amelkis Height: 5.6 feet

Width: 2.7 feet

Beech wood Copper Handle and latch made of brass Flax oil patina One of a kind

This door was built in the 1930's in the region of Meknes The door panels are made of hammered copper in an arabesque design The small border of copper gives this door a touch of elegance

Architectural Elements Essaouira Height: 7.8 feet

Width: 3.8 feet

Cedar wood Hand hammered nails and lever in silver patina One of a kind

Hand-crafted during the French protectorate (1912-1956) This door was designed with a touch of majestic sobriety and elegant imposing style

Architectural Elements FES Height: 7.5 feet

Width: 3.3 feet

Beech wood Flax oil patina Copper and brass One of a kind

This door comes from the region of Meknes and was the entry door of a small Riad Hand crafted in the 1920's The particularity of the inhabitants of Meknes was in their humbleness and their nobility You can perceive this from the design and sculpture on the wood The copper was directly attached to the wood and was entirely sculpted by hand. The small border made of copper gives this door a touch of elegance. The opening created by the two sides of the door swing simultaneously expressing the hospitality of this region

Architectural Elements Majorelle Height: 7.9 feet

Width: 4.2 feet

Cedar wood Copper Leather Handle made of brass One of a kind

This door comes from a Riad in Fes Handcrafted more than 120 years ago, it took several months to complete it The artisan placed an 8mn layer of copper on the door cut and chiseled by hand in a very ancestral manner Borders are loops of goat leather that have been dyed with natural pigments This door is a sign of wealth and prosperity with a majestic grandeur

Architectural Elements Marrakech Height: 7.7 feet

Width: 4.1 feet

Cedar wood Flax oil patina Brass One of a kind

This door comes from the region of Fez and is reflective of the city Hand crafted end of the 1930's The sculpted panels are made of copper, all in arabesque The small border made of copper gives the door its touch of elegance and refinement

Architectural Elements Meknes Height: 7.2 feet

Width: 3.2 feet

Cedar wood Flax oil patina Handle made of aged brass One of a kind

This door was inspired by the Berber culture Handcrafted and sculpted by the inhabitants of the region of Essaouira This door reflects the warmth and humbleness of these noble people

Architectural Elements Rabat Height: 7 feet

Width: 3.8 feet

Cedar wood Flax oil patina Latch made of aged metal One of a kind

This door is an entrance to a Riad in a style purely Moorish, direct descendants of the Idrissides Hand-crafted towards the end of the 19th Century This very ancient door has been sculpted entirely by hand The facade was inspired by the Arabo-Berbers

Architectural Elements Riad Height: 9.1 feet

Width: 5.6 feet

Cedar wood Copper Handle made of brass One of a kind

This double door is very majestic by its height and grandeur Conceived at the end of the 19th Century for the principle entry of a palace It is unique with its sculptures made by the Merinides Dynasty It represents the craftsmanship of an ancestral work, completely artisanal It demonstrates wealth and prosperity for the owners of the Riad The two doors served for the main entrance for both the inhabitants and the workers During festivities such as weddings, holidays or important events, the two doors were opened entirely as a sign of hospitality and welcome.

Architectural Elements Sale Height: 7.2 feet

Width: 3.5 feet

Cedar wood Flax oil patina Aged chrome One of a kind

This door is an inside door from a Riad from the region of Marrakech Built in the early 1900's this door was usually the door separating the inside garden area from the interior rooms Was built without ornamentation but provided elegance with its simplicity

Architectural Elements Tanger Height: 7.5 feet

Width: 4.3 feet

One of a kind

This door was the main entrance of an old Riad from the city of Fes Built in late 1800's early 1900's Entirely hand-crafted The geometrical sculptured wood towards the top of the door gave an aspect of lace Braided with nails by iron workers of the region

Outdoor Elements Zellige Tables

Zelliges are small little squares made of tile and are an important element in Moorish and Moroccan architecture and decorating. The word tile is derived from the French word tuile, which is, in turn, derived from the Latin word tegula, meaning a roof tile composed of baked clay. These particular tiles with natural pigmentation are from the region of Fes. They are set in cement and cut entirely by hand. Then assembled in a mosaic of tiles ,circled by a metal belt and sealed by a slab that gives a strong resilience to all weather conditions. Each table takes hours to complete The cities of Fes and Meknes remain the centers of this art. The dedication and handiwork of hundreds of skilled artisans, whose determination is to create only the best and most traditional forms of Moroccan craftsmanship for you to enjoy in your home.

Outdoor Elements Cannelle

Round Table: 4 ft diameter


Square Table: 2.6 ft x 2.6 ft


Rectangle Table: 6.6 ft x 3.3 ft Available in beige, turquoise, blue and bordeaux Sizes, shapes and colors will vary slightly due to handmade nature of product

Secret Splendor For all sales inquiries, contact: Vincent B Group

Secret Splendor  

Unique Collection of Royal Palace and Riad doors

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