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Urban Bar Code Reader Experimental Laboratory of Architecture, prof. ak. arch. Imrich VaĹĄko

2007 2012 - 2013 2009 - 2010 1999 - 2007

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava - Architecture Academy of Performing Arts - Scenography Cept University, Ahmedabad, India - Architecture "G (:(:# Ăƒ9' c( PÆÂĄ#  I 

Achievements 2014 2014 2013 2011 -

3rd price, Contemporary Slovak Family House 2014, FA STU Slovak national gallery exhibition, Pre Diploma project, Bratislava Medium gallery exhibition, Light roof passage project, Bratislava Publication: Urbanity, Bratislava city of tests: Sin city project Urbanity exhibition, Prague Award, Vojtech Vilhan Price for the best interior design and scenography studio project, Faculty of architecture STU Bratislava


collaborators: Social Net Bachelor Project

Jakub Ĺ paniel, KarolĂ­na BarĂŠnyi

Danube River Gallery Pre Diploma Project ĹĄ collaborators: KatarĂ­na MĂĄckovĂĄ Gate House ĹĄ Contemporary Slovak Family House Competition 2014

Timber Frame Sport Hall Construction Project

Work experiences

Light Roof Passage Ing. Mgr. akad. arch. Petr HĂĄjek Virtual Studio, Prague


Gothic Ceiling

2012 2010 - 2012

3D animation support for music performance in Subclub, Vjing and 3D Mapping project by KristĂ­na KoronthĂĄlyovĂĄ Grape music festival, Interior installation in Seat Ibiza lodge Konti a.s., interior design and graphic design

Computer skills 3ds Max, Vray, Autocad, Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Sketchup, Microsoft Office - advanced Grasshopper, Processing - basics Other activities and knowledges communicative, creative, team player, self - confident, hard-working skiing, ballet dancing, quitar playing, travelling English fluent, German intermediate, Slovak and Czech native speaker Driving license holder since 2007

ĹĄ ĹĄ collaborators: Richard Kilo, KatarĂ­na MĂĄckovĂĄ, Jakub Spaniel, Lucie ĹĄ ĹĄ ĹĄ TomĂĄĹĄtĂ­kovĂĄ, TomĂĄĹĄ Kucera, TomĂĄĹĄ Letenay

Grape summer festival 2012, installation Interior Design Experiment for ISS Best Interior Construction Project Award 2010, Faculty of Architecture Slovak University of Technology 3D Mapping, animation support Subclub Bratislava 2013

author: KristĂ­na KoronthĂĄlyovĂĄ


+421 918 980 323

Experimental laboratory of Architecture

Rewriting urban map of an area into the signs Area of Karadzic street is adapted to collect main city activities and functions . shopping area, important crossing

main cross road university area, medical treatment justice curtis

park, church, cemetery business centre bus station

Urban bar code reader The topic of the project was to create a specific urban intensity,some kind of an urban mesh soup for a part of capital city Bratislava. I was working with Karadzic street area, which concentrate all the main city services like culture, education, dwelling, business, relax and sacral space . First I just rewrite the area and create a new map based on city space and functions. Than I was using the parametric architecture software /grasshopper/ to rewrite the area into the level lines with a specific intensity of charge, depends on the assesment of this area. After all the levels covering I created urban reader of one part of the city, which could shake up the current pattern and create a total new layer, unique city over the old city.

culture, education

private dwelling


trunk road influence

sacral space, calm area

relax, chillout space area

Social Net The topic of the project was to create an “ecosystem� by using opensource on former city square area, which spread 200/200meters in the university neighbourhood. Our team had designed a naturartificial social nest based on people´s meetings, collisions, hiding, dating and variety of social relations. This architectural ecosystem consists of 3 layers -3d printed shapes reprezenting rocks, lattice maze reprezenting an artificial layer made to create possible routes and agents, which virtually modify space in order to simulate its evolution. After people start to walk through, the space begins to modify. The most frequented area appears in the most visited places and the black holes are caused by impassable ways. The project is designed as a garden or a shelter at once and provides the great opportunity to use mobile apps to meet somebody, to avoid somebody or just to arrange a private date in this maze.

Bachelor project - Experimental lab

Pre diploma project

Danube river gallery The topic of the thesis is to create a hybrid superstructure of the bridge on the Danube river , which is perceived to an icon for the new Capital of Europe - Bratislava . The superstructure is a fusion of a group of programs and functions , situated on one platform , forming an entire urban complex. I put my project in here, which is based on its own definition of an " island " in architecture , examining the problem of artificial isolation of the country and the concept of mental islands . Based on the parameters of isolation island is described as solitary subspace , incident / event... Ultimately island will operate as an isolated artificial landscape ( flying , floating , mobile) platform, which is providing escape and attractiveness. . I decided to create a naturartificial garden which shows flora of the Danube river in a special way. Visitors can see underwater ecotop as they commonly cant. Showpieces are exhibited in a large glass tubes as a river sections and the whole complex is perceived as botanical garden, as a huge lab, as a chillout park or just a gallery of this major european river

Local river ecotops

Exhibits types

East view



Location Park

City centre





3rd price, Contemporary Slovak Family House competition 2014




gate house The traditional Slovak family house stands at the dead end road in a rural setting, it is the end point of several urban and rural parts. In contradiction with the busy world outside the walls , there's a new space created to share neighborhoods and to form a mutual identity of the village .The front facade of the house is uniform and concentrate attention to the dominant open passage , which invites people inside to enter the garden . The house opens towards the garden. The composition is divided from the inside as well. It consists of three spatial zones according to the degree of intimacy. The most intimate family space is located at the deepest part of the house, at the enclosed front fasade, the further space is directed to the garden. The internal layout is formed like a cube grid. The design and material construction of the house comes from traditional slovak village and ist elements like the gable roof and barn disposition. We try to maximize those conditions in order to create homely comfortable but still fresh designed house for young openminded 4 members family.

1st floor

2nd floor

3rd floor



timber frame Sport hall

This wooden hall is constructed for ball game sports. The whole construction consists of 13 one side chamfered frames, following a curve shape. Articulated joint connection was used for the beams so they become narrow topsides, so the construction gain an smart effect.

Scheme of frameworks and wind bracing



Light roof passage

Petr hรกjek praGue virtual studio

Zbraslav quarry PRAGUE

The project was proposed by Prague architect Petr Hรกjek, who came with an idea to divide old quarry into to concrete walls to reuse it new way as an urban structure. My slide was -400/130 meters- and to deal with specific cranny space conditions I designed an artificial rooftop. The remaining space was just free and below overgrown with grass. Visitors entering the area have the possibility to lay down on the ground and watch the aliasings of the optical elements installed in the highest part of the conrete walls .

concave lens

Site Former ballast quarry near Prague rebuild into 80 concrete walls

Scheme of daylight conditions at the choosen slide

jan. 7am - 15pm

feb. 7am - 16pm

mar. 8am - 17pm

apr. 9am - 17pm

may 9am - 17pm

jun 10am - 17pm

july 9am - 17pm

aug. 9am - 18pm

sep. 8am - 18pm

oct. 7am - 16pm

nov. 7am - 15pm

dec. 7am - 14pm

Scheme of daylight conditions at the choosen slide

camera obscura

optical prism

refractive power

undershapen glass



grape music summer fest installation 2012

Interior design construction 2010, awarded







The main aim of the project was to invent the most suitable interior for weightless room / ISS/. Student´s approarchs differs from physical conditions they considered, so I decided to work with specific orientation in the space. I designed a long helix with 6 types of various “seats”. Room habitants are capable to push those seats forward along the helix spiral, doesn´t matter which direction they are. The whole object is constructed to disclame typically earth upside down state. This project was awarded by Faculty of Architecture of Slovak University of Technology for the best interior construction project in 2010.

Subclub bratislava 2013 / 3d mapping support

Thank you for attention

Architecture portfolio V Partel  
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