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embody t

Proverbs 31 woman

Pronunciation: \im-’bä-de\ Function: transitive verb Inflected Form(s): em·bod·ied; em·body·ing

Date: circa 1548 1 : to give a body to (a spirit) : incarnate 2 a : to deprive of spirituality b : to make concrete and perceptible 3 : to cause to become a body or part of a body : incorporate 4 : to represent in human or animal form : personify

embodyt personify, incorporate, incarnate t

Christians and Yoga

By Laura J. Bagby





b e i n g marketed a











hear, is the true origins of this type of lifestyle. “Yoga


...offer your bodies as a living sacrifice...

Hindu word for life force, travel,




the same concept as the

people actually leave their

word chi  in some martial



Laurette was familiar with



attempts to manipulate that




and has since questioned.

life energy, which Laurette “I wonder with those experibelieves is perilous. “That is

ences when I left my body

a dangerous thing,” she said, what got in there when I

really “because I think that we are

was gone?” Laurette posed.

are; they are offerings to

coming out from under the “As a Christian with the

the gods. If you do these

blood of Jesus when we do

Holy Spirit in there, we are

postures and you do this

things like that, and we are

not going to be possessed,

breathing technique and

no match for the enemy in

I don’t think. But one

this meditation, then you

those areas. I think of what

could easily be oppressed.”

will be accepted by a god.

Paul said in Ephesians 2:2,

Clearly, with this under-

That’s the real danger,” she

that Satan is the prince of

standing of yoga, Christians

said. “Romans 12:1-2 says

the power of the air. We are

should think twice before

we are to offer our bodies

not talking about oxygen.” heading to the local gym

as a living sacrifice to God,”

A third area of concern

for a yoga class. But if you

added Laurette. “Here they

in yoga the concept of

are a Christian who thinks

are doing something very

emptying the mind, which


similar with these postures

is contradictory to what


to their 330 million gods, Christianity




attend because

Benefits  of  Praise Moves


x  Improves flexibility x  Improves circulation x   Helps  the  lymphatic  system to  eliminate toxins

x   Facilitates  the  deliver y  of nutrients to the muscles

x  Alleviates stress x  Helps injuries to heal x  Helps  coordination,  balance, and agility

...We are transformed by the renewing of our minds, not the emptying...


you think you are strong

to please consider a younger

and it is scary. So we

Laurette explained, “We are

enough not to fall prey


abstain from things offered

transformed by the renew- to the spiritual deception



15:29.” ingof









who is watching your lifestyle.

that’s being taught and

and they could fall completely

the emptying.” Along with


off track in their walk with God.


emptying the mind, yoga

benefits, Laurette pleads

breathing. Prana  is the

guides people into astral

in all seriousness that you

In yoga they do what they





embody t personify, incorporate, incarnate t2

DIY beauty Your face

Raid the kitchen cupboards and rustle up some great skin recipes.

Cool as a cucumber: There’s a reason why so many eye care products contain cucumber - it’s proven to reduce puffiness and calm irritation; go one step better by placing slices, straight from the fridge, on your peepers. Lie back and relax for five to ten (5-10) minutes. Egg-traordinary : This simple concoction is great for oily complexions - and will make your skin feel quite tight and taut when you apply it. Simply mix one egg white with quarter of a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar - whisk together and apply to cleansed skin. Wash off after 10 minute. Soothing yogurt: Plain yogurt is popular for its ability to cool and soothe the most irritated of skins. Try applying it direct to a clean complexion if it’s feeling sensitive or you’ve over-indulged on the sunbathing. Leave for 10 to 15minutes, then wash thoroughly. Tomato source: The fruit acids in the humble tomato are great for calming oily skin and boosting dull complexions. Mash a ripe, very soft tomato with a fork, apply to clean skin and leave it on for 15to 20 minutes. Rinse with warm (not hot) water.

Your body

Is your skin looking a tad on the dull side? This is one to try when you’ve got some time on your hands. Natural scrubbers: hiding in the kitchen - like coarse brown sugar, oatmeal and rock salt. Mix a handful with a glug of olive or rapeseed oil and apply to warm damp skin in circular motions. Wash your skin (and the bath) thoroughly.

Oats so good: Oats are known to calm conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. They often appear as an ingredient in sensitive skin products as ‘avena sativa’. Fill a clean sock or stocking with porridge oats, tie and place in your bath water for 20 minutes. And relax. Milking it: Warm a cup of milk in the microwave for 30 seconds (or until warm, but not boiling). Soak your hands for five minutes to strengthen nails and hydrate stressed skin. Oil slick: The ancient Greeks used to bathe in olive oil to boost their skin. We’re not recommending you do that, but use in small amounts on problem dry areas. Leave for 5 -10 minutes and then rinse. This can also be used on other areas prone to dry skin like elbows and knees. Written by Antonia Kanczula

embody t personify, incorporate, incarnate t3



pple, Pear, Rectangle,

each type is best suited for differ-

Hourglass & Round

ent types of clothing. Finding the

Do you ever have trou-

right type of Jeans is a difficult

ble shopping for jeans? Can’t fig-

task especially if you don't know

Rectangle : this body type has very little curve. Rectangle

ure out which style is the most

your size, there is always a way to

bodies have small frames and are considered athletic or slim. These are

flattering? The answer lies in your

get around thatand this is how;

those “skinny” bodies that will many times wear petite or tall sizes. They

body type or body shape. There

read on to learn which jeans are

also often times have a small chest size. The

are five different body types and

going to compliment your shape.

rectangle body looks straight up and down. Jean Tips: Avoid details around

Apple: this body type is “top heavy.” Apple bodies have a wide

the hips and do not cuff your jeans since

torso including a full bust, waist and upper back. They also have

this can make your legs appear stumpy.

broad shoulders. They may have slim arms, legs, and hips. Weight

Straight leg cuts are a great choice. Look

gain will normally go towards the waist line. In general, the

for a pair of jeans that have larger open-

upper body is noticeably larger compared to the lower body.

ings at the ankles than at the thighs.

Jean Tips: Avoid skinny legged jeans for the most part.To

This will make your thighs appear slim-

create a more balanced look you need to fill out your lower half. Try

mer. Skinny jeans can add some curve to your frame but be careful if

wide-legged or flare jeans to give a more proportional look. Search

you have problem areas you don’t want to highlight. Jeans that have

for jeans with front and back pockets.Choose a pair of jeans with a

been lightened at the thighs and knees can make you appear curvier

lighter wash, and some bleaching or whiskering. Jeans with that

as well. If you have a flat butt, choose jeans with embellished or flap

worn look will add volume to your bottom half without adding any real bulk.

pockets. Stretch jeans can be worn nicely with athletic shapes. Avoid

Pear:this body type is the exact opposite of an apple

baggy jeans at all costs since these can make you appear “boyish.”

shape and it is extremely common. Pear bodies are noticeably

Hourglass: this body type is the one that most women want.

smaller on top than they are on bottom. Weight gain will nor-

It is considered curvy but proportional. Hourglass bodies have well de-

mally go to the hips and thighs, therefore pear bodies will ap-

fined waists with hips and shoulders that are

pear larger in this area. This body type may have a slender neck

well balanced. Weight gain distributes evenly

with narrow shoulders. Pears will always have a curvy bottom.

throughout the body with this body type as well.

Jean Tips: Avoid high-waisted, skinny or shapeless

Jean Tips: Once again, you want to

jeans and opt for the younger, slightly lower rise styles. Go

accentuate your waist so wear jeans that

with waistlines that rest slightly below your natural waistline

have defined waistlines. Straight or wide

(mid-rise). Larger pockets on the back of your jeans will make

legs will showcase your curves. Flat front

your butt look a bit smaller. Avoid flap pockets or pockets that

pants will also look nice. Baggy jeans won’t

have a lot of embellishment. These can make your butt look larger. Your per-

do your figure any justice however. Tapered

fect pair of jeans would have oversized pockets that taper at the bottom.

jeans also don’t look good on most people.

embody t personify, incorporate, incarnate t4


four page magazine for an in class assigment