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My Lazy Garden is a beautiful range of stainless steel foliage. In the form of bamboo, lily, ivy, cacti, monstera and much more, these highly stylised pieces can equally well bring the essential beauty of the garden into your living room or take the statement of stainless steel to your garden. The range could be composed in vases or place settings and even small scale installations of lily ponds, bamboo groves. Made of 304 grade stainless steel using extremely high quality of hand craftsmanship and hand polising skills combined with high tech industrial processes like laser cutting, they are what Alex calls “jewellery for archiecture�.

alex davis collections indi world, 143, shahpurjat village, new delhi-110049 india ph: +91 11 26495473 fx: +91 11 26495817

Steel Blossom Set of 4: ALGSB-4: 90cm x 3cm x 3cm

Ferns Wall Mounted Set of 2: ALGF-2: 80cm x 10cm x 5cm, 95cm x 12cm x 5cm Brackets Included for Wall Mounting

Single: ALGOR: 60cm x 10cm x 10cm Bunch: ALGOR-4: 75cm x 43cm x 35cm


Large: ALGCPL: 120cm x 20cm x 20cm Medium: ALGCPM: 90cm x 15cm x 15cm Small: ALGCPS: 38cm x 10cmx 10cm

Potted Creeper

Set of 14: ALGBP8-14: 254cm x 47cm x 25cm, dia: 2cm Set of 4: ALGBP8-4: 254cm x 25cm x 15cm, dia: 5cm Single bamboos available in 3 heights: 240cm (dia 5cm); 180cm(dia 3cm); 120cm(dia 2cm)

Bamboo on Base Plate

Large (set of 4): ALGPBL: 240cm x 50cm x 50cm Medium (set of 4): ALGPBM: 140cm x 30cm x 30cm Small (set of 4): ALGPBS: 83cm x 20cm x 20cm

Bamboo in Wire Pots

Extra Large: ALGBV20: 105cm x 20cm x 20cm Large: ALGBV15: 75cm x 15cm x 15cm Medium: ALGBV10: 58cm x 10cm x 10cm

Small: ALGBV8: 45cm x 8cm x 8cm Set of 3: ALGBV-3: 41cm x 13cm x 12cm Set of 6: ALGBV-6: 25cm x 30cm x 30cm

Bamboo Vase

Bamboo Coat Hanger ALGBCH: 178cm x 36cm x 36cm

Bamboo Screen ALGBSC: 168cm x 140cm x 40cm

Bamboo Towel Rack/ Ladder ALGBLD: 108cm x 46cm x 63cm

Bamboo Chair ALGBC: 94cm x 46cm x 46cm, seat height: 46cm

Bamboo Stool ALGBST: 65cm x 42cm x 42cm

Bamboo Dining Table ALGBDT: 73cm x 210cm x 90cm Sold Without Glass Top

Bamboo Bench ALGBNCH: 40cm x 180cm x 43cm Suede Upholstered Seat

Bamboo Credenza ALGBCRD: 90cm x 180cm x 30cm Sold Without Glass Top

Small: ALGLPS: 30cm x 60cm x 60cm Large: ALGLPL: 70cm x 105cm x 115cm

Lily Pond

Large: Set of 2: ALGLL12-2: 35cm x 30cm x 30cm Medium: Set of 4: ALGLL8-4: 25cm x 20cm x 20cm Small: Set of 4: ALGLL6-4: 20cm x 15cm x 15cm

Lily Leaf

Large: ALGPML: 150cm x 100cm x 100cm Medium: ALGPMM: 85cm x 55cm x 55cm Small: ALGPMS: 36cm x 25cm x 25cm

Potted Monstera

ALGMB-15: 105cm x 380cm x 80cm

Monstera Leaf Bunch Wall Mounted

Set of 4: ALGMO8-4: 20cm Set of 4: ALGMO12-4: 30cm Set of 2: ALGMO16-2: 40cm

ALGMO24: 60cm ALGMO36: 90cm ALGMO48: 120cm

Monstera Leaf

Large: ALGCVL: 100cm x 30cm x 30cm Small: ALGCVS: 60cm x 23cm x 23cm

Round Large: ALGCVRL: 28cm x 32cm x 32cm Round Medium: ALGCVRM: 20cm x 26cm x 26cm Round Small: ALGCVRS: 13cm x 16cm x 16cm

Cactus Vase

ExtraLarge: ALGCXL: 230cm x100cm x 90cm Large: ALGCL:150cm x 40cm x 50cm Medium: ALGCM:105cm x 33cm x 33cm Small: ALGCS: 50cm x 13cm x 13cm


Extra Large: ALGPAXL: 200cm x 135cm x 135cm Large: ALGPAL: 120cm x 85cm x 85cm Medium: ALGPAM: 85cm x 55cm x 55cm

Small: ALGPAS:55cm x 35cm x 35cm Extra Small: ALGPAXS: 10cm x 15cm x 15cm

Potted Agave

Extra Large: ALGOXL: 120cm x 72cm x 50cm Large: ALGOL:130cm x 65cm x 35cm

Medium: ALGOM: 61cm x 28cm x 15cm Small: ALGOS: 31cm x 10cm x 10cm


Large: ALGOTL: 240cm x 115cm x 115cm Medium: ALGOTM: 160cm x 69cm x 69cm Small: ALGOTS: 69cm x 35cm x 35cm


Large: ALGTRL: 188cm x 66cm x 66cm Medium: ALGTRM: 102cm x 41cm x 41cm Small: ALGTRS: 74cm x 24cm x 24cm

Bay Tree

ALGTC: 42cm x 42cm x 42cm


Log Centre Table with collapsible legs Large: ALGLCTL:40cm x 120cm x 120cm, leg ht: 10cm Small: ALGLCTS: 40cm x 60cm x 120cm, leg ht: 15cm

Log Stool Large: ALGLSTL: 60cm x 38cm x 38cm Small: ALGLSTS: 40cm x 38cm x 38cm

Easy Chair ALGEC: 80cm x 61cm x 200cm

Footstool ALGFST: 39cm x 47cm x 51cm

Charpoy ALGCHP: 55cm x 83cm x 200cm

Charpoy Stool ALGCHST: 55cm x 62cm x 62cm

Charpoy Side Table ALGCHT: 60cm x 50cm x 50cm

Floor Lamp: ALGCHFL: 160cm x 61cm x 61cm Table Lamp: ALGCHTL: 73cm x 45cm x 45cm

Charpoy Lamps

Cast Iron Leaf Stand Leaves Sold Separately

Large: ALGLSL:20cm x 25cm x 25cm Medium: ALGLSM:12cm x 20cm x 15cm Small: ALGLSS: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm

Large: Set of 2: ALGAPL-2: 7cm x 15cm x 15cm Medium: Set of 6: ALGAPM-6: 5cm x 7cm x 7cm Small: Set of 12: ALGAPS-12: 3cm x 3cm x 3cm

Cast Aluminum Pebbles

Alex Davis is a product designer who lives and works in New Delhi, India. Having completed his Masters in Product Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad as well as the Domus Academy, Milan, his designs epitomize the concept of India Modern.

alex davis collections indi world, 143, shahpurjat village new delhi-110049 india T: +91 11 26495473 T/F: +91 11 26495817 Šall designs are the intellectual property of alex davis studio

My Lazy Garden  


My Lazy Garden