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EU - Russia Cross-Border Golf Competition 2014

Unique golfing experience in Finland - new way of cross-border networking! In August 2014 Holiday Club Resorts Ltd together with Hultin Partners Ltd will organize EU-Russia Cross-Border Golf Competition. It is going to be an exclusive annual event full of positive spirit and friendly atmosphere in the context of EU-Russia economic cooperation. It will gather “the brightest golf stars” of the field. The City of Lappeenranta is one of the most significant meeting points between the EU and Russia. With its fascinating Holiday Club Saimaa Spa and new 18 hole golf course next to it, Lappeenranta offers innovative setting for a new concept of cross-border collaboration. Together with its supplementary program and the Evening Banquet, the event will provide an excellent opportunity for networking in the surroundings of the unique scenery of the beautiful Lake Saimaa. Even though golf is “a serious game” this tournament is not to be taken too seriously! Playing as a part of team does not require professional golfing skills. The event rather aims at offering all players a pleasant time to spend together, a lot of great moments to remember and a chance to strengthen team spirit across the border. We have created two different corporate participation packages to choose from, depending on the company preferences (see the next spread).


EU-Russia Cross-Border Golf Competition will offer an exceptional opportunity for relationship building with clients and partners. It will be carried out in a close cooperation with Russian partners. The organizers are supported by several key actors in EU-Russia business collaboration. Event venue: Holiday Club Saimaa, Lappeenranta, Finland Date: August 29th, 2014

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Practical information

Hultin Partners Ltd Malla Sev贸n +358 40 184 9177

Holiday Club Resorts Ltd Sanna Parkkola +358 43 824 5808


Corporate Participation Packages Premium Package

7 500 EUR*


Invitations for 8 players or avecs Hotel accommodation for 8 participants for 1 night

Exclusive visibility at Holiday Club Saimaa Golf Resort, event promotion materials, websites and other media

8 invitations for evening banquet

Possibility to organize own corporate promotion within the event

Special program for avecs

Promotion speech at the banquet


* the prices are subject to VAT

Corporate Participation Packages Regular Package

4 000 EUR* Invitations for 4 players or avecs

Visibility at Holiday Club Saimaa Golf Resort, event promotion materials, websites and other media

Hotel accomodation for 4 participants for 1 night 4 invitations for evening banquet Special program for avecs

* the prices are subject to VAT

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Hultin Partners Ltd Malla Sev贸n +358 40 184 9177

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