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An Open Letter to Dad This story documents the raw and emotional account of a divorce from the perspective of a son. Words by Tanner Muller

Written 3 December 2017 Dad, Without any hesitation, I’ve decided to write you this letter. It details some of my sentiments I have towards you at this point in time. The purpose behind this is to rectify how you, and solely you, were responsible for the destruction of our family. As you’re aware, this situation could have all been avoided if you had taken the necessary precautions and handled yourself more carefully. But, you made the choice not to. Instead of reaching out and communicating the issues you were having, you took it upon yourself to leave without our prior knowledge. But what you must realise is that your actions have consequences. It’s time to take a stance. You can’t simply escape from us that easily. I won’t allow you to cast us aside and flush away twenty-two years of fatherhood down the drain. So read closely to what I’m about to say:

“You can’t simply escape from us that easily” During our adolescence, you would administer these “tough tests.” You’ll recall how these would involve challenges for my brother and I to overcome. In a sense, they taught us some of the necessities that you believed to be essential part of our development and allowed us to acquire certain skills in the process. As I consider this now though, it seemed that you would only initiate these ‘tough tests’ when you were either unable or unwilling to fulfil certain tasks on your own. It’s become clear that you would


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use these challenges as an excuse for something that should have been your responsibility. My brother and I had, at times, been taken out of our comfort zones because of your inabilities. As we progressed into the early stages of adulthood, the ‘tough test’ concept had become irrelevant. There wasn’t a real need for them anymore, as you’d witness these skills being put into practice. If anything, the “tough test” was only mentioned when we were reminiscing about something from the past. You remember that, Dad? The happy times? When we were all a family? Before you left us without saying a word? So now, I must admit something to you. I’m afraid the tables have turned. Let it be known that I’ve devised my own “tough test” for you. But before I proceed in telling you all the requirements you’ll need to fulfil, I believe it’s worth detailing and expressing some of the reasons why I believe this challenge would be suitable for you. The truth is, you’re a coward. What you do is run from your problems instead of confronting them. That’s the issue here. The thing is, Dad, you’re too caught up in presenting this tough exterior that you’ve never been able to recognise what’s inside of you: true emotion. You’re not completely blind to it, of course, but you’ve been covering it up for so long now, that its existence has become minuscule. It’s still there, believe it or not. You know that tiny voice inside of you that communicates with your mind in expressing how you should be feeling in certain situations? That’s called your conscience and it’s absolutely dying to meet you! Once you get to know each other I think the both of you will hit it off.

Verse Magazine Edition 23  
Verse Magazine Edition 23